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THE PLUMBERI had to go out this Monday Morning and left Donna waiting for the plumber. Around 10:30 there was a knock on the door and she let him in, showed him what the problem was and then left him to it. Twenty minutes later she went to see how he was doing, as she looked in the bathroom he was laid on his back under the bath, with his legs apart.Donna went in the bedroom and changed into a black skirt and white blouse, she touched the front of her knickers as she changed, she was so horny. As she sat on the bed she ran her finger over her cleft and moaned quietly to herself, as she wanked herself off she made sure she didn’t make a noise as she usually did, a few minutes later her orgasm had subsided.She walked into the bathroom, her heart still pumping due to the after effect of her climax and sure enough the plumber was in the same position. She looked at him for a minute or so and then bent down and ran her hand over his genital area. After a couple of minutes she could see a bulge appearing and her pussy throbbed again.He made some movement to get out from under the bath as Donna moved out of the way, he stood up and faced the window, and Donna placed her hand on his bum as he checked the taps, her canlı bahis hand moved around to the front of his pants and touched his ever growing bulge. He stopped doing what he was doing and turned to face her.Smiling he slipped his arms around her waist and then kissed her, she kissed him back and as they were snogging his hands were feeling her bum as hers were running through his hair. After a few more minutes had passed they pulled apart and taking his hand she led him out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where only half an hour before she’d masturbated.As she sat on the bed she pulled him towards her and touched his bulge again, he grunted as she ran her hand over him, unbuttoning his pants, pulling the zip down she pushed them off his hips and they fell to the floor revealing his erect cock. She ran the back of her fingers over his shaft, as she bent down and did the same with her tongue, he gasped.Slipping her fingers into the waistband of his undies she pulled them down, and out sprang his 61/2” as she bent forward and licked his helmet, running her tongue over his piss hole and down his shaft, slowly moving onto his balls, pulling his foreskin back she sucked one ball and then the other as he bahis siteleri moaned. Then she took his undies off over his feet.As he looked at her she stood up and lifted up her skirt to reveal her black knickers, laying back on the bed she said “Take my panties off and fuck me” as he bent down and pulled her knickers down she automatically lifted her bum up as he pulled them off, she spread her own legs as far as they would go as she was simply gagging for it.Taking his cock in his hand he knelt on the bed and touched her pussy with his fingers, he was surprised at how wet she was as he rubbed her a little until she said “Just fuck me”, he moved to get between her legs and his cock nudged her flaps before he lunged forward and deep into her wet cunt, she gasped as he entered.As he started to fuck her he was going fast and hard, Donna with her legs in the air was moaning with every thrust, this was a fucking she needed and he wasn’t disappointing her. After a few minutes he slowed down and she said “Take me from behind” as he pulled out she turned over and got on her knees, as he teased her flaps again.Spreading her chunky thighs he re-entered her from behind, as his cock slammed into her pussy his thighs güvenilir bahis were slapping against hers as she groaned. After a few seconds she slipped her fingers onto her clit as she was fucked, rubbing away as her pussy was pounded she was close to another climax. Then he slowed right down as he was close himself.“No no speed up” she said, “I’m nearly coming” he replied, “I don’t care” she answered, as he started to build up speed she was frantically rubbing her button as he was groaning with pleasure, as he pounded her she said “Don’t pull out” as he screamed out he smashed into her and as he ejaculated deep inside her it pushed her over the edge.She screamed as did he, his cum pouring into her wet pussy as her fingers passionately rubbed her clit at fast speed, her climax ripped through her body as she moaned and groaned, his spunk never seemed to stop, he was spurting and spurting inside her. As she laid there gasping, sweating and breathless he fell out limp.She turned around and bent down and licked her juice and his semen off his cock as his spunk dripped out of her pussy and all over her fingers, she licked them dry as she made her way to the bathroom. He was already dressed when she returned, as she put her knickers on he mumbled a ‘thankyou’ and she said “No Thankyou I needed that”.She told me later and I fucked her arse off that night. She felt a little upset that her tits weren’t touched, but I made up for that!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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