Under the sheets

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Under the sheetsIf you fell asleep beside me i would have some whip cream and some warm caramel waiting for you. I would push my head down inbetween your thighs and lick your pussy up and down making your juices drain into my mouth. I would stick my tongue in as deep as i can while sucking the warm insides of your pussy into my mouth while playing with my tongue and teeth. I would creep my tongue into your dream taking over your body mind and soul. I would keep making you cum in my mouth until you open your eyes. Then i would lick my way up your thighs while sucking and biting gently. I would suck up the side of your hips and all up your stomach while playing with your clit, rubbing my fingers soft and fast across it making you squirt all on my chest.Then i would lick my way up to your breast and i would swirl my tongue around your nipples and start to vacuum your nipples into my mouth while i spray whip bahis siteleri cream above your clit and cover it with warm caramel so it would melt down your pussy lips while mixing in with your cum. I would keep going up while looking deep into your eyes until i reach your soft beautiful lips and i would kiss, suck, and bite on your lips and tongue while rubbing the cool whip cream all over your clit. Then i would lift your ass up so i can push shove my face hard into your pussy and devour your warm pussy lips while i jerking you further down the bed. Then i would twist you around and spray my dick with whip cream and slide it down your throat. I would lick from your pussy to your ass sucking all over your ass while gripping it hard and smacking it while you suck on my dick. Ill shove my face into your ass licking my tongue all up against your spine making your squirt all over my neck leaving your canlı bahis juices no option but to run down my neck to my abbs.After i nut on your chest i would make you lay on the bed with your legs wide open. Then I would rub my fingers across your clit hard while i hold your neck and make you put my dick into you. I would start stroking you slowly until your pussy opens up to my fat dick making your pussy lips talk to me as your juices squirt up against my balls. Then i would shove my dick in hard and deep stroking you with long hard thrust that reach all into your stomach making your pussy fart loud. I would keep stroking hard and fast until you feel that you cant cum anymore. Then i would lift you up on the air and lead you to your closet. I would then make you grab the pole that holds your clothes up and grind all on my dick while i hold you up in the air. Ill whisper dirty things into your ears güvenilir bahis while slapping your tits making your mind and body orgasm. Every time you grind up i would shove my dick deep into your stomach, hitting the outside, making an imprint of my dick on your stomach. Then i would pull you off and bounce you up and down on my dick making you cum all over your floor while nibbling on your ear and smacking your ass hard.Then i would make you lean back and place your hands on the floor while i thrust you hard smacking my dick deep inbetween your pussy lips. I would make you scratch your nails hard across your floor while you play with your tits. I would fuck you all around your room making you cum on everything you own. Once let you down i would make you bend over and touch your toes.I would fuck you hard and deep until i fuck you to sleep stroking you non-stop. My cum filled dick would swell up inside of your pussy getting harder and thicker inside of you with every stroke only making me stroke harder and deeper inside of you… but when i see you you we will have alot more than fun than what you read in this story 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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