Unfaithful 3

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The next morning, Brad woke up to his work clothes neatly folded on the back of a nearby chair, joined by a pair of clean socks on the arm rest, and his shoes and keys in the seat. Next to the chair stood his smiling wife Kerri.”I got you all ready for work today; this is my way of apologizing for brushing you off last night. I wasn’t feeling well, baby; I’m sorry,” she lied. Her purpose was to get him dressed and out of the house immediately. “That’s a nice way of apologizing, but I have another way you can make it up to me,” he grinned as he removed blanket to reveal his nudity.Usually, this would turn Kerri on, and she would be all over him. Not today. She’d gotten a dose of some pussy yesterday and now she was obsessed with getting more. She’d dreamed of her hot neighbor all night, awakening to erect nipples and moist thighs.”You have to get to work in a few moments baby. Later tonight.””Damn, you said that yesterday. Just a quickie, hun, please,” her husband pleaded.Only kaçak iddaa if you have long blond tresses, perky mounds with pink pointers, and a perfectly waxed cunt would I consider she thought. “Brad…” she dragged.”I don’t fucking believe this; I gotta beg my WIFE for some pussy,” Brad complained as he started to get dress.Kerri pretended not to hear his comment. “Can I at least get breakfast then?” he inquired.Kerri sighed as she stomped out of the room and descended the stairs. In the kitchen, she inserted two pop tarts in the microwaves and leaned against the counter while they cooked. From her peripheral, she noticed the top of someone’s head outside her window. The tall wooden fence that separate her yard from her neighbor’s prevented her from seeing anything. Removing the plate from the microwave, she swiftly headed back upstairs. In the process, one of the pop tarts fell off the plate. Oh well, she snapped as she reached her bedroom.”Pop tarts? Seriously?” he kaçak bahis fussed. “And where’s the other? There’s usually two.””If you don’t want this, there’s a McDonald’s en route.””There’s a strip club en route, too,” he whispered, but she still heard him. She didn’t care. Her mind was completed focused on her agenda: finish what started with Valerie. Finally, Brad was out of the house, and Kerri’s eyes were out the window.There she is in all her glory, Kerri smiled as she spied on her blonde neighbor sun bathing. From her rosy red painted toenails to her silky legs, Kerri’s eyes scrutinized. Her lotioned skin glistened from the sun’s rays. Her boobs appeared much bigger in her white and gold two piece bikini. She cut her hair, Kerri thought as she noticed her shoulder length golden blond locks. She was still hot, especially with the way she was devouring a rainbow Popsicle. With the heat of August weather, Kerri was certain the Popsicle was melting and dripping on Valerie’s illegal bahis sunkissed skin. She wanted to be the one licking it off. Kerri removed her robe and headed outside in her bikini. When she crossed over into Val’s yard, her neighbor gave her this weird, uninviting look. Playing hard to get makes me want you more, Kerri thought.”Is your baby home?” Kerri asked as she neared her neighbor.”No, she has a job interview today,” her neighbor answered, still suspiciously looking at Kerri.The only thing Kerri heard was the word “no.” That’s all she needed to hear. She placed herself in the lounge seat next to her lover and stared at her admirably. “Uh, hi, I’m…” Kerri interrupted her introduction by extending her tongue to absorb some of the melted Popsicle that dripped between her massive breast. Her neighbor didn’t protest as she usually did. Her glossy green eyes just stared at Kerri. Kerri assumed she was wearing contacts, considering her eyes were ocean blue yesterday. Bigger tits, shorter hair, green eyes. It was like she transformed into another person overnight–literally. Kerri liked it.Kerri’s tongue joined Val’s on the Popsicle on a stick until their tongues touched.

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