Wendy Stefania of Boston

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Stephenson Croft and Wendy Stefania Polynice have known each other for quite some time, and they’re good friends. Stephenson was born in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, to a Jamaican immigrant father, Luther Croft, and a white mother, Evelyn O’Neill. After his parents divorce, Stephenson was raised by his aunt Cecilia Croft in the City of Boston, Massachusetts, and the tall, handsome biracial brother proudly identifies as an African American even though he was born in the Capital of Canada.

A lot of black Canadians move to the United States of America in search of opportunity, and there is nothing wrong with that. Stephenson saw what limited opportunities awaited black men in Canada. No matter how educated and ambitious, black Canadian men cannot become captains of industry, or highly successful politicians. Canadian racism is insidious and ever present, and Stephenson Croft doesn’t care for it at all.

In the United States of America, even though police racism is a major problem, college-educated black men have greater chances of finding success than they would in Canada. Stephenson knew plenty of college-educated black men in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax who worked as security guards, cleaners, mall workers and other menial jobs because the private sector and the Canadian government absolutely refuse to hire black men. What’s a brother to do under those circumstances?

Stephenson Croft studied business administration at UMass-Amherst, earned an MBA at Northeastern University and presently works güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for Prudential Financial as an analyst. As for his long-time friend Wendy Stefania Polynice, she recently divorced her former husband Mitchell Constant, and is now raising her daughter Chelsea in the environs of Malden, Massachusetts. The summer of 2020 proved to be a tough one for everyone, and Stephenson and Wendy were forced to rely on each other to survive.

Wendy Stefania Polynice studied Nursing at Massasoit Community College and Bridgewater State University, and now works for Charles MGH Hospital. Even though Wendy makes good money as a nurse, life is not easy for the Haitian-American single mother and divorcee. Wendy has been quite lonely since her divorce. Most men don’t care to be saddled with a woman who is divorced, and saddled with a lot of baggage. What’s a gal to do under those circumstances?

Stephenson and Wendy began spending a lot of time together, since neither had much family in Massachusetts. Stephenson’s aunt Cecilia Croft moved back to Jamaica after she reached retirement age. One night, after hanging out at the Loew’s movie theater and Copley Mall, Stephenson and Wendy went home to have themselves some fun. With Chelsea visiting her father Mr. Constant in Brockton, Stephenson and Wendy had the place to themselves.

“This is so hot,” Wendy Stefania Polynice said, and the five-foot-eight, curvaceous young Haitian woman grinned as her lover Stephenson spread her thick ass cheeks wide open, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and stuck his tongue in her asshole. Stephenson grasped Wendy’s ass cheeks with both hands as he wormed his tongue into the forbidden depths of her asshole. Inside Wendy’s apartment, located in the environs of Malden, Massachusetts, things were most definitely heating up.

“Hmm, you haven’t felt anything yet,” Stephenson paused to say, and he playfully smacked Wendy’s big ass as he gave her booty hole a tongue bath. Wendy moaned softly, feeling her nipples harden and her pussy get wet as Stephenson worked his magic on her. Stephenson worked two fingers into Wendy’s wet snatch, and the Haitian mama moaned softly, loving what he was doing to her. For the two of them, the fun was just beginning.

“Hmm, I like that,” Wendy said, purring like a kitten as Stephenson stimulated both her vagina and her asshole at the same time. After giving Wendy’s asshole a tongue bath, Stephenson laid her on her back, and admired her. With her perky tits, her curvy, dark-skinned body, her round belly and her thick thighs, Wendy was lovely in a wholesome kind of way. Stephen most definitely wanted Wendy’s cookie, and then some…

“Hey sexy,” Stephenson said, stroking his long and thick, uncircumcised dick as Wendy looked at him, her chestnut eyes tracking his every move. Grinning, Wendy got on all fours and went straight for Stephenson’s dick. As the young biracial man looked on, the freaky Haitian mama grabbed his dick and took him güvenilir bahis şirketleri into her mouth. Wendy stroked Stephenson dick and sucked him with gusto. She hadn’t been with a man since she divorced her husband, and wanted to make up for lost time.

“Caribbean men have the most delicious dicks,” Wendy said, smiling at Stephenson as she flicked her tongue over his dick head. Stephenson groaned, loving what Wendy was doing to him. The sultry Haitian mama sucked his dick real good, licking the underside of his shaft and sucking on his balls. Soon, Stephenson was hard as a rock. Wendy grinned, and leaned back on the bed, her thick thighs spread invitingly. Smiling, Stephenson reached for a condom, and made good use of it.

“Love that ass,” Stephenson told Wendy as he playfully smacked her big butt. With a swift thrust, Stephenson buried his hard dick inside Wendy’s pussy. The horny Haitian mama let out a happy sigh as her lover’s thick dick entered her. She began grinding against him, loving the feel of his thick member inside her sweet spot. Stephenson gripped Wendy’s hip with one hand and smacked her big ass with the other. He proceeded to dick her down, slamming his dick into her like there was no tomorrow. Wendy screamed passionately, and Stephenson fucked her good. They both needed this, and it was a long time coming.

“Here’s to a great friendship,” Wendy told Stephenson, much later, as they lay on the living room couch, sipping Barbancourt rum while watching CW News. The City of Boston is slowly getting back on its feet, and the Covid menace was not over. As a health care professional, Wendy knew that tough times awaited the entire world, especially people of color. As long as the people Wendy cared about the most, such as her dear Chelsea, and of course, Stephenson, remained safe, then everything would be alright.

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