The Spanking

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The SpankingLast night her dad caught her lying. She sneaked put to be with her bf. She loved when he licks her pussy and she sucks his cock. She was getting quite good taking the whole long cock down her throat. When she got home her dad noticed how her clothes were twisted and told her to strip naked. He picked up her panties and saw they were wet and stained. He asked her if she had been fucking the boy? She told her dad no. He then stripped naked and sat on the bed and pulled her across his lap. She was surprised that her dad had such a big cock. It was bigger and thicker than her bf. As she laid across her dad’s lap, he first rubbed her ass then smacked it. His cock was touching her belly. It kind of felt good. He rubbed her ass again then gave her five more smacks. He could see her ass turning red. He liked that she had a nice shapely ass. She also had a great set of tits. This time he rubbed her ass further down and over the tops of her legs and just between them. He spread her legs a little. He spanked her ass ten times this time making it very red. He rubbed her ass more and with her legs spread he could see just part of her pussy. He felt his cock start to get hard against her belly. She also felt the hard on push into her belly. His cock was much bigger as it got harder.He then spanked the red ass more and told her to tell him what she and the bf had been doing? As she told him about the orals sex he spread her legs further. His daughter was really turning him on. He asked her if she liked sucking cock? She replied that she did. She then felt her belly get wet from her dad’s cock. celtabet giriş Now he rubbed her red ass and as he rubbed her legs his hand brushed against her pussy. He was surprised that she was wet. The spanking was turning her on as was the ass rubbing. He then put his hand over her pussy and rubbed it. He rubbed back up to her ass crack and spread her ass cheeks wide. He ran a finger down her crack to her fuck hole and slipped a finger in her. He pulled the wet finger out and ran it back to her ass. He circled the ass and got it wet then went back to her fuck hole. He pushed the finger in again and fingered her for a few strokes. She was wetter this time. He ran his finger back to her ass and again rubbed the cum over it. He fingered her cunt a few more times as his cock was throbbing against her belly. Her belly was getting wet from his leaking cum. He put a finger in her cunt then licked it. She did taste so good. As he put the finger back in her cunt he ran his other hand under her and found her soft tit. He began to finger fuck her as he twisted on the nipple on her full size tit. He wanted to eat her pussy and taste how good she was and tongue fuck her sucking her cum down his throat. He fingered her a little more then told her to stand in front of him.As she stood in front of him he touched and rubbed her tits then sucked each one. She had grown into a woman so fast with nice big tits and round nipples. She had a curvy ass and a tight cunt. He told her to sit on the bed and as she did he knealed between her legs and spread them wide looking at the sweet pussy celtabet yeni giriş before him. He took his fingers and spread her pussy lips so he could look at her sweet cunt. Her clit was pink and swollen and looked so tasty. She was wet from him fingering her. He then put his head to her and licked her clit. Then he took it in his mouth and sucked on it. He heard her moan and felt her pussy jerk. He sucked her clit as he put a finger in her cunt. He could feel her cunt pulse against his finger and felt her wetness. He sucked the clit and and finger fucked her till she was moaning and her hole was so wet. He then removed his finger and began to lick her hole. Her cum tasted so good and he licked all around her fuck hole to get every drop. Then he put his tongue in her cunt and began to lick and tongue fuck her as she came many times against his tongue. He loved the feel of the tight cunt against his tongue as she coated him with cum.His cock was now rock hard. He needed to fuck this young sexy girl and fill her with cum. He pushed her back and placed his cock to her fuck hole. He pushed in slow but steady into the tight wet hole. He did not want to cum fast as he wanted to be able to enjoy this tight hole as long as he could. She was so tight and wet and warm. He wanted to keep his cock in her for eternity. He wanted to fuck her day and night and fill her with his cum. He wanted to eat her pussy and taste her as much as he could. He pushed his cock deeper and deeper in her tight hole. He than began to fuck her hard. She felt so good and she was breathing and moaning celtabet güvenilirmi and cumming for him. He wanted to fuck her cunt, her mouth and her ass. He watched his big cock go in and out of her precious cunt. He was able to fuck about twenty minutes till he blew his cum in her hole. He hugged her tight to him and told her how good she made his cock feel. He loved her tight cunt and wanted her more and more. He then put a finger in her hole and then in her mouth so she could taste her dad’s cum from her fuck hole. He then laid on his back and told her to sit on his face. He wanted to suck the cum from her hole and taste it mixed with her cum. As she got on his face he pushed his tongue in her and began to suck out the mixture of cum. He took some time also to suck her clit as he knew she liked that too. His hands went uo and cupped her tits and squeezed them feeling how heavy they were as she had a huge set. His baby girl was grown up and turned into a sexy daughter. He wanted to fuck her again as his cock got rock hard once more. He laid her on her back and fucked her again and then ate her pussy. He did this twice more as he couldn’t get enough of the young cunt. He loved spreading her pussy lips and looking at the sweet pink clit and cunt. That night he took her to his bed and fucked her many times. She also sucked his cock and he was amazed how good she was. He tongue fucked her ass a couple times before he pushed his cock in it. Now he was really turned on because the ass was tighter than the cunt. They gave up sleep and fucked and sucked all night long. He tongue fucked her cunt as she sucked his cock. Then for the next three days they stayed in bed and found ways to make each other moan and groan. She was a great replacement for his wife who had died many years ago. His daughter was not only sexy but horny and loved to fuck. He could not have it any better.

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