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Albert answered the door. there stood Kiki Grueger, 5’4″ tall 120 pounds, short blonde hair, blue eyes and a dark tan that Albert knew covered her whole body. Her eyes twinkling with a mischievous look on her face.

Kiki: “Hello darling.” She spoke with a thick German accent.

Al: “So, how did it go?”

Kiki: “Your plan worked wonderfully. We’ve got her at the farm. By this weekend she’ll be ready for anything. Would you like to hear about it?”

Al: “Oh, yeah, sure. Come on up.”

They both walked up the stairs to the main floor and down the hallway to the living room. Kiki sat down in the large chair there, legs crossed, her leather mini skirt riding high exposing her bare legs up to almost her crotch. She wore a white silk blouse and a leather vest. Al knew she didn’t wear either panties or bras.

He poured them each a rum and coke and after passing her a glass sat down on the couch to both admire her body and listen to her story.

Kiki: “I was so sure that your plan wouldn’t work. How did you know she wouldn’t notice that she was almost our of gas.”

Al: “She never checks these things. In fact several times she’s done it to me. I’ve had to walk to the nearest gas station to get a can of gas.”

Kiki: “Well, it worked marvelously. We just took our time after she left the house and followed about a kilometer behind her. In fact, we pulled over and let her sit there for about five minutes before we started the car and pulled up by the side of the road to help her.

Of course Carl and I spoke only in German so she wouldn’t know us and I drove Uncles’ Mercedes. After all, Canadian license plates stand out quite a bit. Besides it was dark enough so I don’t think she’ll be able to recognize us.

We did go through the whole routine, like lifting the hood and then trying to start the car. Finally, we pointed to the gas gauge. She appeared genuinely embarrassed. Eventually she understood that we would drive her to the nearest gas station. Once she sat in the front seat and closed the door, my precious son Carl didn’t take long to grab her arms and pull them back behind the seat and handcuff them. Then we tied a rope around her chest just below the breast so she wouldn’t lean forward and hurt herself.

Carl then, got out and took the gas can out of the trunk he filled up your car and drove it to the farm. I blindfolded her and then took her there myself. Well… not quite all the way there at once. That’s why I’m so late.

Al: “I was wondering and a little worried. Christine came over asking where Carrie was and I had to tell her I though she had gone to the Bingo with Christine. Christine seemed to be a bit embarrassed about it and gave one excuse that they must have had their wires crossed as to who was supposed to drive. I think Christine knows a lot more than she lets on about Carrie’s escapades. Maybe I should think of something to do to her also. We’ll see. anyway, I interrupted your story, please go on.”

Kiki: “Well, at first she screamed then she tried to get loose and finally she began to cry, pleading to be let go, begging not to be hurt. then, eventually she begun to plead that she wouldn’t tell anyone if we let her go. Since the farm is so close by, I decided to drive around awhile. I drove for about an hour then I stopped in a deserted little road that I know of.

I couldn’t help myself all that yelling, crying and begging had made my pussy so wet I could feel the juices flowing down the crack of my ass. I fully reclined her seat so she was now laying down. I tore her blouse open and then I cut her bra off with some scissors. Her nipples reacted well to the air and then I pinched them hard till she creamed. I almost came. If lifted her skirt and tore her panty hose then I pulled up her panties until they ripped. She’ll have a sore cunt and ass for a few days. Then again, she deserves all the pain she gets. Then I straddled her head. I covered her face with my cunt juices. she didn’t understand my German for lick me but eventually she caught on. she’s a natural cunt licker you know. At first she licked the inside of my cunt but then she found the clitoris and licked and, licked and, licked. I came so hard I’m sure everyone within a kilometer of the car heard my screams.

When I finally calmed down I drove her to the farm. Uncle and Auntie and Carl were waiting for us. She didn’t give us much trouble. She seemed to be in a trance or maybe she had accepted her fate.

Oh! I almost forgot as I was driving to the farm I couldn’t help myself I kept pulling hair from her cunt. I just loved the way she kept moaning. God, I’m so horny thinking about it I’m simply dripping.”

She got up from her chair and knelt before Al. She unbuttoned his jeans then carefully pulled down his zipper. She knew he didn’t wear underwear. She took his cock in hand gently rubbed it over her face. When it came to sex she was the most aggressive person he knew. she never had to be asked twice, no matter who did the asking. She took his cock into her mouth, taking four of the six and a half inches into her mouth. Slowly and gently she scraped her teeth over the canlı bahis head and sides of the cock as she took it in. then she sucked on it as she withdrew. She let it pop out of her mouth. she ran her tongue over the head in a circular motion before she went back down again.

Al’s cock was hard and throbbing. He knew that he couldn’t last very long if she kept this up. He moaned. Kiki continue knowing full well that Al was now completely hers. She had complete control over him. She could make him cum in her mouth now or, tease him by stopping every once in a while and drive him totally crazy. In the past she had made him beg to cum. On more than one occasion he had become so crazed, that he had thrown her to the ground and raped her. Of course, there was always the other alternative of getting up before he got too crazed and let him take control.

She was sopping wet. Her juices running down her legs. She couldn’t stand it any longer herself. She got up turned around so she was facing away from him. She lifted her skirt showing off her well rounded muscular ass. She spread her legs as she backed up and squatted over his lap. Slowly, she lowered her body. Al held his cock to the entrance of her vagina. Once it was between her pussy lips, she let herself drop. This forced all of his six and a half up her cunt. At this angle, it felt huge. The initial contact gave a mixture of both pain and pleasure. They both moaned enjoying the tightness. After a few moments she began to move up and down. After only a few strokes Kiki began to scream her first orgasm. He cunt spasmed vice-like around his throbbing pole.

When her pleasure had subsided a bit, she began to move again. She was still riding high and, she had no control over her movements. She was trying desperately to reach another orgasm. al was well aware that it was time he took over. He grabbed her by the hips. Holding her in place, he managed to get up. He move them both around so that now she was on her knees on the floor, her upper body resting on the couch. He kept a hold on her hips and, began to slowly fuck her. Her head kept moving from side to side. He knew fully well that she was having mini orgasms one after the other as her vagina was gripping his cock with each one. Along with the fact that she kept moaning and groaning. He, himself, was beginning to fell the effect of the slow strokes. he changed his rhythm. He now began to pull his cock completely out of her steaming pussy. He could feel the coolness of the air on its head before ramming it back into her soaked cunt. he kept this up for quite sometime, enjoying the different sensation of her hot box and the cool air. He could feel his balls flapping up against her lower abdomen. Kiki was his now, to manipulate as he saw fit. He could last as long as he wanted. That is, as long as he could change rhythm, he could keep his own orgasm in check.

Kiki: “Please, baby, faster, harder. Oh! Please hurt me!”

This is what Al was waiting for. He grabbed a fist full of her flesh. Her screams only adding to his building orgasm. he pulled out of her briefly. He now aimed his cunt juice coated cock at her brown puckered hole. He shove his cock up her ass to the sound of piercing screams. He gave her no mercy as in and out his cock drove up her colon. Faster and faster he fucked her as his own orgasm got near. His own moans mixed with her screams. Jet after jet of hot jism shot up her ass as his cock convulsed in her spasming rectum. His body depleted of its strength, he collapsed on her. They lay like that, each trying to catch their breath. When they were both breathing normally, Al reluctantly pulled his deflated cock from her bum.

Kiki: “Oh God … baby, you are so good.”

They both laughed. Al wondered if after she left, would she go home and tell her husband, Wolfgang, all about tonight’s adventure. Would he fuck her also, or would she go out and find someone else to fuck. Al knew her well enough to realize that this was just an appetizer. Just a prelude of a night of continuos sex, till she was too sore to fuck. Kiki was the first nymphomaniac Al had ever met.

They both dressed and finished their drinks. for a little while they talked about the upcoming weekend. She again explained, that Carrie would be kept at Uncle’s and Auntie’s estate until the party. Up until then, they would keep her excited, but, wouldn’t let her cum. By Friday night Carrie would be so frustrated she’d be ready to fuck a post, if she were given one.

Kiki: “I’m sorry baby, but I must leave. Poor Wolfgang is waiting at home to hear all about tonight. So is Carl, for that matter. I’m going to tell them all about your darling little wife and, of course, all about our little get together.

I’ll see you at the farm Friday night.”

Al: “Yes, I wouldn’t miss any of it.”

Kiki: “Are you bringing someone?”

Al: “I’m not sure. I was thinking of bringing Christine.”

Kiki: “Oh, that would be nice. Do you think she would like to join our little family?”

Al: “I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.”

He walked her down the stairs. As she turned to face him in the doorway, bahis siteleri she lifted her skirt, plunged two fingers in her cunt, brought them up glistening. She then placed them into her mouth to lick off. She smile knowing that she was outside for everyone to see and that it embarrassed him. She kissed him.

Kiki: “Bye, bye.”

Then, she ran up the street to her parked car. Al couldn’t help but laugh. It was late, so he went to bed immediately. He didn’t have to get up early because he was on vacation. His son Frankie was staying with friends for the next two weeks. He suspected Christine would be over tomorrow but she had her own key to the apartment and wouldn’t bother knocking.

He lay naked in bed. His right hand slowly massaging his hard cock. He thought of Kiki and how much she had taught him over the last year and a half. He knew she lived for sex. She was a totally honest person. She was open and playful. He had first met her on the Friday night after he had arrived in Germany. Then, about a month later he had witnessed her participation in a gang bang. This had both excited and disgusted him. He had avoided her for nearly six months after that. Then she had rekindled their relationship. Over the next year she had related her complete past history. Although she was promiscuous, she only held very few people in confidence.

She had been born before the war, in a very affluent family. Both her parents had been born in families that had made their mark in German society. They were involved in various industries that had become more and more prosperous in the German preparation for the 2nd World War. Just before the onset of the war the grandparents on both sides had died within six months of each other Kiki’s parents were both only children and therefore had inherited both conglomerates which they amalgamated and run as equal partners. Although in those days it was unthinkable that a woman run a company. Kiki’s mother had legally tied up the companies in that Kiki’s father couldn’t get control. This had caused a lot of discontent between the two of them over the years and in fact still did, even now that they were retired. Even though Germany had lost the war, Kiki’s parents had managed to make even more money. Her younger brother was now president of both conglomerates.

Kiki was receiving a trust fund along with her husband Wolfgang. They were second cousins and their marriage had been arranged when she was 14 years. In fact, she had met Wolfgang for the very first time on their wedding day. the marriage had been arranged when it was discovered that Kiki was pregnant at an early age of 13 and a half years old. The scandal around the pregnancy would have ruined the family. So help from her mother’s cousin had been enlisted. Wolfgang Wolf was their son of that same cousin was 15 years old living in Canada. Part of the arrangement was that Wolfgang would receive a trust fund and so would his parents as long as they all lived or that a divorce or separation should happen. Even the consummation of the marriage had been witnessed by a faithful maid on the night of the wedding. although young, both Wolfgang and Kiki had reasoned out that the marriage was a marriage of convenience only and had agreed that it would remain that way. They would be together only when it was deemed necessary. Other than the one week they spent together after the wedding they hadn’t seen each other again until five years later when Wolfgang was posted to Germany. They had written on a monthly basis to each other between the wedding and the posting to Germany. They had become very open and trusting of each other. Both had realized the others sexual preferences and prowess. During his post to Germany they had dated and had, had sex together but agreed that they would never be faithful to each other. Their sex was good, but neither was in love with the other, nor would either ever be monogamous. After three years Wolfgang had returned to Canada alone. They had continued to correspond to each other. Wolfgang had again been posted back in 1966. They each had their own home in two separate villages and visited each other.

Kiki had developed early. She had almost full size breasts at nine years old and her first period at eleven. She had been raised in a country estate. She never went to school, but was taught by tutors. She had plenty of staff to answer her every need. Kiki had discovered sex or at least the difference between the sexes early in life. The manor had a lot of hiding places from which she could observe the staff in all manners of dress or undress. She had also spied on the staff often enough, that by the age of eleven, she knew more about sexual relations than most people at the age of twenty.

By eight years old she had discovered the pleasure of masturbation. However, love was a concept that was very confusing. On several occasions she had heard the word love spoken when the couples were orgasming. Even when they were making love to different partners. Yet, the definition of love she received from her tutors seemed quite different that what was spoken during the sexual act. Kiki had concluded bahis şirketleri that love was associated with making love with someone. It didn’t matter whether they were friends or family.

She also learned, very early in life, that being rich gave you power of others less fortunate. All the staff from tutors down to the lowly stable hands feared being fired. In fact, her first experience of the power that she had over the staff, came when she had complained about one of her tutors. Her father had immediately fired the man. Not only had the man been let go, but her father had ensured he would never be hired by anyone as a tutor. The fate of the poor man had been quickly related to the rest of the staff. They realized that one complaint from Kiki and, they would be dismissed. They now were left at the mercy of the young girl, who was aware of her newfound power. For the next three years Kiki ruled as a Mistress over the staff, which were treated as her personal slaves.

Although spoiled, Kiki did have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She never missed a class. Sometimes, she would urge her tutor to continue with the lesson, even when her allotted time for study was over. She would study at meal times and, even after her bed time. All her tutors were impressed. She held an “A” average in all subjects and, was farther ahead than most children her age.

Yet, she still had time to spy on the staff. This revealed a lot to her about the people who were responsible for her welfare. She learned that the cook Margo, and one of her mother’s personal maids Brigitta, were lesbians. The butler Carl, and the chauffeur Henrich, were also homosexuals. her father’s secretary maria, who managed the staff and was responsible for all financial matters relating to running the estate, was a masochist. Maria could be made to do any perverse sexual act with man, woman, or, animal. One of the stable hands, had been observed fucking sheep. As for all the other staff, they seemed to enjoy normal sex. With this knowledge, she began to plan her complete control over the staff.

Kiki first began to interview each and every staff member. She frankly advised them of her observations. She explained, that she wouldn’t devulge any of her observations to her parents, yet. She would however related this information if they didn’t obey her every command. At first she began to demand private shows in her room. She would masturbate as she force staff members to perform sexual acts before her. From there she elicit the staff to please her either with their mouths or hands. As time wore on, she became more involved to the point she had fucked every male and enjoyed every female. During the day she treated the staff as usual although at night they all became her personal slaves. Knowing Maria’s penchant to be abused, she treated her a little different. Maria became her personal slave, to be used whenever she felt the urge to hurt someone. It never ceased to surprise Kiki, that the more she abused maria, the more Maria loved it.

Kiki’s promiscuity did however result in her becoming pregnant. When finally her parents got the news a special meeting had been arranged. Kiki had expected emotional outbursts from both her mother and father, instead they had sat down with her discussing the situation as if it was a normal every day occurrence. Kiki had refused to divulge who the father was. Nor, had she implicated any of the staff. As for the staff, none would say anything for fear of the repercussions. Kiki did, however, answer honestly, that she didn’t know who the father was. As the interview went on she sensed the frustration and anger building up, yet both parents seemed to keep control over their respective emotions. At one point, she was sent to her room.

As she left her parents room, she past maria and winked. By the time the first staff member was interviewed, all knew that they were safe. By the next morning, her parents were satisfied that none of the staff had been involved. They also concluded that Kiki would never confide in them as to who the father was. Kiki was given an ultimatum. She could either choose to be banished from the family or, follow their orders completely. The decision was to be hers but once it was made she couldn’t change her mind. After some time Kiki would be married to a distant relative Wolfgang. The newly married couple would spend one week honeymooning. Once the honeymoon was over, she would return and be placed under the care of Uncle Heinz and Auntie Marguerite. They would take care of her on their estate until she was eighteen.

Al had learned a lot more of Kiki’s background, but as he laid in bed massaging his cock, his mind wandered back to his first and almost his last encounter with Kiki. he had arrived in Germany from Canada on Tuesday November the 25th, 1967. He could still remember the long bus ride from Dusseldorf to Fort St. Louis. From there he had been driven to Fort Chambly, his new posting. Since the Brigade was on scheme the base was nearly empty. he had however, been welcomed by the RSM and, given temporary lodgings. All his friends were on scheme. He didn’t know any of the skeleton crew left on the base. He was, however, given the job of runner, delivering messages to various buildings. As the week progressed he became familiar with the base. After two days however, he knew the base inside and out.

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