Tim And Abbie 81:  Boxing Day Comes To An End

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They finally go to sleep that night, holding each other as now is their habit.  Both find having Abbie snuggled up against Tim’s chest and stomach, his cock just against her crack is their favorite way to sleep.Sunday sun rises and they stir from sleep.  While Abbie has the question on the tip of her tongue all last night, she held back from asking it.  But now, as they lie together arm in arm adjusting to the new day, she asks Tim in a small voice, “Do you have things you have to do today?”Tim squeezes her and replies, “Yes, I am going to be very tied up today.”  Abbie begins to pout until he goes on, “I have to spend the day with my girlfriend, doing whatever she would like to do.  So that we can be together.”Abbie squeals with excitement and rolls on top of him kissing all over his face until their lips meet, and they suddenly are rather quiet for several minutes as they kiss over and over, deeper and deeper with each round.Finally, pulling away a bit, Tim asks Abbie, “So what would you like to do today?  It looks so nice out.”Abbie ponders for a minute and then says she would love to go to the street market a few blocks away. All the stores and other vendors cover the street with their wares one Sunday a month, and this was it. Since moving here, Abbie has longed to go to it, but the one time she did, seeing all the couples together there, she stayed only a few minutes feeling so out of place.  She knew it was a foolish attitude to take, but she just felt like such a third wheel.This is also true for Tim.  He had been there a couple of times bursa escort over the last few years.  When young, he did enjoy going with his mom, and he realizes Leslie was there with them too most of the time.  But when older, he also felt out of place going by himself.So both are excited to start the day this way.  Well, actually, to start the day first with a shower together.The bath yesterday was terrific, and now finding the fun showering with someone delights both Abbie and Tim.  They lather each other up well, taking a lot of time washing each other’s crotches and asses.  They just grin foolishly at each other as they do. When Abbie gets Tim’s prick clean, and now hard, she kneels before him and sucks it as she further soaps his balls.  When her other hand slips back behind him, and she sticks a soapy finger in his ass, he lets out a low moan, and his cum fills Abbie’s mouth. She gleefully swallows it as she scrubbed all evidence of what just happened away.  Tim playfully fingered Abbie’s clit as she hardens.  Tickling the sacks hanging below, Tim’s pinching and squeezing of her clit head soon has Abbie moaning in return.  Moving his fingers to Abbie’s back hole and soaping it inside and out, Tim brings Abbie to a wonderful morning climax also. Both then finish washing and step from the shower.Abbie dries her hair and puts on her makeup as Tim sits on the bed, watching her.  Her skill in doing both is amazing to him.  As beautiful as Abbie is to him with no makeup, her expert talent with her makeup does make her look so soft and bursa escort bayan inviting.Tim stands, walks to her, and lifts the back of her hair, and kisses her neck there.  His semi-hard cock is rubbing against her spine as he does.  In a horse voice, Abbie says, “We both need to get dressed if we are going out.”Reluctantly Tim steps away and dresses in a polo shirt and khaki shorts.  The pale blue of the shirt does bring out Tim’s color.  He is looking rather nice today, Abbie thinks.  Seeing Tim’s outfit, she pulls out a sleeveless flower print dress whose main splash of color is the same pale blue. After one last kiss and hug, for now, Tim and Abbie are out the door.  They catch the bus to the street market, which is a stop after the Wilde Peacock, and walk to the fair.  Immediately they find themselves wrapped up in all that is offered.  Paintings, clothes, rugs, food, spices, knickknacks, and much more are all on display.Tim and Abbie stop at most of the stands to look over what is being offered.  They don’t buy all that much.  They buy wrapped sandwiches for brunch, which they nibble on as they explore more.  Abbie, seeing a display of soaps and bath bubbles, takes her time over the bubble baths smelling all the different options, sharing some with Tim to see if he likes them.  Finally, she chooses two bottles, which seem perfect for them.Further on, Tim sees some handwoven shawls so intricate in design. They seem to symbolize everything Abbie seems to him.  He has her try the one he likes best on and buys it for her right escort bursa there and then. The look on Abbie’s face, her shining eyes show how happy she is with this gift.  She wears the shawl for the rest of the day.They spend a couple of hours wandering around. At first, they walk side by side, but after Tim buys Abbie the shawl, she takes his hand, and they continue hand in hand.  Tim blushes a little at first but realizes this is exactly how he wants to walk with Abbie.Tim buys some fresh spices with Abbie looking on in awe of how well he knows which ones to get.  Tim shows Abbie the different spices he is buying, let her enjoy their fragrance before being added to his purchase.  He tells her which dish each will be used in.  All this flies over Abbie’s head.  She has never fixed anything more complicated than throwing a frozen entree in the microwave, and more times than not, she cooks it too long or not enough.Tim smiles at Abbie’s look of confusion, thinking, ‘Yes, teaching her to cook will be at the top of the list soon.’Suddenly, the sky darkens, and in minutes a downpour starts.  Tim and Abbie are almost to the end of the street.  They recognize as the road on which Wilde Peacock is located.  They sprint the block to the bar, and walk is shaking the rain off them.Laughing at their dilemma, Tim and Abbie find seats at the bar.  The place is not that crowded, but hey, it is Sunday afternoon after all.  But there are several regulars around the bar and at some of the tables.  The jukebox is playing some lazy afternoon tunes, and a few people are dancing to it on the corner dance floor.They are happy to see that Phoebe is working this afternoon.  She takes their drink orders, which are soon in front of them.  Phoebe asks about the storm, and they relay their adventure getting poured on.

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