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tmilfThis story is true all names have been changed to protect identities.I appeared at the front door , she came and let me in “ hey!” She said . She gave me a hug , “so glad you could make it “ . So me and Tilly had known each other for about 13 months and we were friends she was 20 and had a 4 month c***d with a another guy . But me and Tilly were about to date before she fell pregnant . So she came to the door in a white vest top and grey shorts . I looked down as she walked away “ a little hot eh?” “ deb threw up on me , so I slipped into my chill clothes !” . I couldn’t help but stare at Tilly’s legs as she did the dishes , she was 5’5 20 year old and was about a size 14. She had short cropped hair and a lovely smile . She had just gotten rid of braces she had for years . Now she was cleaning the dishes in her apartment, “ want something to eat ?” She asked . I really wanted some crisps that were in the shelve above Tilly’s head . She was lost in dish work so I leant up above her and grabbed the crisps . Just as she bent over more and she brushed herself agaisnt me . I glanced into the kitchen window , her cleaning the dishes and she is glanced in the mirror . Our eyes locked , my heart skipped one beat . “ what are you looking for ?” She asked , “ o I got it “ I replied . She lite herself a cigarette and smoked and boosted herself on the bench and opened the window . “ shut the door for the smoke “ I did . Then she was smoking taking long big drags . I was staring at her lips and her vest top . She noticed and glanced at me “ do I bursa escort have something on my lips ?” She licked her finger and rubbed her lips , “ off ?” She smiled “ yeah “ I agreed . Then the sound of a baby crying “ shit “ she leaped down and in the montiom volleyed me in my crotch . I collapsed to the floor “ the FUCK ?” I gasped . “ OMG I am so sorry, are you ok ?” I nodded and pointed to the door . She ran and eased her baby . When she came back in she glanced at me hand on my crotch . “ sorry I didn’t mean to volley you “ she laughed I continued to rub my crotch. As she lite up another cigarette, she stood about 6 foot from me . And I think she realised I was watching her smoke , her chest movements became really heavy. The shirt started to slide down with every breathe . She stopped after 3 breathes from pulling it up . She traced one finger down her chest and watched me watch her . To the top of her cleavage . “ omg you perv “ I blushed . “ iiii wasn’t looking “ “ YOU were !” , I thought how can I play this . I shrugged “ they have grown since , you had the bairn” . She smiled and pressed them together, then I realised she didn’t have a bra on . “ they have ?” , then she winked at me . Then my eyes went from her bra down down to her shorts , which had rode up around her thighs . She then finished her cigarette, “ now , what are we going to do ?” She questioned “ let’s go and watch tv “ I mentioned . She wondered off to the sitting room and sat on the couch . “ you coming in?” she mentioned . I came in and sensed a degree of bursa escort bayan uncertainty in the room . “Do you have anything to drink ?” I asked she smiled “ I thought you never ask ?” She smiled . She ran into the kitchen and I followed her . Just in time to find her stretching on her tip toes for some wine . Her shorts riding up more up her thighs , to revile the very told of her thighs . And also up her tight ass as well. “Look what I have found !” She exclaimed and turned around to be holding a bottle of red wine very close to her chest . we sat down and started drinking . She then laughed and stretched backwards her shirt rode up her flat stomach . She then glanced down and scratched her stomach . She then lay flat on the couch and looked down at me “ come here silly “ . So I climbed over her and looked at her , our eyes locked and I leant into kiss her . Just before our lips touched “ stop “ she said . I pulled back and went “ I i I am so sorry “ I muttered. “ I’ll be back “ she said as she ran out the room . I had my head in my phone as I heard the door opening “everything ok ?” . I glanced up and looked stunned to see tilly in her French knickers and no bra . She stood and put one hand on her hip , she then turned around on the spot and went “ I still kept my tightness” pointed to her ass . My jaw hit off the floor , her boobs had dropped a little from before the pregnancy and now she had huge nipples. I sat on looked her up and down . “ someone likes what he says “ she sung . “I do “ . She lay down of the couch and escort bursa grabbed my shirt with her hand , pulled me in closer as we kissed . I kissed down on her neck and kissed her chest , as I bite and lightly kissed her tits . But thier was no response to my bite , “ your gonna have to bite harder “ she told me . I tightened my bite “ Harder “ , until my mouth was shut on her nipple. Then I pulled my mouth . She squealed and placed her hand on my bulge on my shorts . She rocked her head back “ FUCK ME “ I started to rub her underwear “ did you not fucking hear me ?” She snarled , I started to finger her slowly . “ O MY GOD “ she grabbed my crotch “ FUCK ME WITH THIS !” So I pulled my shorts down and she grabbed my hard cock . And drag it down her clit , she lets out a grunt . Then she slides it down into her wet Pussy . “ the wine helps “ she grins . I push in “ ha~mmm” she smiles so wide . I start slowly rocking myself backwards and forwards . She sighs and starts to rock her hips to meet mine . I can feel her pussy slide up and down my shaft . I groan in pleasure , I press her knees up to her chest . “ deeper “ She grunts , so I press her knees back above her shoulders . I press one hand on her groin and press backwards . I started to get faster , then breaking the air . A cry from the other room her c***d she sighs and looks at me “ Finish then you can leave “ . I get harder more violent , the sounds she is making become more inhuman . “ fucccck “ she moans . I then feel the tingling in my feet as I cannot control the process any longer . I shoot my load into her . She smiles “ just what I wanted “ , she then pulls up her shorts “ show yourself out “ . As she runs into the other room to tend to her c***d . I pull my shorts up and walk out closing the door behind me

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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