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The Scandalous Stewardess 1″The Scandalous Stewardess”Chapter 1The Bahamian island of Eleuthera is a saber-shaped spit ofglistening white coral sand in the crystalline waters of the CaribbeanSea. One can get there by boat or by plane. It was on such a shuttleflight from Nassau that Davie Knight sat and breathlessly looked out ofthe narrow window on December 20th. The sixteen year old kept knottinga silk scarf between her hands, a gesture which could not escape thewatchful notice of the striking older blonde woman who sat next to her. The twin-engine plane was small and claustrophobic. There was nothingbut a sparkling expanse of transparent blue sea below them. Perhapsshe’s frightened, the woman was thinking to herself as she surveyed theluscious fresh-faced teen, whose long, glossy sable brown hair hung pasther pert up-thrust young breasts that were demurely hidden behind a navyblue cardigan sweater. An emblem sewn to tile sweater pocket identifiedthe girl as a student at one of the chic New York City parochial schoolsfor rich girls.The young girl’s large hazel eyes had an apprehensive look, andfrom time to time, she would bite her full, sensuous lower lip. Colorflushed the girl’s smooth cheeks, though she wore no makeup. Nor didshe need any. Hers were the vital and strikingly delineated features ofthe natural beauty.By contrast, the older blonde woman next to her had artfully usedthe best cosmetics to embellish her sophisticated good looks. Subtleblue eye shadow and contrasting deep blue liner, plus a generousapplication of rich black mascara added depth and intensity to herbright blue eyes. Blusher and bronzes augmented an unexplainable sun tanin the middle of winter, a sun tan which was apparent on the woman’ssmooth thighs and arms when she removed her lightweight jacket. Aclinging beige knit mini-dress did little to hide her ample bralessbreasts, whose firm nipples showed pointedly under the fabric.The blonde studied the preoccupied teenager for a long moment, looking intently at her face, and then up and down the length of herbody, almost the way a man would. Her eyes narrowed, and sheinvoluntarily flicked her tongue out to lick her coral lipssalaciously. Then the moment passed, and her expression became one offriendly concern as she gently tugged at the teenager’s sleeve and said,”Excuse me.”She waited until the startled girl turned to her. She’s nervous ashell, the blonde thought. With a warm and reassuring smile, the womanasked, “I didn’t mean to startle you, but I was wondering if I couldanswer any questions or just be of help. I’ve flown this hop so manytimes.”Davie’s eyes widened. She seemed reassured. “You have?” she askedbreathlessly.”Oh yes. I’m a stewie. But this time I’m deadheading. This is myvacation. Are you on a school holiday . . . all by yourself?” sheprobed.”Well, sort of. My father is meeting me though I’ll be stayingwith him “The blonde concealed her momentary disappointment. “Oh, how nice.Does he have a house on Eleuthera?”Actually, it’s a resort. French Leave.”The blonde brightened visibly. “What a coincidence! That’s whereI’ll be staying, too! So Peter Knight is your father!””You know Daddy?” the girl asked with surprise.”Not personally, of course. But this is my third visit to French Leave. I absolutely love it. There’s no place quite like it, don’t youthink? And your father is in a class by himself, too. He has to be oneof the most attractive men in the world. Matter of fact, you look a lotlike him. You certainly have his eyes, and his coloring, and the samekind of mouth . . . full and well-shaped.” (She had almost said”sensual” but thought better of it. Down girl, she had remindedherself. Not yet. Not yet.)Davie blushed, “Everyone says that Daddy and I look alike. Itmakes my mother furious. You’d never know I was her daughter at all!”Davie giggled mischievously. She was obviously delighted by the affrontto her mother which the blonde quickly picked up on. She pressed herinquiry.”It’s a good thing your mother isn’t here right now, isn’t it?” theblonde said with a between-us-girls look on her face. She punctuated itwith a broad, sparkling smite, which put Davie further at ease.”Wow! You can say that again!” Davie agreed, answering the smile with eyes heavenward in an expression of relief. “It’s a good thing sheisn’t here for a lot of reasons!””But will she be meeting you, with your father?” the blondeinquired casually.”Good grief, no! She’s back in New York, in her precious little world of tea parties, shopping sprees and charity balls. Yeeehhhck!” Davie said emphatically. “My parents have been divorced for threeyears.””I’m sorry to hear that, uh . . .”Davie.””What a beautiful name. It suits you perfectly,” the blonde cooed.”I’m Trish Byers, Davie.””Happy to meet you, Miss Byers. Everybody calls me Davie. Everyone except my mother . . .”Oh please–please call me Trish. You make me feel a hundred and fifty years old when you say Miss Byers!””I’m sorry . . . Trish I didn’t mean that at all. You’rebeautiful. It’s just that at school they make us call everyone overtwenty Miss or Mister. Force of habit, you know,” Davie answered shyly.”Well that’s one habit you can break right now–at least whileyou’re on vacation. We’ll be in Paradise in about twenty minutes. Thenit’s off with the school clothes and into the bikini for you! You dohave a bikini, don’t you?””Yes! Mummy sent me off with some square one-piece suit I wouldn’tbe caught dead in. That’s typical of her. But the first thing I didwhen I got off the plane at Nassau was run to the neatest shop and buymyself a skimpy little hot pink number that’s just a lot of stringscrocheted together. Mummy would have a stroke if she knew!” Daviegiggled girlishly again.Trish grinned back in a conspiratorial way. “Good for you, honeyit sounds as though ‘mummy’ is a little straight laced.”Davie threw back her hands and brought them down on her thighs emphatically. “Ohhh! You wouldn’t believe it! She is the most super uptight, most hypocritical person in the whole world! She makes my lifeso miserable.””But she is letting you come all the way to Eleuthera by yourselffor Christmas. That doesn’t seem izmir escort like something an uptight mother woulddo,” Trish ventured.”Because she had to. The judge made her do it. She would neverhave let me see my father otherwise. She didn’t want me to see him everagain!” said Davie, and a look of distress crossed her lovely face.”How long has it been, honey?””Three years! I was thirteen when Daddy left. I cried for a wholemonth. Mummy hated me for that, and it made her hate him more. Shethought I’d forget about him and that he’d forget about me. But itdidn’t work that way. At least, I haven’t forgotten him.Trish reached over and placed a warm hand on the teen’s knee and patted it consolingly. Now she knew the reason for the scarf knottingand the fidgeting at the window. It wasn’t the plane ride, it was DaddyDavie she was worried about. Three years is a long time to be separatedfrom anyone.”It’s going to be fine, just fine, Davie. After a few hours, it’llseem like your dad never went away. You’re going to love French Leave. Everything is so beautiful, and everyone is so relaxed. You won’t wantto go back.””Do you really think so, Trish? I mean, about Dad and me? I knowI won’t want to go back I never want to go back to that . . . thatbitch!”Trish raised a carefully plucked eyebrow. “That’s a pretty strongword, Davie, Is it ready that bad?””I hate her,” Davie said levelly. “She’s made me go to thathorrible school all these years–that ghetto for nice girls from goodfamilies, quote unquote. It’s a prison. And she won’t let me go outwith boys or have parties at home. Yet she has parties! I’m notsupposed to know what goes on. We have this huge place, a condominium. Lots of rooms. My ‘quarters’ are off at one end, but I’ve seen a lot! I know what goes on. Mummy and her arty little fag decorator friendsand swishy hairdressers. It makes me want to puke.””I can’t imagine any woman letting a man like your father go …” offered Trish, hoping for more juicy details from the innocent girl.”That’s just it–he’s a real man. Mummy doesn’t want a real man around. She has to wear the pants in the family.””And your father obviously wants a real woman, doesn’t he?””Sure. That’s why he couldn’t take it any more. I think Mummy wasemasculating him, not treating him like a man; not giving him the loveand affection and . . . well, you know what I mean,” Davie added shyly.”Sex?””Exactly. They had separate bedrooms. That went on for almost a year. My father started coming home later and later from the office. He and my mother rarely even talked to each other. Yet she insistedthat he had to go to all the stupid charity balls and parties, put on afront for their friends. One day he came home and packed all his thingsand left a long letter for me and a two word note for my mother. Shenever got over that blow to her pride. Even though she goteverything–the apartment the beach house on Long island, the car–andcustody of me she has kept punishing him in every way she could. Butshe’s punished me, too, by not letting me see him for three years. She’s done everything she could to turn me against him, and it’s onlymade me love him more and resent her.””That really wasn’t very smart of her, or fair at all, trying toturn you against your father. But she’s obviously very bitter,” Trishoffered sympathetically.”Really. But so am I. And I’m scared, too. I mean, what if Daddydoesn’t want to be bothered with me? I know he’s very busy and I mightbe in the way and . . .””Nonsense! Your father loves you very much, I know. This is probably the best thing that’s happened to him in three years, Davie,” Trish said in her most sincere, maternal manner as she once more placedher haled on the lovely girl’s and squeezed it reassuringly. Butinwardly she was thinking about the lucky women Peter Knight must havescrewed to ecstasy with his beautiful cock. She envied the women whohad felt his fiery hot cum in their pussies; the women who had felt hisbeautiful wet mouth and tongue in their cunts, licking and sucking themto the heights of cunnilingual rapture. She felt her own cuntal juicesbegin to ooze into her panties, and her clitoris throbbed withexcitement. But she forced herself to maintain a masque of sympatheticand conciliatory interest. She wanted to be damned sure she didn’t blowher game before she got a chance to blow Peter Knight’s hard cock! Thenthere was his sweet, virginal and oh-so-appealing daughter. Trish hadplans for her, too. Big, juicy plans! “Everything is going to work outjust fine, Davie I know it will.””Do you really think so, Trish? Do you?” the girl asked anxiously.”I know so. There’s not a thing to worry about. You and yourdaddy will get along just great. And I’ll be there. You and I can dofun things together when your dad’s working. And there’ll be someoneelse who might be fun for you . . .””Someone else? Who?” the teenager asked, her clear hazel eyes growing wider.”My k** brother, Randy. He’s 19. He’s meeting me at the airport.He works for the Pan Am radar installation on the island. He’s lots offun.”Does Randy know my father?””A little. It’s a small island, you know. And there aren’t that many whites. So everybody sort of knows everybody else. Randy lives atthe base on the other end of the island, with a bunch of other guys. I’m based in Nassau, but I come to Eleuthera every chance I get.””That’s why you’ve got such a great tan, I guess. I’m so white andyucky looking, I’ll have to hide out for a couple of days until I gettoasted!”The pilot’s gravely voice interrupted on the intercom, “Ladies andgentlemen, we are approaching the landing field. Please be sure yourseat belts are securely fastened and extinguish all smoking materialuntil you are outside the field gates. We hope you enjoy your stay inEleuthera. Thanks for being aboard.”Davie peered out the plane window. Her hands gripped the armrests. Trish Byers patted tile pretty brunette’s arm gently. “Don’tworry, honey. Everything’s going to work out fine just fine!”* * *Among the dozen or so spectators who watched the small aircrafttouch down on the strip was a man who stood out by virtue of his proud,straight bearing, his aura of confidence izmir escort bayan and his devastating goodlooks. Peter Knight was a man who would be noticed anywhere. His bodywas firm and muscular, without an ounce of excess fat. His white slackswere impeccably tailored and the navy blue polo shirt he woreaccentuated his broad chest and ample biceps. He was a youthful forty,a man with the features of Paul Newman, except that his eyes were hazeland his dark brown wavy hair was only slightly streaked with strands ofgray. He was deeply tanned, and had acquired little laugh lines aroundhis deep-set eyes. He smiled readily, showing strong and even whiteteeth. How different was his expression now from the one Davieremembered when she had seen him last three long years ago. In thosedays, Peter Knight was a successful commodity broker with a seat on theNew York Stock Exchange. He was harried and depressed usually, thesunny side of his nature occluded by a bad marriage and what he calledthe “New York rat race’–both of which he wanted out of. He had alwaysdreamed of opening his own resort, but Davie’s mother wouldn’t hear ofit. She wanted the prestige, the financial security, the social life that went with being asuccessful broker’s wife, though she had plenty of family money of herown and didn’t have to rely upon his income for the lavish and pointlesslifestyle that ensnared them. It took guts to make the break, but PeterKnight felt that, except for Davie, leaving New York was the best thinkhe had ever done. The resort was an immediate success. He always hadtile Midas touch for financial ventures. But he was apprehensive abouthis little girl. What would she be like now? Would he be able tohandle her? Had three years of her mother’s poison gotten to her afterall? Her letters were warm and loving. Still, he had to acknowledgethat they really didn’t know each other very well. They were bothliving with fantasies and memories of the past. She was sixteen now; ateenager. Christ, he didn’t know a damned thing about teenagers . . .especially a sixteen year old girl!Twelve passengers descended the metal stairs from the twin-engine plane. Peter Knight’s heartbeat quickened as he spotted the shy and stunning young girl who walked in the company of a flashy blonde he recognized as a previous guest at the resort. She was a stewardess, ahot number who had made overtures to him in the past. But he was very cautious about getting involved with his paying clients. It was toorisky for a lot of reasons.He went to the girls, a big appealing grin on his face. His mannerwas smooth and straightforward but his palms were damp.”Davie! How are you, sweetheart?” he said as he rushed to embracehis daughter. Her sunny, angular little girl’s body had beentransformed into the soft, round curves of a young woman. He could feelthe warmth of her firm globular breasts against his chest as he huggedher. Her glossy, sable hair was fragrant with a clean herb scent, likewild grasses in a field. It was longer than before, framing herbeautiful young face whose clear, hazel eyes shone moistly from tears ofemotion.”Oh Daddy, Daddy! I thought I’d never see you again!” Daviecried. She was almost sobbing now.Peter Knight held his daughter closely for another long moment, a moment which was fraught with unvoiced emotion. Then he was consciousof the smiling blonde who was observing them from just a few feet away. She had the same faintly predatory look that had raised a red flag inhis mind when he had seen her before. But he had to admit that she wasa good-looking broad all right, with the best pair of legs he had everseen. And boobs that jutted out like ripe melons aching to be plucked. She must have fucked a thousand guys, he thought to himself. I’ll betshe’s one hellulva piece of ass.He extended his hand to Trish, “I’m Peter Knight. I think we’vemet at French Leave.”Davie interjected excitedly. “Oh excuse me, Trish, Daddy, this ismy friend, Trish Byers. She’s stayed with you before. She’s astewardess with Pan Am.”He overlooked the innocent faux pas. “Yes, I recognize Miss Byersas one of our guests. Nice to see you again, Miss Byers.””Daddy don’t call her Miss Byers. That makes her feel old. She wants to be called Trish.”The blonde grinned with embarrassment, but she gave him a practicedprovocative look.”Can we give you a ride, Trish?” Peter Knight offered.”Thank you, but I’m being met by my brother.” She looked aroundthen and a glint of recognition crossed her face as she caught sight ofa shaggy haired youth who was leaning casually against a red MGconvertible. Trish waved at the boy, who made no move to approach. When Knight turned around, he recognized the boy as a frequent visitorto the resort bar. He thought it strange that the youth did not comeforward.As though divining his thoughts, Trish quickly added, “Randy’s veryshy. But you’ll meet him. Well, Davie, I’ll see you later, OK?””Right, Trish. And thanks for everything.”The blonde winked at the school girl. “There’s nothing to thank mefor. That’s what friends are all about.”* * *Once they were settled in the sleek silver Porsche and heading downthe road toward French Leave, Peter Knight and his daughter began torelax in each other’s company a bit. There is something permissive andseductive about a Caribbean Island, particularly one like Eleuthera,where the brilliant semi-tropical sun and the absence of pressure inviteone to shed cares, clothing and convention. This was Peter Knight’shome ground now, and he assumed the role of confident host and tourguide–though the principal charm of Eleuthera is the absence ofcommerce and people such commerce attracts. Indeed, French Leave is theonly tourist attraction. There isn’t much to “see” except thecoral-studded sea and several miles of pristine, white coral sand dottedwith lush tropical vegetation.Davie couldn’t get over the contrast between Eleuthera, where the temperature was 78 degrees and they passed only a few Bahamian natives along the road and an occasional car, and New York City, where the temperature had been a bone-chilling 27, and the thousands of faces thatpassed her were all uniformly escort izmir gray and cheerless. She pulled off hersweater and slithered down in the black leather seat of her father’ssports car, letting the warm island breeze blow her shining dark hairaway from her face. She closed her eyes and let the hot sun beat on hersmooth fair skin, feeling as though the weight of the world had beenlifted from her young shoulders. Peter Knight stole a glance at hislittle girl, noting again how much of a woman she had become in threeyears. Her full ripe breasts strained against her prim white blouse. She had kicked off her shoes and socks and her bare legs were smooth andslender beneath her pleated shirt. He had to remind himself that Daviewas no longer a c***d and he couldn’t treat her as one now. He also hadto remind himself that she was his daughter.”Did you have a nice chat with Trish Byers?” he suddenly asked. Davie opened her eyes and looked at her father, “Oh yes, Daddy. She’sso understanding. Really a nice woman. And so pretty, too. She’s adish!””Yes, Miss Byers is quite attractive. But I’m sure she knows that.””She thinks you’re quite something yourself.””Ohhh?” Knight reacted with surprise, though he knew that the stewardess seemed to have the hots for him. But he felt she probablyhad the hots for most men; she seemed like the kind of woman whocouldn’t get enough cock. That’s what he didn’t like about her. Heliked a woman who was more selective, who was harder to get. There wasno challenge with a dame like Trish Byers–except to keep your pantsup! Still, she could probably give a guy the fuck of his life. She wasone hot cunt all right. As for her “brother,” Peter didn’t like tilecut of the k**’s jib. He doubted that tile mop-haired youth really washer brother, though he might he. He didn’t want his tender daughtermixed up with either of them, though he didn’t know how to tell Daviethat without arousing suspicion in her mind. Besides, the k** had hadenough controls from her bitch mother. He wasn’t about to start puttingclamps on her the minute she arrived. He would see to it that everymoment would be beautiful and memorable for Davie. He knew now that hewanted her with him always. He desperately hoped that she would wantthat too.* * *About a mile behind, a red MG was cruising along the two-lane roadwith its two blonde passengers. Randy Ferris sat behind the wheel ofthe sports car, his faded skin-tight jeans showing a huge bulge in thecrotch where his rock-hard cock was straining to be free of its denimprison. It had grown to gargantuan proportions under the skillful andincessant manipulations of the blonde stewardess beside him. His brownhand was under her beige miniskirt and he was massaging the wet slit ofher pussy with his middle finger.”Geezus, baby, you’re hot as a pistol. You must not have been gettin’ it more than six times a day lately,” he wisecracked.”I’ve had a run of bummers, honey. Besides, you know how I feel about your prick, lover. There’s just nobody who can do me like my li’lol’ baby brother.””Yeah. But you keep tryin’, don’tcha? I saw how you came on to Knight–and his k**. You’d like a taste of that stuff, wouldn’t you?” Randy said, looking at her with a cocksure smirk on his lean, handsome face.”You don’t miss a trick, do you sweetie? That’s why I feel so goodwith you. No games. No pretense. Just good, clean dirty sex–lots ofsucking and fucking, the way I like it,” Trish answered, rubbing hervoluptuous breast against the youth’s muscled arm.”So what about the Knight k**? Have you gotten into her pussyyet?” Randy teased.”Don’t be silly. It’s only a twenty minute flight!” the stewardessteased back.”Baby, I wouldn’t put anything past you–even on a twelve passengerplane in broad daylight!””She’s going to take a little longer. She’s been shut up in a convent school with a lot of dried up nuns and a faggot-balling mother who’s out to make damned sure she doesn’t get her precious little cherrypopped. No wonder her old man took off. Who could live with a bitchlike that? I’ll bet he’s one helluva swordsman.””That hasn’t done you much good so far, baby ” Randy jibed. “You might have to stand in line for that dude.””You wouldn’t want to lay money on that, would you, Covey?” Trish purred, giving him a devilish look.Randy searched her face. Her lips were curled in a confidentsmirk. “G’wan,” he said, “you don’t think you’re going to nag Knightand his sweet-assed daughter too!””That’s exactly what I intend to do,” Trish responded emphatically,squeezing the lips of her pussy tighter around her brother’s finger. Hewas her half-brother, actually, the product of a marriage between hermother and step-father. She and Randy had been balling for three years,and he was a straight-A student in the sex education courses she gavehim. They had a unique relationship. They both loved each other verymuch, and yet there was no jealousy between them. She urged Randy toget as much pussy as he could, knowing of course that she would alwaysbe first with him. And she delighted in recounting every detail of herencounters in bed with other men–and women. Trish was 29 (though shelooked a couple of years younger) and she really had no intention ofgetting married. It would, unless she got a very exceptional man, putan end to her affair with her k** brother, as well as various other menand women of her acquaintance. She would never sacrifice that for ahome and a meal ticket.”Not only am I going to nail that dynamic duo, but being thegenerous and loving sister that I am, I’m going to see that you get acrack at that virginal little pussy as well.Would you like that, my love? Would you like to be first to splither hot little cunt with your big hard prick?””Are you k**ding? Christ, would l! But you’re out of your mind, Trish. Knight would have my balls on a spit if he ever found out. My balls–and yours, too!””Trust me, precious. Trust your sis. Have I ever let you down?” The youth shook his head. “I won’t this time, either. Randy, I promiseyou I won’t. Now finish me off, honey. Finger me off. I’m almostready to cum!” And Trish scooted down further in the bucket seat,spread her smooth, sun-tanned legs further apart, opening the wet crackof her slippery cunt wider to her brother’s skillful manipulations andclosed her eyes, while he fingered her to a thrilling orgasm in thetopless MG on the road to French Leave.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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