Tina and the Park Pickup Pt 1

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Tina and the Park Pickup Pt 1As I slowly walked across the park towards home I could make out in the distance on a bench the outline of a person sitting down.Unsure who it was I started walking further across the other side to avoid them.I had stayed out way way too late and was walking home in daylight which I never really did.Too scared still at this stage.A car came screeching in through the park and I froze and immediately ducked away out of sight into some trees hoping they wouldn’t see me.It was a spot to go for girls but the rule was only at night.When I watched them slow down over where I saw someone they suddenly sped off and I stepped out and looked over and saw no one now.Boldly I stepped back out on the path and was for a moment lost in the still air and click clack of my heels on the pavement.As I stopped to light a smoke on a bench for a moment this figure stepped out from the opposite pathway and asked to bum a smoke.A wave of relief swept over me as I saw a somewhat familiar face from our group.I had seen her around and maybe joined a table or few at various bars but never held a conversation with her.From memory her name started with a T lol but thats all I had …Smiling broadly I offered the pack and she reached over for them and thanking me as she lit up affirmed her name was Tina probably in the same vein of me saying my name in return which I did and she said how she was glad to finnally speak without having to yell over bar noises and music.While she made small talk my mind began racing wondering what was under those clothes,was she still working and if I could cum on her face.See she always ALWAYS looked very plain and sedate.Moderate.Average.Basic straight dark hair,minimal makeup baggy jeans,sensible shoes,big loose sweater and jacket. But she had beautiful skin and an amazing cute face with a gorgeous smile.An athletic body and nice full tits with an hourglass figure.I seen her once at a house when she was on her way to meet a client and it nearly made me cum in my panties just looking at her.After she left Karen told me that woman was in her 40’s and worked like we did.I was astonished she looked mid to late 20’s at the most.That was maybe 4 months ago in the warmer weather and I hadn’t seen her for ages but now it was the end of winter and well here we were.I had thought about her a few times.I was in a daze it seemed as I snapped konak escort out to clicking fingers and her stamping out a smoke and her saying she had to get back to work.Here’s your chance I thought to myself.I mentioned to be careful as the sun was now glowing bright orange and some joggers were starting to appear.She looked at her non existant watch and agreed noting she had forgotten the rule.She asked if I wanted to keep her company at the club instead of here and I nodded yes hopping down of the bench.She remarked how I was already dressed for it and I said that yeah but she was made for it under all those clothes.Grabbing my arm and slowing my walk she turned me to face her and kind of stammered apologetically how she only needed to see 2 or 3 but it was very quiet.I listened intently to it all.I was kind of nervous by now and actually scared to ask.Like I could sense she was going to ask for a loan of some money.I mean perfect opportunity right? I tentatively traced mu finger down the zipper of her jacket starting from the collar and when I got halfway down shyly asked ‘well … is it black under there?’ … the moment of silencing was deafening and seemed to last forever till this look went across her lips and she stepped back a little and pulled down her sweater enough to show me a black bra.See through and lace kind and it was practically skin toned her tits were filling it so much.She slid her hands down her sides and nodded slightly ‘these too … what little there is of them’ grinning wickedly and she reached into her pocket and showed a pair of black heels.Before I could speak she put a finger to my lips and said simply ‘no one knows no one sees’ I must have had a look come over my face because she followed quickly with ’cause I don’t want Karen on my ass about it LOL’ What she said next just floored me.I had to sit down I was so weak at the knees. “Ever since Karen told me about you two Ive wanted it.Anything you like.All of it.Treat me worse than her.”She re-interated “Aaalllll of it”I looked up at her and was speechless but managed to stammer out how I thought she was just a bit older than me.Sitting down closely right next to me she put her arm around me and said softly in my ear as she reached into my pocket with the other hand pulling out a roll of notes peeling off a few that she wont tell mom what I do if I promised konak escort bayan not to tell on what big sis does.As she’s saying this she slips off jeans and sweater puts her coat back on and heels before turning my chin with a finger to look at her and asks ‘deal?”Oh fuck yes’ is all I can manage before she leans in and kisses me deeply and hard only pulling back to stand up and look around quickly and breathlessly asks to see that cock she’s heard so much about.I’m like iron by now and can barely pull it out of my panties for her.When I finally do and I’m leaning back on this bench and she’s squatting down in front me she reaches for it and says this was unexpected.I ask her what aching to feel her mouth.Well … girls exagerate so I wasn’t expecting … this (as she takes hold barely wrapping her hand around it) and by short … well its twice as big as I figured and way thicker.She leans forward and slowly engulfs me with her mouth.Pushing her head down till I feel her throat.She reaches around for my hand and places it on her head.I softly push down a fraction and she lets out this gag fluster moan groan noise before lifting her back up of it leaning back gulping and panting.Suddenly we hear someone and she sit down on the bench next to me quickly wrapping her jacket tightly around herself and I smile at the futility because while not only does it barely touch her thighs I share I can see where she’s gotten turned on smiling.We hear the people pass by and as they do we’re both looking around for somewhere else to go nearby.I tell her it’s ok I’ll just go home and finish myself off this had been an awesome morning and she simply asked ‘can I watch?’Without a miss I simply stand up and face her and brush open her jacket slightly with one hand and lift up my skirt with the other hand letting her see I’m still hard.She opens her jacket more and goes to lean forward but I shuffle back a small step and start to furiously jerk off in front of her.She takes her jack off totally and acknowledges this is hot she loves outdoors.I’m wary of people coming but at the same time totally lost in the moment.I see her go to take her bra off slowly and I move closer saying er asking her no to leave it on sis and she nods putting her hands down by her sides as I step out of little denim skirt I take my shirt off and start to slap her tits with escort konak my cock then tracing the lace edge of her bra along the top pushing in softly against her firm full tits.She smiles as I look down at her sweating profusely as droplets fall onto her thighs.I ask her to put her legs together as I stand aside them and begin to slowly push my cock inbetween her thighs trying not to touch her with anything but my dick.I stand back up as I can feel I’m getting close to cumming now.I Stand in front of her and (she will ask about this later) I moan how I’ve wanted this for months sis and it’s better than I could ever have imagined.I can see her staring at me as I pump my cock for her and as I start getting eratic with my strokes she softly asks me to show her how hard my big sis makes me cum.”Do you want me to cum on my owb face for you?”NO she says sharply laughing I’m sitting right here for you I’m not a photo … but I’d like to see that tooShe’s barely finished the sentence and I’m spurting towards her face twice before I move closer to her tits manageing to get a good spurt on each one right on her bra.Whatevers left dribbles out onto her hard stomach and a few shakes theres drops along her thigh too.I watch as it glistens off her tanned skin and runs down her face a moment before I flop down next to her.She turns to me and says well I was told you cum a lot but unprepared for that much.I look like a glazed donut.I lean in close and kiss her hard and deep.She smiles and says she better go home and clean up and get herself off as she wipes her face with her sweater before standing up to put her jeans and jacket on.Leaving my stuff wherever it is I ask if I can watch?She doesn’t say anything but while she walks off clicks a car alarm and as it goes off I hurriedly grab my clothes off the ground as I hear people coming and race after her begging sis for a ride.She walks back and stands in front of me then quietly asks what I’d been thinking of “for months” I said back there? I said her.Ever since I saw her at that house party for 5 minutes I’d wanted to see her again and hopefully fuck her.”And when you said about where to cum?”Yep”thinking about me?””for a while yet yes”Get in she says and starts the motor.I go to step into my skirt but she says I won’t need that just get in….I barely say a word while she just talks and talks the whole way sharing experiences wishes turn ons fantasies on;y to say if I get to something I don’t like tell her.I didn’t say another word till we pulled into the parking garage for her apartment building only asking if I could get dressed now and she giggled oh yes … sorryTo be continued ….

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