The Training of Lucy

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“Hello, Lucy. You’re right on time. Get undressed and we’ll begin.” Lucy was standing in the living room of Sean’s house. She had had one session with him before, and it had only left her hungry for more. In the intervening time, they had continued their online meetings and play, but since she had experienced Sean’s domination in real life, the virtual meetings were now just a pale imitation. Part of her desire stemmed from the care he had taken in engineering their first encounter. Surely if he had untoward designs on her, he could have already brought them to fruition. Never mind that that encounter was the hottest sexual encounter of her life thus far. She had to give herself to him again. In their discussions leading up to this moment, he knew that she was eager to go further, and he told her that if she intended to train to be his slave, that would require much more from her than mere obedience. She was dressed in less formal attire this time. She suspected correctly that he would want her out of her clothing almost immediately. She wore jeans and a clingy, plain light green T shirt. While she did indeed suspect that he would want her to undress quickly, she still wasn’t quite prepared for it to be the very first thing he said to her on her arrival. She blushed and said, “Yes, Sir.” Sean’s house was relatively small, but had a spacious living room. The front door of the house opened directly into it. Sean was seated in a chair near the opposite wall. There was a bay window next to the front door, that nominally had a view of the front yard, but the blinds were drawn. The room was well lit, and it seemed to Lucy that every light in the room was aimed directly at her. This wasn’t really true, but there was track lighting on the ceiling, and Sean had arranged the lights so that they aimed more towards Lucy and away from where he was sitting. The effect made her feel like she was on a stage. There was a table next to Sean. Next to that was the fireplace and on the other side of the fireplace in front of the adjacent wall was a sofa. On one side of the door (in front of which Lucy was standing) was a coat rack, and on the other side next to the bay window was a small table. She put her small purse down on the table, bit her lip, turned to the side and peeled off the T-shirt. She folded it carefully and set it on the table. A voice in her head told her she was stalling. She kicked off her shoes and pushed them under the table. Next, almanbahis şikayet she unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down her legs and stepped out of them. As with the T-shirt, she carefully folded her pants and set them on the table. She was now wearing a white push-up bra and a white thong. She reached behind her back and unfastened the bra, slid it off her shoulders and folded one cup into the other and put it on top of the pile of clothing on the table. She bent over and lifted each foot and peeled off the sock in turn and stuffed it in a shoe. She straightened herself up and pulled down her panties and placed them on top of the pile of clothing on the table. She was nude, but she knew that the task was not yet complete. She remembered from the last time the position he expected her to be in when she was naked before him. She was turned to the side because her modesty still compelled her to delay the final exposure as long as possible. Finally, she straightened up, turned towards Sean, put her hands behind her back, with each hand on the opposite elbow, raised her chin and stood up as straight as she could. Sean gazed intently at her while she did all of this, his expression never changing. Finally, when she was in position, he spoke. “Why did you turn away from me while you were undressing?” She felt like a child caught in a lie. She looked down at his feet, and replied, “I don’t know, Sir.” “That’s not an acceptable answer. You must be forthcoming with me on every point, Lucy. Even if it is difficult or unpleasant. Why did you turn away?”She pondered this for a minute. “I was embarrassed, Sir.” “Lucy, you are, first and foremost, a beautiful creature. That’s one of the reasons I desire to own you. It is a pleasure to have your body on display. If you owned a Picaso, would you hang it behind a curtain?” “I suppose not, Sir.” “You must take pride in displaying yourself for me. Because it pleases me greatly, Lucy. I want you to remember that.””Yes, Sir.” She took all of this in, and as she listened, she was distracted from the knowledge that she was stark naked and on display in front of a man with whom she had been in the same room only twice. “New habits take time. I understand that. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But understand that I intend to correct any missteps you make. Gently, at first, but repeated mistakes will be dealt with more harshly. Is that understood?”She shuddered a little inside. In their web chat games, almanbahis canlı casino he occasionally had her do things that were painful – he once had her pinch a nipple as hard as she could stand, and another time when she was late, he had her spank herself with her hairbrush – but in those cases, she was in control because she was doing it to herself. Now she had to consider the possibility – probability, she corrected herself – that he would do such things to her. The familiar knot in her stomach formed, along with the sudden feeling that the room was warmer. When the answered, she stumbled a bit over the words. “Y-Yes, Sir.” “You’ll remember that when we were together last time, I had set conditions for our time together. I have new ones. Before I outline them for you, I have something to give you. Step over here.” She took a few paces towards Sean while he reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a small piece of black cloth. As she got closer, he pulled the cloth straight and she could see it was a loop of some sort. It was held together with a small snap. “I want you to wear this. It is a symbol of my stewardship of you. While you wear it, you are mine. That means that you must be completely obedient, absolutely honest and forthright, and respectful and deferential. As long as you wear this, you are indicating to me that you are willing to be my slave. You have only one absolute right – you have the right to remove this collar at any time. If your hands are bound, you have the right to demand that it be removed. If you do, then your training will end instantly, and you will be free to leave. You have my absolute word. I intend to test your limits thoroughly. You need to understand that if you feel that I am going too far, you have a way out. This is your training collar. As you put it on, you are transferring your personal sovereignty to me.” At this point she was standing about three feet away from him. She could see the collar clearly now. It was black velvet, about one inch wide. In the middle the cloth was attached to a polished metal disk. The disk was engraved with a “+” symbol inside a circle. Her first thought when she saw it up close was how beautiful it was. As she listened to Sean explain the meaning behind it, she thought about how seriously he had taken his own rules during their last meeting. She realized that he still had not touched her, even yet. “Do you understand what I’ve said so far?” “I almanbahis casino think so, Sir.” “Do you have any questions?” “No, Sir.” “Then if you are ready, put the collar around your neck and adjust it so that it’s snug. You’ll find that in the long run too loose is actually less comfortable than too tight.” She reached out and took the collar from his hand. She unsnapped it and held it around her neck. She could see now that there was an adjustment band near the clasp. She held it up to her neck to test the size, and found, surprisingly, that no adjustment was necessary. It was a perfect fit. She snapped the clasp in place and adjusted it slightly so that the metal disk was centered on the front of her neck. When she was finished, she put her hands back behind her back. “It looks beautiful on you, Lucy.” The room suddenly felt warm again as she replied, “Thank you, Sir.” Sean stood up. He was 6 feet tall – about 6 inches taller than Lucy – and was thoroughly average in almost every way. He had brown eyes and brown hair that he kept short, but not too short. He was not quite as fair as Lucy was. He was wearing the same outfit he wore to their last meeting – black casual pants and a black sport shirt with a collar. He spoke again. “Close your eyes.” She did so. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, Lucy…” She heard him take step and felt his hand run brush her right cheek and reach behind her head and his fingers run through her hair. Suddenly, he grabbed a hank of her hair and tugged her head back. Her mouth opened in shock and before she knew what was happening his mouth was over hers, his tongue invading her mouth. When she realized what he was doing, she kissed him back hungrily. Her arms came out from behind her back almost as if they had a will of their own, and wrapped around his back. He stopped kissing her and let go of her hair. When he stopped her first thought was to wonder what she had done wrong. She opened her eyes and looked at Sean. He was staring at her intently. She struggled to try and interpret his face. It seemed to her that he was trying to decide something. Perhaps he wanted to say something, but was struggling to. She wanted to help, but wasn’t sure how. She started to speak. “Sir…?” She stopped. She didn’t know what to ask. Was he upset with her? Did he want to tell her something? Her question seemed to prod him out of his reverie. He smiled and broke his gaze and half smiled. “I’m sorry, Lucy. I was lost in thought. I do that a lot.” He let go of her and took a step back. Lucy’s arms fell down to her side as he moved away. “Lucy, hands…” She had forgotten again! She quickly thrust her hands behind her back. “I’m sorry, Sir.” “That’s alright, Lucy.

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