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Used at School 4She laid there for several minutes trying to catch her breath as her orgasm slowly subsided. David looked up over her body watching her breast lifting and lowering with each breath and then he saw the look on her face, a look of innocence and a look of a girl who wants more. He new she wanted to be his slave properly now and she would do what ever he wanted just to be able to feel the way she does now.He slowly started to work his way up her body gently feeling her skin with his fingers and kissing her till he got to her breast where he spent a lot of time sucking on her nipples making her moan again with pleasure. He gently squeased her breast as he continued to suck on each nipple before moving up to her neck where he gently kissed her still continuing upwards till his lips met with hers and they passionately kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Claire was loving every second of it and did not want it to end, especially having her Master’s hand gently rubbing over her body, that’s when she felt something pressing against her pussy.At first she was not sure what it was until she felt her Master’s hips start to move back and forth and then she new exactly what it was. The feeling of her Master’s cock rubbing against her wet Virgin pussy felt so good but it made her feel a little scared as she new she was about to loose her Virginity.David moved his head beside her’s and whispered into her ear.”Are you ready slave?”She did not say anything at first but then replied “Yes Master””Good Slave” and with that he slowly and gently started to let his cock ease inside her Virgin pussy. It felt so good but it was very tight and he did not want to hurt her so at any sign of pain he would stop and let her relax before continuing. After a short while his cock came to a stop, he was at her hymen and he very gently started to apply more pressure as his cock slowly broke through her Virgin wall and he was now fully inside her. Claire buried her head into his neck as she started to scream out in pain. He breather was getting faster by the second and he could feel her tears rolling do the side of his neck as he continued to slowly make love to his new slave. After a few minutes of gentle love making Claire was not in pain any more, it was like a numb feeling which soon started to turn to pleasure and as she started to enjoy it more she start to moan into her Master’s ear and David loved it and slowly started to build up his speed letting her feel his full length sliding in and out of her.Soon Claire could feel herself starting to cum and her Master was not far off either and as he started to fuck her harder she started trying to beg him not to stop.”Ple please Master, Don’t stop. I am going to cum”Her Master said nothing and just continued to fuck her until a couple more hard deep thrusts and he unloaded his sperm deep inside her womb and she scream out as she came with him, istanbul escort her body shaking and shuddering uncontrollably below him. He kept his cock inside her as long as her could enjoying the feeling of her nice warm pussy rapped round his cock. Very soon Claire was starting to doze off so David got up and went to see how Olivia was and as he walked into the room he found her laying face down and fast asleep so he carefully got onto the bed and get in between her legs. He started rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy before sliding it inside her instantly waking her. He kissed her on her cheek and continued to fuck her nice and slow until he filled her pussy with his cum. He laid with her for a few minutes before getting up and looking down at her as she looked up at him.”Right, come on slave I want you to join me and Claire in my room”She looked into his eyes and smiled as she started to get up and she followed him into his room where she was slightly shocked to see her best friend tied to the bed naked with cum slowly dribbling out of her pussy.Before she could say anything David ordered her to climb on the bed and get in between Claire’s legs and clean her pussy. Olivia did as she was ordered and she slowly climbed on to the bed and got in between Claire’s legs and she slowly started to lick her pussy cleaning up as much of her Master’s cum as she could find. She made sure that she licked Claire’s pussy softly as she did not want to wake her.Once she was finished David ordered her to move up and lay down next to Claire and to get some sleep. “Yes Master” she replied and moved up and laid down next to Claire facing her as David laid down on the other side of Claire before untying her and then they both fell asleep.The next Morning Olivia was the first to wake and she sneak round the bed and got in between her Master’s legs and slowly started to lick and suck on his ball’s teasing them and very soon his cock started to get hard and once fully erect she rapped her soft lips round it’s head and slowly started to suck on it trying to get his full length inside her before her woke. She managed to get three quarters deep down her throat before she felt him starting to wake but she did not stop, she continued swallowing his full length until there was not more to take and she started lifting and lowering her head nearly letting his cock slide out of her mouth before taking it’s full length deep down her throat again. David looked down his body and watched and his beautiful young slave sucked his cock and he moved his hand down and placed it on her head and gripped some of her hair and started lifting her head and then pushing it back down so he could go at the pace he wanted to. With his other hand he placed it on to Claire’s breast and start to tease her nipples with his fingers quickly making them hard avcılar escort before he lowered his hand down over her belly and down to her pussy where he slowly started to play with her clit rapidly making her pussy wet.He then lifted Olivia’s head and moved her over between Claire’s legs and he ordered her to start licking her pussy which she happily did as he started to get up and move up the bed so he could wake Claire and make her suck his cock a bit before he fucked them both. Claire slowly opened her eyes as she felt something pressing against her lips and as she looked down she saw her Master’s cock and she quickly opened her mouth letting it slide inside her and she quickly started sucking on it trying to take as much as she could but it was not easy in the position she was laying in. She could feel Olivia lick her pussy and it was a job for her to concentrate on sucking on her Master’s cock but soon she felt an orgasm starting to build inside her and David could tell she was getting close and so could Olivia so David ordered Olivia to start licking harder and faster but he did not need to as she was alreay doing it and very soon Claire was cumming and Olivia slowed down enjoying the taste of her friends cum. David pulled his cock out of Claire’s mouth and ordered the two girls to get off the bed and walk to the bottom of the bed and bend over side by side and spread their legs which they both did and David moved round behind them and he looked up and down the sexy young bodies thinking which one he should fuck first but deep down he already new it was going to be Olivia that would be the first to take his cum inside her pussy but first he wanted to give them their morning punishment, so he walked over to where he had taken his trousers off and picked them up and removed the belt. It was a thick leather belt and he loved using it to punish his slaves. He moved up behind them again and ordered them both to move tight together so he could punish them both at the same time. They both moved so their bodies were pressed against each other and straight away they both felt a sharp stinging sensation on their asses as David struck the belt across their sexy little asses and quickly followed it with 4 more making them both bite into the bed cover trying to muffle they screams. David then folded the belt in half and moved behind Olivia and struck it across her already red cheeks, he did this 5 times before moving over to Claire and repeating it on her. He kept the belt in his hand as he moved in behind Olivia and he grabbed his cock with his spare hand and helped force it into her pussy and he started to fuck her hard and deep making her again scream into the bed sheet. Claire looked over and watch tears coming out of her friends eyes as she took the pounding from her Master but they were not tears of sadness but of joy as she loved how her Master şirinevler escort treated her and how he fucked her. Claire could only watch and prepare herself for the same as she new he was going to fuck her the same and that she would have to take another load of his cum inside her pussy and she new that by the time he had finished with them both they would be carrying his babies.It was not long before Olivia had her first orgasm and David felt her cum forcing it’s way past his cock before squirting over the floor and he continued to fuck her as he was not going to stop until he filled her with his cum. As the second orgasm started to build deep inside her David increased the speed that he was fucking her and then eased his thumb into her ass and quickly started to finger her tight little hole and this took her over the edge and as he started to cum deep inside her she lifted herself off the bed a few inches and screamed out loud as she squirted once more before collapsing back down on the bed trying to catch her breath. David pulled his cock out of her pussy and ordered Claire to drop to her knees and clean his cock and Olivia cum from her pussy, So Claire slid off the bed and crawled round so she was on her hands and knees with her ass facing her Master and she buried her head between Olivia’s legs and quickly started licking up ass the juices that were flowing from her friends pussy.They tasted so good and she could not get enough and without realising it she was starting to give Olivia another orgasm and she continued to lick her David had dropped to his knees and was starting to work his cock into her pussy and he started to fuck her just as hard as he did to Olivia and this made Claire’s tongue work deeper into Olivia’s pussy forcing her over the edge again and she squirted over Claire’s face. “Right stop licking her now Slave, she has cum enough times for now””Yes Master” she replied as she reluctantly stopped licking her friends pussy.”Good, now work your way back on to the bed like I ordered you earlier””Yes Master” she replied as she slowly started to crawl up beside Olivia and up on to the bed so she was bent over and she spread her legs to make it easier for her Master to fuck her.”Good Slave” he said as he gripped her hips with his hands and he started to pound her pussy as hard as he could making sure she took his full length inside her like she did last night. Very soon she was starting to cum and so was he and after a few last hard frust’s he buried his cock all the way inside her and emptied his cum into her and she started to cum moaning loudly with pleasure as her orgasm shot through her body. David bent over her and laid on top of her breathing heavily as he tried to catch his breather before pulling his cock out of her used pussy. “Right Slaves I want you both to go and have a shower and take your time as I will be off to work in a few minutes. I have left a list of jobs to do down stairs on the kitchen table and I inspect them all to be down before I get back at five tonight””Yes Master” they both replied as they watched him leave the room with his work clothes. They both laid there for a couple of minutes before getting up and heading for the shower room.To be continued

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