Vendor and Apartment Manager

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Vendor and Apartment ManagerToday was like any other day for Jonathan. He woke up and got ready for work, a few apartments on the schedule to clean and have turned over for new tenants. As he walks into the office he notices Theresa, the apartment manager. She is looking beautiful as always, nice coke bottle figure and large breast. A little on the chubby side but only where it matters. Jonathan chit chats with Theresa about business stuff and is going over the apartments for that day. Theresa mentions to Jonathan she needs some carpet repaired in her apartment, the cat scratched a hole in the living room carpet. Jonathan’s heart skips a beat but he must remain calm. Not to let her know how excited he is, to finally get to be in her apartment, alone. As Jonathan pulls up to the apartment, parks the van, he puts the key inside the door, feels it unlock, his heart starts to race. He enters the apartment and closes the door. It’s dark, he doesn’t turn on any lights except the light from his cell phone. Hiss heart is still racing as he moves closer to Theresa’s bedroom. He puts his hand on the door knob, stands for a minute then turns the knob to open the door. He slowly opens the door, looks around, notices where the dresser is and walks over to it. Opens the top drawer, t-shirts and shorts. Opens the next drawer and finds still nothing, until he opens all the drawers and finds nothing. Where he Theresa keep her panties, and bras, Jonathan says to himself. He looks into the closet and low and behold is another set of dresser drawers, only 3 but this could be it. He gets down his knees, closes the closet door, opens the top drawer and finds her silky bras, folded and put away. His heart is racing real fast now, as he takes in all the colors and patterns. Checks the size, 36d as expected. Takes out a couple, his dick begins to get hard. Moves to the next drawer. There he finds all bebek escort of her panties, stuffed into the drawer all kinds of ways. He looks through, picks out the nicest, softest, cutest panties in the drawer. Jonathan takes off his shorts and underwear as fast as he can. He slides on a leopard print bikini panties and his dicks stands at full attention now. He rubs the panties against his hard dick, takes the huge bras hanging on the door, sniffs them, smelling her delicious tits. He then sits down in the floor, back against the closet door, stroking his raging hard cock with her luscious panties, every stroke is nirvana as he slides them faster and faster. He then takes one of the bras and starts to stroke the cups all over his dick. Then takes the straps and wraps them around his dick and starts to jack off imagining taking Theresa from behind and slamming her pussy with his hard dick. Drilling her wet, fat, pussy until it was oozing with his hot cum. He gets so lost in the moment he doesn’t hear someone else has entered into the apartment. Jonathan is enjoying every moment of Theresa’s soft, silky, and cotton panties, he doesn’t hear anything, he can’t even hear someone calling his name. It isn’t until someone tries to open the door does he snap back into reality. Luckily he locked the closet door, hurries and puts everything back, then opens the door. Theresa is outside wondering why I was in her closet and why it was locked. The moment gets really awkward. Jonathan stumbles for an excuse. The quickest one he could think of was he had a private phone call and used the closet. Still, Theresa looked annoyed, confused, and just didn’t know what to say. Jonathan excuses himself and exits the apartment ASAP.A few days go by and Jonathan doesn’t hear anything from the apartments. This wouldn’t be unusual, except this time there levent escort was a very awkward moment between Jonathan and Theresa. A week goes by until Jonathan gets another call from the apartments. The maintenance man calls to schedule a cleaning. Jonathan schedules it for a few days later, thinks everything is fine, Theresa didn’t tell anyone. Jonathan shows up to clean the apartment, notices Theresa isn’t at work that day, doesn’t think anything about it as long as no one talks about what happened a week earlier. He goes about business as usual, goes over to the apartment and cleans it, is packing up to go when he notices Theresa pulling up at her apartment. He watches her get out of her car, looks at Jonathan then goes inside her apartment. Jonathan feels a need to straighten things out so he goes over to where Theresa lives. He knocks on the door and no one answers. He knocks again, no one answers. Maybe no one is home or maybe she doesn’t want to answer the door. He feels if it is unlocked and it is. He slowly opens the door, peeking his head in to see if Theresa is in the living room. Lights are on but no one in the main room. He then quietly enters and closes the door behind him. A few moments later Theresa comes out of the bathroom. She is startled and asks why Jonathan is in her apartment, he stumbles and stutters, how he just wanted to come and apologize for the other day. She rolls her eyes and says it’s not a big deal, she just wants to move on and pretend it didn’t happen. Jonathan says that’s fine with him, and starts to leave. Theresa asked Jonathan before he reaches the door, what was he really doing in her closet that day. She wants to know the truth. She asks Jonathan if he was looking through her bras and panties. He gets nervous, feels a sense of heat coming on, calmly says no, I don’t have a thing for your halkalı escort lingerie, just had to make a phone call. She says OK, as in she’ll accept his answer but still doesn’t completely believe him. Jonathan stops for a minute, says to be honest would it be a big deal if I was looking at your panties? Why would it be a big deal? It should flatter you I want to know what kind of panties you’re wearing, you know me and know I’m not some creep. There is a silence for what seems like forever, until Theresa says..So you’re saying you find my panties attractive? You like thinking of me in my panties and you always think of me like that when you see me? Jonathan mutters yes to Theresa. Theresa says hmmm, that’s interesting to think of it that way. Sits down on the couch, slightly spreads her legs open, her phat pussy pressing against her pants. Theresa says, are you thinking about what panties I have on now? Jonathan responds with a simple yes. Theresa says well, what do you think I’m wearing. Jonathan chuckles, I don’t know, I wasn’t in your panties long enough to make a good guess. Theresa slides down her pants a little, now can you see, she says. Jonathan’s heart starts to race as he can’t believe what is happening. Theresa gets up, walks to her bedroom, opens the door wide open, and slides her pants down all the way then walks into her bedroom out of the sight of Jonathan. He slowly approaches her bedroom, peeking around the corner to see where Theresa went. He finds her, on the corner of her bed, legs spread wide open with her blouse unbuttoned. She then says, well now, do you know what panties I’m wearing? Jonathan says a simple yes. Theresa says do you like them. Again Jonathan responds with, yes. Theresa tells Jonathan to come closer, closer so she can fell how horny he is right then. Jonathan leans into Theresa as she puts her hand on his hard dick, rubbing it through his pants.Next thing Jonathan is on her bed, Theresa has taken a handful of her silky, sexy panties and has been rubbing them all over Jonathan’s rock hard cock. Slow, then fast, then slow again, Theresa takes her time with Jonathan’s dick. Making sure to cover every inch of the dick head with her soft and silky panties.

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