The Wynford Wives

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IThe young housewife, somewhere in her mid-thirties but still radiating with youth and vitality, twinkled her eyes at Abbey and said, “Welcome to Wynford! You’re really going to love it here! It’s a lovely town with lovely neighbours! You couldn’t have made a better choice!”Abbey couldn’t help but feel charmed by her effervescence.“That’s wonderful to hear, Caity. Can I make you a coffee?”“I would love some!” She beamed.Abbey welcomed her new neighbour into her home. She led her guest through the uproar of boxes and packing peanuts, apologising for the mess. They arrived in the kitchen, and Abbey poured a couple of steaming hot mugs. Thanking her brightly, Caity inquired how she and her husband had come to live in their quiet suburb of Wynford.“Well,” Abbey began, “Robert was offered a job closer to here than our place in the city, and we decided the commute would just be too much. He has to work long shifts, and we hardly see enough of each other as it is.”“What about you? Moving didn’t affect your career?”“Oh no. I’m a freelance illustrator, so I can set up my studio here and be totally fine. What about you? Tell me about yourself.”As the young mother talked, her story touched Abbey’s heart. Caity had been widowed only last year. She remained in her home for the sake of her son Thomas, she said. She wanted to give him some kind of stability, she was financially well-off, and their neighbourhood really was wonderful. As she spoke sadly of her dreams of a large family and a litter of children, Abbey felt a pang of sympathy. She had no children of her own, but she saw in Caity a deep well of loss and lonesomeness.Caity proved surprisingly easy to talk to, with a sweet laugh and a wicked sense of humour. With shining black hair and disarmingly green eyes, she was an easy person to be around. Abbey warmed to her immediately. Soon they were chatting like sisters. A morning in which she originally planned to continue setting up her studio evaporated away whilst the two women talked. Caity started when she looked at her phone.“Holy cow, look at the time! I’ll have to go pick up Tommy in a minute!”She clasped Abbey’s hand for a moment, thanked her, and left. Abbey smiled as she watched her walk down the drive, the late summer sun dappling her skin. Fears she had held of being trapped and alone, so far away from her friends in this new and unfamiliar place, were already slipping away. How wonderful to have such a lovely neighbour! She reflected.That evening she happily greeted Robert when he arrived home. He smiled and brushed her tussled ginger locks.“You’re in a good mood, dear. Your day went well, I hope?”Thinking of her new acquaintance, she looked up at the man she loved. She took his chin in her hand and kissed him. “Yes. I think life might not be so bad here, after all.” II The couple began to ease into their new routine. Robert’s days were often long, but he found his job both satisfying and challenging. Abbey enjoyed listening to him talk of the engineering projects he had found himself immersed in.The commissions came in from her agent, steadily but sporadically. She could spend days frantically working late into the night to meet a deadline and then sit for a fortnight or more without anything to do except absent-mindedly doodle on her sketch-pads.And so the days went. The final days of Summer turned into the reds and golds of Autumn. Abbey would sit in her studio and be able to see Caity take her son to school in the mornings and return soon after. She would sometimes see her exercising in athletic gear. She wondered how she filled her hours when she wasn’t jogging. Whenever she had the time, she would make herself available for afternoon drinks and conversations.They could talk at ease for hours. Abbey had found herself surprised at how swiftly their bond had formed; she had always been a more introverted person. Perhaps it was this new place that was changing her, she considered. For her part, Caity also proclaimed her happiness. They stood chatting on the grass in the pleasant sunlight, as Caity stretched her legs in preparation for her run.“So, Abs, you free to come round to mine tomorrow?”“I’d love to.”“Great. You know I’m free once I drop off Tommy, so I’ll see you when I see you!”Abbey watched her run off along the road with her black ponytail bobbing, a little jealous of her slim body and firm buttocks. She wondered if she would be able to look so good after bearing a child. Caity had a slim, athletic build that really suited her tall frame. Abbey was sure she could have any man she wanted. Perhaps it was too soon after her husband’s death, she considered. She decided not to pursue the subject though, thinking that the pain may still be too raw. She would let Caity talk about it in her own time.She found herself eagerly looking forward to her next date with her neighbour. She was certain she was doing her good, too. She worried about her being left alone for most of the day, in that vast, empty house. On the outside however, Caity seemed perpetually almanbahis şikayet upbeat and cheerful. She was devoted to her son, and seemed to be content in her normal, quiet routine. A peculiar thing was to happen that very next day, however, that would send a shiver of curiosity down Abbey’s spine.Over a pasta lunch and a discussion of the local news, they were unexpectedly interrupted by the melody of Caity’s phone.“Sorry Abs,” She said, taking off from the couch to pick up her mobile. “I’d better just see who this is.”“Hello?” Caity listened to the caller. She remained silent, the voice on the other line seemingly doing all the talking. After a moment Caity simply said, “Yes.” and swiped her phone off.“I’m sorry, Abbey, but I have to go do something now. Excuse me.” There was an unusual, misty look in her eyes.“Oh, okay. I’ll walk you out.” Caity remained mute as Abbey gathered her jacket and phone. Outside, she turned to say goodbye only to see that Caity had already walked away. Her brow furrowed as she observed her friend walk across the street. She opened the gate to the white house and disappeared inside. Abbey puzzled.It wasn’t that unusual or remarkable, at first, until the exact same thing happened a couple of days later. This time Abbey was in the middle of showing Caity her latest commission, when her mobile chimed once more. She listened in silence, replied in a monotone, and immediately gave the same excuse as before, down to the precise turn of phrase. Then it happened a third time, and then a fourth. Caity would offer no further explanation, and the following day she would act as though nothing unusual had happened.Abbey began taking mental notes. Caity would be drawn to the white house across the street, and remain there for hours, sometimes only leaving precisely at the time she needed to fetch her son from school. Looking out from her studio window, she would begin to notice that Caity would frequently return later in the evenings most nights, too. If she actually went home on those nights, it was after Abbey herself had retired to bed.A lascivious part of her brain imagined her friend to be having an affair with the owner of the white house. That would explain the secrecy. But an affair that was conducted at every hour of the day, with Caity seemingly at his beck and call? She would run it over in her mind, talking about the mystery with Robert over dinner.“You know, I’m sure I’ve not met the people who live across the way,” He said. “But you would know better than I the particulars of our neighbours.”Every time they were together now, Abbey would sit in gloomy expectation of that familiar phone call. One morning as they were chatting, Abbey felt her resolve diminishing. She just had to find out what was going on.“Caity, what is going on with you and these calls? Why are you leaving every day to visit one of our neighbours?”Caity blinked for a moment and smiled, as though a happy memory had wormed its way into her mind.“I’m visiting my friend, Sarah.” She explained. Abbey hadn’t been sure of what to expect, but she found such a simple and anodyne explanation both disappointing, and a little wounding. She suddenly felt left out.“Sarah? I don’t know her. Have you two been friends long?”“Oh, not long.”“But you go over to her house whenever she wants you to?”“Yes, I enjoy being with her. She makes me feel so good.” That seemed a strange way to term a friendship, thought Abbey, but she decided to persist.“Well, can I meet her?”“I’ve been waiting for you to ask!” Caity clapped her hands. “I’d adore it if you came and met her.”The day’s phone call came as expected, and Caity repeated her little ritual. Instead of being abandoned on the street this time, Abbey followed her friend across the street. Once through the gate, they walked in single file up the steps to a door hidden beneath an ornate portico. Surprisingly, Caity did not have to ring the doorbell. Instead, she fished out a key and unlocked the door herself! Every step was a new confusing development for Abbey, even as Caity entered the house, beckoning her to follow her inside. She heard the door gently close and softly lock behind her.With trepidation, Abbey walked further into the house. She felt uncomfortable and alien in someone’s home without first meeting them. She seemed an intruder. She saw warm, dark shades of paint on the walls, hints of expensive furnishings, tasteful decorations. She wondered where Sarah was.Beside her, Caity pulled her tank-top off her shoulders. Abbey gasped when she then unclasped her bra and let it drop to the floor. For a second she was shocked by the sight of her friend’s naked breasts before her. Before she could even speak, Caity had already bent down to slip off her jeans, and was swiftly fingering off her pumps. In an instant she was completely naked. Abbey could only stutter in confusion. Her friend was utterly unselfconscious about her nudity. She blinked and tried not to let herself stare at her beautiful, pale skin, and her lean almanbahis canlı casino and subtle muscles. In her embarrassment she struggled to speak, only able to watch helplessly as Caity retrieved a pair of jet black stiletto heels and slipped them on. They made her even more statuesque, and only accentuated her nudity. Without a word, she walked sensuously into the living room of the house. Abbey was inexorably drawn to follow.“Hello. Welcome.” A voice of golden brown said. Abbey started, remembering where they were.“Come on in,” said the voice. Abbey could see it belonged to a woman seated in a comfortable chair near the fireplace. She seemed of an age Abbey couldn’t place, and yet she had startlingly attractive features, framed by dark red hair, so very different from the mild ginger of Abbey’s own curls. The woman smiled and stood up as Caity reached her. She stroked the her bare shoulder. At full height Abbey could see this woman still towered over Caity even in her high heels. She felt like a mouse in comparison. Caity’s voice penetrated her thoughts.“Abbey, I’d like you to meet my Mistress, Sarah.”“Mistress?” She asked, confounded.“Yes,” said Sarah, seemingly taking over from Caity. “Here in my home, Caity knows to address me in the way she feels most comfortable.” Still stroking Caity’s shoulder with one hand, she lifted her other as though she going to allow Abbey to kiss it. She looked keenly at her.“You must be Abbey. Caity has told me all about you. I’m so happy you two have become friends.”Abbey found herself shaking Sarah’s outstretched hand, even as her gaze was held fast by the older woman. She felt somehow pierced, but Sarah’s smile remained one of pleasant welcome.This was crazy. Abbey had never felt so awkward in her entire life. As she watched Sarah gently stoke the arm of her naked friend, she choked out an excuse about having an errand to run as she backed away. Caity seemed oblivious to her babbling, whilst Sarah looked down on her, bemused.She reached the door and struggled with the lock, but even as she managed to open it, she felt a straining compulsion to look back. Over her shoulder she saw that Caity was now kneeling before Sarah. The tall redhead had started petting her hair. She was still watching Abbey keenly. The door slammed shut. Abbey fled back to her own home.She was quiet and distant over dinner that night, and dismissed Robert’s questions with monosyllabic replies. She had been shaken by her encounter with her mysterious neighbour. It didn’t matter to her one that Caity was gay and had chosen to keep it a secret from her. It was the brazen, unthinking way she had simply undressed in front of her and submissively knelt before this woman. Why had she thought it necessary for Abbey to witness it?That night she lay next to her husband and tried in vain to stop thinking of what she had witnessed; Caity’s beautifully exposed form, kneeling before Sarah. III Abbey had puzzled with herself as to whether she should bring up that day’s events with her friend. After all, her sex life was her own concern. If she didn’t want to talk about it, especially with someone she had only known a few short weeks, then that was understandable. It was for that reason she’d decided not to tell Robert about the crazy scene she’d walked in on. At least not yet, anyway. On the other hand, Abbey couldn’t deny to herself that she was burning with curiosity.In any case, Abbey found herself snowed under, with several commissions landing in her inbox all at once. All her free time was consumed as she laboured on her painting. When Caity called round, she seemed perfectly content, and wasn’t upset at all when Abbey apologised and explained that she didn’t have the time.Some time had passed before the two women were able to meet for lunch at Abbey’s. They chatted as freely as ever, and the conversation meandered pleasurably, but Abbey simply couldn’t resist. She had to probe her friend for more details of her relationship with Sarah.“Caity, can we talk about what happened the other day?”“What do you mean, Abs?” She replied, breezily.“Um, you know, when we went to Sarah’s house?”“Oh, did you come with me?” Caits had such an innocent look on her face, Abbey seriously considered that she might have genuinely forgotten what Abbey had witnessed.“Yes, I came with you! You stripped naked and got down on your knees for that woman!”“I did what? What the hell are you talking about?” laughed Caity. This was insane, Abbey thought. What game was Caity playing? She could only persist.“Don’t be ridiculous. You took me over to Sarah’s house, remember? And when we were inside, you took off your clothes. You got down on your knees and called her your Mistress!”“My Mistress?”“Yes! You called her Mistress Sarah!”Caity’s green eyes searched for a moment, as though she was struggling to remember an important memory. But then, something else passed before her eyes. To her horror, Abbey suddenly realised that she recognised the neutral blankness that was now almanbahis casino clouding over her friend’s vision. Softly, Caity exhaled a long, contented breath. She sank back into the sofa.“Mistress Sarah …” she intoned, with a loving sigh. She began murmuring words under her breath. It was a low moan that Abbey could hardly decipher. She had to lean in close to her face to make out what she was saying. She almost shook with fright when she finally made them out.“My mind belongs to Mistress Sarah. My body belongs to Mistress Sarah. My cunt is for Mistress Sarah and her alone.”Caity’s voice had settled into a dreamy monotone as she chanted. She was in blissful stupor. She didn’t even seem to realise that her hand had drifted across her thigh and between her legs.Abbey sat on the very edge of of her sofa, transfixed. She listened intently for a long, long time. It was utterly captivating, watching her friend lose herself in some sort of self-induced trance.“My mind belongs to Mistress Sarah. My body belongs to Mistress Sarah. My cunt is for Mistress Sarah and her alone.”She was rubbing herself through her leggings, insistently pressing her fingers into her lap in time to her words. There was a deliberative action to her movements, a leashed energy, as though she wasn’t able to move any faster.“My mind belongs to Mistress Sarah. My body belongs to Mistress Sarah. My cunt is for Mistress Sarah and her alone.”Abbey blinked her eyes open. Her hand jolted as she suddenly realised how wrong this felt. She had to stop her friend from spinning any further out of control.“Caity! CAITY! Stop it! LISTEN to me!” Abbey furiously grabbed at her friend. With a dizzy nod of her head she seemed to regain a sense of where she was. Reluctantly, she released her hand from its absorbing occupation. She looked at Abbey strangely.“What is wrong with you?” Abbey yelled, feeling as though her grip on reality was slipping. “Don’t you see what she’s doing to you? She’s brainwashing you! This is totally crazy!”Before Caity could respond, a familiar melody chimed from her phone. Abbey felt sick.“Sorry Abs, I’d better just see who this is.”Abbey tried to stop her, but Caity had already accepted the call.“Hello?” Caity said again. She was silent as she listened. Abbey couldn’t believe it. Her eyes seemed to be pulsing out of her skull as she witnessed this ritual playing itself out again, with her helpless to intervene. Caity once again mumbled her consent and put her phone down. And in that lazy monotone she turned to Abbey once more.“I’m sorry, Abbey, but I have to go do something now. Excuse me.”Caity mechanically gathered up her bag and phone, and drifted out of the room. Distraught, Abbey peered out her window, watching her friend being drawn once more to the house across the street. She wanted to stop her. She wanted to follow her. But she was too scared. IV Days passed. A new commission arrived that tied Abbey up for days physically, but her mind was never far removed from the memory of what she had witnessed. She resolved to find out more about this strange domination Sarah seemed to wield over Caity, and whether or not she could break it. The routine of the day carried itself out, and when Abbey was certain that Caity was back at home and safely alone, she decided to make her move. Taking a deep breath, she rapped her knuckles on her door.Caity appeared wearing a white bathrobe. Abbey’s brow furrowed.“Are you – are feeling okay, Caits?”“Yes, I’m wonderful. Please, I really want you to come in.” Caity pulled her friend into her home. Something was dangerously strange in here, Abbey worried. The curtains were drawn. There was a close, hushed atmosphere of anticipation that she didn’t think was only in her own mind.“Caits, I really need to talk to you about what happened –” Abbey’s rehearsed speech died on her lips as her friend turned to her. She had pulled the bathrobe down from her shoulders, and let it fall to around her ankles. Taking a step over it, she came closer to Abbey.Caity was wearing a sheer bodice, trimmed with black lace. Her legs were encased in thin black stockings held up by a flimsy lace garter. Apart from that, she was entirely naked. Abbey was frozen in shock. She tried to say something. Nothing came out. She was unable to look away from Caity’s body. She took another step forward until the two women were nearly touching.She cupped her breasts and pushed them level with Abbey’s. Leaning into her until their stomachs touched, she gently rubbed her nipples against the fabric of Abbey’s t-shirt. Their faces were so close she could look nowhere else but into Caity’s piercing, searching green eyes. She could feel the friction between the lingerie and the cotton of her t-shirt. She felt the heat of her friends body against hers. Panic and embarrassment and heat rose up her spine. They stood like this for several minutes, Caity intently concentrating on maintaining the erotic connection she felt, Abbey simply frozen in confusion. At last, Caity spoke, her colour rising.“Won’t you … love me, Abbey?”Her voice popped the awful tension within the room. Shocked and trembling, Abbey fell backwards. Unable to pry her eyes away from the intense heat in her friend’s eyes, she forced her feet to step backwards, one at a time.

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