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Toronto BBCTrue account of how my wife’s long time fantasy became a reality.A little about Deb to start. She’s 41 now but this happened just after her 40th birthday in Toronto Canada. She’s not really changed much in the last 20 years still slim, cute looking and fun to be with. Statistics are 5’3” 32D and short cropped black hair with blue eyes.As a surprise 40th birthday present I decided to take deb away for a few days somewhere nice. I eventually chose Toronto so that I could take her to see the falls in Niagara. I booked a nice hotel for the week The Sheraton and reasonably priced Air Canada flights from London Heathrow.Deb knew she was going away somewhere but had no idea where until we arrived at the airport. I had told her to pack for cool weather so she had the sort of clothes to suit the climate.Now deb has had a fantasy for black guys for many years. Her favourite film star is Denzil Washington about who she has often said ‘I would love to fuck him for days’. She would only ever have all this as fantasy and says it will never happen for real. Until Toronto !The first couple of days went as any big city break does … lots of sightseeing, eating, drinking and relaxing. On her birthday we had a trip booked from the hotel to the falls. Pick up was early morning and return to the hotel late evening. The driver of our tour bus was a middle aged coloured guy called Jake.Well Jake turned out to be a great tour guide and we had a good time at the falls. The end of the day finished with a meal at a local hotel to the falls. As we ate our food Jake came and sat at our table. Deb and Jake were soon deep in meaningful conversation and I was forgotten to eat by myself. After the meal we boarded the small bus back to Toronto. Deb and I were seated directly behind Jake. Now these busses were fitted with a mirror over the dashboard which allowed the driver to see up the gangway between the seats. Well after a while of staring around the bus passing the time on the way back I realised that the mirror was at a very convenient position and when Jake looked into it he would canlı bahis be able to she deb and in particular her legs. Now deb happened to be wearing a nice light white summer dress which was fairly short. I whispered to deb that Jake could see right up her dress. She did not think that was possible but the more she looked the more she realised it was true. This really got my imagination going and secretly wished that deb would give him a flash of her lacy clad pussy.Well my wish came true because without another word from me she slowly shifted position and without making anything obvious to other people raised her dress well above her knees. Over the next few minutes she flashed Jake a dozen times and at one point for a few seconds her legs were wide open. We all soon reached our hotel which unfortunately was one of the first drops so we had to bid farewell to Jake never to see him again …. Or so we thought. That night we fucked like teenagers reliving the events of our drive home. Debs knickers were soaking wet so I knew she was really turned on by what happened. She said though that that’s the furthest she would ever go with it.We spent the next day out on a boat trip around the lake and returned to the hotel for something to eat at around 6pm. After the meal we sat at the bar watching the news on the TV. Deb announced she needed the loo and trotted away. She returned after about 10 minutes with a big smile on her face and was accompanied by you guessed it Jake! It was his day off and he just happened to be nearby and wondered if we fancied a drink at a nearby bar he knew. Well deb was all for it but wanted to go and change out of her jeans into something more comfortable. She was gone a good 30 minutes and in that time I had learned that Jake was 42 and married with 4 k**s. He asked if I was aware that deb had been showing herself to him on the bus. I replied of course and that she had become terribly aroused doing it. He asked if he thought he might get the same treat that evening. That’s up to her I said just as she reappeared through the door. She looked bahis siteleri so horny ….. White cotton top and short denim skirt with her cfm black heels. It was also obvious as she crossed the floor to the bar that she was wearing no bra. Both Jake and I smiled to each other. We knew it was going to be a good night.We spent the next 3 hours in the ‘Loose Moose’ and drank way too much booze. On a couple of occasions I caught Jake having a crafty feel of either her boobs or bum. Winking to me as he did so. We walked back to the hotel with Deb between us arm in arm. Nothing was said as we all just made straight for our room. Without a word down the corridors and in the lift. We walked through the door and into the room and she just jumped onto Jake wrapping her legs around his waist. I was again forgotten.The first words spoken for 10 minutes were from Deb …… Please please please Fuck Me !!They staggered back to the bed with Jake supporting her weight around his waist. He put he onto the floor and told her to lose the skirt and top. She complied quickly and stood before him in nothing but a tiny black thong. She sank to her knees and began to unbuckle his trousers. She dragged them down and sank back with her mouth open. Before her just inches from her face was a very large semi erect cock twitching in anticipation at what was going to come. She moved forward and took his cock in her hand and slowly caressed its length whilst breathing hot breath over the head. With a wink to me she took him into her mouth and began to slowly bob her head up and down on his cock. What an erotic sight to see your wife worshipping another mans cock. I released my somewhat smaller but equally hard cock and began to wank myself . He told me to get his mobile phone from his pocket of the trousers around his ankles. I passed him the phone and he then took 4 or 5 pictures of his cock going in and out of her willing mouth. After a few minutes they moved to the bed. Deb lay down and Jake opened her legs and began to suck her pussy through the wet material of her knickers. She was moaning canlı bahis siteleri now so loudly that I moved up to her head and put my finger between her lips. Jake stopped and turned her around so that she was on her knees on the edge of the bed. He reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out his mobile phone and took two pictures of her lovely bum in the air. Her thong was tight up between her bum cheeks with her hairless pussy lips splayed each side. Jake slipped a finger under the material and pulled it to one side. He put his hard cock to her pussy and slowly slid inside. She gasped and began to buck on his cock and urged him to fuck her. In 18 yrs I had never seen her like this …. Behaving like a total slut for a person she barely knew. He fucked her hard and deep for a while making her cum a twice before hunching over her and pushing deep inside. He pumped what she later told me felt like a gallon of spunk deep into her pussy. Now it was my turn and I sank my cock into her sodden hole …… what a heavenly feeling fucking my wife when she was full of another mans spunk. Well I lasted about 1 minute before I added a second load up her.For the remainder of the night we took turns in fucking her until she wanted no more. We left her in bed covered in sweat and cum at 7am the next morning and went for some air and breakfast. Apparently this is not the first time Jake has got some blokes missus in bed after taking them on sightseeing tours. He also has a friend who has a cock 2” longer than his own 9” who would only be too happy to service deb with Jake that evening. It was a tempting invitation but I declined saying Deb had had enough and we were leaving soon anyway. I gave him our e-mail address and asked that he send us copies of the phone pics he took. I also asked that they stay private and he laughed and said for his and his friends eyes only. As he went out to do his next tour he showed me the souvenir he had taken from deb ….. her tiny damp well worn thong. I wonder how many he had collected from his conquests.After we had returned to England we were talking about the experience one night in bed. I told about Jakes offer of a second larger cock and she went mad. She would have loved to have the double black cock session. In fact she wants to go back this Easter ……. Should we go ?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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