Too Lovely not to Fuck

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Too Lovely not to FuckIt was a beautiful Sunday.It was Lovely’s day off.We had planned this “mission” for about 2 weeks.I waited for Lovely at the void deck where I parked my car.She had brought a new dress and I was waiting for her to show me.Few minutes later, she appeared in a white dress with black strips.Man~ the dress cladded on her body so nicely and revivied her nice cleavage and round ass.I was thinking to myself, I’m so going to bang this lady hard.She caught me staring and knew the thoughts in my mind.She gave me a slap on my shoulder as I planted a kiss on her red coloured lips.We hope into the car and drove off.We had breakfast @ Mac, and later went to Lucky to make some purchase.While she was browsing her stuff, I was outside the shop looking over all those pretty pinays.They are just waiting to be fuck! But I only have Lovely in my mind at the moment.After she got all her stuff, I made the payment, and we are off to our love nest, Singapore’s favourite H81!Quickly, we checked into our room.Once inside, we were already checking each other out.Kissing, Licking, Biting, and Stripping all at the same time.Lovely has that brown skin of a Malay ethic and a very round B+ with perky nipples.Although a domestic helper, she has maintain her hour figure very well, and her soft smooth skin is simple irresistible.I push her down to the bed and start my attack.I tongue her from her neck down to her breast, and alternate between them.I türkçe bahis moved lower to her navel and give it a good navel button tongue fuck as she was enjoying it.The best part comes when I hit her pussy.It was already coated with her juice and she was super horny.My tongue just reached there and she was already in estatcy.I ate her as if that was the last pussy on earth; enjoying every bit of her labia.I started to coat her juice on my index and middle finger.It was the fingering part, but she will be expected more than that.While coating my fingers over her cunt juice, I moved my middle fingers over her butt hole.I start to wiggle my finger over her ace and slowly insert it in.Her moaning suggested she was enjoying.It was hard to find a gal that enjoys her butt being invaded.I push further till I got half of my fingers in her and she was already screaming out loud, with joy.Next, I insert my index finger into her overflowing love orifice.She totally lost it when I clamp both my index and middle finger together and start to vibrate them.Her scream was music to my ears, as I continue the vibrating for a good few minutes.Without warning, I drop my tongue on her clit and lick virgariouslyTogether with my fingers in her pussy and butt, moving in a pumping in-out action.That really hit her way out of the world as she grabbed my hair and scream~I could feel her pussy juice flowing uncontrollably onto my hands.I would really poker oyna expect the next few rooms to hear us, as we all know that H81 don’t really have good sound proof rooms.The whole finger and tongue love making took place in 20mins or more, as she lay there motionlessly, except for her breathing, heavily…After resting for a while, I spread Lovely’s legs open and take a good view on her shaved pussy.I moved and squatted in between Lovely’s spread thongs, held my deflated cock and rub it on her labia.Using it as if a vibrator, the rubbing of my penis on her pussy brought life to it.I continue to slide-fuck her pussy lips, ensuring that every forward action my dick head will knead onto her clit.Lovely started to moan, enjoying my cock on her outer pussy lips.She bite her lips and pinch her nipples, unknowing.It was truly a beautiful sight…Next, I push my cock slowly into her, just with the head and pull it out swiftly.Repeated the action till I see her juice starts to flow and covering my dick head.I continue the “head-in” “head-out” action for a good few minutes.Suddenly, without any pausing, I plunge my entire shaft deep into Lovely.”Ohhhhh~ Arhhhhhh~!”The cry of joy once again escape loudly from her.Her head was tilted to one sideHer eyes was closed.Her fists clinched and grabbed on the bed sheet.Her body was arched, spamming violently.I just held my cock deep in her for the moment.Her orgasm was strong and long.I held bets10 my cock deep in her, and did some small circular motion.Her body relaxed back to norm.She opened her eyes and look into me.I bend down and kiss her and ask:”Good?”She just nodded her head without a word.”You want some more?”.She nodded again.The moment her nodding action stopped, I withdraw my cock, slowly, and forcefully plunged it back in.I continue the same action, over and over again, with both my hands on her breast, squezzing them totally out of shape, which pulling her nipples, hard.It didn’t hurt her. Rather she seems to be enjoying my rough action.Then, I start to pump her fast and shallow, allowing only 2 inch of fucking.It gave her another trembling. Her scream didn’t stop.It only grew louder and longer, every time my cock enters and redraw.I alternate between the slow redraw with hard pounding and quick short pumping.That, we fuck for almost another 10 mins.I bend down once again and kiss her, on her ear.I whisper into her:”I want to cum… I want you to cum with me…””Mmm…” is all that could come out from her.And this is all I needed.I spread her legs wide, holding onto her ankle and pull them apart.I start to pound her deep and fast. I was trying to rip her into half, as she was going crazy.I felt her pussy tighten and a warmth feeling fluid was coating my cock inside Lovely’s tight pussy.My balls tightened. I groaned. I cummed~ as she give out a last scream “Urgggghhhhh~!”…I laid onto her, holding her tight while she embraced me back.We held that position. I could feel the mixture of my sperm and her juice leaking out from her pussy mouth, as we doze off…

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