When I Met MY GF’s Bull

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When I Met MY GF’s BullIf you haven’t read my first post about how my GF cucked me you might to get you brought up to speed. Kate and I had been living together for about 6 months at the time and she had been getting fucked by an older guy at her work for about 3 months that I knew of and about 5 months overall. We were both in our early 20’s. She was almost 3 years older than me. She was a hot slut when you get down to it. Blonde with green eyes, 5’3″, beautiful ass and tits. Loved dressing sexy and was as much into lingerie and stockings as I am and she wore them every day to work or to play. In fact we started having a bit of a tradition where I would help her with her garter belts as she got dressed which made me very jealous knowing other men were going to see this and it was for them, not me for the most part.She had been getting fucked by her older bull at work and she had a few fucks here and there that I knew of. I later came to find out there were more that I didn’t know about. Anyway she pretty much fucked her older bull at work. They worked in a posh hotel and had their system of how to meet in the rooms or offices to get fucked. She got promoted from housekeeping and actually by chance started working even closer with her stud than she did before. Naturally they fucked even more. She loved this guy. He had a huge cock and really treated her like a fuck whore and it drove her crazy. We had a thing where sometimes they would call me on the phone and I’d listen to him fucking and using my gf. At one point I saw the guy but I never actually met him. But at least I could put a face to the man who was plowing my woman and getting her off better than I ever could. He would fuck her and several times she would come home and make me suck his cum out of her pussy as she told me about how good he fucked her.Then one night my GF said she was going to invite him over after work to party with us. I was very nervous about it. I had fantasized about watching her even before we started our thing but to actually see it happen for real. And with a guy who I knew turned her into a raging cock slut that I couldn’t come close too. I was intimidated by her merely mentioning it but I knew it was going to happen. Whether I chose to be there or not was up to me but he was coming over and he was going to have her. So the night came. They came home about 9:00 and had already had a few drinks. When they go tin the door they sat on the couch next to each other and she asked me to get everyone a drink and to spark a joint. When I came back with the drinks her friend was cutting up some lines. We usually didn’t party quite that hard but when we did she really got into things. She loved canlı bahis doing a little coke and seeing him cut it up sent me almost into a panic. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to deal with this. She was already sitting on the couch with her skirt riding up over her stocking tops. Not sure if it was inadvertent or to tease me which she loved to do. So I sat in the recliner and sparked a joint acting like I was totally cool with everything. In truth I was on the verge of an anxiety attack waiting to see how it was all going to finally start. I pass the joint and he handed me the mirror and I did a line. Then she did one and we all sat back and smoked the joint. It was actually pretty calm. Then he started to cut up a little more and she asked me to go get a porno to put on. I went into the bedroom to get the tape and when I came back out I saw her sitting with her skirt fully raised up and he was doing a line. She asked me to get everyone a fresh drink and as I went into the kitchen I saw him hand her the mirror. I made 3 fresh drinks and when I came out of the kitchen he was standing up taking and starting to get undressed. I just froze taking it in. She was laid back on the couch, legs spread wide in tan stockings and a black garter belt. Her navy blue skirt from work hiked all the way up and her white blouse was partially opened. She started to stick her hand in her blouse to rub her tit and the other hand was rubbing her cunt lightly staring at him. I was shaken from my frozen state when I heard him talking to me..”you knew this was going to happen right?” he said very nonchalantly. “Go ahead and get another one..” he said as he nodded to the mirror. I got down on my knees and started to do a line and I could see him taking his underwear off. My eyes bulged so wide when I saw his cock flop out. Fuck this was a big cock. Thick, long and it looked good. I mean like it was a beautiful cock and he wasn’t even fully hard yet. I instantly thought to myself, “now I see why she likes it”. I started to sit back in the chair and I heard her let out a fairly loud whimper. He looked over at her and said “already?”. I looked over at her and noticed she had already came. She hadn’t barely touched herself and he hadn’t touched her yet and she already creamed her panties.Then it all just happened so fast yet so slow. I still, over 20 years later see it in slow motion yet it happened so fast. He just looked at me then I his voice got real loud and he had her by the hair..yanking her down onto her knees and was literally smashing his cock and balls in her face and yelling at her..”did I say you could cum yet you stupid cunt!”. Normally if anyone ever said that to her bahis siteleri I would have floored them, instead it was me who was floored. She was trying so hard to lick his cock and get it in her mouth as he shoved his package in her face, rubbing it..pulling her head back and forth by her hair. She was still clothed on her knees when he grabbed her by the face wit one hand ..”look at me bitch….look at me! Is this what you need cunt?” and he was slapping his fully hard and monster of a cock on her face”. “Yes, please, please give it to me!” I could heard her saying. So there I was in the recliner, him standing in front of me, her on her knees still in her work clothes with her back to me as he started to throat fuck my girlfriend so hard I thought she would choke, which she did a bit. To this point I had only imagined what happened as I listened to the fucking on the phone. Now I am seeing that it was much harder and hotter. He was face r****g her and she was taking it and rubbing her cunt as he did it. I could hear her trying to scream with his cock in her throat. Finally after what seemed like an eternity she looked back at me and said “take my panties off for him…” I was quickly on the floor trying to slide them off as she was still on her knees when I heard him say “no, faggot, like this..” and he grabbed her by her hair and yanked her up to her toes and spun her around. He reached up and ripped her panties off and I could see her face. I could almost see tears in her eyes as he pushed her back onto all 4s and got down behind her. He grabbed her by her hair and yanked her head back hard…..”look at her, faggot!” …it took me a second to realize he was talking to me. “Look at her. Look at her face!” I looked down at her still seeing her makeup a mess, her hair all wild and then I saw her eyes get wide as he started to shove his cock in her. She squinted almost as if in pain and as I watched him starting to work behind her she started with this low whimper that quickly and almost violently escalated into a louder and louder scream as he got in her deeper and deeper. Her face was mixed with pain and pleasure and then I saw her face start to scrunch up and she started grunting hard. He was plowing her like a fuck doll. I didn’t even say anything, I just go tup and walked around so I could see it and what I saw almost made me cum in my pants. His cock, every bit of 9 or 10 inches and thick was going balls deep in her and there was so much cream on his cock, on her pussy, her thighs, the floor….she was squirting and creaming so much and the sounds coming from her mouth.I got on my knees and leaned a little closer to watch. He fucked her for almost 30 minutes bahis şirketleri like that. Then he got up and told me to cut some more lines. I did and then he told me to do one and I did. Then he laid on his back and had me, not her, me put a line on his cock and made her lick it off. I was so worked up from al the partying but the adrenaline from what I was seeing was sending me into a place I never knew. She climbed on top of him and straddled his bog monster up on her tip toes. Still in her clothes only her tits were hanging out of her bra and blouse by now.It calmed down a bit as she road him and played with herself. Then I saw her reach down and start licking her how tit. She had never done that for me. They asked me to spark another joint so I did and they took a break while we smoked it. Her bull, we will call Doug, asked me if I was having a good time. I muttered a yes but he could tell I was intimidated as fuck. “Never seen her like this before have you?” I just shook my head. Then she laughed as she chimed in, “I think he realizes who the man is here”. Doug just started laughing and looking at me. “Your woman thinks you’re a fag” and kept laughing some. I was starting to get very jealous and even thought about walking out but I couldn’t. Then he pushed her off the couch onto her back on the floor, “don’t worry, I’ll make sure you have plenty of cum from both of us” as he got between her legs and she spread so wide I thought she would split.He pounded her into the fucking floor every few seconds or so letting her know she was a dirty slut or making her tell me she was his cunt. Finally he told me to take my pants off and lay down. I was pretty nervous as I wasn’t sure what he was going to do. I wasn’t about to let him do anything to me. I laid down and he had her get on top of me in a 69 but he wouldn’t let her suck my cock, not that she wanted too. He took her from behind and her screaming and grunted started again. “See that faggot! See what your woman’s cunt does for my cock!” Again I could see the cream starting and see her starting to squirt. It was dripping onto my face. His balls slapping around hitting me at times and his cock rubbing against my face. Then he tarted drilling harder and harder. She started screaming and I could hear him grunting as I saw his cock starting to unload in her cunt. Suddenly I saw globs of his cum dripping out of her onto my face and I just laid there until I felt him pull her up and sit her on my face. He sat back on the couch and did another line as she rode my face. “Is he gonna be okay?” he asked Kate laughing. This guy had no respect for me at all. He used the fuck out of my girlfriend right in front of me and made me eat his cum from her cunt. That was the first time I met him in person. We had a few more encounters with him one of which included one of my friend’s girlfriend and he never knew about it. But that’s maybe the next story.

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