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Double Penetration

Uncle and IWe live in a rural area of the state where everyone lives a t a leisurely pace. No rushing as we do our daily living. I am home from college for the summer and an enjoying time off from my studies.Aunt Jo and uncle John have come to visit us for a week. Aunt Jo is mom’s sister and they have come to visit us and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of rural living. Today mom and aunt Jo are going to go shopping in a bigger city a couple hours drive. They will be gone all day and probably not be back until evening. Dad was out of town on business for a couple of more days so that left uncle John and myself by our selves for the day.After mom and aunt Jo left, I asked uncle John if he wanted to go swimming at the lake. Uncle John agreed and I found a pair of dad’s swim trunks. I told uncle John were could change here and walk to the lake as it was only a couple of blocks away. I went in the bathroom and put on my bikini and grabbed a couple of beach towels and as I was returning to the living room I had to go by the bedroom uncle and auntie we using. The door was open a crack and I saw uncle John standing there putting the swimming trunks on. As uncle John was pulling on the trunks, I caught a quick look at his penis. It was quit long hanging down as he pulled up his trunks and it disappeared. He came out of the bedroom and I gave him a towel and we headed for the lake.The beach had people there already swimming. We put down our towels and ran and dove into the water and swam out to the raft. We dove and swam for a while and then went back to shore to get some sun. I got out the sun block and uncle John asked to put some on his back. I smeared his back with sun block and rubbed it in. I laid on one of the towels and asked uncle John to rub sun block on me. Uncle John began with my back rubbing down to my bikini bottoms and then worked on my legs. As he rubbed the sun block on he rubbed some under my bikini bottom giving my thigh a squeeze. We sunned for a while and decided to go back home. When we got home, I went to the bathroom to take off my swim suit. As I removed my bikini top, uncle John enter the bathroom and said”Let me help you with that.” I jumped and said “Uncle John!! What are doing in here!!” “I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful your are and wanted to see you naked.” “Here, let me take those off.” as uncle John reached over to my bikini bottom and pulled it down to my ankles.“Come.” uncle John said and took my hand and lead me to the bedroom. “I saw you looking at me when I was putting on my swimming trunks.”When we entered the bedroom, uncle John embraced me, reached behind me and squeezed my ass. “You have the most beautiful body and I have wanted to feel it for a long while.” I could feel his penis rising as we embraced and then uncle John took me and laid me on my back on the bed. I couldn’t take my eyes off his penis as it now was at its fullest and stuck straight out from him. It must of been 9 or 10 klasbahis yeni giriş inches long and I would guess at least 2 plus inches in diameter. Uncle John slowly spread my legs apart exposing my hairless pussy. He smiled and took his penis in his hand and began to rub it against my pussy. The head of his penis felt hot as it rubbed my pussy lips. My pussy lips began to part and then uncle John rubbed it’s hot head around the opening to my vagina. I was beginning to get wet and uncle John noticed that and began to ease his penis into my vagina. He took his time and I felt my vagina stretch as he pushed more and more of his hot penis into my vagina. He had gotten about half of his penis into me when I felt the head touch my uterus. Oh, uncle John was making me feel so good. His huge penis was stretching my vagina as he fed more of his penis into me.“Don’t stop uncle John, don’t stop. I want to feel all of your hot cock in me.” Uncle John smiled and gave a final push and he filled my vagina with all of his penis. “You fit like a glove. Now lets fuck!” With that uncle John began to pump his penis in and out of my hot stretched pussy. God it felt so good to be filled with a hot big cock. Uncle John then reached up and pushed my arms above my head and held them as he bent his head forward and took one of my stiff nipples into his mouth and sucked it hard. This sent shivers trough my body. As he kept my hands above my head, he slowly withdrew his cock from my filled pussy with it rubbing and pulling on my clit and then pushed it back into me again.My body was shivering with increased intensity as uncle John pumped his penis in and out of my steaming pussy. Uncle John let out a low groan and pushed his penis hard into my pussy and I felt like his cock head was trying to go into my womb. “Shit, I’m going to fill you with my seed. I’m going to cum in you!!!” Uncle John then pulled his penis back and as he pushed it deeper into me my body exploded into the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced and as I was riding this wave of orgasmic pleasure, it felt like uncle John’s cock was getting bigger and he groaned and grunted as I felt uncle John’s hot cum shoot into me. Every time he released his sperm into my convulsing pussy, another wave of pleasure ran through my body. My orgasm continued after uncle John had stopped cumming and as I finally came down from my ecstasy, uncle John’s cock sipped out from my over fill pussy with his cum flowing down over my ass.I looked up at uncle John and smiled as his limp cock hung between his legs. “God I have waited a long to feel my cock in your cunt and it was worth the wait.” “Your aunt Jo would only let me fuck her now and then. She likes to masturbate me and suck on the head of my cock until I cum and fill her mouth with jizz. She says that I’m to big for her pussy.” I looked at uncle John and asked “Does auntie Jo let you do her ass?” “Hell no, she will let me klasbahis giriş go down on her with my mouth and lick and suck her cunt and clit and sometimes let me fuck her asshole with my finger til she cums, but never does she let me do her ass.” “I know she likes it when her asshole is played with and I insert a finger up it, but never my cock. I know she would enjoy it and for sure I would be able to give her and pleasure her with every last inch of my cock.”I than rolled over and said “Uncle John, would you fuck me in the ass. I want you to fuck me in my asshole and feel your hot cum filling my ass.” “Would you do that uncle John.” Uncle John moved closer to the bed and said “Get on your hands and knees and show me your ass.” I did as uncle John asked and I felt his hand on my ass as his fingers probed my puckering ass. Uncle John moved closer and I then felt the hotness of his now erect cock between my ass cheeks. Uncle John the reached down to my still dripping pussy and scooped up some spent cum and then rubbed around my asshole and inserted a finger to lube me up and to relax my sphincter. I felt good when he pushed his finger in my ass. Uncle John then removed his finger and moved closer and I felt his hot cock head push against my sphincter. “Relax you ass, relax your ass.” I took a deep breath and uncle John’s cock head popped past my sphincter and into my ass. “You’re so tight baby, you’re asshole is so tight.” and he thrust his hips forward and he hot cock began to slide deep into my ass. The rubbing or my sphincter as his hot cock slide by shot pleasure through me. “Fuck my ass uncle John fuck my ass with all your cock!!” I shouted and uncle John complied and fucked my ass hard. I reached up with my hand began to feverishly rubbing mu cunt and clit and now my orgasm was building and I was going to explode with ecstasy. “Cum with me uncle John, cum with me.” Uncle John increased his speed and I yelled “I’m here, I’m cumming!!!” and uncle John gave one last lunge and his cock began to spew hot cum into my hot convulsing ass as my orgasm over took me and I collapsed on my belly with uncle John still in my ass.Uncle John pulled out of my ass and we both went and took a shower together. We then went out in the back yard and laid down on a blanket and got some sun. After an hour or so, we came back in the house and I asked uncle John how muck of his cock could auntie Jo take when she sucked him off. “Auntie Jo only puts the head into her mouth and jerks me til I cum.” said uncle John. “Let me give you a blow job uncle John.” I said. Uncle John smiled at me and took my hand and led me to the bedroom. He sat me on the bed, faced me and pulled his pants down and stepped out of them and stood there with his limp cock in front of my face. I’ve never seen such a large cock in the flaccid state. I reached up with my hand and put it around his warm soft cock. I then brought the head up to my mouth and licked klasbahis güvenilirmi the tip with my tongue. Uncle John’s cock jumped when I licked it. I then licked it from the head down to his pubic hair. Uncle John’s cock grew bigger as I licked and squeezed it and soon was sticking straight out. “Wait here, I Want to measure it.” I got up and went to the desk in the living room and got a plastic ruler and some string. When I got back, I massaged uncle John’s cock to make it as stiff as possible and took the ruler and put at the base and read the number at it’s tip. “You measure 7 3/4 inches uncle John.” Now I measured the diameter at its thickest part and that was 2 inches. “Wow, uncle John you have a monster cock.”With uncle John smiling, I began to suck his cock and started to slide my mouth down his cock. With a couple of inches in my mouth, I was to the limit as to how much I was going to get in my mouth. Uncle John stepped back and his cock popped out of my mouth and he said “Lay on your back on the bed with your head over the edge and tilt your down toward the floor. I did what uncle John asked and he got down on his knees and brought the tip of his penis to my open mouth and began to push into my mouth. It slid in over my tongue and when the tip got to my throat, I began to gag. “Relax your mouth and throat, relax.” I tried and gag some more and then I got used to this penis push at my throat and began to relax and began to slip further in and down my throat. “There, now let me fuck your throat.” and uncle John slowly and with a steady rhythm moved his penis in and out of my throat. “Oh God, you’re so tight. You’re hot throat is going to make me cum!” A couple of more strokes and uncle John reached down and held my head steady and groaned and I felt the familiar feeling of his penis expanding and uncle John grunted as his penis pulsed in my throat. “I’m cumming you!” he moaned. Uncle John then slowly withdrew is penis from my mouth. When uncle John shot his load down my throat, the only way I knew he came was feeling his penis pulsate. I tasted nothing. I was happy I got uncle John off but I told him I didn’t receive any pleasure.Uncle John apologized that I didn’t get off and told me that he would use his mouth to give me an orgasm as I did to him. He laid me on th bed and spread my legs and lowered his head down to my pussy and began to lick and suck on my pussy lips. Sensations began to flow in my groin as uncle John worked on my pussy. As he licked he made his way up to my clit and sucked on it while placing all the fingers of his hand that he could up my throbbing pussy This sent the sensations to the next level as my orgasm was about to overtake me. A couple of more sucks on my clit and his fingers inside my pussy, I went over the edge as my whole body shook as the hardest orgasm I had that day took over me as I pushed my hips up into uncles face and squeezed his head with my legs as wave after wave flowed over me. After a couple of minutes I came down from my orgasm and released my uncles head and laid in an exhausted heap on the bed. “Was that better?” uncle John asked. I smiled and said “Yes.”We both took showers and spent the rest of the day enjoying each others company.

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