Truth Prevails

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Truth PrevailsMy wife and I have been married for 31 years. We both are 49, work out, eat healthy and look much younger than our age. Our oldest c***d is 30 and our youngest 18 and off to college. There is no such thing here as empty nest syndrome. Our sex life decreased over the years since our last c***d was born. Mainly because of our jobs keeping us out of town for half the month, usually at different times, as well as the k**s. Most know the drill of our situation.I thought that most of the frustration was on me as my wife seemed disinterested in any attempts at sex. I began to masterbate more than any man should. I never strayed with another woman, never wanted to get into that disaster. You know, perhaps another k** comes along or even worse, castration from my wife.However, I always had a desire to be with another man. Little did I know that my wife had also had a desire to be with another woman. But it is a bit early in the story for this information. I do believe that any man or woman, given the opportunity, would in fact be with the same sex. Most do not want to admit it though.I had an affair with a man for many years. He was married with k**s as well, same situation and of course we told no one. I never tried anal sex, in me or in him. I just could not seem to go that far and thought the experience was just plain wrong. We sure mastered blow jobs and after time, I sure loved to swallow a hot load. We moved and the relationship was over.Although the sex with my wife was rare, it was good. I enjoyed giving her oral pleasure, making her cum as many times as she would allow. She refused to let me penetrate her, and said she just did not like it anymore. I would either masterbate, or just roll over and go to sleep …. frustrated again but with thoughts of cock sliding down my throat. What a mental mess I became.Now understand that my wife and I have a great life together. Best friends and enjoy the same things. I am truly blessed. I was not sure what I lacked though. So, I began a search for my male identity. I started with tattoos. My wife hated them, but allowed. At age 30, I got a prince albert ( for so many reasons, too numerous to state here ). This really pissed off my wife, but what the hell, I wanted it and since she never touched my dick anyway, why would she care. I wear a 0 gauge segment ring, and it is permanent. By the way men, I highly recommend getting one. Last year while we were on vacation, I got both nipples pierced, celtabet giriş now wearing 6 gauge segement rings. I highly recommend this for both men and women. The sensations are increased. Sure wish I had this all done when I was in high school.I started to feel that I had achieved my passage from boy to man with these piercings. I felt good about how they looked and how they made me feel. Of serious note here guys, and just for the record …. I am a grower and not a shower. I have larger than usual balls, but my dick is 6.5 inches hard. I hated being soft as it was more like a nub, barely showing over my huge balls. The prince albert took care of that right away, and now I hang 4 inches.And while I am being upfront here, let me tell you that I go commando. Always have.My transformation took a few years, but at least it was taking place. My wife, although did not approve, she was at least supportive. I still yearned for some sex, even more now that things are pierced. Still, something was missing.I was at a party once, and heard of chastity. Long story there, but here is the end result. Since my wife was gone half the month as well as myself, I was able to experiment without being caught. So, I began my search on the subject. Over the last four years, I had tried the plastic ones, the tube only ones, and once a belt. I hated the belt as it was too much on my body. Just give me one that locks my dick and balls up. I wore a Remy for a long time, but it was very easy to slip out of. Plus, I wanted metal. Metal to me was the same as my piercings, it needed to be metal. The longest period of time in chastity for me was two days. Having the key made that possible. Also, I must point out here that my desire for chastity was because I just masterbated too much. I needed to stop. I needed to revert back to being with a person and not my hand. It was starting to work.I found a device that was just over 200 bucks. Very reasonable, only two pieces and all metal. It came from the UK and is the Tickleberry 2(d)ni open end tube. The open end is best because after the Remy, I did not want some hole and the issues of piss smell.I waited the month they said it would take to arrive and yet nothing. I contacted them and they said it was sent, so I knew it was lost in the mail. The search began on both ends.My wife had informed me we were going to her friends for dinner. She had been best friends with Soni for years and I did not really know celtabet yeni giriş her husband. She thought it was time the four of us got together as our interests were the same. News to me. We went and I must say that I liked Paul. I liked him better than I should have in my mind but did well to conceal my desires. Paul and I chatted like most and he seemed to be interested in me as well, more than he should have. During dinner and after, the drinks were flowing. I was feeling a bit woozy and then all of a sudden I was out like a light.When I woke up, I was unable to move. I realized that I was laying on a bench of sorts, spread eagle and tied. My arms were tied down each leg and very secure. I tried to move them but could not. My legs were spread apart and tied as well. Everything was dark as I had a hood on. I could not speak as my mouth had a cock plug. I was shocked and nervous and wondering what had happened. I realized soon that I was safe as my wife was there telling me all the things I thought I had kept secret. She stated she knew of my male affair, and of my cock sucking desires. She knew of my chastity wishes. She then told me that she had been having an affair with Soni and that the two of them had long ago lost the desire of their husbands penises. They had been pleasing each other with their rubber cocks. I was in a state of shock and disbelief. I also wondered where the hell Paul was. Was he in on this. What exactly was going to happen. This situation would scare anyone.My wife told me that she, Soni and Paul have been planning this for months. It all came to happen after my wife got my chastity device and hid it from me. She had been waiting for me to get this for she knew when I ordered it. I was so busted.Paul removed my gag and hood. There I lay, bound and completely naked. Paul was naked as well, except he had on a chastity device. I could not believe my eyes. He had on a metal device very similar to the one I ordered. He told me he had been forced into chastity three years prior because Soni caught him sooner than my wife caught me. He told me that he had been interested in me and that the three of them could not wait to get me involved. Timing they say … is everything.There I was, laying on the table, naked and as hard as a rock. The girls left. Left me at the mercy of Paul. Yet I was not worried. Paul began to suck my dick, flick my balls, and basically edged me for an hour or so. Then without celtabet güvenilirmi warning he stuck my dick and balls in a bag of ice, hooded me again, and said he would be back. I was dying to cum, yet my dick and balls shrunk under the ice prison.Paul came back, said the girls have left for a couple of days and that I was there for his entertainment. He placed my chastity device on and said he was not locking it on. He told me that my wife told him to place this specially made pin in and glue it in. He did just that.There I was, the device on and my dick trying to get hard. It was heavy, but just the right amount of heavy. It was tight around my balls. I was in heaven. Paul stated that the glue would disolve in about 8 months. He told me that the same was done to his device but the time had expired and he was able to remove his. He then removed my hood and for the first time I got a clear view of myself in chastity that I could not and would not be allowed to remove. Paul stood there, completely naked, and sporting a huge hardon with a very large PA.Paul untied my legs, and hoisted them up nearly over my head and retied them to hooks in the ceiling, spread eagle once again. I was speechless. I knew what was going to happen.He told me that he knew my ass was virgin and that his 9 inch dick was going to change that. Not only was I scared, but I was so damn hard, as hard as I could be, and leaking precum all over my belly. With that, Paul got up on the table and pressed some lube in my ass. He said he had not cum in over 7 months as that is how long he had been in his tube. With that, he shoved his pole deep into me. The pain was shocking. The excitement unable to be put into words. He came quickly though and for that I was glad. I had not been violated for very long. After he came and pulled out, he told me to get comfortable as he had taken a viagra and was going to be there awhile. In which he was.The episode with Paul is another story. The ending to this story with my wife is that we are in sexual bliss. I know her secrets as she knows mine. All exposed, our sex life is better than it has ever been. I love being in chastity, and now feel the complete transformation from boy to man. This device is the best I have ever had and although I leak way too much, at least I know I have no choice.The four of us are good friends these days, and it has been only two months that I have been locked up. Paul has been relocked, and he knows that my device comes off before his does, and then it is my turn with him. The girls said they would love to help……In case you are wondering ….. this is a true story. this is the link to the source (I did not right this but i enjoyed reading it a lot):

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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