When I Came Out

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When I Came OutI was 20 years old and I had never even been kissed nor any sexual contact of any kind. I was so confused about my sexuality that I turned to d**gs to numb my mind enough to deal with it. It was a hot late summer day in Michigan, 95 degrees and 98% humidity, and still I was extremely horny. I was just driving away from my house when coming towards me on the other side of the street was a middle aged man on a bicycle. I could clearly see his balls hanging out of his shorts, they were huge and hanging really low, from the heat no doubt. Just the sight of his balls swinging gave me an instant hard-on, and sent my heart a flutter like I never felt before. He then noticed his balls were out and tried to tuck them in, but they were just too long and loose and he gave up and just let them swing. I even went around the block just to get another look, and I was not disappointed. Later that same day on my way home, I was driving slow up a hill. Running towards me was a man in his mid 20’s, thick muscular body, Etlik travesti no shirt covering his hairy chest, warring only very short nylon shorts, no jock strap. It was so hot he was drenched in sweat, his shorts were stuck to him like a second skin, he may as well been naked. Again I got an instant hard-on and my heart fluttered. All this in the same day was too much for me to suppress it any more, I had to have sex with a man as soon as I could. That night I went to one of the three gay bars in town, being only 20, I was worried they wouldn’t let me in. I was stocky and very mature for my age and appeared older than I was, they didn’t even ask me for ID. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer, and right away two guys made their way over to me and sat on either side of me. I never felt attractive, so this kind of attention was new to me and a little overwhelming. One of the guys started to flirt with me and invited me to his hotel room, I was picked up and leaving with a guy and I had only had time to drink Keçiören travesti half a beer. I followed him to his room, he was a 38 year old married salesman from Chicago, we undressed each other, he was smaller built good body, kinda hairy, and a 6.5 cock with low hanging balls. I told him I had never been with anyone and I think it turned him on, he was a very sexual person and a good teacher. I was kinda nervous but more excited as I put my mouth around a cock for the first time, I loved it so much and couldn’t believe how much it turned me on. He said “you’re lying, you’ve sucked dick before” I answered “no really, I never had” He said ” you’re too good at it to have never done it before” I guess that I’m just a natural cock sucker. Eventually he believed I was a virgin, by my fumbling lack of sexual experience, I didn’t know what to expect, or what I was supposed to do. We did it all, we sucked each other, he gave me pointers, and we both came in each others mouth. I tasted cum for the first time Kızılay travesti and swallowed his huge load, I loved it. He showed me how to lay over a pillow to point my ass in the air. He lubed his finger with Vaseline and pushed it in my tight virgin hole. It really hurt at first, but the more he worked my hole the better it felt and soon he was pushing his stiff greasy cock up my ass. I arched my back in pain, trying to pull away, but he kept slowly pushing in until he was deep in my ass. He then held still until my hole relaxed a little, slowly stroking until I opened up and started to enjoy it. He was really plunging my ass when he came in me, my ass wide open and feeling great. He lubed his ass wanting me to fuck him, thats when I found out that I’m really not a bottom, being fucked made it hard for me to get it up again. I’d get it hard and it would go soft as soon as I got it in his eager hole, he forgave me for my trouble. Soon I was on my way home feeling so fulfilled and finally at peace with myself, so much so I was able to get off d**gs and haven’t touched them sense It’s been 31 years now and I’m even better a sucking cock, and I still have never been with a woman, so my fantasy is to play with a pussy someday, it’s at the top of my bucket list.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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