Using Lace pt.3

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Lights flashed, whistles and rumbling music echoed off the tiled ceiling. The atmosphere of Richards Treasures rocked with sultry chaos. The establishment was packed with so many patrons it was hard to see an empty seat anywhere. This was the first time Lacey had ever been in a strip club. It was no where near what she would have expected. Tobacco smoke, alcohol, all assortments of perfume and colognes choked the room confusing her fragile senses. In different points of the room women danced in closed cages. Swinging and swaying with the rhythm of the loud music. Girls danced on the lit stage, wrapping themselves around the poles like sensual lovers. Some of them still had their tops on but most of them only had the lower half covered. Women walked around with trays full of drinks with nothing on but thongs and G-strings. Laughing and chatting with the swarming men. She watched as one patron pulled a girls strap out just enough to slip a twenty dollar bill under it. The girl kissed him on the forehead and wiggled her hips as she walked away giggling. Two of the strippers sat in a booth kissing and making out in plain view of everyone. She starred in disbelief, shocked at their brazenness, there utter lack of modesty. She could never be like this…even for the amount of pay they probably receive. She could only imagine the amount of tips they brought in. For the life of her she couldn’t understand why Antonio brought her here. As if the evening hadn’t been torture enough already he had to bring her here. She knew better then question him. She decided she would just have to take her chances. “Why are we here? Why are you doing this to me?” He didn’t answer her. He gave her a devilish grin and walked in the direction of the two girls making out. What now? When the girls finally broke away for air they noticed him approaching. The girls started waiving and ran to him hugging him eagerly. Wow!! Either he is a regular or they are just way to friendly. Shrugging to herself she walked over to the bar and ordered herself a strawberry daiquiri. Sipping on the sweet concoction she watched the dancing girls. The ebb and flow of the room had her swaying her hips, matching with the throbbing between her legs. She was walking a tight rope. Every inch of her quaked in sexual desire. Between the limo ride and the experience in the sitting room she was playing with fire. The relentless gel wouldn’t stop tingling and the corset wouldn’t stop caressing her body. The coarse lace against her nipples, the opening against her sensitive clit, it was arousal at its worst. Every time she moved she had to bite her lip to prevent the moans and gasps from escaping. She needed completion. But he wouldn’t allow it. Not yet. At least the bullet had quit vibrating…for now. She knew he would turn it on again, when almanbahis şikayet or where was the question. Antonio left the girls after a few minutes and made his way through the crowd towards her. “Come with me. I got a treat for you.” The look in his eyes set her heart racing. Pure unadulterated sin. What now? “Please Sir. Take me home and finish this. Haven’t I had enough torture tonight?” She couldn’t handle anymore of his “treats”. He laughed. A deep rich laugh that made her a bit uneasy. “Not by far.” He turned and started to walk away. She stood there watching his retreating backside. She was reluctant to follow, yet excited to find out what was still in store for her. He stopped and turned to glare at her. She was deliberately disobeying him and that didn’t bode well with him. “Lace I told you to come with me.” There was no lenience in his tone, only pure demand. Placing her empty glass on the bar she followed him. They went towards the stage only to go to the right of them through some double doors. Down a long red hallway with candle burning sconces. Closed doors lined the hallway. Do not disturb signs hung from most of there knobs. Whistles and howls could be heard through the thin walls. Private rooms? It was her only guess. That or dressing rooms. They came to an open door. Letting Lacey in first Antonio followed and closed the door behind him. Lacey looked around the small room. Most of the lighting was from candles burning in sconces on the walls. A metal pole stood in the center of the room with a dim spot light aimed on it. Two leather couches lined the back wall. Smooth thick couches you could sink into after a long day at work. Incense burned on small round table between them. Vanilla…and some kind of a berry. It smelled really good. The walls were a rich candy apple color with a Picasso painting above the couches. Antonio walked to the corner and grabbed the wooden chair, bringing it to sit in front of the dance pole. Her eyes flew open when she got a better view of it. From the corner in the dark room it looked like your average wooden students chair. But now, closer to her and in better lighting she saw the furr lined handcuffs. Two on the back of the chair and one on each of the front legs. Her heart leaped in her chest, she held her breath. She looked at him, she knew he saw the fear in her eyes. All over her face. His face was calm, unmoving. Stepping around the menacing chair he stood in front of her. Wrapping his hands around her face he kissed her. On the forehead, the cheeks, her mouth. He deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist. Kneeding the small of her back with his rough palms. Lower still he kissed. Over her shoulders, gently along her collar bone. Grabbing a fist full of her hair he pulled her head back exposing her pale almanbahis canlı casino neck. Gently biting it he licked the marks sending shivers through her body. She clung to him, gasping for air. He raked his nails down her spine. Lacey’s vision blurred, the room twirled around her. She dug into his shoulders trying to stabilize her treacherous body. Her knees were weak from his kissing and his tongue only fueled the building fire. A slow hum deep in her core awakened again. She cried as her clit reacted. Jumping at the tiny vibration. His lustful hell was starting again and she was going to undoubtedly relish it.So many times she had been on the verge of cumming tonight and every time he denied her. Every muscle, every nerve, every thought, every heartbeat screamed for release. She was wrapped so tight now she knew it wouldn’t take much and she would snap. She leaned into him, rubbing her trembling body along his. Grinding her hips so they pressed into his crotch, feeling it thicken as she did so. She had never felt this alive, this wanton. She felt like a tramp, willing to do anything he wanted. Just so she could have more of his touch. She wanted him inside her. Fucking her hard, deep, rough, with a passion even the gods couldn’t fathom. Slating this desire that he had relentlessly fed all night. Moving with her he shifted there positions so she was standing in front of the chair. Wedging her feet apart with his he spread her legs. Weak in the knees and breathless from his touch she eased down in the chair. He continued ravishing her body. Licking her collarbone he began to kiss lower. The swell of her breast rose with every breath. Running his hands over her pale flesh he pinched her hard nipple through the dress. She moaned and leaned into him. He kissed and licked the sweat glistening down them. Dipping his tongue deep in her cleavage. She pressed forward, eager for his touch. Pulling the material of the dress down he licked the tight bud peaking out at him through the lace. He nipped the pink pearl, massaging her flesh till she was crying out and fisting his hair in her hands. He ran his hands down her body. Over her slender hips, down her shaking legs. Taking her foot in his hands he removed the shoes and rubbed her achy feet. Rolling his knuckles along the sole. The tight muscles easing under his demanding touch. She savored the touch, the feel of his hot breath on her foot, the tickling of his hair on her legs. She closed her eyes and let the moment implant itself in her mind. Torture or not she was enjoying herself. Come Monday morning when she returned to work this night would help her get through all those boring hours in front of her computer. Clicks followed by a soft sensation around her ankle snapped her out of her euphoria. Before she could even say almanbahis casino anything he was already behind her snapping her hands in the soft confines of the cuffs. She struggled. Twisting and turning trying to pull them free, crying and pleading with him to let her go. She had never been tied down and it scared her something fierce. He knelt in front of her and kissed her again. Whispering reassuringly, trying to calm her fears. “Lace, have I ever done anything to hurt you? You know I haven’t, nor would I. I know this is new to you and a little frightening. But please trust me, trust that I wont let anything happen to you. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere. Relax and let me please you in away you have never been pleasured before.” He wiped the tears streaming down her face, kissing her trembling lips.Fear choked her, strangled the air right out of her. But with him so close, touching and kissing she relaxed a just a little. Leaning her head to rest against his forehead she gave in. “Yes Sir”. She didn’t say anymore, there was no need to. She would trust him and give him free reign of her body, her passion. Hearing a soft knock on the door Antonio stood up and went to open it. Two women sauntered in. She recognized them as the couple making out in the corner earlier. Both of them were dressed now.“Hello ladies. Ladies this is Lacey. Lacey this beauty is Candy.” He pointed to the shorter of the two with streaked hair. She smiled sweetly and said hello.Then he rested his hands on the other woman’s shoulders and spoke. “ And this lovely lady is Domino” She to smiled and said hello.  Candy was a beautiful woman. She had a flawless complexion with a pert little nose and pouty red lips. Long straight hair that sensually covered her perfectly round ass. Her hair was golden blonde with streaks of color. Red, blue, green and purple striped down the mane. No doubt how she got her name. Candy’s melon colored bikini top barely contained her huge straining tits. Her nipples pressing through the thin material, begging to be touched…licked. The matching thong hugged her womanly crease intimately. The top and bottom had long fringe hanging from them that draped across her torso and ass. She had a few tasteful tats here and there and a shiny dangly belly ring with stars and diamonds. To be as short as she was she had some sexy legs. Smooth , sun kissed skin that shimmered in the candle light. Sliding her gaze over to Domino she studied her. Dark ebony skin like molten chocolate. Matching eyes that reminded her of Antonio‘s. Confident, passionate, demanding, this woman didn’t take any shit off anybody. She wasn’t all that bad looking. She had a very athletic figure, taller then Candy by at least eight inches. The 4 inch platforms probably had a lot to do with that. Her hair was long as well but in tiny braids. The ends of the braids decorated with colored beads. Her bright make up highlighted her feminine features. High cheek bones and small pudgy nose. She wore a deep burgundy lipstick, brightening her perfectly straight teeth when she smiled.

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