The Swingers Club First Visit

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The Swingers Club First VisitI was sent to a convention in Phoenix ten years ago. I worked hard during the day, and looked for some fun in the evening. I was going to go to a strip club so went to a porn store to see what was available. That was when I saw a listing for swingers clubs. The idea of maybe watching people fucking sounded good to me. I drove to the one called Encounters. It was, by this time 10:30 P.M. and I hoped I hadn’t arrived too late for any fun on a Tuesday night. I didn’t know if a single person could actually come into the club but they were happy to take my $35. I heard the ‘no means no’ rule, thanked the lady at the door and walked in.The building was large. I walked in looking for the action and saw nothing but a bunch of people sitting at small tables, some sipping sodas and eating nuts and pretzels. Then I decided to look for a crowd and found one right away. Clear across the room was a group of people standing with their backs to me obviously watching something. As I walked forward the crowd started to break up. A woman came through the crowd. She was topless and walked right toward me. As she came closer I saw she had cum all over her face and neck with splashes on one of her tits. I stood still and watched as she casually walked to the women’s room most likely to clean herself up.I walked to where the crowd had been and some still lingered. On a bench seat was a black guy with his pants off and his cock hanging down. He had this just got sucked off grin on his face. I asked someone how it had been. He said it was always great when he watched her suck black cock. That was what she came to the club for.I left for other parts of the club then to see if there were any more groups and found none, so went upstairs to where there were private rooms for people to use. These rooms all had windows that may or may not have curtains down blocking any view. Of the all the rooms there, none had the curtains open. I walked back downstairs then thinking I would take a quick scan of the room then drive off to another swingers club (there are quite a few of them in Phoenix).A quick scan of the room showed no crowds and no small interesting situations so I walked toward the door where I had come in. That was when I saw a small room I had bursa escort walked past earlier. This room had no door and was maybe ten feet by fifteen feet. Along a wall to the left was a couch that was empty. Adjacent to that couch and at a right angle to it was another couch. Clear across the room were two large stuffed chairs and a television on silent with a porn video playing on it. On the couch in front of me and at the far left end (my left) was a man sitting with his pants off. Kneeling between his legs was a woman sucking his cock. She had her miniskirt pulled up over her ass and her peasant top pulled down below her tits. In those chairs clear across the room was a man in each watching the couple and jacking on their cocks. I thought that was chickenshit of those guys so sat on the empty couch and sat as close to the couple as I could get without touching them. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I stroked it as I watched the woman’s mouth slide all the way down onto his prick and then almost all the way off.Eventually she looked over at me. I smiled at her as I continued to stroke my prick. As she watched, I pulled my balls out from inside my pants. She gave me a big smile which I watched slide up and down on his prick. After several minutes of watching me she reached her hand up and touched the man on his chest. He turned to look at me then for the first time and said, “My wife would like to suck your cock.” I told him that would be great.I watched her smile slide up and off of his prick. She crawled the few feet it took to get to me. She said nothing and started sucking my prick with her eyes on mine. I played with her wavy hair and talked to her. “You are a great cock sucker baby!” She smiled at that and I felt that smile move down my shaft. “I love having you suck my cock while your husband is watching.” The guys across the room were still stroking theirs. There were more people now, some on the floor between the chairs across the room and some along the walls closer to us. Quite a few stood or knelt at the open doorway.I said to the woman, “I’ll bet your cunt is dripping wet.” She raised her eyebrows and winked at me. “I would love to shove my cock into your wet hole baby.” She smiled, slid up and down on my cock several times bursa escort bayan then reached back and touched her husband on the chest. He looked at me and said, “My wife wants you to fuck her.” I told him I would love to fuck his wife. He asked me if I wanted to fuck her here in this room or if I wanted to go to a private room upstairs. I looked at him and her, then looked around the room and at the doorway. I said, “I would hate to disappoint the crowd. I’ll fuck her here.”He told me then I had to wear a condom. I had to admit, “This is my first time in a swinger’s club. I didn’t think anything like this would happen so I didn’t bring any condoms.” The guy looked around the room and asked, “anyone have a condom for the stud?” About six of them flew through the air to him almost instantly. We all laughed.The woman pulled off of my cock and sat with her back against the couch I was on. I pulled off my shoes and socks and put them in the corner. I stood up then and moved to the center of the room. I took my pants all the way off, thought about taking off my denim shirt but decided to leave it on but open so she and the crowd could see my hairy chest. The woman lolled against the couch facing me as she watched me roll the condom onto my prick.She had removed her peasant top and skirt and was naked. She had nice tits with hard nipples. Her cunt was shaved completely.She said her first words. “So how do you want me stud?” I told her I wanted her on the couch with her back to me and her knees on the edge of the cushions. She got into that position and looked over her shoulder and said, “Like this stud?” I told her to move her knees a little farther apart. She did that and looking back at me again asked, “like this stud?” I told her that was perfect.I stepped up behind her held my hard shaft and pushed the head of my cock just inside her cunt. I didn’t make any movement into her just standing there with the tip of my cock inside her. She looked over her back and said, “Hey stud! Don’t tease me! Fuck me!” I asked, “Fuck you?” and she screamed “FUCK ME!!” That was what I was waiting for. I rammed my cock hard up into her and she made a sound like “ooof” as I bottomed out into her. I fucked her slowly savoring this woman’s cunt. I had fucked her for escort bursa several minutes when I realized, “here I am fucking a woman whose name I don’t know in front of people I don’t know.” I looked around the room, at least the part of it that was easy to see. There must have been twenty people watching the woman and me fuck. All of them were masturbating. Many people in the doorway. I noticed a woman probably in her thirties on her knees with her skirt pulled up to her waist and her panties at her knees. She was fingering her cunt and in the perfect position to watch from the side as my cock slid in and out of the woman I was fucking. I smiled down at her and she grinned and winked at me.I looked back then at the back of the woman I was fucking gave her a few more strokes then stopped buried inside of her. She waited a second or two then said, “Are you done already stud?” I told her I wasn’t through but I wanted her on her back now because “I want to watch your face while I fuck you.” I pulled out and she turned quickly over onto her back. “Like this stud?” I smiled and said “Perfect”. I knelt between her open thighs. “Spread your cunt lips for me baby.” She grinned and spread her lips wide apart. I pressed the head against her red insides and slid all the way up into her. I reached my hands to her tits and started pulling and twisting her nipples as I fucked her. She moved a fingertip on one hand and pressed her clit against my slippery shaft. She would look at my face then at my cock as it slid into her. I felt her cunt walls starting to squeeze my shaft and her breathing got a great deal ragged and faster. She started moaning, her mouth open as she watched and felt me fuck her. She started cumming then and I rode out the storm of her amazing and very loud orgasm. She moaned and cried, her clit still pressed against my cock. I felt her inner walls spasm on my cock then kept riding her as she coasted into the afterglow.I pulled out when she was completely done and stood up. I took off the condom and stood right in front of her still between her open legs. I stroked my cock, looking down as she moved her fingers casually over her cunt and fingered a nipple. I pressed my groin forward when my orgasm started. I watched the arc of the seed as it flew through the air and landed on her cunt, belly and tits. Some got on her neck.There was no applause from the crowd, but it was like the people watching were one creature and their breath seemed to exhale all together.

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