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turning gayI’d been unemployed for a few months now. I couldn’t collect anything because I had quit the last rotten job, my savings were low and I was in pretty terrible financial shape so I took the last of my money to the local bar to drown my sorrows. It was a Sunday night and the place was empty, I sat at the bar and ordered the cheapest beer on the menu, not getting too buzzed, chatting with the bartender. Eventually an older gentleman came into the bar, early 60s maybe, heavyset. He sat down next to me and we started chatting about little things. He started telling me about his job in computers and how much money he makes (almost bragging to be honest but he was trying to be inspirational) and when the question came up about what I did, I told him I was presently unemployed. He told me he had a position open if I was interested and he invited me to go back to his house with him when we left. It was closing time and he asked if I was following him – I was on foot, so I went along with him in a huge new Mercedes loaded to the T. We drove up to his house listening to the Beatles on the radio I think. His house was huge, giant gates, front doors that were taller than the ceilings in my apartment. We went inside this lavish castle and he offered me a drink from his wetbar. I took a Whiskey and he sat down next to me on the couch. Calmly and almost indifferently he said to me “i’m looking for a boy toy”, with how casual he said it my first response was “like what a baseball bat?” he chuckled hiltonbet giriş and shook his head and corrected me “a live in, a friend to cook, clean and take care of my other needs”. I’m not gay I told him. He then proceeded to rationalize it for me. I didn’t mind hanging out with him, I thought he was an okay guy, I wouldn’t mind living in the house with him and I most certainly have done jobs that i’ve hated before. I told him I couldn’t suck a penis, it just grossed me out and anal sounded too painful. He proceeded to give me an offer, if I let him stick one finger in my ass for 10 minutes and I didn’t like it he’d give me $1,000 cash and I could just leave no strings attached. I mulled it over a bit, and decided it was worth the $1,000 so he escorted me to the bedroom. Where I shyly pulled down my pants as he watched. He took a rubber glove and coated his finger with lube. He instructed me to lay down on my stomach and he sat down next to me and placed his finger on my butthole. With a little pressure and strange sensations I felt it glide in. He wiggled around in there for a little while until he found what he was looking for, he hit something (I now know this was my prostate gland) and my face went flush red, I felt this sensation in my whole body like I had to move my arms. I started frantically thrusting my ass into his finger to get more of the sensation. He took the finger out and I looked at him, he was smiling. Okay deal I told him. So he laid down the hiltonbet yeni giriş rules. I was only to wear the instructed wardrobe, he took out a pair of leather pants that zipped from front to back and vice versa. When he wasn’t home the zipper was to remain locked to the belt in both the front and the back and whenever we went out, I needed to have a buttplug in. He would give me keys to the car and an expense account. He instructed me at that moment to put the leather pants on and take off my shirt and lay on my stomach. I did and he turned me around and undid his belt, button and zipper fairly quickly. Then he unzipped the back of my pants, I could hear him squirting lube onto his hand and then rubbing his cock. I felt him climb ontop of me, line his cock up with my hole then pressure, a slight pain with a very fast lubed slide deep into my anus, I felt it pass what must’ve been another sphincter or something and begin to move in and out quickly massaging my prostate. He fucked me for 2 hours. I was in ecstasy the whole time. When he stopped he passed out with him spooning me I lay there feeling guilty or disgusted or something. It felt great but I felt weird about it. The next day I took a shower and found another pair of those leather pants waiting for me with a belt and a white wife beater. I got dressed and went to the kitchen, he gave me some cash, car keys and told me to move my stuff in. I was a little uneasy when he walked around me and unzipped hiltonbet güvenilirmi my pants without asking permission but I guess I was his now to do with as he wished. He pulled a buttplug and some lube from the drawer, lubed it, and placed it in my asshole as I stood there in the kitchen. He then locked the zippers to the belt with little padlocks and sent me on my way. The car was an older BMW but it was loaded. It felt weird driving around with the buttplug, at first I kinda felt sexy but when I pulled up to the gas station to get gas and cigarettes I felt really self conscious. I could see people looking at me, leather pants obviously aren’t discreet, nor is the zipper running from my ass to my crotch with easily visible padlocks on it. Someone from a driving car yelled out “fag” at me. This was a constant thing. I would almost never leave the house and when I did it would be after he left and i’d pull on some running pants over the leather pants to hide the anal zippers and bondage locks. This worked for a while but when he caught on, he didn’t yell or anything but my clothes a few mornings later had changed. Now it was a leather jumpsuit that zipped to the small of my back with a belt that the back zipper locked to and a collar that the neck locked to. Almost as if to torture me he had the back embossed in gold to say “Cum Dumpster”. One time I had a friend over in the daytime and I wore a bathrobe to hide my leather prison. He came home, took the robe off me and proceeded to fuck me right in front of my friend. I finally gave up and just started acting overly flamboyantly gay. My parents had gotten semi concerned and flew out to visit us. He had loud sex with my that night with my parents right next door. This was my life and if thats what I had to do, I had to do it.

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