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My name is Rodney. I am over 65, fairly healthy and recently retired after owning my own business for 15 years. Well, co-owned since the business was jointly held by my wife and myself. Ginny (short for Virginia) had her own successful professional career, has been retired from that for a couple of years and was not involved in the day-to-day operation of our business. That was a mistake since our careers kept us both too busy to stay as connected as we should have been after more than 30 years of marriage. A happy marriage — don’t get ahead of me here. As far as I know we were very happily married; I felt we just needed to rekindle the fires now that we finally had the time to invest in a stronger relationship.

Over the years our love life was satisfying but becoming routine. We both had some of the bedroom setbacks that come with advancing age, but I worked hard to make sure I was holding up my end of the bargain. Because of the aforementioned bedroom setbacks on my part due to Type 2 diabetes and minor prostate surgery, I could not claim to be a good traditional lover. I hate to admit that, but I really worked hard to develop alternate routes to keep Ginny satisfied. As a result, I do claim to have great hands and a lot of patience for foreplay.

Vaginal penetration is sometimes uncomfortable for Ginny and as is usual for many women her age interest in intercourse has waned a bit. We both love sex and orgasms; it is just the ravages of time have set up a few speed bumps and roadblocks in our love life. That brings us back to my recent retirement and the extra personal time it has provided. I’ve had more time to appreciate my wife. To be able to watch her go through her daily routine and really appreciate all she does and who she is.

Over the last few months, I have really fallen more in love with her and want to find a way to make sure she knows that. I didn’t realize it at first, but Ginny was apprehensive about my new retirement. It seems some of her friends had shared experiences with her regarding their husbands being constantly underfoot and trying to make changes in the wives’ established routines. Sure, I have often cooked a lot of our meals and now I do the dishes much more often than before and try to keep the house picked up regularly.

But it seems she is worried about getting old and as a result she doesn’t realize just how sexy she is in my eyes. When I try to snuggle in the kitchen occasionally, I can tell she appreciates it especially if I don’t indicate I want to drag her into the bedroom immediately after. I try to compliment her often, but boy don’t I hate those times when she puts on an outfit and asks “Does this make me look fat?” or “Does this look OK?” I’ve been married for over 30 years…I am not going to fall for that trap; there is no right answer!

If my answer is “Sure, you look fine” I sound disinterested. If I utter “You always look good”, I sound insincere. Ginny is very careful about her wardrobe and could not possibly look bad no matter what she put together. But I am a guy, what do I know about fashion? Since I retired, my entire wardrobe is shorts and t-shirts in the summer and jeans and t-shirts otherwise.

Anyhoo, back to letting Ginny know that she is still very sexy to me. While exercising that patience, I mention how much I loved her and how I wished she could see herself through my eyes. She rolled her eyes but seemed to appreciate the comments. A few days later, while honing my foreplay skills I decided to try to get Ginny’s mind into the positive side of the game instead of her worrying about a wrinkle here, effects of gravity there or what I thought about her thinning pubic hair.

During our love play I sometimes would whisper something like “there’s someone over there watching us, I wonder who it could be”. My comments weren’t dismissed as silly, and I thought I recognized a little more active response to our activity as a result of my comment. I love her and I want her to understand that I love her as she is and will be. So, I asked her to tell me about a fantasy or two she might have.

Wow, you could feel the tension rocket throughout her body. I saw flashes of “What’s he asking THAT for?”, “How much do I tell him?”, “I can’t tell him that!!” and “Nope, Nuh-uh, not gonna answer that one.” You see, in over 30 years we’ve never discussed this subject. We just quietly cruised through our romantic life and quietly learned as we proceeded.

So I had to regroup a bit to make sure she understood that I had no nefarious intentions. This was not the male version of “Does this make me look fat?” with all wrong answers, it was a simple attempt to really get to know where my wife was. It took me a bit more time with foreplay to let her know I was honestly curious and that I wanted to get her mind in the game so to speak. When I assured her there was no wrong answer and she could trust me to love her even more, she finally relented but would only say “check out 50 Shades of Grey, that’s bonus veren siteler all I will tell you”.

Huh. I hadn’t read the book or seen the whole movie, so I had some homework to do. I had seen 5 or 10 minutes of the movie a few times and had a rough idea what it was about. That reminded me that Ginny is an avid reader and had read the book shortly after it came out, I assumed on the advice of a few good friends. So, I hopped online and read a few synopses of the movie and book. Nothing in great detail, but enough to understand that the first step was that she might want to surrender control in a carefully controlled way.

How do I ease into that without spooking my love? Let me explain a bit about how great Ginny looks to me. A few years ago, she was a little bit heavier (just a little) and quite busty. She looked great. Then she decided to battle the ravages of time and work on improving her health. She walks between 2 and 3 miles every day, year-round, almost regardless of the weather and we live in the northeast. She follows a regimen set out in exercise DVDs and now she looks fantastic! She went from a D cup to a wonderful C.

Yes, at over 65-years-old gravity has had a bit of an affect, but that doesn’t matter to me. I love those puppies! I like to imagine them, I like to gently touch them, I like to admire them, grab them, tease them, flick them, and generally worship them. I often have to hold myself back so I don’t become a pest. Okay, hate me later…I am just a guy.

I love those 65+ year old puppies! And I want to treat Ginny with love and respect. Also, because of the exercise videos she has improved her tush from great to awesome. When she is following the videos in our living room, she is positioned just a few feet in front of my chair and I love to watch her workout. Her tush is petite and cute. There is no other way to describe it. It looks like it belongs to a 30-year-old.

By now you may be wondering if I am a leg man, boob man, tush guy or what. Well, I have never fallen into those categories. I realized a long time ago that I first notice a woman’s eyes. Way back in my dating days one lady taught me to notice the eyes first — they will tell you a lot. Shakespeare said, “The eyes are the window to your soul”, while Cicero also said, “The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter.” Guys, you can tell a lot by looking at the eyes. You can tell the gal’s age, her mood, if she is interested or distracted, and if you get in the habit of checking out the eyes first you save yourself the look she gives you that says “Hey, my eyes are up here, mister”.

Yeah, we all enjoy checking out the fair sex, but if you are as married as I am, the challenge is to thoroughly check them out without getting caught. I love to admire women, which involves checking them out, but if I am checking out my wife’s friend, I certainly do not want to be caught doing it. Like I said, hey I am a guy — that’s how I am wired. But I understand that while checking out a lady I must not make her uncomfortable — that would be creepy.

Early in our relationship Ginny and I would go to the beach and she would point out some sweet young thing in a bathing suit who might be walking by. The alarms went off…the line from that silly robot in Lost In Space,” Danger, Will Robinson” popped into my head. Why was she doing that? After a few episodes I asked and she explained that just because I was on a diet didn’t mean I couldn’t read the menu, but I had better understand that I could not order anything. Yep, message delivered, very effectively. Look, but don’t touch.

So how do I use this revelation about 50 Shades to our advantage. She didn’t want to get specific, but since I asked, I had to get creative and try something. As I mentioned, we live in the northeast, about a half hour from the beach and less than an hour from the mountains. One day we had planned to take a drive to the mountains just to see the scenery and maybe stop for lunch somewhere. There was still some snow on the ground, so it shouldn’t be too busy up there.

As we were getting ready, I decided it was time take charge and see what happens. I asked Ginny to not wear a bra. She came back with “at my age of course I am going to wear a bra”. I simply said with a smile “I would appreciate it if you didn’t” and left the room. As I was packing a few things in the truck I had to wonder what her reaction would be. If she wore a bra, then she was missing or ignoring the message that I was interested. If she didn’t, well, the day had definite possibilities.

I warmed up the truck, reset the seat divider so we had a full bench seat, got a couple bottles of water and waited a few moments for Ginny to come out. As she got in the truck, I made a point of not checking. Remember the lesson … check her out without getting caught? Shortly the truck got very warm with a little help from me and the heater controls. Ginny removed her jacket bedava bahis and there they were! My puppies! Unrestrained by underwear, behind a simple pullover turtleneck top. Yes, they were pointing down a little bit, but they were definitely curious about the day’s activities.

While avoiding looking at her I drove a few more miles before saying, “they like to be noticed, don’t they?” All I got was a small, knowing, wry smile. Mission accomplished!! I received the correct message. All was well and it was going to be a good day.

As we drove, I reached over and stroked a breast. God it felt good, and I heard a contented sigh at the same time. I loved the way they hung down a bit and were very erect at the same time. And she looked great in that turtleneck top. It wasn’t tight but fit well.

We enjoyed the scenery and finally pulled into a scenic parking lot where the snow had been partially plowed. It wasn’t completely open, but there weren’t a lot of other tourists either. I found a semi-secluded parking spot, pushed the seat back, convinced Ginny to lie down face up on the bench seat with her head in my lap. I had her raise her top so I could fondle her tits and we just relaxed and played a bit.

It had been quiet for a while, so I asked her to open her jeans for me. Apparently, it was the right request because she opened them and slid them and her panties part way down her thighs. I couldn’t believe we were a couple of senior citizens who were out parking in broad daylight! The excitement was wonderful for both of us. As I masturbated her and played with her breasts, I lost my awareness of our surroundings. I was supposed to be taking care of business and making sure we don’t get caught in a compromising situation.

As it turned out, another couple had returned from a short walk and were approaching our truck from the rear on the passenger side. Just as they were passing by the side window Ginny heard them and grabbed my jacket off the seatback and covered herself. As the guy walked away from us in front of the truck, he gave me a simple ‘thumbs up’ behind his companion’s back without looking back. And yeah, it was a bit of a buzz kill for Ginny so that ended the morning’s entertainment without the happy ending.

Ginny’s thoughts:

The lot was large with only a few cars in it. Rod parked away from any others, moved the seat back and asked me to recline with my head on his thigh. Since the teenager in me was gaining control, I stretched out on my back and raised my top a bit when he asked. He was again so very gentle and it felt great. Then he shocked me by asking me to lower my jeans a bit! I can’t believe I went along with his request. I’m an old lady and parking with my husband of 30+ years in broad daylight.

What was I thinking?? Oh, yeah, that felt good. Right there. Mmmmm. Just then I heard footsteps outside the truck. ROD WAS SUPPOSED TO BE KEEPING WATCH!! I grabbed a jacket, covered, and sat up, but I’m not sure I was quite fast enough. I can’t believe that guy saw what we were doing. I should be embarrassed, but it seemed like Rod was OK with it. Yeah, that completed the reminder of my teenage years… Did Rod enjoy showing me off like that?


We laughed a bit; Ginny gave me a withering look (and a bit of a smile) as we rearranged ourselves to continue our trip. We decided to look for a pub for lunch, found a cozy looking one and pulled in. There were a handful of locals in a few booths and I while we waited to be seated, I said to Ginny “I’ll take your jacket” with my hand out. Her eyes widened as she looked around, then she took off her jacket and handed it to me. The host greeted us and led us to a table in the middle of the room.

I placed her jacket with mine on the chair beside me and pulled out her chair for her. The host poured waters for us and said, “Greg will be right with you”. A few moments later Greg came out to take our order. He was slim, average looking and around 25 years old. And yes, he had noticed as he approached. I wondered if the host had said something to him.

He took our drink orders and said he would be right back. I noticed Ginny slightly slouched as Greg came up behind me with our drinks. His approach was obviously redirected to give him a better opportunity to take in the sights. I quietly said “sit up straight, please” before our waiter arrived.

Lunch went well and when we prepared to leave, I put my jacket and Ginny’s jacket over my arm to leave. The host was busy seating some other patrons so our waiter cashed us out near the exit. He did a reasonable job of checking her out without getting caught, except when he gave me back my card, he realized I had caught him. I simply smiled and wished him a good afternoon.

As Ginny walked toward the exit, we had to pass several parties of folks in booths and I noticed that Ginny was standing up straight and walking with a purpose. That caused just the right amount of sway and jiggle to attract a deneme bonus few careful looks.

As we drove home, I asked Ginny to recline her seat a bit and lift her turtleneck up. She did and I really enjoyed the drive home through the rural areas.

It was a lot of fun to try to concentrate on driving while kind of absentmindedly playing with my favorite puppies. As we approached the small city where we live, I expected her to lower her top and sit back up. Instead, after adjusted the radio, Ginny took my hand and put it back where it belonged — on her breast! As I drove through town, I heard some very contented sighs even at stoplights and through our neighborhood until we backed into the garage. We retired early that night.

On another occasion we decided to drive to the beach just to get some fresh air, have lunch and enjoy the scenery. There also had been a recent coastal storm and we wanted to check out the damage along the shore. While we were preparing to leave, I looked at Ginny, smiled and said, “no underwear at all please”. Since we had sold our truck by then, I went about putting a few things in the car for the trip and started the car to warm it up. It was late winter, early spring and still pretty cool.

I wasn’t sure how my request was going to be handled, but imagine my surprise when Ginny came out with no bra, and in a nice pullover top and a skirt. I hadn’t seen her in a skirt for months! I appreciated the braless look and smiled at her as she got in the car. She settled in, put her jacket in the back seat and slightly reclined her seat before we left the garage. I decided to go for it and told her to lift her top above her breasts. She smiled a bit and lifted. I pulled out of the garage, hit the button for the door closer and felt on top of the world as we drove out of our neighborhood and into downtown.

I was aware of the traffic and did not want to distract myself while in the light traffic, so I behaved for a bit. I suddenly remembered the rest of my request and while stopped at a light, put my hand on her leg and slid it up. There was no underwear! As I left the town traffic and transitioned to the rural roads to the shore, I had the challenge of paying attention to my driving while paying attention to my wife. I think she was enjoying my discomfort in trying to satisfy both requirements.

We got to our favorite beach and found a deserted corner of the parking lot right on the edge of the shore. I started by stroking and gently massaging her tits while she seemed to relax a bit and just enjoy. I added a few tweaks of the nipples and flicked my fingers over them before I pulled them. I gently pulled them out, up, side to side and down in random order. She has always loved breast play and I wanted to make this special for her. After a reasonable time, I moved my hands south and got serious.

We played through an orgasm for her and were working toward one more when a young couple showed up at the fence in front of our car. They were paying attention only to each other (snogging, I think the Brits call it) and apparently never noticed us in the car. I had told Ginny that there was a young couple only 20 feet in front of us, but I wouldn’t let her cover up as long as they didn’t notice us.

Apparently, that increased the level of excitement and a second, stronger orgasm quickly ensued. Feeling very happy with myself I suggested we find a place for seafood takeout and have lunch overlooking a harbor. It was a nice ride home with several contented sighs. I was really happy with myself.

Ginny’s thoughts

We decided to drive to our favorite beach for some fresh air. As we were preparing and Rod headed out to get the car ready, he smiled and said, “No underwear at all, please”. Oh, it was going to be one of those trips. I really enjoyed our trip to the mountains, but no underwear? What was he thinking?

Never mind, I know what he was thinking, and I smiled. I hurried into the bedroom, took off my blouse and jeans and selected a sweater and skirt. I haven’t worn a skirt in quite a while, but I was feeling a bit frisky after Rod’s request and now was looking forward to our outing more than I had been. I put my coat in the backseat, got in the car and reclined my seat a bit without successfully completely hiding my smile.

Before we even left the garage he asked me to lift my sweater and I gladly complied. Gosh, he made me feel so sexy! After being careful until traffic thinned he gently caressed and then moved his hand to my thigh and moved up. Oh, Boy!! I really enjoyed the attention while I tried to make sure he was driving carefully as well. We made it to the beach and parked in a quiet lot since it was still very cool on the beach with no one around. Now without the distraction of driving, Rod paid some serious attention to me.

He really has some very talented hands and I love the way he plays with the girls. After a while he moved those talented fingers down past my belly. Because of the slow buildup I tipped over the precipice easily. It was wonderful, and Rod gave me a few moments to recover and started again. Rod mentioned that there was a young couple in front of our car, but they were involved in their own love play and didn’t notice us.

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