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Subject: Transitions Chapter 28 Gay Adult youth I hope everyone is doing great today. Ive done nothing its kind of nice to be honest. But, I actually had lots to do. But, insurance companies havent got me a rental yet. Dragging their feet. Typical. Anyway I got this done today for yall. I hope you enjoy it. Make a donation to NIFTY They survive on donations. I wish you peace love and happiness Eric Transitions Chapter 28 Eric was shaken gently awake by Julia. “Mr. Eric We gone go back to the house now. You gone come.” “No I want to be here. But, thank you.” “Alright. I see you later then.” Julia says as they all leave. Eric looks over to Alejandro and takes him in. He sees the IVS in is arms and thinks back to the little boy he met so many months ago. How much he has grown. He has grown nearly four inches and put on about 20 pounds. He looks so much healthier now. Even lying sick in the bed he looks so much better. He needs a haircut Eric thinks. He should have done that before school started. Well, there is time now he thinks. Probably a couple weeks of him to recover the doctor said to him. He cant believe how close he cam to losing his little boy. Eric is feeling kind of peckish and thinks about going to the cafeteria to get something to eat and decides he wants to wait until Alejandro is awake first. He takes the boys hand in his and flips on the news and watches a couple of cycles. He thinks he recalls when news was actually news and not all opinion pieces. What the hell happened to the news. Now its like watching Inside Edition Washington. Everything has gotten so political. Its not hard just help your neighbor it will work out. After a while he feels Alejandro begin to sir. The boy has slept most of the day. Which makes sense since he was up part of the night and the medications they gave him. His eyes flutter open and he smiles when they do because he sees his Poppi. “Love you Poppi.” He says with a crackly morning voice. “I love you to buddy. More then you will ever know.” “I know.” He says smiling. “Poppi I am starving. Can you get me something to eat?” “Sure buddy I will be right back. He walks to the nurses station and asks a nurse what Alejandro can have. “Just simple things right now. Some broth or jello. Maybe a few crackers.” She says. “OK I am going to head to the cafeteria to grab some things for us. I will be right back.” He tells the nurse. He takes the elevator down and gets them both some of the simple things. Eric decides it wouldn’t be nice of him to sit and eat a cheese burger in front of Alejandro so he gets himself the same fare. He heads back up a tray loaded down with all kinds of soft foods for them. Eric gets back and sits the tray on the bed table and rolls it in front of his boy. “Poppi I got to pee.” Eric carefully picks him up and grabs the IV thing on wheels and they roll into the restroom. Eric sits him down and Alejandro lifts his gown to reveal a very hard boy cock. Alejandro grabs it and points it to the toilet and it immediately lets the water flow. Eric is a bit jealous wishing he could piss that fast. But, its part of getting older he thinks. Once Alejandro is done he picks him back up and carries him to his bed. As he does the doctor walks in. “You know he should be walking.” The doctor says. “Probably.” Eric responds. “You going to carry him every where from now on then?” “If I need to.” Eric answers a bit sharply. ankara grup escort “Look, I know you love him. I have one of my own his age. I understand what you are feeling. But, you have to let him do things on his own or he wont heal as quickly. I know you don’t want him to take any longer to heal do you?” Eric looks at his feet knowing he is being very politely chastised. “No, of course not.” He mumbles and kind of moves his foot around. “Now how are you feeling young man?” The doctor asks Alejandro. “My side hurts and so does my throat a bit.” He responds. “You are going to have some pain in your side for a few days. Your throat hurts because we slipped a tube down your throat during surgery. That will more then likely feel better in the morning. Now lets see your incision. Make sure its looking good.” The doctor lifts the gown and removes the bandage covering the cut. “Oh my yes this looks very good. Keep up the good work healing little guy.” The doctor tells him. “Remember don’t let the dad carry you. Even if it hurts a little make sure you walk to the restroom. It makes your bowels move faster and you will heal much more quickly.” “OK.” Alejandro agrees. With that the doctor made a few notes on his chart and left. “Lets eat buddy.” “I am starving.” Alejandro says. “You are always starving.” “But, you said you like me to eat.” Alejandro says ab it defenselessly. “I love when you eat. So long as you don’t get too fat to fit through a door.” “Your silly.” Alejandro giggles and starts to eat some of the jello. Eric sits down and grabs some vanilla pudding. Which probably isn’t allowed for Alejandro but, well he didn’t just have surgery. After they get done eating Eric sits the tray in the hall on a cart with other trays on it. “Poppi get up in bed with me like we did when we first met. We can watch some toons.” “Sounds good to me.” Eric says and carefully climbs in next to his boy. They sit and watch toons for a couple hours before they both doze off. Alejandro because a nurse brought him a pain pill. Eric just due to exhaustion. They sleep like that for the night. “Good morning sleepy heads.” They hear first thing in the morning. “Oh well.” Eric clears his throat. “Good morning Judy. How are you doing?” “Just great I ordered two trays for you for breakfast. I remember last time.” She says smiling. “What I was mad he left.” Alejandro says. “Don’t I know it sweetie. How you feeling this morning?” She asks as she does his vitals and re-hooks another bag to the IV. “I feel OK I guess.” Alejandro says. “Do you have to pee?” “Real bad.” Alejandro says grimacing. “Good. Here pee in this.” She says handing him a cup. He tries to race to the restroom. But, the pain slows his gait a bit. He is holding his side lightly as he walks briskly into the restroom. They both hear him peeing. Because he was to rushed to bother shutting the door. He lets out an. “Aaaaahhhhhh.” They just giggle at his antics. Eric checks his phone for text messages and has a plethora of them. A lot from Julia. More from Julius and a half dozen from Rich and Joy. Julia’s mainly said he needed to come home because if he got sick not sleeping and eating right he would be no good to Alejandro. Julius just wanted to know his buddy is good. Rich was a mix between taking care of himself and how Alejandro was. Joy was all over the place on everything. He answers gümüşhane escort most of them in a few minutes. Alejandro has climbed back up in bed, and snuggled up to Eric. “I am really sorry Alejandro. I really let you down.” Alejandro lifts up and looks at Eric. Letting a little wince of pain. “How did you let me down?” “I should have noticed earlier that you were in pain and brought you to the hospital straightaway. I kept just thinking it was nerves because of the new school. I was stupid and it almost killed you.” “No Poppi you didn’t let me down. I started hurting the day before and I thought it would get better. Cuz I didn’t want to worry you. So I didn’t tell you.” “Well, we both learned something then. One not to have pain and not tell anyone for you. For me to make certain that if I think something is wrong then I need to ask you immediately and not dismiss it.” “Yepper.” Alejandro’s says and smiles, then turns on some new toons to watch. About half an hour later he hears a ruckus and knows dam good and well its Julia coming down the hall. Somebody must a made her mad. Because he can hear her down the hall. “Whatchoo mean dat boy cant have nuthin good to eats. He gotsta eat soup with nuthin in it. No sur he aint gon be doin dat no sur. He gon have him a big hearty breakfas. I gots it all rights here.” Within seconds he watches her walk into the room like she owns the whole dam hospital. Julius just behind her carrying a bag. Her with a massive picnic basket. “Hows my boy dis mornin?” She asks with a huge grin. “I am just fine.” Eric says. “You jus hush you know I not be talkin to the likes uh you.” “I am feeling pretty good Miss Julia. Thanks for asking.” Alejandro says. “We brought you up some legos. Grad Poppi Rich says you loves to play with them when you was up here last time.” He says and sits them on the end of the bed. “Cool thanks Julius.” Alejandro says obviously pleased at the thought. “Now les get sumthin in yo belly now.” Julia says and starts pulling out what looks to be enough to feed about 14 people. She sits a plate out for Alejandro and puts on some eggs and bacon. She knows he loves that. Then she slip some french toast out of another container and puts it on the plate and butters it and pours a generous portion of syrup over it. Then she pulls out a mixture of different fruits she know Alejandro loves. She pours him a glass of juice and a glass of milk. She opens another container and pulls out fresh blueberries for the top of Alejandro’s French toast because he likes it that way. She pulls out a can of whipped cream and tops it off with that. She then pulls out some patty sausages and puts them on another plate with a couple pieces of toast she smears jelly on before she sits it down. Everyone is just watching wondering whats next. “Eat up baby.” She says. “Julia. Rich and I both couldn’t eat all that food. Who are you feeding here?” Eric says laughing making the boys giggle. Julia just titters at him and goes on and tucks a napkin on Alejandro’s lap. “You eats what you want baby. If yo daddy don be nice to me I aint gon get him the thermos uh coffee is brought for him.” Eric throws his hands up in front of him. “What I am nice I promise I wont tease you again for a good five minutes.” “That’s about right all you can keep that tongue o yours.” She says smiling and getting him the coffee. Eric takes a long sip. “You halkalı escort may be the meanest woman on the planet. But, you make a great cup of coffee.” “Five seconds be more like it.” She says laughing. After Alejandro and Julius and Eric ate his breakfast there were still left overs on the plates. “You boys didn’t hardly eat nuthin.” She says wagging a finger at them. “I am stuffed so much I think food is coming out of the cut on my side.” Alejandro says making them all laugh. “We gots to get back now.” Julia says packing up all the dishes and whatnot she had brought. She exits as she enters in a whirlwind Julius in tow. That’s exactly what happened the next morning too less her having to put someone in their place. Then Alejandro was released in good standing around 5 that night. When he got home they had prepared a little party for his welcome home. Just the “family” and Joy. They all had fun and Alejandro says around 8 he is tired and Eric takes him up the stairs because he thinks that would be too hard on him. He gets him undressed and bathes both of them. He takes Alejandro to his room and he gets into bed too. He flicks on the TV and listens to Alejandro drop off into wonder land and begin his light snore. Eric always thinks its so cute. He watches TV and after a few hours of ridiculousness he turns it off and goes to sleep. The next morning he is awake before Alejandro and waits to go pee because he doesn’t want to leave him alone. After about half an hour Alejandro wakes and Eric goes to the restroom with him He grabs their robes and he carries Alejandro downstairs to breakfast. They have breakfast and all day long Julia is noticing Eric isn’t ever not by his boys side. “Mr Eric can I talk to you a minute?” She asks. “Sure.” Eric gets up and walks over to the door she is standing in. She starts to walk to the kitchen. “Wait hey here is good.” He says after her. “C’mom Mr Eric its private.” She says never even slowing. Eric looks back at Alejandro. He races after her. She is in the kitchen and he is in the doorway so e can see into the living room. “Mr Eric youse gotsta calm down and leave that boy be. I bet you even sits in their with him when go go boom boom too.” “Well…” “Aint no wells. You got scared and that’s good. But, he OK now. He aint perfect yet but he getting there. You jus sit down here and have a coffee.” She says and pours him a cup and sits it in his spot. “But, what if..” “What if the sky dun fell on us. Jus sit down and relax he fine. You gon go with him on his honeymoon too?” “Maybe.” Eric says half seriously. “Well no of course not.” “Jus relax he a boy he gone have things happen. We cant protect them all the time. Youse thinks you can but youse cant.” “I know I just worry. Now more then ever.” “Why his appendix gone burst again?” Eric starts chuckling. “Fine I get your point.” He sits down and relaxes for the first time since the night Alejandro came in waking him in pain. It feels really nice he thinks. “You know I am going to be scared as shit when he goes to school next week?” “And that be nex week.” “True.” He says and sips his coffee. Rich meanders out of his room and grabs some coffee and sits down. They all sit and chat for a couple hours until Julia says its time for her to make lunch for all the bums around here. So they all have lunch and then a snack when Julius gets home from school. That’s pretty much the way the next two and a half weeks went until Alejandro was recovered enough to get to school. Alejandro on the fourth day did tell Eric that he didn’t want to be carried down the steps that he has to do it on his own. Eric almost cried him showing independence and he was proud of him as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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