The Three Of Us

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The Three Of UsHe came over aro6und 11, wearing loose shorts and a t-shirt. She was wearing loose white panties and a singlet. It was exciting to see her swelling breasts and tight nipples swaying under the loose fabric. I had on a pair of soft loose drawstring pants and my cock and balls were enclosed in a g-string. We were all loose. And excited. He sat on the sofa next to me, legs apart. I stroked his inside thigh, my fingers moving softly over his mound. I could feel him growing larger. She sat opposite, her fingers moving inside her panties. I hardened, watching her finger her cunt in her panties as I stroked his growing cock through his panties. He reached over and fondled her breasts, squeezing her nipples through the thin material. She responds by pulling aside her panties, showing us her cunt, which was starting to moisten. I pulled my pants down and pushed up my cock, the string down and under my ass. I wanted to lick and suck him. I wanted to watch him bury his tongue into her cunt… he stood up, he pushed down his shorts, showing his stiffening cock and balls outlined through the black cotton panties. He had told us they were his wife’s; we suggested he bring her over next time. I’d love to fuck a new cunt and would love to see her kiss her, fondle her, lick and suck her cunt. He knelt in front of her, kissed and sucked her tongue, then slid down to lick the inside of her thighs. He thrust his mouth into her cunt, licking, sucking, smearing his face with her juices as she became wetter and wetter. I knelt behind him, behind his raised ass, reached in between his thighs and squeezed his cock and balls through the tight smooth fabric. He raised up, his face wet, he smelt cunty. He turned to face me, I licked her cunt juice off his lips and cheeks as I thrust two fingers into her. She arched up into my fingers, I pushed them in and out, reaching deep inside her. We kissed and tongued each other, I stroked and squeezed his cock with my other hand. I pushed him around so he could bury his face in her breasts while I pulled down his panties. She picked them up and rubbed them over her face and smelled them. Turn around, she said to me. She fingered my ass, I rose up into her probing. She lay back down again. He and I were both hard. I pulled apart his ass cheeks with my fingers wet from her istanbul escort cunt, exposing his dark hole. He goes down on her again, I lean in and lick around his dark hole. I put my tongue as far as I can into his ass while reaching and feeling his mouth and tongue in her dripping cunt. We all sigh, moan, and gently separate, laying back entwined together. We kiss and stroke each other and ourselves all over. I stand and bend over and strip off my g-string and she says show me your hole and I show her and she fingers around my hole and I lie back down and kiss her, kiss him and stroke his hard cock, he does the same, she shows us her wide open cunt, we both want to see her asshole, she strokes him, I finger her, he caresses my cock and balls. She moves away, kneels up and bends over and separates her ass cheeks and pulls her panties aside, exposing her dark fuckhole. I lean over and lick it. He joins me, we lick her ass and kiss each other. We tongue her ass and her cunt through and around her delicious wet panties, I want to fuck you now, he whispers to her. She picks up his wife’s panties from the floor, pushes them into her cunt, sucks on them. She pulls away, pulls down her panties and rubs them over his face. He finds the wettest spot and sniffs and sucks it and offers them to me. I rub her wet panties all over my hard cock and balls. Fuck her, fuck her, I say. She lies back, opens her legs, pulls open her cunt, we look in to her sweet wet folds. He kneels between her legs, I take his hard cock in my hand and slowly rub the head around her cunt-lips. She moans and arches up. He reaches down and fingers her cunt and the head of his cock, then pushes his wet fingers into her mouth. She sucks on them and takes them down her throat. I push his cock into her, she moans, he slowly moves in and out. I watch, stroking my cock and reaching down to suck and lick her soft breasts. I put two fingers inside her alongside his cock and feel the hard length of him, thrusting in and out. She is dripping wet and smells beautiful, hot and cunty. I pull my fingers out, and move them up and down his shaft as he moves in and out. I kneel behind them, pull his ass cheeks apart and feel his hole with my wet finger. Slowly, I begin avcılar escort to enter his ass with my finger. He moans, I feel him clench his hole around my finger. I put the fingers of my other hand into his mouth, he gets them wet, I reach back to feel my own hole, it feels good, he is deep inside her, she moans, my finger is in his ass, I put my other fingers in her with his cock, I lick his ear, don’t come, don’t come, I say….he pulls out of her cunt and lies back, his glistening cock ready and waiting. I lick his shaft up and down and flick my fingernail across the tiny hole at the tip. He feels hot and hard in my mouth, he tastes cunty and moves against my lips. She moves behind me, reaching for my ass with her hot tongue. I lick and take his balls into my mouth, she begins to slide a wet finger into my ass, I take him deep in my mouth and suck him, suck him. She kisses him, her finger deep in my ass, his cock in my mouth… we relax, disengage, stretch out and continue to kiss and fondle. He and I tongue kiss and I stroke his cock while we watch her playing with her cunt. She lifts her cunt up and moves two fingers inside then offers her wet fingers to us, we each take one, lick and suck it then suck and kiss each other while she wets her fingers again and pushes them into our mouths. I rub my cock against his, she rubs her cunt against us both. He takes me into his mouth, I move up into him, I fuck his face then she kneels over me and slides her wet cunt over my mouth. I suck and swallow her juices, I want to swallow his come, I want to suck his come out of her. We move around, they are standing, kissing, I’m licking and sucking on his cock, she is guiding it into my mouth, I have my hand around behind her, feeling for her ass, finding it, he is lifting and rubbing and sucking and burying his face in her large soft breasts, I want his cum in my throat, I want his cock in my ass, I want to fuck her ass…we lie back, take a break, softly kissing and fondling. She takes my cock in her hand and gets him to kneel, she takes his cock, she strokes us both, she wets us both with her mouth. She rubs our cocks together, licks and sucks them together, whispers that she want both our cocks in her cunt, her ass, she wants our cum all over her body… then I şirinevler escort want you to pee on me, but maybe that’s for another time….now she pushes him back and slowly takes his cock in her mouth. She sucks it, licks it, slowly, up and down, he thrusts up to drive deep into her throat, she parts her legs, I see her glistening cunt and move across to fuck her while she sucks him. Her cunt is hot, she takes all of me, I fuck her from the side, her beautiful rump shakes as I thrust in and out. What can I do to you, I ask, you can do anything to me that you want, anything, everything that can be done to a woman, both of you… I reach across and kiss him, my tongue heavy against his. Did you hear her, I asked, yes, he said…I want him to cum in your cunt, I whispered to her while sliding two fingers in and out of her, then I want to lick and suck and finger his cum out of your cunt then put my wet fingers deep in your ass. She smiled, worked her way over to where he was laying back stroking his stiff cock. She knelt over him, bent down, lifting her ass up high, showing me her hole, licked his face then pushed his cock inside her, closing her eyes and moaning. Fuck, she said, your cock feels good. I watched my wife fucking him, my breathing became quicker as she moved him in and out, in and out, she leaned down and swung her heavy breasts across his face, he greedily licked and sucked at them. I moved along side, reached across and felt his cock as he moved in and out, in and out, I stroked his chest, squeezed his nipples. Kissed them both. I knelt astride them, put my cock in her mouth, her tongue wrapped around my shaft, she licked and sucked, he reached and fingered my ass, wetting his finger in her cunt and sliding it in me, then sliding another fingef in me, Iher pace quickened, I’m cumming she moaned, she flushed, stiffened, shuddered… I’m cumming too, he whispered, he raised himself up, his thrusts became quicker, he groaned, his cum flooded into her. He fell onto her, they kissed, toungling each other, his hands down her back and opening her cheeks, I rubbed my cock and balls, then he slid off and lay beside her. I moved between her legs, pushed them wide open, and sank my face into her sopping cunt, she smelt divine, a mix of cunt and cum, I pushed my tongue deep inside and sucked his beautiful spunk. I licked all around her cunt and put my face into her as deep as I could and my fingers, too. I reached out and stroked his soft cock and said next time you cum I want you in me. He said yes, I’ll fuck your ass, she can lick my cum, we can fuck her in both holes, she wants it, she loves it, then you can fuck me in my hole and in my mouth…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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