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Subject: The Pool Boy, Installment Number 1 Well, I’ve decided to make it a personal challenge to see how many stories I can make up just at the moment. No planning, no previous thought, just random, thinking of the next words as I type. Wish me luck! Don’t forget to donate to Nifty, the supporter of wonderful stories! (Story begins here) Hi there. My name is Mark. I’m a 19 year old guy who works as a lifeguard at a pool. I have soft brown eyes and a fit, slightly muscular body. I’ve been single so far, with no previous relationship. Sometimes I flirt and talk to the ladies that come, but I don’t feel attraction to them. Then HE came. My boss’ 12 year old son, Raphael, frequently talks to me. However, he is a little…different. You see, Raph has a condition where he experiences puberty very early. As a result, he looks about 18, being at my height. He has a fit body like mine, but less muscle. But the best part was that he still had a gentle and soft face. He is homeschooled, so after he finishes his work for the day, he comes to me to talk and let loose stress. Sometimes I give him life lessons, like a father. Other times when he is lonely, I simply hold him close. Then my boss trusts me to supervise him and bring him home. Today, I had almost finished my shift on Saturday, which was noon. I started to climb down the ladder of my high seat, wearing red lifeguard izmit rus escort shorts when I saw Raphael running to me happily. I hugged him tight and he hugged back, wrapping his legs around my waist like a kid. “Hi, Mr. Mark~” “Hey there, Little guy~” We separated from the hug and I saw him fully. He was wearing a purple speedo, and nothing else to swim. He was bouncing up and down excitedly, acting like his 12 year old self despite his 18 year old body. Together, we sat down on a blanket laid out beside the pool. Raph liked to be held, so I pulled him into my arms. All of a sudden, Raph said, “U-Um, Mr. Mark? I have a question… Looking at him warmly, I reply, “Go ahead, Little Guy. What’s up.” He blushed and replied nervously, “Well…my privates are starting to straighten…is that weird?” I noticed his growing bulge. I reply with a smile, “Awww no problem. That just means you’re going through puberty.” He added, blushing more, “Is there a way to get rid of it?” I didn’t want to at first. To take advantage of this 12 year old gone adult. But looking at his smooth, beautiful body, and that innocent, confused look on his face, I couldn’t refuse. “Well…actually, there is. Follow me, okay? My shift’s over anyway.” I walk away from the pool and lead him to my car, both of us in the back. I say to the half naked boy, “Okay, Raph. izmit escort When guys have straight privates like you said, it’s called an erection. You massage it or your butt to make it not straight and normal again.” Raphael replied with a tilt of his head, “My butt? That’s weird…” I reply, “It’ll feel good. We’ll start with a kiss. The man boy seemed to open his mouth ss if about to reply, but I slipped my tongue in his mouth before he could, overtaken by lust. I grabbed his shoulders while I probed him. Raph had widened his eyes and stiffened his body, before relaxing and submitting. When I broke from the kiss, Raph panted and said, “Mr. M-Mark, I feel really weird, but…a good weird. “That’s fine, little guy. Now, I want you to grab my privates, okay?” I zipped my shorts down and went up on my knees, letting the tall boy grab my 9 inch dick carefully. I smile, “Open your mouth and close your eyes.” Raph did as he said naively, then felt my hand grab his hair. He then gasped qnd let out choking sounds as my 9 inch inserted in down his throat, deephtroating him. “Don’t you dare spit or puke!” I warn, starting to thrust in his throat. I held his head down and thrust a few more times before pulling out, watching Raph gasp and cough, “What was that for?!” I smile, “Sorry, I had to make my privates wet to help yours. I flipped Raph over and pulled down his speedo, kocaeli escort rubbing his soft, slightly hairy ass. I opened up the cheeks and began to gently push my cock inside. Raph began to groan and gasp in response, wincing in pain. Once I began pushing inside and shoving my shaft inside, Raph was whining, “Ow, ow, ow…” while I groaned with pleasure, “Mmm Raphael… Once inside his ass deep, I opened the door and pulled him out of the car with me, pinning him against the car door. I lifted one of his legs and thrust deep with a groan. This was when Raph let out his first moan in response. I smiled and began to jack off his dick, while I pound into him harshly, my balls slapping his ass. I was fucking the 12 year old tall boy with intensity, hearing his cute moans and gasps of ecstasy. “W-Whoa…M-Mr. Mark…” he moaned, feeling his cock twitch as his orgasm neared. His body bounced with each thrust. “Mmm Baby boy, I’m getting close, uuunnnh fuck!” I moaned and kept slamming deep, turning his head and kissing his lips. He kissed back, then let out a shaky groan as he released numerous squirts of cum all over the car window. I held his body with both hands as we made out, thrusting as hard and fast as I could. The parking lot was filled with slapping sounds and begging moans for more. Finally, I groaned and grabbed Raph by his hair, thrusting as deep and hard as possible, then blasting all of my cum deep inside. “Mmmmmm uuuuuunh, fuuuuuck~ We continued to make out, then broke from the kiss. We both panted for breath. Raph started, “Same time tomo-” “Yep. See you soon, litte guy.” (Story End)

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