Wet or Dry??

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Wet or Dry??One of my “friends” on here asked if I ever had an orgasm when I was an escort in Manchester and what was the weirdest thing a client had ever asked me to do with them.To be honest I did not orgasm many times with “local” guys, small hairy cocks are a big turn off for me, however lots of “foreign” cocks did turn me on, especially those well looked after, smoothly shaved balls and a nice 9″+ in length. My husband obviously made me orgasm … even on our first meeting at my flat he had me screaming the house down – he is big in all directions and i adore sucking him from a soft 6″ to a hard 10″ then sliding him between my legs and letting him do the works before he cums deep in my cunt.We also love anal, this can be a right “pain in the arse” – he is big but I do take him as deep as I can as I love the feel of his cum shooting up that so tight hole and passage …. we have to use loads of lube and yes it does hurt but ….. I love a bit of pain!Clients asked for a lot of weird things – most I was happy to do if they paid me extra, some things were not allowed due to my health … i did not do bareback (unless it was a regular “known” client , i would not do some weird dirty stuff (often asked for), I would not work during my periods (often asked for) …. basically i was happy to be spanked, sucked, fucked, even whipped and get wet …So the weirdest thing … I was contacted by a regular client who wanted to suprise his wife – would I meet them at a hotel in town, act as if I was a long lost school friend and seduce him and his wife … plus a little bit extra?? (he did not explain what the extra was but I sort of guessed)I agreed and within minutes a £1k sum had hit my bank account with a message via text to meet them at 9pm that night at this posh (no names) hotel by the istanbul escort railway station in town. Wear high heels, very short skirt and a loose top, no bra or thong. Ohh and drink lots of water before you leave for the hotel.(Have you ever tried drinking 4L of water in a few hours …. its not easy!!)Taxi dropped me off at the hotel at 9pm and I walked into the bar – I had used this hotel many times before so I knew the layout well … headed for the bar and ordered a large JD & Coke … I was bursting for a wee and could have easily wet the bar stool but i held it in.A couple of minutes later this couple walks towards me and the male(the client), stops, does a double take and they come across …. I am introduced as K**R*N, a old school friend of his and he introduces his wife, she was drop dead gorgeous, maybe 20 years older than me, about my height, nice breasts falling out of her dress, high heels and long blonde hair.I would need no second thoughts of seducing her …. we sat down together and chatted about old times at school (all made up to make out he and I knew each other… ), i was squirming in my seat and I noticed she was too …. and she kept looking around the bar for the ladies.He asked if I was busy tonight and I told them I had been to a bar in town and had popped in for a night cap before getting a taxi home alone – he suggested I stay the night as they had booked the penthouse suite (which I knew had 2 double bedrooms and a sunken bath in the adjoining bathroom). His wife agreed that it would be a good idea as she wanted to chat about my job on the local newspaper (??? lol)Within 10 minutes I had agreed …. and we were up in their penthouse suite …. I was shown round (as if I had never been there avcılar escort before) and more drinks came out of the mini bar including a bottle of champange – it was their wedding anniversary hence the suite and no expense spared.I was sitting next to her on the sofa as her husband poured the drinks and (no idea why) my hand rested on her leg .. she turned to me and kissed me full on the lips, we were in a lesbian clinche within minutes as her husband watched us from the other sofa.We undressed each other and put on a little show for her husband, licking nipples, fingering each other, licking pussy … I knew I was dribbling pee each time she licked me and she tasted the same when i licked her …. neither of us could keep it in much longer.Her husband was now naked, his erection hard (he isnt huge down there but he could use it well) … he suggested we should shower in the sunken bath …. I knew exactly what he meant as he had done the same to me on numerous occasions.I took is wifes hand and guided her to the sunken bath, ran some warm water into it to warm the surface up, then laid down in the water ….. her husband guided her to stand in the bath over me as he stood at the end facing his wife and my face …. I looked up at her and wispered “Squat down and relax”She did as she was told and a torrent of warm salty golden champane erupted from her pussy, covering my breasts and stomach – her husband let go at the same time – golden champange all over my face and hair.I was soaked but i drank and spat out as much as they both gave me .. We swapped positions, she laid down and as he was spent I squatted over her face .. my fingers opening her pussy and fingering her as I too let go and covered her with my salty champange.- she orgasmed as i soaked her şirinevler escort screaming out and gushing into the champange bath.When we were all drained (or so we thought) we had a communal shower together, lots of soap and hotel shampoo … then we laid on the bed, him in the middle and us girls each side of him.We took turns sucking him hard and i know he was finger fucking our arses at the same time, he quickly cummed in her mouth and she leaned across to kiss me so i could taste (not for the first time) his cum.We let him sleep for an hour while we pleasured ourselves …. she was a real screamer when she orgasmed and the bed sheets were soaked …. when he woke up he just lay there and watched us, then he opened a suitcase and brought out a 6″ strapon…. he gave it to me and I thought he wanted me to use it on his wife …. wrong!!I fucked his arse hard while he fucked his wife ….. I am not allowed to say what happened while we were like this but it was a first for me and her and him …. lets just say that lots of strapon licking took place ……We finally fell asleep together at about 3am …. and woke up at 8am together … he was hard as rock and he got me out of bed and fucked me with my face to the windows of the penthouse …. overlooking central Manchester – if anyone had looked up they would seen exactly what was happening (maybe they did lol) …. his wife was watching us and playing … she came over and was sucking his balls and arse as he fucked me.After room service Breakfast I bade my goodbye’s and thanked them for a fun night — having called my taxi driver I made a hasty exit from the hotel as I had only my clothes from the night before.He (the client) booked me again a week later (at his regular time 4pm Friday for 1 hour), he told me after he had virtually screwed the life out of all my holes that his wife would love to see his “old school friend” again …. maybe for a meal and a drink ….. just us girls …. to drink more champange and explore some more ……….If you like this then (maybe) I will tell you what happened when us girls met …….. yes or no??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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