Wifey sets me up to be fucked

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Wifey sets me up to be fuckedWifey phoned me at my office, already an unusual event, that and also her near giddy sweet sounding Carolina drawl. “I got him and he’s free tonight.” I swallowed hard at her exuberance knowing exactly what she was referring to. See the Mrs. and I (OK, maybe mostly she) have recently been trying to get me together with another guy. Not for a threesome, but a butt fucking show for her to witness me playing catcher. We’d play sub/dom with toys, but not with the human kind. She would come at least once before fixing a strapon to herself and fuck me to climax while on my back and her doing the driving. She loved the power of looking into my eyes as I was furiously jerked my tool till eruption.Ready or not it was time to up the game, cuz in a state of post coital bliss during our last lost weekend, I asked her if she would ever fancy a threesome. She said, “Don’t care much for eating pussy, but…, what a turn on if we’d take on another man.” If I’d had the strength I would have bolted upright with a stupid grin, instead I replied nonchalantly that that would be interesting. “Don’t sound so enthused, I recall during our last pegging session it was you who said it’d be a fantasy if I had a real cock to fuck you with instead of a lifeless piece of rubber.” “True”, I had to admit, “yeah but who with?”, trying to sound more interested this time. “Can’t say who yet, but I’ll research one of my fav smut sites to see how”, she said. “You’re the kinkiest freak I know, and I love it”, I quickly retorted. “Sounds like a ‘yes’ to me, and I get to get wet while web surfing”, says she. kayseri escort Rolling forward to modern day – “I can’t wait”, she exclaimed, reinforcing her foregone conclusion that I’m better than ok with what was about to happen on a moment’s notice, and she was right as usual. I asked her to make it so, as I finished my day trying not to pee in my pants from anxious anticipation.I pictured myself several times throughout the afternoon as being bent forward being dominantly mounted from (and in) the rear by a real flesh and blood cock. It got me flushed just thinking of that happening while the wife was handly punishing her own pink-red pussy savagely. Then I would alternate between that scenario and at the prospect of giving him oral servicing to harden him up.Meanwhile my resourceful wifey saved the day again by scoring a willing victim for tonight! At last it was showtime. When we heard the door buzzer, we opened it, introduced ourselves, offered drinks and eventually melted the collective palpable nervousness.In no time flat we all shed clothing excitedly, and that’s when we both gasped at the site of the b**st incarnate of our third. “Please say it’s not too big for y’all.”, he nervously asked. “I love it!” wifey cried a bit too loudly, her obvious approval almost doubled me over with laughter. “He’ll be fine with it”, pointing at me, “I’ve fucked him with a bigger strapon plenty of times.” I just stood there overhearing the conversation, apparently I was to play the mute fuck doll in this twisted play, and I relished the role.He sauntered over to my wife and gently initiated kayseri escort bayan a passionate tonguing session. She took to it like a duck, I was a little surprised at her receptiveness so soon, but that’s my little minx for you. He pulled me in to join them. As my first non hetero kiss, it wasn’t too bad. Immediately after, he focused on me as he circled my nudity while tracing around my shoulders with a finger. My wife took her cue to drift to a neutral spot where she could closely watch the action unfold.Meanwhile, our guest gently but definitively guided my lips and mouth to his member. Audible gasps ushered by the Misses ensued, she was clearly enjoying the show. “That’s right, suck that stick”, she said authoritatively, and that’s just what I did. With eyes closed I licked up and down the shaft and testes, the way I’d like it. Then I messaged his balls with a hand while I engulfed his member. The wife was now gasping like a steam locomotive and I could hear the unmistakeable sloshing of pussy juice.I turned to look as my wife friggied herself to orgasm. Man was it hot. Then I felt a hand push my head back towards the pulsing staff. “Don’t worry my dear, your turn’s next”, he said to her. Wifey just looked up at our living toy with doe eyes as she inhaled the love juices off her hand. He proceeded to fuck my face, then roughly pushed my head back off him. He asked my wife how he should take me. She instantly replied, “with him on fours and you straddling his butt.” She always liked to do me that way, “so I can see your cockhead jammed in his man hole and your hairy balls escort kayseri colliding with his smaoothed ones.”And so it was. If only to tease her he gradually see-sawed in and out of my asshole. I quickly became addicted to this as evident from the profuse perspiration dripping off my body. “Now you both face me so I can see hubby squirm”, she exclaimed. This was no surprise as I used to set up a mirror at the end of our bed so she could see me get into her rutting. This was her chance to witness my being fucked while she relaxed in an easy chair for a change.”OMG is that a hot sight”, she said. I asked, “you like it when Daddy gets it from somebody else?”. “Heck ya”, she nearly yelled out while incurring a second screaming “O” by circling her engorged clit. “Damn, I”m close”, he uttered through his panting, “I wanna fire my seed into your ass, baby”, he divulged to her. She immediately got down on fours, her backside pointing at my face and said to me, “lick my ass bitch to prep me for that load.”I obliged by torturously gliding the tip of my tongue lightly along her crack, high to low. “Cut that shit out and wet fuck me already”, came angrily spilling from her dirty mouth. I then proceeded to a gallop and vigorously jammed by tongue-dick directly inside her rear love hole. “That’ll do pig”, she mused, “now get out of the way so he can impale my ass with his cock monster.” She came so fast after he swiftly nutted in her butt that I had barely the time to bring myself to spew all over myself just watching.After a short period of alcohol refuel and pleasantries, our hung guest gathered his belongings and bid us adious, promising a return visit in the indeterminate future. We shut the front door, kissed and went straight to the bedroom to dream of some more inventive ways to spice it up for next time. And there will be a next time. Real soon!

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