Voyage of the Naginata Pt. 01

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Serra leaned back in her chair, the “whirring” star drive of her freighter was like a lullaby to her. She closed her eyes and relaxed, having always enjoyed these long runs to fringe space, it was quiet, and once out of the jurisdiction of the Templars (a galactic peace-keeping force) she had few other concerns. She put her heavy-booted feet on the console and laced her fingers behind her red hair that was tied into a high ponytail. Just as she began to doze off, she could hear footsteps coming up the hallway to the bridge. She sighed because she knew what was coming, but she didn’t mind, she was in her ‘happy place’.

“Captain, engines are operating at 87% efficiency.” A female voice broke her calm.

“Very good Cali, thank you.” She paused, then spoke again without opening her eyes. “Cali?”

“Yes, Captain?”

“How long have you been the engineer on this ship?”

“I… four years… why?”

“I think, after four years, you can drop that Captain crap.”

“Cap- I mean… Serra, I…” she stammered.

“Relax Cali, we’re friends, treat me that way.” She insisted.

“Is that an order?” Cali asked sarcastically.

“Yes.” Serra replied. The two of them chuckled quietly.

“Ca-… Serra?”


“Why do you always take these longer, lower-paying jobs over the shorter better-paying jobs?” Cali asked, looking at the star chart.

“Because I enjoy runs to fringe space and these are usually way more mundane and less dangerous.” She explained.

“But… pirates usually lurk out here in the black,” Cali replied.

“Maybe, but a ship this small, they wouldn’t give us a second glance. They probably don’t think we’d haul much of anything out here. Plus, I have an… understanding with the Reapers.” Serra explained.

“Wait, you have an arrangement with the most dangerous gang of thugs, murderers and mercenaries in fringe space?!”

“Well, let’s just say… I know their number two… intimately.” Serra replied.

“Is that right?” Cali said intrigued.

“What’s his name?”


“Kyree? Weird name for a guy.” Cali replied.

“I never said it was a guy,” Serra responded smiling to herself.

“Wait… what?!” Cali turned her seat to look at Serra, “You snogging a woman?!”

“Among others,” Serra replied matter of factly. Cali sat in stunned silence for a minute, until a chime softly toned from the console.

“Check it out for me, will you?” Serra said, still leaning back, eyes closed. Cali tapped a few buttons and checked a monitor.

“It’s… i…”

“What?” Serra grew annoyed.

“I’m not sure what it is, I’ve never seen these symbols before,” Cali said, concerned. Serra huffed and pulled her feet off the console. Her boots hit the metal deck with a dull thud.”Let me take a look.” She punched up the identification chart. After a moment, she took up a more attentive posture. “Cali, bring us up to battle posture!”

“Weapons priming, shields at 75%, and charging!” She said as the bridge lightning went from ambient yellow-white to red. Another sound echoed throughout the ship. A battle stations alert. In the distance, two sets of stomping feet could be heard rushing towards the bridge.

“Weapons ready!”

“Tactical computer up and tracking.” Serra replied, her long red ponytail swishing back and forth as she scanned the different readouts.

“Serra, what the hell is going on?!” A black-haired woman wearing cargo pants and a tank top asked as she entered and took a seat at another console behind Serra. Her tattooed covered arms swiftly moved across the console, bringing up situation readouts. She was followed by a large man with no hair who took a seat in front of Cali. “What is it boss?” He asked.

“I’ve triple checked, we’ve got two… wait, three Kurn pursuit ships about 150 clicks out and closing fast.

“Shit!” The tattooed woman growled.

“What are we going to do? This ship can’t outrun them!” The man said.

“I know.” Serra grumbled. “Cali, get back to the engine room and sweet talk those engines, get every ounce of juice out of them you can. If this turns into a fight, we’re gonna need it!” Serra said.

“Right!” Cali leaped from her seat and rushed off the bridge.

“Guns and shields at max output!” Lexi said as she brought up her targeting array.


“Kurn ships within visual range.” The man said.

“On screen Hawk,” Serra said and turned her attention to the viewer between the two windows that pointed out the front of the ship. There, still on an intercept vector were three Kurn Empire gunboats.

“Those are some sexy ships!” Hawk stated.

“Those sexy ships are gonna kill you!” The tattooed woman replied.

“Have you ever seen a Kurn woman, Blackstone? They are built like-“

“Can it!” Serra barked at them. She pressed a button on the upper control panel. “Cali, how is my girl?”

“She’s purring like a kitten, that overhaul I did really did her wonders. But if I heard you right, and they are Kurn ships, their alternating frequency beam cannons could be trouble for tuzla escort the shields!” She shouted.

“She really is full of herself, isn’t she?” Hawk remarked.

“Shut up Hawk!” The two said in unison.

“Serra… we’re being hailed!” Blackstone remarked.

“Put it through,” Serra replied stern-faced.

“SS Naginata, this is the Crimson Star”

“We hear you, what do you want?” Serra asked firmly.

“Serra, they have sent a visual message.”

“On screen.” She replied. The main viewer crackled as it resolved the different frequencies, then it came into focus. A tall, muscular, red-skinned woman with jet black hair scowled at them.

“To whom am I speaking?” She asked.

“I am Captain Serra Harkner.” She said proudly.

“I am Lord Marshall Katarina Graglubute”

“Graglubute?!” Blackstone said under her breath.

“Lord Marshall, it’s an honor, what can we do for you?” Serra tried to remain calm. Knowing a fight with one Kurn gunboat would be a fight for their lives, but three…

“Captain,” Katarina’s face softened. “I need… a favor.”

“A favor?” Serra echoed.

“Yes. I would like to discuss it, in person, if I may.” She said.

“A- Alright,” Serra responded.

“Okay, I’ll move my ship over and we can dock.”

“Right, we’ll be ready. Naginata out.” Serra cut the connection.

“Are you crazy boss?!” Hawk turned to her.

“Stand down.” Was all she said to him. She stood and turned to Blackstone. “Lexi, with me. Hawk, so the shelf so they can dock, but keep weapons charged and prepare to do an emergency shield raising if need be.”

Blackstone nodded grimly and followed her out of the bridge. Hawk grumbled under his breath as he powered down the ship’s shields. “If they change their mind, we’re all dead,” Hawk said to no one.

Serra and Lexi arrived at the docking tube entrance. While they waited, she shut off the red alert. A second later Cali’s voice blared over the comm.”What the hell is going on?!”

“Meet me at the docking tube,” Serra said over the comm.

Just as the docking tube connected with the Naginata, Cali arrived. “Uh, what the hell?”

“Just… stand by,” Serra said calmly. Moments later, after a seal was achieved, the airlock hissed and opened. Standing there in black leather and iron, accompanied by two others, stood Lord Marshall Katarina Graglubute.

“I… uh… hello.” Serra finally managed to greet the nearly six-and-a-half-foot-tall alien.

“Greetings Captain.” She said with what could have been a smile. Unusual for her war-like race.

“This is Blackstone, my first mate, and Cali, my engineer.” Serra introduced her crew.

Katarina nodded to them.

“Shall we gather in the lounge?” Serra suggested.

“Yes, thank you.”

Serra led the way to the lounge and took her usual seat. Katarina sat across from her. Blackstone and Cali flanked Serra while the two other Kurn stood behind Katarina.

“So, I’m a little… surprised by this, to be honest.” Serra shifted in her seat.

“I apologize for our aggressive posture, my people default to aggression.” Katarina said.

“It’s alright.” Serra cautioned a smile.

“So, let me get to it.” Serra nodded, urging her on. “I would like to hire your crew and ship.”

“Hire?” Serra said.

“Us?” Cali added.

“Yes. Let me explain.” She said, took a deep breath, and continued. “My brother and father have gone missing. I need to find them.”

“But why us? If you’re Lord Marshall, why not use the resources you have to find them?” Serra asked.

“Well, because my father is the Emperor and my brother is heir to the throne, and rallying that much military might and resources would bring up too much attention and concern. War for the throne would certainly erupt.” She explained.

“Wait.” Blackstone spoke up. “If your dad is the Emperor? And your brother is… a prince? That makes you…”

“Lord Marshall.” She replied curtly. “I refuse to take a royal title. I command the entirety of the Kurn military,” she said proudly.

“I see,” Blackstone replied and sat back.

“So, why us?” Serra asked.

“The Naginata has a very good reputation and it’ll keep the operation quiet.” She said, “if you agree.”

“Okay. ” Serra paused for a moment, she cleared her throat and spoke. “About payment.”

“Payment?! This is the Kurn!” Blackstone warned her.

“No no… it’s okay.” Katarina said with a smile. She gestured to one of her companions who brought forth a small case and handed it to Serra. She opened it and gasped.

“How… How much is here?”

“1 million credits. This is a retainer fee, you will be given expenses as we go. Fuel, repairs, whatever you need.”

“I… ” she stared into the case at the credit sticks. “What can I say?” She gingerly closed the case and set it on the table. Katarina stood and approached her, she smiled and held out her hand. “How about, yes.”

Serra stood and took her hand. “Yes.”

“Good, let me return to my ship to get my belongings and we can be on our way.”

“Fair pendik escort enough, we have extra quarters for you,” Serra said.

“Oh, I will be bringing one companion with me, if that’s alright.”

“Of course.” Said replied without hesitation.

“Good, we shall return soon.”

With that, the Kurn entourage returned to their ship. The crew of the Naginata gathered in the lounge and discussed what was to happen.

“I can’t believe this! Two Kurn on this ship?!” Hawk bellowed.

“MY ship.” Serra corrected him. “Listen, we do this and we’re set for good. Each of you can buy your own ship with the kind of credits we’re talking about.”

“I don’t want my own ship,” Cali mumbled. “I want to stay here.”

Serra approached her and put her hands on Cali’s shoulders. “Your the best engineer I’ve ever had, if you want to stay, after all this, I would love to have you.”

“Thanks, Captain.”


“Sorry… Serra.”

“Better.” She gave the woman a hug and turned to Blackstone. “Can you unlock cabins 6 and 7? Power up their systems.”

“Got it.” And Blackstone hurried off.

“Hawk, get back up to the bridge, prime the star drive and check our fuel load.” He nodded and headed to the bridge.

“Cali, head back to engineering, make sure that jump drive is warmed up, I’m positive it’s going to get a lot of use.”

“Right away!” She smiled and rushed to the back of the ship. Serra waited at the docking portal for a while. Then, the chime signaling the return of the Kurn alerted her. The door slid open and Katarina stepped out, after her, another female Kurn excited the docking tube.

“Captain Serra, this is Saphina, my aide.”

While Katarina was muscular and an obvious warrior, Saphina wore a sleek “robe” of fine black silk, bracelets, and necklaces of black and silver. Her most startling feature was her stark white hair, unusual for a Kurn. It was long and well groomed.

“It’s a pleasure.” Serra nodded to her. “Let me show you to your quarters.” She pointed out the sickbay and mess on the way.

“Here we are. Just across the hall from each other.” Saphina gave Katarina a curious look, which was answered with a nod.

“Everything okay?” Serra asked.

“Yes, everything is fine. Saphina is concerned for my safety, but all will be just fine.”

“Great. You should know we have a delivery to make, then we can be on our way.” Serra explained.

“Very good. I will come to the bridge with our first destination in a few hours.” Katarina said.

“Very well.” Serra replied and headed back to the bridge.

On the bridge, Hawk was preparing to disembark. The transit tube was released and the Naginata was free again. Serra entered and sat on her chair. Neither said a word for a few moments until Serra broke the silence.


“I don’t like this captain. The Kurn are not to be trusted.” He said.

“Then trust me, Hawk,” Serra said. “One last run and you can go your own way, if you want.”

Hawk just grumbled and set the destination for their original mission/delivery.

“Since we’re a little behind schedule we better use the jump drive.” Serra flicked the comm switch. “Cali, is the jump drive ready?”

“She’s warmed up and ready to play!” Cali replied shouting over the din of the stardrive charging up.

“Alright, let’s go.” She said to Hawk.

“Jump in three… two… one… “

The ship shuttered briefly and vanished from real space and into a realm not quite in reality, but not completely outside of it. This was the fastest way to travel long distances quickly, but even then, this run still had two weeks in jump space. A ship the size of the Naginata would have to make two stops for fuel. The Naginata was not a starship, it was a long-haul freighter. While it can enter jump space, it was designed for light speed, star drive travel. After about thirty minutes of jump space, Serra stood up and shut off the interface on her console. “I’m going to grab some shut-eye. I’ll relieve you in four hours.” She said with a yawn.

“Alright.” Hawk replied.

Serra made her way out of the bridge and down to the quarters’ area. As she arrived at her door, down the hall another cabin opened and Katrina stepped out. Serra was taken aback as this warrior… queen was no longer in her armor, but rather a black shirt and loose black pants. No boots, just her bare Crimson skin feet.

“Oh! Serra, if I may have a moment.” Katarina approached her. Seeing a Kurn on her ship still unnerved her a little, but there was something about them, especially Katrina that struck her odd. She’d always heard how savage they were, but Katarina was very, proper and well mannered.

“What can I do for you?” She asked as her door slid open.

“I have the coordinates for the first location.” She said, her hips swayed as she approached her in the dim light of the crew quarters hall. (Power has to be rerouted while using the jump drive to conserve fuel).

“Oh, excellent,” Serra replied as Katarina stopped a mere foot before her. Her open shirt left aydınlı escort little to the imagination. Her breasts were loose and bouncing under the flimsy cloth. “Is that all?”

“No, may I talk to you… in private?”

“Of course,” Serra replied and gestured for her to enter her captain’s quarters. After Serra followed her in, she closed the door. Katarina took up a seat on a plush couch and Serra leaned against a table across the main room.

“What can I do for you?” She asked, completely unsure what this warrior woman would ask of her. The room was dimly lit, but not as dark as the hallway. The sound of the jump drive was deeper than the star drive. Almost could be throaty in nature. A slight growl, but not so loud as to make it uncomfortable. The few illumination devices in the room cast deep shadows in much of the room.

“Well, as you know, this mission is to be completely secret, no one must know.”

“Of course,” Serra replied with a confident nod.

“Many places… my people are not… tolerated, so I need a favor from you.”

“I will do what I can.” She was a little leery of what might be coming next, but it was a lot of money, so she was ready for almost anything.

“I may need to have your crew do some of the leg work for me. I will of course accompany you as much as I can and I will likely have to wear a disguise.” She explained.

“My crew and I are at your disposal… uh… Lord Marshall.”

“Katarina… or even just Kat.” She said with a gentle smile.

“Kat.” Serra echoed.

“Good, thank you for understanding.” Kat replied.

“Of course,” Serra said and moved to the small bar in the far corner. She found a bottle and began to pour.

“Drink?” She asked. Kat stood, straightened her top and approached the bar. Serra couldn’t help but watch this powerful, yet sensual woman getting closer. She swallowed hard.

“Please.” She said and stood very close to Serra. She handed the Kurn a glass and waited. Kat held up the glass and smiled. “To a prosperous and fulfilling partnership.” They cobbled their glasses together and drank. Kat drained her glass and set it on the bar. Serra followed suit and poured another round. The slight chill in the room caused Kat’s nipples to become erect. Serra couldn’t help but notice. She tried not to make it obvious, but Kat saw her look. She sipped her drink again. “Join me, won’t you.” She said and returned to the couch. Serra followed her, suddenly nervous. As the big got comfortable, Kat spoke again. “Tell me, how did you come to become a runner?”

“Wait, you want to know about me? I mean, you’re the Lord Marshall of the Kurn Empire! That must be…”

“It is, but I tire of it.” She took a drink and continued. “Once my father and or my brother is back on the throne, I’m going to leave my position as Lord Marshall.” She said,

“But… why? The kind of power… and respect you must command is…”

“Serra, I was born into the royal family. I was trained to fight as soon as I could hold a weapon. I became a soldier at 14, commander at 20, and Lord Marshall by 26. My life has been in the military for as long as I remember.” She explained.

“Okay, another question, if you don’t mind.”

“Please.” She smiled and took a sip of her drink.

“If your father, the Emperor and your brother, the first born, are both missing, aren’t you?…”

Katarina chuckled and drained her glass. “Empress, yes. Technically, until either of them is found, I do rule the entire Crimson Empire.”

She sighed, finished her drink, and set the glass on a table to her side. “Serra, I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the responsibility and, to be honest, the fighting, the conquest, the subjugation of others. I did take the throne, briefly. The Kurn has fought, defeated and enslaved the Grimdrax race many years ago, under my father’s rule. My first act as Empress was to free them.”

“Really? Why?” She shook her head. “I mean…”

“I know. It felt wrong to me. I’m not my father, or my brother.” She took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Serra noticed it wavered slightly. “I want to be free. ” She said whimsically, “free to roam the stars and discover new peoples… and sensations.” She smirked at Serra. Serra shifted in her seat, suddenly feeling… arousal?! What the hell?!

“Everything okay?” Kat asked.

“Y- yes,” Serra replied.

“You’re… flustered, I think it’s cute,” Kat said and shifted closer to the Captain.

“I Uh…”

Katarina reached her Crimson red hands up to Serra’s face and took it in her hands. Her touch was surprisingly gentle for a warrior. Serra felt her body tense as Kat’s face got closer to hers. Kat licked her dark red lips and pushed them gently against Serra’s slightly parted lips. The kiss was so sweet and gentle, much to Serra’s surprise. The kiss was slow and sensual. Serra felt herself melt into Kat’s hands, and begin to get lost in the kiss. Then she felt Kat’s tongue emerge from her mouth and gently poke into Serra’s mouth. This sent a thrill through her body and followed her lead. Serra’s tongue wrestled with Kat’s. Kat’s hands fell to Serra’s hips and gripped them firmly. Serra could feel her body reacting to Kat’s kiss and touch, and hungered for more. Kat pulled away and smiled at her. Serra let out a soft whimper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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