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Wifes Best FriendMy Wifes Best Friend I had always thought that Kim was a great looking young mother of 3 . I had gotten to Know Jim quite well over the years and we had a few beers at the summer Bar B Q’s at both our homes . Enjoyed watch the young k**s play in the pool and we even had time with our wives in the 6 person hot tub one night last August . That was when this all begain , it seem innocent enough . The girls had a few drinks and Jim wanted to claim down after a busy day with the k**s in the Hot tub . My wife was the first to jump at the chance which was a little out of charater for her . She was always very cocncerned with other people seeing her in a swim suite . And then Kim offered her a spare bikini . I thought no way was she going to take part in any of this . But to my surprise she jumped at the offer and headed off to the house with Kim . Kim had been wearing a very short pair of shorts and a pink tank top all day . I could see that her tits were full and firm under the bra she was wearing . I had been watcher her tight ass all day and I think that even my wife had seen me a few times over the day . Maybethats why she was so willing to get inot the hot tub with Jim . Jim and I had jumped into the tub and were talking shop with another beer when the girls came walking out of the padio door off the kitchen . There in front of me was my wife of 10 years in the smallest bikini I had seen in years as well . Her curves were full and perfect . Her ass was barly covered in thong bottoms . Jim was now very interested in my wife was well as I was . Then right behind her cam Kim . She was wearing a bright organe number . Her Etlik travesti firm full tits were just barely covered with the small bikini top . Her ass was just a firm as firm could be and on top of all that her nipples were full and very hard . I could see that she was very well shaven down bellow . There was no trace of hair to be seen . My wife ws slipping iot the tube beside me and Kim entered on the other side . Kim was the first to advise us that she had sent the k**s to bed . I was now very excited to see my wife with all her body parts exposed , her hair was ulled back in a bun and she was no cuddling beside me . I felt her hand slide over ot my crotch and give me a little tug . My cock was full and ready for action , if only we had been there alone , I would have been sticking my hard cock inot her mouth by now working my shaft in and out of her mouth . She was a great girl with sucking me off . She had always enjoyed oral sex whne we wre dating . I had filled her mouth many times over the years with my hot seed . The wine had the girls all in the mood by this time and we were all enjoying the time in the tub . Before long Jim was geeting out to go inside and get another feew beers . My wife had also motioned towards the edge f the tub now and said she needed to check on the girls in the house . I thought it maybe a bit strange but I didn’t care I was going to watch her walk away to the house and then get to watch kim’s tits bounce in the water of the tub for awhile without worring about my wife seeing me . Jim was gone and now Kim and I were in the tub alone . She was the first to make a move and before I knew it she Keçiören travesti was now sitting beside me in the tub and her hand was on my knee . She smiled and we continued to talk and enjoy the tub . Within a few minuites her hand was now sliding under the leg of my shorts and stocking the head of my hard cock . She just smiled and continued on like there was nothing gogin on . She had worked my dick free from my shorts and was now grasping it and stroking it up and down . With a smile still on her face she said “ Jen was right , you do have a larger dick then Jim !! I love a large dick with a firm head . My eyes popped out of my head as she countiuned to stroke me back and forth . Her tits were now inches from my body and she was now pressing them into my arm . Her hard nipples pressing agginst my forearm . My cock was aching with every stroke of her hand . I could hardly keep focused ,I was so concerned that Jim was going to come out or my wife and find me getting a hand job from Jen . She had now reached behind herself and released the top of her bikini . Her tits were now free from the top and bouncing with each stroke of her hand . She reached over with her free hand and lifted her tit out of the water . Squizzing the hard pink nipple in her fingers . A milky fluid seeped from her hard erect nipple with the pressure of her pinch. My eyes were now locked on her hand as she worked her tit back and forth . Working the milk from her breast with each squize. I was lost now , My wifes best friend was working her great tits right in front of me and with her other hand working my shaft . The cum was starting to bubble within Kızılay travesti my balls . Kim reached over and pulled me upwards . As I stood in the tube my hard cock was pulled from my shorts . Standing staright out in front of me Kim was now working herself towards the head of my cock . Within seconds she had the entire shaft of my didck in her warm mouth . She worked my balls with her hands as she sucked the head . I was so scared that my wife would be going out the door and seeing me get a blow job from her friend I knew I had to cum quickly . With 4 full strokes of my shaft into her mouth my seed begain to spray the inside of her mouth . I was cumming like a race horse . She worked my balls over with each shot of cum . I was holding her tits in my hands as she sucked the last of the seed from my cock . As she pulled her head back she licked her lips in saticfaction . The excess cum was now being sucked from her open lips and she was reaching for my shorts . Within seconds she had pulled her top back on and I had slipped my shorts back onto as well . I had just sat down and was trying to figure out what to do next whne I heard the door from the house open and my wife and Jim came walking out with a few more cold beers . Kim had slipped herself back on the other side and watched me s I tried to act cool and collective . For the rest of the night my wife kept stroking my hard dick and smiling all along . Kim watched and she too was busy working Jims dick i her hand . We all knew what was going on underwater but did everyone know what had taken place between my dick and kims mouth . Before long my cock was cumming again in my shorts . To this day Kim still catches me off gaurd and says “ I want that big dick again , but this time we wouldn’t have to worry about being cought . I want you deep inside me and I want you to fuck me in every hole I have !! and I mean every hole ..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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