Visit to a Gloryhole with my Fuck Buddy – part 2

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Visit to a Gloryhole with my Fuck Buddy – part 2After our first visit to the gloryhole in Miami my fuck buddy, V, and I discussed it over the following days. V said it had turned her on but was not sure that she had the nerve to go back. Well, a few nights later we were out drinking at a local bar and it was amazing the change that came over her after a few drinks. She became quite flirtatious and suggested that she needed some fun. On Washington Avenue is an erotic museum, containing many images and art work depicting sex through the ages. We had passed it a few times during the daytime but it was always closed, only opening in the evening. Well, we made our way there and went round it. V was quite loud with her comments and was clearly getting turned on by the items on display. On the way back to the hotel we had to pass the bookstore and I jokingly said we should drop in, but got no reply from V, not until we got to its entrance and V went in, without saying a word to me. I of course followed. I watched as V walked straight through the bookstore, being watched by the few guys who were in there, and made her way to the booths at the back. I followed, but to my surprise V went into a booth by herself and locked the door. Luckily it was in a row of booths, and had a booth either side. I entered one of neighbouring booths and sat down. I opened the hatch in my booth that connected to V’s booth, but she hadn’t opened her hatch. I then heard her video come on, so I decided to put money into my video and I would wait to see what would happen. After a few minutes she opened the hatch in her booth and I could see by the light of her video she had stripped off. I could also see the hatch of the glory hole n the other side was also open and I could see someone in the booth was also watching V. V was sat back on the chair with her hand between her legs. I reached through the hole and cupped her breast. The guy in the other booth followed my lead and cupped V’s other breasts, without any objections from V. I moved my hand down her body and eventually my fingers were at the entrance to her pussy. I started to finger fuck her, and the other guy in the other booth also started to finger fuck her. She was wriggling around in her seat. The other guy then withdrew his finger and pulled his arm back through the hole. I was watching through the hole as I continued to finger fuck her. I then saw the guy push his cock through the hole and V took it in her hand and started to slowly stroke up and down his erect shaft. I carried on watching as she played with this stranger’s anadolu yakası escort cock and then she stood up from her chair and knelt in front of the other glory hole. I then watched as she licked up and down his shaft and then took the whole of his knob into her mouth. She then changed her position so that she was bent over in the booth, and now her bottom was blocking my view. She slowly moved her ass towards my hole and I could easily see her pussy lips glistening. I reached through and started to finger fuck her again. She started pushing back onto my finger and her ass got closer and closer to the glory hole. I stood up and pulled my trousers down and stuck my erect cock through the hole. My cock rubbed against her ass cheeks and I then felt her hand grab hold of it. She guided it into her pussy. I assumed that she knew it was my cock that she was about to fuck. She started moving backwards and forwards so my cock was fucking her. I assumed that she was still sucking the other guy as she fucked me. The thought of her being so outrageous was really turning me on and I couldn’t hold back. I was soon filling her pussy with my cum. My cock fell out of her pussy and I bent down. I could see my cum oozing out of her, and she was still sucking on the guys cock. I saw her head stop bobbing and I assumed he was now pumping his cum into her mouth. I wasn’t wrong, as she soon sat back down in the chair and I could see a dribble of cum running down her cheek. I assumed that she was now finished so I closed the hatch, cleaned myself up and went out of the booth to wait for her. There were a few guys standing around and a man immediately went into the booth that I had just vacated. The guy in the other booth also left and his booth was quickly filled by another man. To my surprise V did not appear for another 5 or 10 minutes. During this time the two guys who had taken over the other booths had left, adjusting their clothes. She then appeared, dressed, but with cum stains on her face. We smiled at each other and I had asked her if she had had fun. She nodded yes, and as we made our way through the shop she was clearly embarrassed by how she looked. Back at the hotel we discussed what had happened. She told me she had fucked with one cock, and was almost 100% sure it was my cock, but the excitement of thinking it might be another man’s cock had been a great turn on. She was so turned on that she had wanted to suck more cock and had therefore stayed in the booth and had sucked off two more guys, ataşehir escort taking their loads in her mouth and over her face, but both the guys had also finger fucked her, pushing out the cum that had remained in her. She had also pushed her breasts against the gloryhole so that one of the guys could suck her nipples. After emptying their cocks she had gotten dressed and had noticed more cocks had appeared but she now was satisfied. I asked her if she would want to go back, and she answered that she was now getting used to it and would definitely want one more visit before she returned to England. The Third VisitThis time there was no discussion – V had decided she wanted to go. Before we left the hotel V asked me if there was any limits on what she could do. As we are only fuck buddies, and I know she has other lovers, I said that it was her choice for what she wanted to do. She had decided that on her last night in Miami she wanted to spend several hours in the book store and this time she dressed for fun. She only pit on a dress, no underwear and this time gave asked me to put a load of tissues in my pocket for her to use to clean herself up. She also put some condoms in her bagAs we walked to the adult store I noticed that her rock hard nipples were visible through her dress, and she had caught the attention of a few men. She didn’t hang around and rushed to the book store. In the shop area area there was only one guy, and I could see V was a little disappointed. However in the booth area there were several guys hanging round. I made sure she had plenty of notes for the video machines and told her to go and enjoy herself. She entered the same booth she had been in the last time so she had a booth on either side. This time took the booth on the other side, because this had a plexiglass (Perspex) wall rather than a wooden one. It had a ‘blind’ in between 2 sheets of plexiglass and people in the booths either side had to push a button by the video screen to have the blind raised. I opened the hatch and found the hatch on her side already open. I whispered through the hole that if she agreed to open the blind I could then watch everything she did. The blind was raised and I could see into her booth. She was already naked with her dress folded on the chair. She was stood up and I could see that the guy in the other booth was watching her through his glory hole. She looked at me and bent forward, giving the other guy a great view of pussy, which she then started to finger, and I saw him reach through and start to ümraniye escort caress her ass, then her pussy lips. I had taken out my cock and started to stroke it. She reached through the hole and started to stroke my cock. She then moved forward with a bit of a start, and I saw the guys cock come through the gloryhole, and realised his cock must have pushed against her. I thought she was going to go crazy but instead she got a condom and handed it through the hole. The cock quickly reappeared sheathed and V moved backwards so her pussy was in easy reach. I could see as his cock entered her and she reached through my gloryhole and grabbed my cock. She pulled it through the hole and bent forward to suck on it. The other guy didn’t last long and just before he shot his load in the condom V turned round pulled off the condom, just in time to get a face full of cum. She turned to me, and then took my cock into her mouth. As she sucked me I saw another cock appear at the other hole. V turned round and started to suck o the new cock. It was soon spurting its load over her face and tits. This time she stayed at that gloryhole and waited for the next man to enter. She raised her breasts to the slit and pushed against it so the guy in the other booth could suck on her breasts. She then pulled back and soon had his cock in her mouth. When it was hard she pushed a condom through the hole and was soon fucking a condom covered cock. This time she let the guy cum inside her. V was looking at me all the time he was fucking her and when he pulled out she stood up right and smiled at me. At that point the video ended and the light in her booth came on. What she did next really surprised me – she picked up her dress, and left the booth naked. I quickly put my cock back in my trousers. I found her standing naked outside the booth, with several guys looking at her. She took my hand and led me to the bigger booth we had been in on the first visit. I put the money in the video whilst V opened the hatch. She told me to strip off and sit on the seat. As soon as I was sat down she sat down on my cock, and it slid easily into her. As she fucked me she lent forward and sucked the cock that had been placed through the hole. She slowly fucked me, but was furiously sucking on the cock until it was spurting deep into her mouth. Whilst she rode my cock another guy entered the neighbouring booth and she was soon sucking his cock until he came. At that point I filled her pussy with my cum. She stood up and some of my cum oozed out. As the next guy entered the other booth she handed him a condom and told him to fuck her. I watched as his cock pushed into her, pushing some of my cum out. As she rode his cock we kissed and I fingered her clit until she came, with the other guys cock inside her. After he pulled out we shut the hatch and caught our breath. We tidied ourselves up and left the shop.

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