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The poetryWhy?Some man had asked my friend in speech,-“Why every day you lay on beach?”And my friend with a dignity said, -“Like every man from middle class,I like the view of women’s ass.”And that man with confuse got away.After darkI engage with the fuck, – every night after dark.It is a dreamy delirious fight.I delight all my green with those shadowy teensand my fire gets striking a light.Sex again.“Sex again, and again, -we have had that before”, -Prudish wife with indignantly saidAnd her husband replied, -“Let me do it once more,But I do it with you and your maid.NonsenseMy lovely girlfriend has the pussyShe has the fear, she should lose itAnd keeps it in her panties,For fear, that I use it.My lovely girl is nice and sweetat night she is my guardshe gives me kisses full of loveand looking like a tart.My painYou came to me with morning sunAnd say, that you will leave me.I fall with stress and broke my knee.Its heavy ache, believe me.The playYou play in,-“Day without kiss”It’s very hard, like hard diseaseYou perfume breeze, – the breath of sin,You dress in tattoo, tanned skin,You have nice diner-petal one,Off cause, your beauty devil done.I die with love, its hard disease,Please give me kiss, get down please.To wonder, I had met last week. (horror)Last week, when I had take a rest,I had met ass in forest.It has nice legs, it has nice tits,Her waist was thin, face honest.It’s wrongly looking like a doll,But it was ass, from glory hole.About white and yellowTwo sweetie girls I had tonight,When I walk with my fellow.One was the young, she was in white,The other, old, in yellow.Such lovely night, the stars are bright,The moon was full and yellow.Of course, at first I fuck in white,In yellow, – fucks my fellow.Poor ladyMy lovely lady has disease,She can’t see colors, – poor miss.When she need take some cock for kiss,They say,-“Its red, don’t suck it pleaseMy loverMy lover dirt and sweaty,But he can make me luck.Of course, he cant nice talking,But he can hard me fuck.My girlMy girl was sweet and lovely,She likes green wood and trees.And when you ask,-“Please, fuck me”,She say you,-“If you please”.About darkSweet lips have kissing me in dark.Such wonderful, such magic link.Don’t tremble with fear in the dark,Dark full of love and lucky thingsTo you catI like you pussy, – sweeties cat.Its playful, romp, her tongue is red.When stroke you pussy, – caress sweet,Its cry and makes my fingers wet.Woman in dressHer cunt have look like Lotus bliss,Her tits and ass, like magic piece.If you can see, will dead with stress,She knows it and stay in dress.ChristmasMy life like monkey dancingHave bite me, make me mudslingThe crowd met the Christmas, like they madBut I is old and drinking, Get squirting on it singing,And every body thinks that I am sad. To meYes. My years sail awayand I can’t make loveand the night, now I see went in town.Die my spring and my love.I have going to sleep,Like the sun, now I see going downNothingLets my evening will smell with a whiskeyLets for sunrise I dive in a darknothing else, only beautiful woman,I want nothing, don’t wish me a luck.Lets her fingers will smell with a perfumeLets her lips will swell of a sucknothing else, only beautiful lady,I want nothing, except the fuck.You gone away.In bed I found your white and tiny panties,You’re gone away and day become a dark,In angle cry your lovely parrot LanceyHe said “Jamais” and cry again by France.This is all what is left of you fair.Bunch of letters you sand me by post.Only heart sank a little in fairbut I don’t understand may be it is a frost.Sunny Sunday, my parrot and dog,We did pray through the night for revived,Pair of shoes to be dress in the fog…Nothing happened we now survived.Is not it bad?Is istanbul escort not it bad, have living, in the calm,Without any word and sweetest kisses,Without nice and longest psalms,Without any false and noisily tizzies’.Is not it bad, have living with no scenes,Without long and truly talking,Without swap in mystery and tears,Without any nice and midnight walking.Is not it bad, together, with your friend,Have site and drink this whiskey tested clear,And suddenly remember with a smile,The woman which had walked near.To stocking legsYou stocking legs are very sweetI fall in love, when I had met.It sight gives bitterness and smartPlease, give me use you like a tart. For woman i had meet on xHYour pretty face, the goddess one,Nice see it, when dark evening done.And kiss all night, like night beforeAnd die from beauty more and more.Coming up.“Coming up, coming up, please”- I ask you.Please again and again give me fuck.And in fire of sex and desire,I can see painful birth of my luck.No wordsNo words, no words, I have pray youI feel bored and dull from your wordI don’t meet any happy you teal meand don’t found any love in your worlds.Pray your, please found somebody anotherHe will rich and will happier, but meHe will catch every word your can teal himHe will love your like fire, but me.Very soon with my kiss in the air,Lost my Russian soul and the sad,I will go, and was crowded with hippyI will live, full with happy and mad.And sometimes, anywhere, from window,You can hear my voice through the dreamAnd about my love, and your widowsTaped voice will made full you life stream.CamouflageThis nice and verdure woodhas many girls around.You can it fuck,If you can found.About featThe cunt was full of cumIt looked good to eatShe quickly ate it upAnd said, “This is a feat”About meet.My cock had met a cuntHe wore it on his headoutside she looking blackinside its sweet and red. To nudThe nudes is funnyGod it blessAnd they get downPrice for Russian girlI like your sexy legs and faceYour tits and hair looking graceBut I can say your as before,Your have a beauty, nothing more.To teenMy beautiful teen, I see you with luck.You move in that dance, you move in the darkI see and enjoy nice and beautiful raid.But if you hate me, what aim have you made? Naked walkHer ass is hot,I like this shoot.But sweetie, please,afraid of God!When see these shootI feel desireBut sweetie, please,Don’t play with faire.Winter walkMy lady naked walk in frostbecause her dress might send by postthe winter end, the spring becomemy lady is not yet had come.The horror end:My lady naked walk in frostShe have a drink, she have a toast.Afraid she never came to us,When snow thaw, we found her ass.TrainI liked them bothPlease send me slicebefore train comesthey had look nice. About revolutionI see, he canI see, she wantNo revolution, my Vicount.BikinisYou lost bikinis upper part!Don’t notice when it falls?But when he nearer come to youI see you lost it all. FishingThey think it was a fishCock in the river, look it!The women cry.” Fast bring a dish”But Cock.” Be quit and suck it”.Othe teeniesI have two sweeties little girlsI take it on the tableand I came in and fuck it allas fast as I was able. About teeniesFellow picked sporty teenWith nice and voluption mouthTeeny pulled him by cockAll around the houseAbout papaPapas office crowded with womenCrowd is not very smallPapa had gaining it full of houseAnd then he fuck it all. Other trioSuch nice lady suppose, very wet in that pose.She definitely don’t need a pray.With her friend, not a flirt, need a powerful squirtAnd she cry to her man. “Let avcılar escort me spray”. About AbsessionPreparation to obsessionNeed a rich preparedTits in jewels, count in crewels,Too expenses spared.About insestOh! Don’t teal a story about your fathernothing about your Dad.Better please teal, us how your fatherwent so amusingly mad.About pleasantShe wanders fucking every wherebecause she cannot stayAnd in the pleasant open aircan pleasant fucks all day.The snoreShe might have simply lay and snoredbut said politely from the grassmy friends,”I feel a little boredwill someone fuck me in the ass. PlayYou did not cum?Oh! It the main.I will dog styleLets try again. LegsI saw you legs are very niceand I don’t know what will doI like you ass and like you legsYour ass is one, but legs are two. Black skiner girl.I had meet lovely girl in the woodShe was brown and black, when she nude.She can fuck all around and can never be foundCourse the night very dark in the wood.PresentSee, you girlfriend came with a presentOf course, I know, you is pleasant.And if her pussy fit you houseshe get the squirting full you mouth. dill dooPut off that thingwhich made you funCall any man just nearest oneAnd try again.Be glad the fuckThe man with pleasure made you luck.MixTake two nice girlsOne black and whiteAnd fuck the bothIndeed you likeIf it is really good for you,Take other couple, or the few.Take two big cocksOne black and whiteAnd test the bothIndeed you likeIf it is really good for you,Take other couple, or the few.StrightI love you pussy, like her smelland in the sex I very wellBut I will never lick you footthe sex I rightly understood.AssYou want me lick and kiss you ass?Of course it sweet and garish lookingBut please me, first, switch off the gasMy eggs have never need a cooking.ShortYou pubic hair nice and sweetplease call you boy will lovely met.About loveI met the lady, lovely faceI tell she’s beautiful and graceI send her flowers with luckshe posts me manual to fuck.Other red hatYou have not fear? Of course I not,Because I know my way a lot.I walk in darkness with delightbecause I love the sex at nightRed-hatI saw the lady, lost her wayShe don’t need home, no the prayShe need the big black cock for fuckHave meet her pussy in the dark.CocktailTake two big dicky, black and white,And mix a cocktail. Did you like?If it not tested bad for you,Take other couple, make the few.To missI love you figure, pretty missPray only one, please give me kissWhen kiss you pussy, Shorty blissMy cock do nothing, only piss.The trio(To my girl-friend)You want the trio?Make the testI did not know, what is bestYou fuck the one desire in newSome one behind fucking you.The swingThe swing is fineit’s good for youyou gives the oneand takes the fewShemalesShemales is woman, if you pleaseBut he the man, of courseThe cock and tits all in one tubeFor one you Fuck the both.about luckI know two things about luckAnd one of them is common fuck.About Bisex.I like bisexBisex is bestBecause it givesmy pussy rest.The EastI love the EastThe East is bestFor food, for rest,For making fest.Live on the EastI wish you luckBecause East bestFor happy fuck.SquirtHe comes with flirtShe makes him squirtBecouse it glamour in the virtueHe never hear about virtueHe dives, she drown him with his flirt.The meesWhat a beautiful mess I am in.While the pastor take care of my sinLovely face is my disease, lovely body and hipsIn the darkness are wait me insist. Poetry of myselfThere was a young lady of VeniceWho used her pussy to play with a penis?When they said: “It seems wrong”She remarked: “ Go along”You don’t know how my sweet pussy is strong.My lovely lady of Linnwas uncommonly thinthat when şirinevler escort she fest or the work with her fellow cockShe had drowned through cock in the eggs.But my lovely lady of BrooksWho had a great fancy for cocks?She could fucks sixty cocksAll quit fat and the longAnd tell which was which without looking.I had meet three young girls in a woodWho had always have sex when they nudeWhen they fuck all aroundThey could never make outBut they felt it was doing them good.About swing and honeyMy friend, when he was nothing also to do,Went off to fuck some body in the crew.All crew, was pleasant by his game in swing,To his extreme annoyance fucked him.My girlfriend likes eat chips with honey,She did it every five o’clockThe chips has sweetest test of funnyAnd honey keeps them on the cock.about cuntSome cunt was prudish, pierce with gold,Have strongest moral in the world.But never prudish you can found,When she can see some cock around. There was sweetie girl with red hairWhen she fucks me they think it is fairAnd they said: Never mind if you fuck from behind,It wills never the danger of fair.About girlsMy friend dance wonder looking girlBut I take glass of white.The girls are nicely, as the CatsAnd as the Dogs they bites.The sex with sweetie little girl(If rightly understood)Can make you from an awful badUnnaturally good.The cruel Bear big and wildHe catch the girl (Some sweetie c***d)The girl is nothing to a wearAnd she was fucked by the bear.(The sweetie girl is still alive,And now near twenty five).To my little girl1.Of course you sweet, my little girl,Nice see you on that page.Remember please, that suck and fuckIs common in your age. 2.Shemales is woman, if you pleaseBut he the man, of courseThe cock and tits all in one tubeFor one you Fuck the both3.Take big black cock.For test it tries.If tested bad,Call other gay.And till you test,With love, not fast.I know you foundDelight at last.About fitness.She said, I rough and foolish man.Of course, will changing it.But let me say before will change,-These cunt, to you, not fit. Last week, when I have take a rest,I had met ass in forest.It has nice legs, it has nice tits,Her waist was thin, face honest.It’s looking wrongly like a doll,But it was ass, from glory holeAbout musicSome likes piano, violin.My friend likes sound of bass.But I don’t hear music best,Than sound from slap her ass.About help and aid.He was weak and helpless,She comes with the aid,And makes him full settledInside his inside.He now is joyfulShe share with her aidsHe has now set,-All disease and delight.You need to be ready.At once I blushing lost my chequeTo pay advances her rash.She twined arms around my neckAnd toyed with my cashAnd then, she pleased me to fuck,While I – what could I do?It nice to be involved in fuck,And if I can, I do!If you need a help.Ones I met young man with a cock.Cock such long, that it can’t be lockAnd he hired the lady, whose conduct was a steadyTo protect, and to carry that cock“That exactly the method,”- the wife had repeat,When she test and was pleased with fuckThat exactly the way I have always been toldThat you cock in my ass is my luck.“That exactly the method, “- her husband replied,With a sweet and parenthesis criedThat exactly the way, I have always been told,That my cock in you ass should be tried!Red hairMy lovely girl from Asturiaswhose temper was frantic and furiousShe used men’s eggsBeat by grandmother legs-A habit unpleasant but curious.To my lovely.Your go away.Who now kiss your pussy?In darkness lost your little chine’s LeeAnd after him your love some dirty swingersThe male from Mali steal you’re after me.At last I see, your smell like Paris eveningYour gone away, along, in street autoAnd just in private cave of San-FranciscoThe purple Niger fucks your on a floor.Your go away.Who now kiss your fingers?In darkness lost your little chines LeeAnd after him you love some dirty fussyThe male from Mali steal you’re after me.At last I see, your smell like Paris eveningYour gone away, along, in street autoAnd just in private cave of San-FranciscoThe purple Niger take your fur mantel.

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