Treasure hunt

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Treasure huntAs i got into my car after a long day at work i had a semi, I’d had it almost the whole of the day due to the fact thers a pair of plump sluts at my work place. Both of these chunky babes wear skin tight leggings and tight polo shirts. I had spent most of the time watching their fat arses jiggling up and down, occasionally bending over to pick stuff up giving a glimpse of heaving tits. So my cock was utterly teased, as i drove home my mind wondered as i thought my sister-in-law wears pretty much the same thing for her job, many times she has been at the house talking to my mrs. I have had plenty of chance to view her big arse. Anyway I’m crusing down the motorway with my solid cock out without a care in the world, as i took the exit i had to stuff my throbbing dick back into my pants as there was traffic. Soon i was pulling into the driveway with a huge pair of spunk filled nuts between my legs, i jumped out kadıköy escort the car and hoped my mrs was in the mood, i was going to fuck her while telling her about those 2 slags at work. I didn’t get the chance as soon as i opened the door i see my mrs and her sister standing and chatting, i say hi and squeeze past them in the hallway making sure to pause and press my engorged member into my mrs as i give her a quick kiss. I notice my sister in law Isn’t wearing her work gear so as i keep walking towards the bathroom i ask, no work today? But she smiles and says ‘i finished early’ for a split second i wonder if both girls notice I’m hard and about to go and relieve myself in the bathroom. I shrug and keep walking, as i open the bathroom door i hear my sister-in-law say ‘sorry about the mess’ i say its ok thinking what does she mean? üsküdar escort THATS WHEN I SEE IT. The treasure all men hope to find, there on the bathroom floor is my sister-in-laws worn knickers and leggings. I drop my trousers and my cock is standing straight up and already leaking precum, i pick up the knickers and leggings, the knickers are lacy and silky, by the looks of it they have been wedged up her fat arse all day. I had a sniff of her leggings first, they had that typical cheap perfume and fresh body odor to them. My dick was aching it was so hard. I don’t even think about the girls just down the hallway as i inhale the sweet knickers, my sister-in-law must have had a good day because they smelt so good, so fresh and musky. With only a couple of strokes my balls were tight and i was spraying hot cum into my sister-in-laws knickers, trying not to make any noise while tuzla escort my knees buckled and i let out a stifled grunt.. _i threw down the clothes thinking nothing of it and half stumbled out the bathroom. “you ok babe?” my mrs says as i head to the front room, isay yeah long day. My mrs tells me to put my feet up in the living room as she goes to make a cup of tea, my sister-in-law heads towards the bathroom. I think oh shit i thought id have time but no. As i wait in the living room i wonder if shes seen my load all over her knickers. My thought is interrupted as they both come back at the same time. I make an excuse to go back to the bathroom, my heart is pounding as i wonder what will happen, i pick up the knickers, they had been moved, to my suprise there was no cum to be seen, shocked and horny i go too face the music. But as i sit down its a tranquil scene, theres tea and scones on the coffee table. My sister-in-law asks if she can have some cream for her scones and my mrs goes to get it, my sister-in-law looks me in the eyes and opens her legs giving me a view up her skirt. She snaps her legs shut as my mrs comes in, my sister-in-law takes a dollop of cream on her fingers and while still looking me in the eyes says “second time today ive had freshcream”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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