To be or not?

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To be or not?My young wife had been begging for me to let her go to work saying that it was boring just to sit around all day. She said besides she missed having her own money without having to ask me for it, and she would enjoy working. I listened to this for several months before finnally giving in, and off she went to look for work asking all her friends watching the papers. After a week one of her friends called and said that the place where she was working was hiring and she had put a word in for if she wanted the job just go in talk to them. The wife was very excited telling me about it that it was working as a waitress at night. I found out where, the particular hours so on before telling her that if it was something she wanted to try to go for it. (Thanking after a week or two she would want to give it up) She was very convencing laying there in bed with her legs widlly spread stroking her little clitty smiling who could say no!She started the following monday her friend picked her up and off they went. In the early hours of the next morning I opened on eye to see my young wife entering our bedroom complete with her waitress uniform tossing money accross the bed saying here for you. I slid an arm around her pulling her on to the bed saying no this is for me slidding her dress up and her panties down. I started licking her thighs till she opened up saying come and get it as I started licking her little pussy. She moaned humping my tounge saying wow are you ready this morning I said come on get out of that outfit I want to fuck my pretty little wife. We made love in every position as we began to lay back to relax she started to tell her story of the first day saying that she didn’t know there were so meany bahis şirketleri horny studs in the world. She said they were all over the new girl then though her friend did all right also playing with her bouncy little ass as she took their orders. She said they had even tryed to get her to sit with them and her friend did she said that her freind would really let them play so she got some really big tips!This continued for several weeks with my action being in the early morning by licking her little pussy as she told me of her exploits of the night. I noticed that the tips were getting better also I just thought her skills as a waitress were improving. Then I began to notice that it looked like her skirt was shorter when I asked about it she said that her friend told her that was one reason her tips were more. So she said she shortened her skirts for more tips and it worked. She said it really made her horny being played with that way as she pointed between her legs saying get down there lick a really hot pussy as a reward. She was right it was a really hot pussy tasting good as I dined at the Y. She began to tell me about her games with these customers would play, she would let them slid there hands up her pretty legs, but no felly of the prize that was just for me! She said her friend was still trying to get her interested in sitting with the customers saying the tips would be even better. I told her as I rammed my now throubbing cock home in her tight little love nest that it was totally up to her if she wanted to do it go for it as long as I got the real prize. She came home the next morning with one wet hot pussy for me to enjoy as I dined she started her tale of the night at work saying that she did bahis firmaları it she slid into a booth between a couple of these horny studs and their hands were all over but especially between her legs she said the one guy even before she could say anything found a way to get his big finger past her panties and into her sweet spot. She said she made him back off but it really made her hot as hell. She said the other guy was fishing for a tit smacking his lips. She said when the order came out she managed to escape there grip. I said it sounded you had it under control she smiled said that was just the first time that it got better later.So get back down there lick that little abused clit. As I dove again wondering if I was ever going to get that little pussy wrapped arounf my cock this morning? She continued her tale she said later a couple of young black duds came in trying to play as it seemed like they all did that early in the morning. She said she didn’t know if they were coming from dates that didn’t workout or what she said that she was geting a little tired so they caught her off guard. (She said it could have been because of the lap monsters they were showing off) She said one guy reached up before she could say or do anything ran his big hand up her leg straight to the Y saying this is what I want. She told him that was not on the menu just order from the menu that he slid his hand back down her leg and they both ordered their food. She said as she passed the table after they got their food that one of them said it’s a dam shame that’s not on the menu I’d order a double helping. I said next it’s my turn to get a double helping of this little hot pussy. We fucked for what seemed like for ever, as kaçak bahis siteleri we were just laying their she told me her friend had said if she went into the bathroom stripped off her panties to let them play the tips would be even better. She asked what I thought as usual I told her it was up to her. The very next morning she came in plopped down saying get busy because I think you are going to be mad So I dove for the Y again as shebegan to speak. She said that she had never been played with so much as now her pussy tased of it too. She said that she had done what her friend had suggested and she was right tips fell like rain. She said it all started with the two black guys from the morning before as she took their order the one guy was slidding a hand up her leg. When he realized that she had on panties on he smiled at his friend saying this is all right. They ordered and asked her to join them one guy got and before she knew it she was sandwitched between the two with one hand on each leg she was getting a sexual message. With no other place for her place her hands she had them on their knees one placed his hand on hers moving it to his trouser monster. She said she about creamed rolling that thing under her hand, that’s why you are getting the best of the night lick me I’m your bitch make it feel good. As she continued her story she said that she thought she was never going to get away that her friend saved her that she came over saying that she was about to go on break to get up to take over her area. The guys backed off and let her up out of the booth. She said if that hadn’t happened that she didn’t know if she could have resisted their advances they were determined to get some action that on had even switched sides of the booth ready to muff dive under the table running out the longest tounge she had ever seen. It just keeps getting better this job I can’t wait to tell you more about her adventures watch forther episodes coming!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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