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Wifes sexual m*****edLet me start by telling you a little about my self. I’m a Latino from Central America. I’m a 5’10 average guy in my 30’s with an average body type. I met my wife while working in a delivery warehouse. She is very beautiful brown skinned Dominican. She is two inches shorter than me with long beautiful brown hair. She has teenager firm breasts that I would guess are “b” cups. They are nice and round and she has a firm butt with beautiful legs.We dated for a couple of weeks and got really serious, I got to know her whole family and wow was it big. But most Spanish families are. Her name is Judy and she had 3 k**s when I met her. The sex with Judy was great. I’m a big pervert and look at a lot of porn. I love putting into practice what I see. We were always trying something new and she was game for anything, least once. I’ve been a life-long lover of non-consensual dry humping/grinding like what goes on in buses or subways or any crowded area with very little space to move. It has always been a big fantasy of mine for my wife to be m*****ed against her will in a crowded environment. But I never expected what happen next. Last fall, my wife took her 12-year-old son and his friend to a concert at a small local club. I believe that the group playing was either Spanish rock or punk rock. It was general admission. Judy went to the concert dressed casual in a T-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, and a really sexy pair of dark navy blue athletic pants that she sometimes jogs in. These pants are skin-tight, and they are made out of this clingy, stretchy cotton fabric that hugs her every curve. She hadn’t been to a concert in probably 10 years, so she had no idea what to expect. She wasn’t a fan of the group she was just doing this so that our son and his friend could go. When they got back from the concert, Judy looked very flustered. She headed straight for the shower without a word. Later that night, I got the real story: When they got there, the club was packed from wall to wall with people. She said that 80% of the audience consisted of 12-to-16-year-old boys and girls. She said that the first thing that struck her when they walked in was the age group and that the lack of a female of her age made her feel out of place. For the opening artists, the her sons stayed towards the back of the club, but when it came time for the headlining band to come on, her son and his friend wanted to stand up front, so all three of them went right 1xbet yeni giriş up to the barricade. She told me that at first she was fairly comfortable up front, but then people started to push and shove their way towards the front of the stage and the crowd got really tight. She said that she turned her head to see who was around her, and it was a bunch of sweaty boys in their early teens. She said that they were all drenched with sweat and that a few were shirtless, and that at first her only concern was how gross it would be to have these k**s rubbing up against her once the music started. Not wanting to get drenched with other people’s sweat, she asked her son to stand behind her and shield her from the crowd. Well, this plan worked until the headlining band came out, and then all hell broke loose. A huge mash-pit broke out and she was separated from her son and his friend. She said that she could see him and his friend a few feet to her right and tried to join them, but found that she couldn’t move at all. She was squished against the barricade and had bodies pressing against her on all sides. She said that at first the crowd crush almost made her panic. She said that from the moment the music hit, she felt somebody plow into her from behind and then remain plastered against her backside. She said that she was not too comfortable with the situation, but felt that neither of them had a choice in the matter because of the crowd crush. Then, she said, she felt this person starting to grind and gyrate the lower half of his body against her buttocks and began to panic again. She said that in that kind of crowd you don’t dance to the music. That she knew that this guy was trying to hump her. She turned her head — the only thing that she could turn, she said — and saw a skinny guy with a shaved head and earrings behind her. She said that he looked to be two or three years older than her, maybe in his late 30sShe said that there was nowhere for her to go and that she felt the guy’s penis, which was apparently pressed against one of her butt cheeks, become erect. She said that he then forced his erection into the crack of her butt and that she had to steady herself against the barricade because of the crowd crush. She was kind of bent over the barricade due to the push of the crowd and that there was nothing she could do to protect herself against this assault. She said that being slightly bent over left her wide open. 1xbet giriş She turned her head several times and yelled for him to take a step back, but that he just ignored her. The music was so loud that nobody else could hear her. She tried sticking out her elbows, but that meant getting smashed against the barricade ribs-first. The guy started to pump his erection in and out of her butt crack with the beat of the music. She tried clenching her butt cheeks to close her crevice but this did not stop him and she decided that it might be a bad idea, since he might take it for encouragement. She said that the hard-on in the crack of her butt drifted lower and lower until it was pressing against her taint/pussy area. She said that the hard-on started to slide back and forth in between her legs, and that is when she forced herself back with all of her might and re-steadied herself against the barricade so that she was no longer bent over in such a vulnerable position. The guy was not deterred and his erection soon found its way back into the crack of her butt. She then got a big start, as she felt somebody cupping her left butt cheek and then her right butt cheek. She tried to reach back and swat the hands away, but that her hands and arms were pinned. She had no idea where the hands were coming from, and that it could have been the man that was humping her or it could have been other guys. She said that when they realized that she could not fight back, they started to squeeze, pinch, and knead her butt cheeks rather brazenly. She even had a bruise on one of her butt cheeks to back this up. She turned her head to try and figure out who was grabbing her butt, and that the man with the shaved head was still plastered up against her with a big shit eating grin on his face. There were also two dudes on either side of him plastered up against her shoulders, and that it appeared that they too were reaching in. They all avoided eye contact with her. Every time the crowd surged, she could feel the shaved man’s erection bury itself deeper into her butt crack and it was very uncomfortable. One of the security guys noticed that she was upset and asked her if she was all right. She told him.”You have to stop these guys from grabbing my butt.”He said that there was no way that he could control everybody in this crowd. He offered to pull her over the barricade but she did not want to lose sight of our son. Her ultimate humiliation came when 1xbet güvenilirmi the man started to drag his erection up and down the length of her butt crack, and then suddenly stopped. She then felt somebody tracing the length of her butt crack with their fingers. The fingers then plunged into her butt crack, pushing right through the stretchy material of her pants, and grabbed a hold of her thong. Not the whole thing but the thin strip that disappears into a woman’s crack. The person pulled her thong out of her crevice, and then let it go so that it snapped back. It was humiliating to have that happen to her. She continued to have her butt squeezed, rubbed in a circular motion, palmed, and pinched throughout the remainder of the concert. She never knew who was touching her butt, but that the man with the shaved head stayed plastered against her with his erection pumping in and out of her butt crack right up until the last song. When the show finally ended, she thought about grabbing him by the wrist and dragging him over to a security guard, but he had apparently slipped away during the last song. I told her that she wouldn’t have much of a case since he had an excuse to be pressed tightly against her (the crowd crush), and there was no way that she would be able to prove that he had been the one grabbing her butt. It was then that she told me that the man had his dick out. I asked how she knew, and she said that she could feel it. She said that he stopped humping her for about a minute, but that she could feel him doing something behind him. She said that she felt the backs of his hands bumping against her butt cheeks and she figured that he was either masturbating or touching her butt with the backs of his hands. This was when she was bent over the barricade. When his erection pressed against her taint/pussy area, she could feel that it was naked . That’s why she fought so hard to stand upright, as she realized that she was going to essentially be ****d through her pants and underwear. I asked her if he came on her, and she said that he did. I almost asked if she felt it, but I didn’t want to let her know that I was enjoying the story so I asked her how she knew for sure. She said that she didn’t know at the time since he had her erection up her butt for the entire set and was constantly dragging it up and down her crack or pumping her with it. But when she got home there was a huge patch of cum on the back of her pants. I asked to see and she held them up for me. Sure enough, there was a huge cum stain on the lower portion of the back of her pants. It was right above where her crotch would be. I tried to act all sympathetic towards her, but deep down inside I was loving it

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