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Big Tits

It had been a long day and unwinding whilst surfing a selection of erotic stories and downright filthy porn had seemed the right idea, as it so often does. It was a warm evening and as I settled down in front of the keyboard I was wearing only a pair of panties, shorts and a white blouse. My boobs are not especially large and a bra had felt too restrictive in the muggy weather. I logged on and started to flick through my usual selection of sites.

As I read and viewed my hands drifted to my own body. Pushing my hair back, fingering an ear lobe, folding the collar of my blouse, stroking my neck and floating across my chest, fingers finding a nipple. Absently first, then deliberately, tracing the dark perimeter, teasing it out, rolling it. Twin points hardening under the attention of my hands while my eyes drink in the arousal on the screen. Slipping between the buttons, stroking the sides of my breast, a licked finger spreading cool saliva on the puckering flesh. Buttons undone, hands cupping the full weight of my tits, grasping, squeezing and brining a gasp to my lips which highlights my passion and need. I discard the shirt and shorts and concentrate on canlı bahis my desire.

Hands moving lower, over my belly button, slowing as they move through the curls of hair just below it and fingering the edge of the hole in anticipation of what was to come. Moving lower, deflected sideways across the line of the top of my panties, playing with the little bow in the centre, the elastic rough to the touch as my fingers move apart to my hip bones where they briefly pause before continuing to follow the material as it curves between my thighs.

Legs moving apart as my hands meet and touch my inner thighs. Reaching through my legs to press my ass, then slipping back, three fingers laid gently against the side of my lips, brushing upwards to a low moan as they press the flesh together. My body screaming for more, every nerve desparate for me to push the panties aside and fill myself with my fingers, to allow one hand to spread wetness over my clit while the other curls and unfurls inside me. I relish the moment, the wanton feeling and force my hands to move upwards.

Lightly stroking the front of my panties, feeling the strip of hair on my mound, the sensitive bahis siteleri bare area to each side. Eyeing the rise of the cotton pushed upwards by the flesh below, and finally relenting, allowing my hands to move along the line of my lips. The yield of softness, the delight in simply feeling the flesh move a fraction, responding to the pressure, my touch so light through the material, maddening, teasing, my fingers enjoying the feeling of warmth and arousal from within.

Moving the digits from side to side, the pads of my fingers feeling my sex parting beneath them, my body responding to the torture of slow arousal with a growing heat, pulse rising, mind filling with images of women and men, sex consuming me.

Too much, and not enough. I slumped lower in my chair, on the edge of my seat, legs apart, grasping my panties, pulling the fabric hard against me then lifting it clear. Cool air and space on my pussy making me gasp. Hand sliding under the elastic of my thong, eager to touch myself,

My fingers slip on my arousal, parting my lips, slipping inside me, stretching myself, filling me. Feeling how wet, hot, slippery I am. Fingers pushed bahis şirketleri inside me, the pink warmth of my pussy sucking them in and revelling in the fullness. Three fingers, knitted together, pushing them in, stretching the sides, the pressure around my lips as they move deeper, the feeling inside as the tips move and I roll my wrist. Watching them withdraw glistening with arousal, the noises from my sopping wet cunt as they move, my lips clutching at them as they slide out and leave a space.

Panties discarded, my scent fills my senses as I lick myself from my fingers. Pinching my nipple with one hand as my tongue licks the sharp flavour from the other. Urgent now, one hand over my lips, fingers dipping inside me in rhythm and sequence, one moment stretching the next probing deep, the sound sight, feel and smell of my wet pussy pushing me on. My other hand is working my clit, circling it, rolling it, pinching it, moving faster as I build in intensity.

Body hunching over as I find a release, moaning nonsense and obscenities as I shudder and feel my pussy grip the fingers inside it. Rolling on and on, building all night and now my legs twitch, thighs shiny, lips swollen, puffy, slick.

Muscles relaxing as the heat fades. The room is heavy with my arousal, my limbs are heavy with exhaustion and I am left with that warm, comfortable glow. I will sleep well tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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