To my surprise

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To my surpriseMichael was my neighbors boy. He was pretty quiet for the 10 years I had lived next to them. He was a good looking boy and I had noticed he always had very soft features and had a skinny yet shapely body. He had an ass that girls would kill to have.    It was June and school was letting out for the summer. Michael had just turned 18. It was summer and this year was particularly hot. I had the only pool in the neighborhood and all the k**s knew it, and took advantage of it. All except michael. He was shy and seemingly kept to himself. I came home from work early to see him cutting his lawn. It was in the triple digits that day and he had really worked up a sweat.  As I got out of my car I greeted him with a wave and he smiled back. Turning off his mower, Michael walked over. He explained that he was saving up to get a car and offered to mow grass or possibly clean my pool if I was interested. He said he was just trying to make a buck anyway he could cause he almost had the money he needed. I agreed to pay him to skim leaves from my pool and make sure all is cleaned up as I do often entertain in my pool area. The deal was made. The following Tuesday I had taken the day off. I was sleeping in as I was awoke to the sound of my gate opening. I sprung up to see what it was and saw that it was michael coming over to clean. I went back to bed. About a half hour later I here him talking to someone. I again go to check it out. Michael was fishing leaves out of the pool and another boy was there sitting in a lawn chair talking to him. I was up so I started making coffee. It finished and i poured a cup and was about to walk outside. At that same moment as I was about to open the back door, Michael walked over to his friend. He turned around and pushed his cute little ass in front of his friends face. His friend gave him a little slap on it and then reached around and ataşehir escort gave michael a slow rub over his swimshort covered cock. I stopped in my tracks. Michael then turned around and his friend pulled Michaels cock from his shorts and began sucking him off right there in my backyard. I couldn’t believe it. My neighbors cute boy liked men. I continued to watch as they carried on. They touched and felt. Sucked eachother and kissed. Obviously feeling comfortable doing so being my 8 foot privacy fence. They moved closer to the house and we’re now on my patio. They both were now naked. Michaels body was flauless. He lounged back on my outdoor couch as his friend began to lick Michaels  smooth pink asshole. Michael was hard. I was again surprised that Michael was packing a nice sized dick. Lookin to be nearly 7 inches and pretty thick. He was stroking it as his friend masterfully ate his sweet little ass. Michael moaned quietly as his friend came up and began to kiss him. I focused on them kissing and somehow missed that they were now having sex. Michaels friends hips were thrusting between Michaels spread legs. I was rock hard watching this playout on my patio. I could faintly hear his friend warn of him cumming soon. Michael opened his eyes and looked at his friend and said “you know where I like it.” With that his friend gave a few more deep slow thrusts and they both moaned hard. His friends body shook as he planted his cum into michael. They lay there for a few minutes. Talking and kissing. His friends cock still deep in his ass. Michaels friend then pulled his cock from his ass and it was the first good look I got of it. He was huge. I was amazed how easy michael took it. It for sure wasn’t his first time. The boy knew what he was doing.They both got up and quickly jumped into the pool. Michaels friend got immediately kartal escort out and dried off saying he had to get to work. He quickly left. Michael swam around a bit longer. Still naked I watched him and was in awe of his petite perfect body. I was horny as hell. My cock was rock hard as I opened the door and walked out as michael was under water. I quickly sat on a deck chair as he came up out of the water. When our eyes met michael had the look of death on his face.We looked at eachother for a brief time. He was mortified. I them smiled and said, “I noticed you didn’t cum.” Winking at him.”You saw what I did?” He said back sheepishly. Going for all the marbles or none I asked if he would mind me taking care of that for him. I have often looked at him and wished I could get a chance. Now knowing that he is experienced, I hope that he would be willing. Michaels response was quick, “you want to out here or inside?””Either or is fine with me””Inside!” Michael said as he jumped out of the pool and made his way to my open back door. I lead the way to my bedroom. I had him by his hand. He was shaking a little and I asked him if all was ok. He said he was a little cold cause he was still wet from the pool. I gave him a towel when we got to my room and put it around his shoulders. As he was drying off I took off my shorts and sat on my bed. His back was to me as he was drying. I stared at his perfectly shaped ass recalling that just minutes before his friend pumped what I imagined was a fair amount of cum into. He turned around and was hard again. I motioned him over to me. Still drying his hair he stepped over as I took ahold of his now hard cock. Michael was totally smooth. Not a bit of hair on him. I moved my hand down and had his balls as I took my neighbor boys cock into my mouth. His accepting moan of pleasure pendik escort rang out in my room. I sucked his beautiful dick and ran my hands over his butt. Pulling his cock deeper into my mouth. I then inserted a finger into his freshly fucked ass and immediately felt the cum that was deposited by his young friend. I inserted another digit as I felt the tip of his cock hit my throat. Michael was breathing hard whispering yes as I worked his perfect body. Michaels hairless balls slapped my chin. My cock was flowing precum as I was in heaven with what was in front of me. I pulled his cock from my mouth and asked him to lay on the bed. Without hesitation he jumped in. His head was on the pillows and he had a smile on his face as I went back down on him. I stroked his cock as I ran my tongue over his smooth balls. The ever present though that his sweet little ass was still full of cum got the best of me as I ran my tongue as far into his little pink hole as I could. The salty taste of cum hit me instantly. The feeling of my tongue deep in him sent him into pure pleasure. As I ate another guys cum out of this sweet boy he, in a rather demanding way, said, “I want u in me!”I got up and got my lube from my nightstand drawer. I put a healthy amount over my swelled cock and got back in position. My new little boy toy without warning flipped over and was face down on the bed. He spread his legs and propped his perfect ass up. His inviting hole was relaxed and ready. I put the head of my cock up to him and when he felt it he pushed back as his petite ass swallowed my cock. It felt so good. I usually don’t top but how could I resist this boys perfect body. It’s not often I get a chance at a young guy like this. I was fucking it for all I could. Michael moaned as he matched my rhythm.  I could feel myself about to explode but wanting to prolong this as long as I could. I slowed my pace but it did no good. My rock hard cock balls deep in this boys ass swelled as I pumped my cum into him.i kissed and sucked his neck as I unloaded my seed into his barely legal hole. I collapsed next to him. He turned his head and said, “I still haven’t cum yet…””Maybe next time?”And that started our sultry little affair…

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