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I want to thank my editor SlaveGirl70 for her assistance making a hopefully good story better.

I always appreciate candid comments and constructive feedback. If you like this story, please rate it. High ratings are an incentive for me to write more stories.


It was ten o’clock Friday, and I had just finished a business dinner at the Lola Bistro in Downtown Cleveland. The dinner went well, and I thought we had an excellent chance at winning the design work for a new office building to be constructed in Columbus. I have been working on this business opportunity for well over a year. Our proposal was excellent, as well as our design. I expected that we would be awarded the project the next day.

I walked with my prospective client Bill Morse back to his hotel. He was staying at the Ritz-Carlton a couple of blocks away from the restaurant. It was convenient for me as well, as my office was nearby. We decided to have one more drink, so we ordered a nightcap at the Turn Bar and Kitchen in the hotel. I’d insisted on paying for dinner, so Bill insisted on picking up the bar tab. Strangely, the bar was not as crowded as I expected for a Friday evening, but this was a business hotel and most people travel back home on Fridays. We each ordered a scotch. I surveyed the bar, which was mostly made up of male businessmen.

“How long will it take you to get home from here?” Bill asked.

“This time of night, about 40 minutes,” I replied. I commuted by car back and forth from my home.

“Where do you live again?” Bill asked.

“Chagrin Falls, east of here,” I replied as I sipped my drink.

“Nice Area?” Bill inquired.

“Yes, very. It is a lovely community. My wife’s family is from that area. She has lived there her whole life,” I said.

My wife was born in Chagrin and went to school there until college when she went to Ohio State in Columbus, where we met as seniors. I got a job with an architectural firm in Cleveland after graduation, we got married that summer and moved to Chagrin that fall.

“How are Donna and the boys?” Bill asked. We had spent most of the dinner talking about sports and had not spoken about family.

“Fine, fine. The boys are away for summer camp for the week and Donna is taking some art classes,” I shared. I also told Bill that during summer break from her elementary classes, Donna was volunteering at her father’s church.

I asked Bill about his family. He had two boys and two girls. Two had graduated from college. One was going into his second year at Clemson, and his youngest was going to be a high school senior. He spent several minutes updating me on his kids’ various activities.

After taking the last sip of his remaining scotch, he looked at his watch and smiled at me. “I better let you go home. With no kids, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend some couples time with the wife,” Bill winked at me as he said this.

“Yes, it is,” I lied.

The reality is that Donna and I were having some serious marital problems. Donna was the only daughter of a strict Baptist minister. She was a virgin on our wedding night and was taught to think of sex as a necessary evil. Lovemaking was always conducted missionary style, with her eyes closed, in the dark. We had sex maybe once a week until our two boys were born and then our sex life changed for the worse. We then had sex maybe once every other month and now recently not for nine months. Oddly, Donna seemed to enjoy sex at certain times in the past. She rarely drank (another sin), and during those rare situations when she consumed more than two glasses of alcohol, her sexuality increased dramatically. With enough booze, Donna seemed to enjoy, and sometimes even crave, sex. It was during a couple of those infrequent situations she gave me oral sex.

My wife Donna had short blonde hair and was extremely attractive, but she never dressed in a way that took full advantage of her looks. She dressed like a preacher’s daughter. I bought her provocative outfits, negligees, ‘Come Fuck Me (CFM)’ shoes and begged her to wear them, but she refused.

Two weeks ago, I had confronted Donna about our sex life (or lack thereof). I told her that I could not live this way and I that I had considered having an affair. I confessed that I’d had lots of opportunities, but I hadn’t broken my wedding vows, yet. She broke down in tears. She told me she loved me and would do anything I wanted to keep us together. I suggested she go for professional counseling. Donna agreed and found a therapist that specialized in women’s sexual issues. She was in full day therapy sessions all week in Cincinnati, not the art classes I had told Bill about. I loved my wife and hoped this might change things, but honestly, I didn’t think it would.

“Well, I better let you get going,” Bill said, giving me the thumbs up with a smile and then paying the bar tab.

We said our goodbyes. Bill headed to the elevator and I headed to the restroom.

After relieving myself, I returned to the bar. Donna had told me she would not be bahis firmaları back home until tomorrow. I was feeling depressed, so I decided I could have one more drink before I left for home. The bartender poured me another scotch. I was staring blankly at the back of the bar when I heard a female voice next to me. It was coming from a tall, attractive, long-haired brunette. She was wearing a short tight black skirt with a red silk top that showed off her cleavage. A black lace brassiere peeked under the top of her blouse and sheer black stockings with 4-inch black CFM shoes. I guessed her age to be about thirty-five, close to my age. Her makeup was both sexy and tasteful, and she had on red lipstick to match her blouse.

I was a bit dazed, and she repeated with a smile, “Would you mind if I sat here?”

“Yes, please do,” I stammered.

She smiled shyly and took the seat next to me. As she did, I could smell her perfume, which was a nice scent and not overpowering, just a soft feminine scent with a hint of vanilla. She was holding a small purse, which she sat gently on the bar.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as she ordered a glass of champagne. Once the flute was delivered, she took a sip. She put her glass down, turned to me and said, “My name is Paula. What’s yours?”.

I turned to her. “Phil,” I replied.

“Nice to meet you Phil, have we met before?” she asked.

“I don’t think so,” I replied, and continued, “I am sure I would have remembered you.”

“How sweet,” she said, and finished her glass of champagne.

“May I buy you another?” I asked. Maybe that was too direct, I thought.

“Thank you, yes,” she replied.

I got the bartender’s attention and ordered Paula another glass.

“Phil, are you from Cleveland?” she asked.

“I live in the Cleveland area, but I am from Pittsburgh originally,” I offered. “And you?”

“Las Vegas. And what do you do for a living?” she asked, drinking more from her flute.

“Architect. And you?” I countered.

She stayed quiet for several seconds, and then leaned over to me and said in a low voice, “I am an entertainer.” She sat back up, smiled at me and took another drink.

Wow. I thought. Paula must be a Las Vegas showgirl. “Do you perform at one of the casinos?” I asked innocently.

Paula laughed and said “No. Not exactly.” She then drained the rest of her champagne.

I was puzzled. “Where do you entertain?” I asked and motioned for the bartender to refill her glass.

“All over,” she said coyly.

“Are you performing in Cleveland?” I probed.

She laughed and said, “Well I guess you could say that.” She took a sip of the drink the bartender had just set in front of her. It was her third.

I took another look at Paula’s legs they looked great. She had well-shaped calves. I took another glass of scotch and probed again, “Specifically, what type of entertaining do you do?”

She looked at the bartender who was at the other end of the bar and then behind her and leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I am a personal entertainer.” She emphasized the word personal and sat back up and finished her third drink. She motioned to the bartender for another.

And then it finally dawned on me, Paula was a prostitute! Being from the Midwest, and a boy scout, I had never met an actual hooker before. “Oh,” I said in surprise.

Paula smiled and leaned over and whispered again into my ear, “Would you like some company this evening?” She waited for my reply.

I did not know what to say. I leaned over and said quietly, “I am married.”

“So?” she asked.

“I have never cheated on my wife,” I admitted.

“Never?” she asked.

“Never,” I said firmly.

Paula looked at me and continued, “So you get everything you want at home, huh?”

I looked her in the eyes and shook my head no.

“Well then, would you like to get it here?” she said with a wicked smile, as the bartender poured her fourth glass of champagne.

“I am not sure,” I stammered.

“It is up to you,” she replied, drinking some of her fourth glass of bubbly, “I think you would enjoy it.”

She then kissed me on the cheek and at the same time took her right hand and rubbed my crotch. As soon as she touched me, an electric shock when through my entire body. God, she was so sexy and beautiful. I could feel my cock begin to grow in my pants.

“Are you sure?” she asked as she began to discreetly rub my member.

My head was spinning. I thought about my nine-months without sex, and I leaned over to her ear and asked, “How would this work?”.

“Five-hundred for the first hour all-inclusive GFE,” She said quietly back.

“GFE?” I asked.

“You ARE new at this,” she said, and continued “Girl Friend Experience.”

“I don’t have five-hundred on me,” I replied quietly.

“Well I don’t take credit cards,” she said. “I think there is a bank machine just off the lobby.”

“Well?” she asked still rubbing my ever-growing cock.

I held my breath for a couple of seconds and nodded kaçak iddaa yes.

Paula removed her hand from my pants and said, “Room 1012, give me fifteen minutes to get ready.” She drank the rest of her glass, stood up and wobbling slightly, she left the bar and headed to the elevator.

I realized that she had stuck me with the bar tab, but I figured that would be nothing compared to the cost of the next hour. When the bartender presented me with the combined bill, it totaled over one-hundred dollars. Well, no one said the Ritz was cheap.

I paid the bill with my credit card and walked to the lobby where I found the bank machine. I had two hundred in my wallet, and I withdrew an additional five-hundred. I hate traveling with less than two hundred on me. I put the five-hundred in my pocket and made my way to the hotel elevator. I pushed the button for the tenth floor. The door opened and walked down the hallway. I took a deep breath and knocked softly on the door for 1012.

The door opened a crack and Paula said, “come in.”

The room was lit by the lamps on the nightstands. Paula was in the same stockings and shoes that she had on at the bar. The skirt and blouse were gone and replaced by a sheer short black see-through robe. She had the same black lace bra. She was wearing a black thong, and I now noticed that her stockings were thigh-highs rather than pantyhose. To top it off she had put on a matching black lace choker that had an attached bow.

She looked amazing. She was tall, thin, with medium-size perky breasts. She came over to me and gave me a deep French kiss that lasted for a couple of minutes.

She slowly pulled away from our kiss, and she said, “First things first. Are you associated with any law enforcement agency?” she asked.

“No,” I said.

She looked at me smiled and said, “You can’t be too careful.” She then held out her hand face up.

I realize she was asking me for the “donation” and reached into my pocket and pulled out the five-hundred dollars I had just withdrawn from the back machine. I put the bills in Paula’s hand, and she quickly counted them to check the amount and put them in her purse in one of the drawers by the bed.

She turned to face me with her hands on both hips and asked, “So Phil, what can I do for you?”

I was staring at her beautiful body. I hadn’t had sex for nine months, and all I could say was, “Everything!”

She laughed and said, “Everything. OK, then everything,” and she walked back to me and kissed me again. I could feel her tongue parry with mine. As we kissed, I could feel her push my jacket off my shoulders, and I let it fall to the floor. Next, she untied my necktie and dropped it in the same pile. She then went to work on the buttons of my shirt. After my shirt was unfastened, she pulled it off my shoulders so that my hands were trapped behind my back. She stopped kissing me on the lips and started to kiss my neck and slowly made her way down my chest. She started licking and kissing my nipples; soon she started squeezing them in her teeth. This was amazingly exciting, and my cock was now straining in my pants.

Paula then knelt on the floor in front of me. She undid my belt as I freed my hands from my shirt and let it drop in a pile with my tie and jacket. Paula then unbuttoned my slacks and unzipped the zipper. She kissed my lower belly as my pants fell to the floor, and moved her hand to my hard cock that was tenting my boxers. She squeezed my penis through the material, and I moaned slightly.

“Does that feel good?” she asked.

“Yes, yes.”

“Do you want me to free Willy?” she teased.

“Please,” I begged.

She tugged my shorts down to joint my pants around my ankles. My cock sprang up and settled horizontally; I could feel and see pre-cum oozing from the tip. She spat on my cock and began to rub it with both hands. Her nails were colored the same red as her lips. I watched as she stroked and kneaded my member.

“Phil, tell me what you want,” she asked.

“Everything,” I repeated.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Do you want me to suck that nice big cock?” she continued.

“Oh God yes,” I begged.

She helped me step out of my pants and shorts. I kicked off my loafers. I was now standing in front of this amazingly sexy woman in nothing more than my socks. She looked up and me and smiled and then slowly began to suck the tip of my cock while she massaged my balls. This felt so good. She stopped sucking and looked up again at me with her beautiful green eyes.

“Do you like it when I suck your cock?” she probed.

“Oh yes.”

“What do you want?”, she asked.

“Suck my cock,” I begged.

“Do you want me to fuck your cock with my mouth?” she asked.

“Yes please, yes. Paula, suck my cock please.”

She took my cock deeper and deeper into her throat, and in-between deep thrusts she sucked the head of my shaft and licked all around the head of my extremely hard cock. She squeezed my balls and moved faster and faster; kaçak bahis my cock hadn’t felt this hard in months.

I put my hands on her head and felt her as she moved back and forth.

“Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to feel my hot wet pussy around your thick cock?” she gasped as she released my shaft from her mouth, looking up at me again.

“Yes, I want to fuck you so badly,” I begged.

She stood up and took me by the hand and led me to the king-sized bed. She removed my socks and then took off her sheer robe. She looked amazing with her heels, stockings, thong, and bra. I pulled her to the bed.

“What do you want?” she asked again.

“I want to taste you,” I replied.

She laid with her back on the bed her hands over her head, spread her legs and said, “Come taste me.”

I laid next to her and kissed her mouth. I massaged her breasts. I kissed her deeper and more urgently.

I stopped kissing her to look at her beautiful chest. Her nipples were erect, and sticking through the thin material of her bra. I found the front clasp and unhooked it and allowed her bra to fall to both sides of her chest revealing her soft white breasts. They were very firm and around each nipple was a silver clip-on star-shaped ‘nipple shield.’ I had heard of these before but never had seen one up close. I sucked on her nipples and squeezed her breasts as she moaned. While I continued to kiss her nipple and massage her breast with my right hand, I took my left and reached down to feel her crotch. She was already wet through her small thong, and when I reached under it I noticed that she was entirely shaved. I had never touched a hairless pussy before.

“Do you like my pussy?” she asked.


“Do you want to lick my pussy?” She continued.

“God yes,” I answered huskily and moved down on the bed so that my head was over her black lace thong. Paula took both hands and on either side of the thong released a clasp that released the small piece of material. She pulled my head right down on her pussy using both her hands. Paula smelled of perfume and musk. She was very wet. Donna never allowed me to give her oral sex, so I was new at this.

Paula started to moan as I began to lick her clit, “Do you like my wet pussy? Oh, that feels good. Eat my pussy. That is…ah huh, ah huh.”

Her juice began to flow, and I could taste her. I put my right index finger in her hole as I continued to massage clit with my tongue.

“Jesus Christ!” she exclaimed as she pushed my head hard down on her.

I stuck my finger in deep into her hot hole and moved it back and forth. Paula was panting now. She started to move her body left and right. All at once she started shaking and let out a long “Ahhhhhhhhh.” She was climaxing I could taste more liquid as she continued to shake. She let my head go, and I just stared at her incredible body. She laid still for about five minutes as I continued to rub her clit slowly and gently. I had heard that hookers faked orgasms, but this one seemed pretty real to me (not that I had a lot of experience with a woman who orgasmed, as Donna had only done so once or twice in our marriage).

“What do you want Phil?” she finally said.

“I want to fuck you.”

“Oh, you want to fuck me?” she parroted back.

“Yes, damn it,” my voice filled with urgency.

“Do want to shove that big dick in my cunt? Do you want my tight pussy around your cock? And she continued, “Do you want to be on top?” she asked.

“No. I want you on top of me,” I commanded. I loved that Paula talked dirty to me. Donna never said a word during sex.

I rolled on my back and centered myself on the bed. Paula reached over to take a condom from the table next to the bed headboard. She ripped open the wrapper with her teeth and then positioned herself between my legs and began to suck my cock again. After about a dozen thrusts, Paula put the condom on the tip of my cock and unrolled it down the length. She then squatted and straddled my hips and slowly lowered her pussy onto my covered rod. She was still very wet and she slid easily down. After nine months without sex, this felt so amazing, though it would feel amazing any time. She moved up and down slowly on my cock. She moved to her knees and began to rock back and forth on my penis. I watched her breasts bounce above her flat stomach. She massaged her breasts squeezing her nipples. She was looking directly into my eyes and smiled at me.

“Does it feel good? Do you like my pussy around your cock?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I gasped.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked again.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Paula, please just fuck me.” I added “Can you turn around and face the other way,” I asked. I had never done this before and always wanted to try it.

Paula lifted herself off my cock and started turning around. I began to take the condom off, and Paula saw me, “You need to leave that on,” she commanded.

“But I want to cum inside you,” I pleaded. “I have been with only one woman my entire life, and she was a virgin when we married fourteen years ago.”

Paula stared at me for a minute. She looked down at my hard cock and smiled, “Well I will make this ONE exception, but it will cost you two-hundred dollars more. OK?”

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