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Subject: Trent Asks Daddy for a Boyfriend – Part 1 (Gay / Adult Youth) Trent Asks Daddy for a Boyfriend – Part 1 (Gay / Adult Youth) This is a work of fiction and fantasy. There is no truth to any of it and any similarities to real people is a pure coincidence. This is my first story of this nature. If you don’t enjoy man-boy sexual fantasies then please close out now. I welcome feedback and would love to hear your favorite ota *********************** Let me start by introducing myself. My name is David, I’m 32 years old and consider myself a “regular” guy. I work in insurance and I’m divorced with a young son. My ex-wife took off a few years ago with some guy she met at work. My son Trent just turned 9 and I’ve had full custody of him since his mom left and we’ve had no contact with her. We are better off that way because I think she got involved with drugs near the end of our marriage. I’ve always been a little p*rverted and always had a deviant side in my sexual tastes. I like public exposure and voyeurism as well as other fantasies that some would consider abnormal or taboo. I can’t help what makes my dick hard. I’ve had many gay experiences in my life and think about men more now since my divorce. For a while I have suspected my son might be gay. He just turned 9, but I notice him watching men at the beach and in locker rooms. He is also very interested in the men in the fitness magazines I have around the house, etc. Trent and I are nude a lot at home. We shower and bathe together. I’ve often wondered if boys can experience sexual pleasure at a young age. Trent has always gotten frequent erections, from early diaper changes to current lotion and soap routines as we bathe and get ready for bed, etc. We giggle about our boners in the shower and we pee together sometimes and things like that; we’re not shy about our bodies. One night out of the blue when I was getting him ready for bed Trent asked, “Daddy, can boys like me have a boyfriend?” I was shocked. My suspicions were also confirmed that my son must be gay. “Of course they can, buddy. Is there a boy at school that you like?” I asked. Trent squished his face and said, “No. I umm was kinda meaning like a man boyfriend?” My eyes got big but I didn’t want to make him feel bad for asking, so I asked to be sure, “Do you mean can a boy like you be boyfriends with a man?” With a big smile, “Yeah. Like that!” I paused to think, “Well, I suppose you could but it would have to be a very big secret because some people might think it’s very naughty.” Trent looked sad and didn’t say anything. My cock started to stir at the thought. “Buddy, would you um want Daddy to help you find a boyfriend? Is that something you would want?” I couldn’t believe what I was asking my barely 9 year old son. “For real, Daddy?! You would?” His face lit up. My son was instantly excited for me to find a man to explore with and I must admit I was super horny thinkng about it too. I had no idea where to even start looking for a man like this, but as I kissed Trent goodnight on his forehead I promised to try to indeed help him find a boyfriend – a man boyfriend. A few days later when Trent and I were out in the yard one of the new neighbors walked by. He waved casually and we both said hello. The first thing I noticed was how handsome he was, but the second thing I noticed was how he kept staring at my little shirtless boy who was playing in the yard under the hose, and how Trent kept looking at the man with a big smile. My p*rverted mind began to race. Could this be the guy that my son would fall in love with? The freindly handsome man kept walking. A day later from the window I saw he was walking by the house again. This time I decided to go out and introduce myself. What the hell, right? I learned that his name was Jake and he had just bought the house on the corner near us. What I found interesting is that he didn’t hide his interest in Trent at all. He quickly asked what my “handsome little guy’s” name was and wondered where he was right now. I told him Trent was inside playing with his Legos and that he had just turned 9 last week. Jake said he thought he was much younger and I explained Trent had always been small for his age. In no time we both noticed that each other’s cock were half hard in our shorts as we talked about my small young son. I gave him a knowing look as we chatted about Trent and he discreetly adjusted and squeezed his own cock through his shorts. I was instantly horny and excited. We exchanged numbers and I told him I would text him later. We texted all week. We kept sharing more and more details about ourselves over a few days and I got so comfortable I finally got the courage to tell him what Trent had asked for. He was immediately interested. Holy fuck! I was so hard typing to this guy. I learned that he had no experience with boys but he liked talking about it and jerked off about it all the time and has always wanted to meet a dad like me. To top it all off, he was 42 and owned a garage – a mechanic, a real manly man. Once the p*rvy cat was out of the bag we began talking on the phone. One night it was late and Trent was in bed and here I was with my hard on in my hand talking to a masculine neighbor about his fantasies of gently molesting young boys! Fuck! He was very interested in talking more and more about mine. I told him Trent played soccer and he was so small because his mom was very petite. I told him he is not a shy boy and he loves making new friends. Jake said he loved Trent’s brown wavy hair, freckles, and that he had the cutest smile with those couple missing teeth. Jake also said it made his cock drool that Trent was so small for his age which made him appear several years younger than he actually was. Jake talked about how he wanted to just be kind and friendly with Trent and get to know him and not even do anything sexual if Trent and I weren’t ready for it. He offered to just come over and read stories to my boy or help with his bath, and just get to know him, etc. He said we could beat our dicks after Trent was in bed if that made me more comfortable. He shared that escort izmit his biggest fantasy was dating a boy and being a real boyfriends. Part of me was terribly nervous about this whole thing and then another part of me wanted him to come over right NOW! On the phone while we were talking about Trent I asked him if he was jerking off. He admitted he was. I told him I was too. He asked me to describe Trent’s body because he was about to cum. I told him again how even though he just turned 9 that he looked several years younger. I also described his little smooth legs as being strong from soccer and how his tiny white buns were so round from running a lot and so smooth and soft. Of course Trent is completely hairless from the neck down and Jake wanted me to keep saying that and describing his hairlessness. When I started to describe Trent’s little penis I could hear Jake breathing heavy. I was close too. I told him how Trent’s peepee was circumcised and small and how it gets rock hard like steel when I wash it and if I keep it hard in the shower for more than a minute or two the tiny head gets bright pink. About the size of a small raspberry, his little boy penis head is perfectly shaped with a slightly flared little mushroom ridge and the tiniest pee slit that stays slightly open when he is very erect. When fully erect his little boner also has visible thin blue veins on the shaft and it almost presses right on the skin of his smooth pubic area – so small at barely 2″ but hard as a nail. When I described Trent’s balls as the size of two small peanuts in a soft tight wrinkly pouch I heard Jake bust his nut. As he moaned and growled he said, “This is all for you, Trent little buddy!” I came too, a huge wad all over my stomach as I listened to the p*do mechanic cum while thinking about my son’s naked little body. That was a Wednesday and Jake and I had agreed for him to come over that Friday night. He agreed that we could do as much or as little as I was comfortable with. I know it sounds naive but I felt a bond with this guy and I trusted him so we even made plans for him to possibly spend the night. On Thursday when texting I was asking about his job and I was pleasantly surprised that he sent two pics of himself standing in his garage working on two different trucks. So sexy. He looked so tall and super masculine and I could see some chest hair popping out the top of his tight black t-shirt. Jake had a black buzz cut and a neat mid-length dark beard… and kind eyes. Thinking about this real man with my son was enough to make me explode again. He didn’t send any dick pics but he had told me that his dick was about 8″ long, average girth, and uncut. He said his balls were extra large like many middle-aged men and hung low and loose. He was very excited when I told him my boy had never seen foreskin as we are both cut. That evening as I was getting Trent ready for bed I casually told him that I might have a potential boyfriend for him. His eyes lit up when I told him I invited the man over for dinner Friday night. “Who is it Daddy?! Is he cute?! Do you think he will like me?! Can I kiss him?!” Trent asked excitedly. “Ha ha! Slow down buddy! Do you remember seeing the new neighbor who moved in down the street? The one with the beard and the truck?” Trent’s eyes got huge. “YES!” I know him! He walked by yesterday after school and he told me he liked my chalk drawings on the driveway. He’s SO cute, Daddy! He’s Mr. Jake!” I had no idea they had already met and that Jake had flirted with my son. Why did it make me do horny?! “Does he want to be my boyfriend, Daddy?” Trent asked. “Well,” I explained, “Jake is really excited to get to know you better. I know that much. I also know he fixes cars and trucks and you love cars and trucks. I’ve told him a lot about you and Jake said he couldn’t wait to go on a date with you, but I told him I needed to get to know him better before taking you out on your own. That’s why invited him for dinner. Does that sound ok? We can make pizzas and you two can play games or maybe he will read to you and stuff,” I said. “Can I kiss him?” Trent asked. “Well, buddy you just let that kind of stuff all happen at a pace you are both comfortable with, ok?” Sleepily, Trent simply agreed and said, “Ok. I wanna ask him about trucks.” I tucked him in and kissed him and as I walked out of his room I noticed my cock had a semi from telling my son about the bearded sexy man that’s coming over for their first date. I wanted to call Jake and beat off, but I decided to save my load. Later that night I took a pic of Trent while he was sound asleep in his bed and I sent it to Jake. In the pic Trent had tossed most of the covers off him and was just in his Captain America briefs laying on his back. His tiny little bulge showed well in the dim light and his smooth tummy and little light brown nipples were on full display. He looked so young and small and so cute – all boy. About 30 minutes later I heard my phone vibrate and it was a text from Jake. A pic! I paused before opening it and then clicked on the attachment. As I had hoped it was a pic of Jake’s fully hard p*dophile dong. Fuck, it was hot. As he had described, it looked long and veiny. Jake had trim and very dark pubes and his ball sack was massive and so fucking sexy. A real manly hooded dick with nuts the size of a softball. Even totally hard the foreskin still covered about 3/4 of Jake’s head, yet I could see it was silky and shiny and darker than his shaft. I was immediately erect and then I noticed what he wrote… “I really hope Trent likes me. Maybe I can be his boyfriend for a very long time.” Oh fuck! This sexy fucking mechanic with bull balls and a long cock was dying to date my barely 9 year old son. My heart was racing. I responded with, “I’m sure he will like you. I am so excited to watch your relationship grow.” And I attached two pics, Trent’s soccer pic from last year and another one of him alseep in his size 6 underoos on the couch from a few days ago. Jake responded literally 30 seconds later with a pic of his beefy mechanic hand around his swollen dong izmit rus escort and a huge cum load all down the long veiny shaft and dripping onto his big ball bag. “Thanks for the pic. Trent looks so cute – good enough to eat. Made me cum instantly. Can’t wait for our first date, man.” I couldn’t sleep that night. I kept looking at Jake’s cock pics and thinking about Trent’s reaction when he sees it some day. How will he react? How will Jake get to that point? How will Jake react to seeing Trent’s little bald peepee and naked bum for the first time? I tossed and turned and stayed hard all night, but I didn’t beat off. Friday came and all I could think about was Jake’s visit and Trent’s reaction. As I was getting him ready for school, Trent asked, “Daddy, is Mr. Jake still coming to our date tonight?” “Yes he sure is buddy. He is very excited to play and have fun.” Trent smiled big as he brushed his teeth with 2 missing in the front. I started to get semi again thinking of Jake’s long dong in that cute little toothless face. I brought the boy to school and myself to work. After work I picked him up from daycare and picked up a couple frozen pizzas for dinner. He was so excited to have pizza with his new mechanic boyfriend. It was 5:00 o’clock, an hour before Jake was scheduled to arrive and my phone rang. It was Jake. I answered nervously hoping he wasn’t backing out of our planned fun. It was, however, quite the opposite; he was calling with an idea. “Hey man I was thinking. What if you turned off your air conditioning (it was June in Florida), and if Trent asks, tell him it broke.” “Ok,” I agreed hesitantly, not quite understanding. “I was just trying to think of a natural way to lose some clothes when I arrived. What do you think?” “I think it’s a great idea,” I said as I went to the thermostat and set it to 82°. “See you at 6:00, Jake,” I said. “Well,” Jake replied, “About that…I was excited so I’m walking your way now. That ok, man?” “Definitely!” I said, maybe sounding a little too excited. “Ok. See you in a few minutes, buddy.” “Perfect!” I hung up, my heart racing, and my p*rv cock half hard again. I was dressed casually in black gym shorts and gray t-shirt. I told Trent to wear his soccer shorts and he insisted on his yellow Pikachu t-shirt. Before I knew it the doorbell rang. My heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t believe all the years of fantasizing was becoming a reality. I opened the door and my cock twitched as a smiling handsome bearded mechanic stood there looking me in the eyes. He immediately shook my hand firmly and gave me a rough bear hug. “David! How you been?!” “I’m good man!” I replied. Jake was wearing the same tight black t-shirt as in his pics. He had such a great masculine body and a nice tight pair of jeans on… and a very visible nice package. I could tell he had put on cologne too. How cute. As I was staring at the bearded man who was there to date my little boy, I heard Trent running up behind me. “Hi Mr. Jake!” he said with a smile. He is definitely not shy. Jake squatted and put both arms out. “Trent?! I’m so excited to hang out with you tonight!” Jake said as the boy hopped into his arms and he stood up with my little guy on his hip like a much younger child. I noticed as Trent wrapped his legs around Jake’s waist and he clung his arms around his neck, Jake’s big hand was on the little butt holding on tight. This night was off to a great start. “C’mon in, man,” I welcomed Jake into my home as he held my 9 year old son in his big arms. As he walked to the couch and sat down I noticed he had an overnight bag with him. My dick twitched. “We’re making pizza!” Trent said. “Good! I’m starving,” Jake responded as he pretended to nibble down on Trent’s neck. Trent giggled and laughed as the masculine mechanic pretended to nibble and eat my son’s neck. Damn he’s good, I thought. Jake and Trent talked and horsed around while I got the pizza ready. Trent was asking him all about fixing cars and trucks and even asked to visit his garage sometime. They were really hitting it off. Jake was great with him. Trent sat on his lap as we ate at the table and Jake got more and more handsy and Trent loved it. Jake’s big rough hand even made its way up the back of Trent’s little t-shirt as he softly rubbed his back. They immediately seemed connected. Suddenly we all noticed the temperature. “Man, do you not have A.C.?” Jake asked with a wink. “You know what? I noticed earlier it wasn’t working. I’ll have to call the repair man in the morning,” I lied. “Daddy it’s hot in here!” my boy agreed. “Sorry guys. There’s nothing I can do about it tonight. Let’s see if it’s cooler in the living room.” Sitting on the couch with Trent right by his side after dinner, Jake asked, “Do either of you guys mind if I take my shirt off. I’m all sweaty.” “Go for it,” I said with a horny grin. Jake turned to Trent. “Will you help me, kiddo?” Trent nodded eagerly and grabbed the bottom of Jake’s black t-shirt as he raised his beefy arms. Trent had to stand next to him on the couch to get the shirt off over Jake’s arms. Trent peeled off the man’s shirt and threw it on the floor and stood next to him and stared. Jake had a great body, manly and furry. I wondered if this was the first time of many that my son would be undressing his adult boyfriend. “I look like an ape don’t I, kiddo?” Jake asked Trent as Trent continued to look at the man’s furry chest, big erect dark brown nipples, and strong chest. (I am not hairy so this was new for Trent.) Trent giggled at the ape comment and Jake touched his own fur and made ape sounds. “Are you hot too little buddy?” Jake asked Trent. I sat across the room in a chair and watched as Trent just nodded. Jake grabbed the bottom of Trent’s little yellow Pikachu t-shirt and Trent instinctively raised his arms. Jake slowly stripped the shirt off my son. When Trent’s eyes were covered by the shirt Jake looked at me and mouthed the words, `I want him so fucking bad.’ My cock started to swell. Jake threw Trent’s shirt on the floor with his and said, “That feels much better, kocaelide escort huh?” Trent nodded, still standing on the couch, now in just his soccer shorts. Jake was almost drooling looking at my son’s little smooth boy body up and down. I noticed a very uncomfortable looking bulge in Jake’s jeans too. “You’re definitely not an ape. No fur on you anywhere!” Jake laughed and checked under the 9 year old’s smooth armpits and felt his immature smooth boy chest with his big rough hands. “Know what? I’m still hot. Are you?” Jake asked. “Yes!” Trent giggled. “Wanna have an undies party?!?” Jake asked. Trent looked at me nervously. “Don’t look at me” I said “It’s your date. Whatever you two wanna do is ok with me.” Trent smiled and smartly asked, “An undies party for ALL of us?” “If you want, buddy! I know I’m still very hot in these jeans,” said Jake as he winked at me with a big smile through his sexy dark beard. “Who’s first?” Jake asked. “You!!” Trent yelled giggling and pointing at Jake. “Me?!” Jake chuckled. “Ok ok. Will you help me get my hot jeans off?” Jake asked as he began to stand in front of Trent. Trent was still standing on the couch in just his soccer shorts. The mechanic stood right in front of him in his jeans. Both were shirtless and about to get into their underwear. The 42 year old mechanic and my just turned 9 year old little boy – who looked several years younger. One was big and masculine and furry and horny, and one was a child, smiling with missing teeth and a smooth immature hairless little skinny body. Needless to say I was hard as fuck. Trent was also on cloud nine. Jake unbuttoned his jeans and said, “You do the rest, kiddo.” Trent looked at me with big eyes and I smiled and nodded my approval for him to continue undressing his date. We all watched the tiny little hands unzip the man’s jeans with the obscene bulge. Trent unzipped them all the way with a big smile on his face. His little fingers innocently grazing Jake’s warm lump in the underwear. I was excited to see that Jake was wearing tighty whities. Trent’s little hand took the sides of Jake’s jeans and began to pull them down. I had a great view of Jake’s round masculine ass and Trent’s fascinated face as he undressed the masculine adult man in front of him. I can think of few things hotter than watching a little boy unzip a man’s jeans and pull them off him. Trent had the biggest smile on his face that I had ever seen. Soon the jeans fell to the floor and Jake stepped out of them and stood even closer to Trent. A hot p*do in his underwear in front of my kid, and when I got a good side view of his package I could definitely tell his nuts were indeed huge and his cock was erect. “Much better!” Jake said with a big smile stretching and making ape sounds again, raising his arms and showing his dark furry armpits. Watching Trent look at Jake’s manly body and obvious boner in his underwear was driving me crazy. The boy was in awe of the big almost naked man in front of him. Their first date. The adult boyfriend he had asked for. “Your turn now, Trent?” Jake asked. Trent excitedly nodded. Jake got down on his knees in front of the couch as Trent still stood on it. His face was now at the height of my little boy’s waist. I felt a wet spot in my underwear as Jake slowly pulled off my son’s black size 6 satiny soccer shorts. As Trent’s undies were revealed Jake said, “Woah! Superman undies?!” Trent beamed as the shorts went down his smooth little boy legs. He stepped out of them and stood proudly in front of the man in just his adorable undies with his arms folded like Superman. “Look at you, Superman!” Jake said as he placed his big warm man hands on Trent’s shoulders and moved them down his arms and his waist and his sporty little hairless boy legs. Jake then took his big manly finger and began to trace the big “S” on the front of my young son’s underwear. Of course tracing the “S” over and over was just an excuse to feel Trent’s tiny penis through his undies… this quickly turned into light molestation. I was hard as a rock watching the man we had just met fondle the tiny genitals through the thin cotton of the child’s cartoon undies. Jake gently massaged Trent’s stiffening little penis and barely-there testicles and kept saying how much he loved Superman. All 3 of us were in Heaven staring at the man as he touched the little boy’s genitals through the underoos with one hand as the other hand kept moving up and down Trent’s little legs. Big calloused manly fingers with grease-stained nails fondled and touched and massaged and molested over and over as the 9 year old penis became a small but rigid little stiffy. Barely two inches of erection now tented the super hero Underoos. “Oops” Jake said, and then began to whisper, “I think touching your Superman undies made your pickle all stiff!” He lightly pinched Trent’s little boner shaft through his undies feeling it’s small firmness. (Fuck! So hot!) A little embarrassed and trying to deflect, Trent giggled at the hard pickle comment and said, “Yours is too! Yours is too!” He pointed at Jake’s obvious long manly hard cock in his white briefs. “Your pickle is all hard too!” Trent said again. Jake stood up and slightly more serious said, “Well kiddo mine’s more of a cucumber than a pickle. Don’t you think?” And he grabbed his firm erection through his underwear and shook it a little. We all laughed because it truly looked like a cucumber in the underwear. I could feel the tension and excitement in the air. Suddenly Trent said, “Daddy you’re not in our undies party!!” Jake quickly said, “I can fix that.” He walked over to me and roughly took my shirt off over my head and whispered, “Your kid is so fucking sexy man and I’m so fucking horny for him. I’m gonna be his first boyfriend, man.” We looked in each other’s eyes and he then slowly pulled down my gym shorts revealing my pre-cum stained gray boxer briefs hiding my painfully hard dick. Again he whispered, “Tell me what you want, David.” I simply replied, “He wants you. Molest him, man. Make my boy feel so good. I can tell he really likes you. He wants this.” Jake kissed my forehead and turned to Trent and said, “Anyone else in this undies party STILL hot?” Trent smiled with two front teeth missing and a little tent in his Underoos as the sexy mechanic approached him… End of Part 1

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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