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Deep Throat

I was touring Scotland and enjoying the solitude. But one thing I wasn’t enjoying was the lack of female company, especially wrapped round me in bed. A long relationship had just broken up and I was back to the solitary bedtime pleasures of my faithful right hand Dusk was falling, I was on road miles from anywhere when I saw a “Bed & Breakfast” sign at the start of a track that wound up a hill to an isolated farmhouse. I headed up the track and knocked on the door.The door opened, and there she was. She looked late twenties, a few years younger than me, a wild-looking beauty with tousled blonde hair down to her shoulders. Almost involuntarily my eyes explored her body. She was a big buxom girl in a loose grey woollen jumper bulging over a well-stacked top deck. Down below she was in faded blue jeans so tight they looked is if they had been painted onto her curves and shapely legs. After several days of getting no closer to a woman than pictures in porn, I felt as if an electric shock had hit me, starting between my legs. More than that, she ran her eyes over me and I saw a look in them that hinted there might be more on offer than just a room for the night. For a few seconds, we just stood there staring at each other. Then I heard a gruff voice from behind her.  “Who is it, Fiona?” A man appeared behind Fiona. He was a slim, wiry, tough-looking man with greying hair and a short grey beard, I’d guess in his early fifties. I explained I’d seen their notice. I soon learned he was the girl’s father, Alex, that there was a room available and that my company was more than welcome in their lonely house.  “Go and show him the room, Fiona,” Alex said, gesturing toward the stairs. “Then join us for a drink. It’s getting late.”  I followed Fiona up the stairs. All the way up my eyes were locked on her tight blue jeans taut over her well-rounded bottom swinging above me and showing the outline of her panties. The room was simple with a double bed, a wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom, all kaçak iddaa I needed. As I stood there looking around the room Fiona went to the window, turned her back to me, and bent over to look out. Her jeans tightened over her backside.  “You get a very good view from here,” Fiona said, swinging her bottom, and rubbed her denim-clad thighs together that erotic way girls do. There was just enough daylight to see the hills against the deep blue sky. But right then the only view I was looking at was Fiona’s taut blue denim-clad backside, and the only hills I was interested in were the two hills bulging under her jumper. Fiona stood and turned to face me, with her legs ever so slightly spread.  “You were looking at my bottom weren’t you?” I felt my face start to turn red.  Before I could think of anything to say she reached down to the front of her jeans and unzipped them. Her jeans sprang open to reveal white cotton panties with an embroidered top hem. She spread her legs further, hooked her thumb over the waistband of her panties and pulled the front down far enough to display a neat bush of brown cunt hair. She thrust her hips forward toward me.  “Touch my cunt!” she gasped.  Almost involuntarily I slid my hand down between Fiona’s spread legs and cupped my palm over her sex mound. Her cunt hair felt deliciously coarse against my hand, and her bush was wet with her juice. She moaned softly and lifted the front of her jumper. Her big breasts were slung in the skimpy cups of a white bra. My hands moved up from her pussy to explore them.  “When Daddy’s out tonight,” she said excitedly, “can we? It’s been so long. Oh please.”  I guessed she didn’t get much chance with men in this isolated house. She said her father would be going off in about an hour to the town for a drink with his mates, and he wouldn’t be back till the small hours, if he didn’t spend the whole night out. She told me she was on the pill “just in case” and she wouldn’t get pregnant. It had been ages since I’d had a kaçak bahis woman. I certainly wasn’t going to turn down what this frustrated, lustful blonde sex bomb was offering me.  We went downstairs. By the time I had fetched my things from the car, Alex was ready with a bottle of a good single malt for our drink. I learned from him that his wife had died a couple of years before, leaving him a widower. After what seemed an eternity of frustrated waiting he left. As soon as the noise and lights of his ancient car had faded down the track Fiona and I were up in my room.  We were wrapped round each other instantly with Fiona’s arms round me, her lips against mine, her big soft breasts squeezed against my chest and the peak of my erect penis jutting into her soft belly. My hands started round her waist then slid down her back to explore her big soft bottom before I unzipped her jeans and got my hand down inside her panties again.  We disengaged ourselves from each other only to undress each other. We were both frantic. Fiona’s hands were trembling and she was whimpering with excitement as she fumbled with the buttons of my shirt. Fiona was nude first. Her naked figure was every bit as good as I’d imagined. Her big round breasts swung heavily and deliciously sensuously with her movements, and her deep red nipples were already peaking with arousal from the pink circles of her areoles.  She squatted down naked in front of me to pull my blue cotton briefs down and off. Almost as soon as my erect penis bounced out Fiona slipped her lips over my knob. With her lips catching the corona ridge of my penis she rolled her tongue across my nozzle and tickled my frenulum. I could have taken any amount of that! I grabbed her head and tried to push my cock further into her mouth. But mercifully she stopped and looked up at me.  “That’s what men like, isn’t it?” Before I could manage an answer we were both on the bed wrestling naked together. In our frantic lust-fired romp our hands and lips must illegal bahis have explored every inch of each other’s naked body in every foreplay position.  Soon Fiona was whimpering and trembling with the excitement of arousal. She rolled off me onto the bed next to me, spread her legs wide and folded them up so her knees were near her shoulders. Her vagina was gaping wide, glistening with her juice and with her inner labia poking out. She reached up her arms toward me and in between her excited gasps moaned softly:  “Want you! Want you!” I got down between her spread thighs. I gently prodded her excited labia with my penis head, savouring the moment. Her big breasts were quivering with her excited breaths. Her tousled blonde hair was spread over the pillow and she had a hungry look in her eyes. Then I was on top of her in the valley between her folded-up thighs with my penis in her full length. Her naked body under me was soft and warm against mine, her vagina was warm, wet and tight round my hard shaft, and my pubic hair was entwined with hers. My lips and fingers must have taken Fiona to the height of arousal and the brink of orgasm. She grunted and squealed as I treated her to the thrusts of my hard, hungry pumping muscle. I like girls who’re noisy during sex.She climaxed after just minutes of my rhythmic full-length pumping. I felt her body tense under me, she grunted, her belly thrust up against mine, her legs wrapped round my thighs and her arms wrapped over my back. She held me so tight I could only just carry on shagging her. Fiona cried out as her orgasm exploded. Her body shook and her heels beat against my bum. Her fingernails scratched my back but I wasn’t going to complain!  Then as she relaxed under me but with her arms and legs still wrapped round me, I patiently continued the job. I held back, savouring a big warm soft woman under me and her tight smoothness round my shaft. After several exquisite minutes of methodical shagging I came. I pushed her firmly up the bed with my orgasm thrust as I jerked a delicious load into her. A minute or two later I rolled off her and lay beside her with my flaccid penis flopped on my belly and warm semen trickling down my side.  

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