With That Look In Her Eye

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I hear my front door click open and then shut. You walk into the bedroom and see me lying in bed. My legs are barely covered with a sheet and my head propped up on some pillows. You notice that all I am wearing is a black thong because a single string is barely peeking through on my exposed hip. Our eyes meet. I am running my hands lightly up and down my stomach, across my chest, lightly running my fingers over my nipples…

You stop in front of my dresser, gazing lustfully at me. I stand up and walk over to you with that look in my eye you know so well. I take your hands and place them on my breasts, which you immediately start to massage. My head rolls back from the sensation of your rough hands on my sensitive nipples and I immediately start to get wet.

Your hands caress smoothly down the side of my body and you hook your fingers onto my thong and slowly slide it down my tan legs. Once it is off from around my ankles, you grab my naked hips and kiss your way up my stomach back to my breasts… running your tongue across my tit and sucking my nipple deep into your mouth. I moan…..the way you gently nip my nipple with your teeth sends an electric shock straight down inside me. God, all I want to do is touch you.

My hand slides down your chest and moves to your hard cock and I gently start to massage it through your jeans. I am dying to see it, so I slowly unbuckle your pants and let eryaman escort them fall to your ankles. I tease you by very gently running my teeth and lips along your shaft with your boxers still on. All I can think about is tasting you, so I slide your boxers down past your hips. My mind is so focused on pleasuring you; all I want to do is lick and suck you until I can taste some of your creamy cum.

I drop down to my knees and take you in as far as my mouth will allow. You lace your fingers in my hair so you can hold my head gently and start fucking my hot mouth. The sounds of pleasure that are coming out of you combined with the feeling of your dick sliding back and forth across my tongue is making me throb. After awhile, I slowly slide my mouth off your dick, stopping at the head. I run my tongue over your swollen tip and lick off the precum that’s there, letting you see it linger on the tip of my tongue. Mmmmm you taste so good….

Bending down, you pick me up and you grab my ass and massage it with your hands because you know I love when my ass gets played with – it turns me on immediately. I turn around so my bare cheeks are up against your hard cock, and you grab my tits from behind and start to massage them again. I lean back against you because I want you to kiss my neck, my shoulder, my shoulder blade. As you’re kissing down my body, you take your hand and esat escort gently slide your fingers into my dripping wet pussy and start fucking me with your fingers. Your other hand slides around to the front of me and starts to massage my clit. You’re behind me still so you nibble on my ass cheek a little. I giggle then moan because it feels so good.

Your fingers fucking me get me so hot that my knees start to get weak. I need to brace myself on something so you stand up and I bend over and kneel on the bed with my ass in the air and my face on the sheets, because I know you like to eat me out from this position. I tell you I want you to fuck me with your mouth so bad….I am dying to have your wet mouth on my hot core. Your tongue hits my clit and and I gasp from the sensation. You slide your tongue up and down my pussy, sucking and slurping up all of my wet juices. You finally take your tongue and push it deep inside of me. I tremble from the feeling of you there. My hands tangle up the bedsheets as I grip them when an intense orgasm rocks through me. I have to bite the sheets to muffle my scream.

You ride out my orgasm with your tongue then immediately reach down between your legs and grab your hard cock. You brace yourself with your legs near the edge of the bed and slide your shaft into my moist slit. A moan slides out of my throat as your thick dick stretches everything ankara escort inside of me. You get a firm grip on my hips and your shaft slowly starts to slide back and forth, in and out of me. My cunt, swollen and hot from the orgasm, latches onto you tightly. You watch me from behind as you slide in and out because you love when you can see my wetness on your cock. You are amazed at how wet you are making me. I moan because it feels so amazing to have you inside of me.

You start to thrust quicker, and every couple of times you adjust your hips just right, so you can shove your dick up into me absolutely as far as it will go. It feels like you are literally reaching into the core of my body.

You pull out of me and flip me over so my back is now on the bed, my legs in the air and my feet are on your chest. You slide back into me and quicken the pace of your thrusts. My hand moves to my clit, as I finger it fast, building up yet another orgasm. Through labored breathing you tell me that you’re about to come. Knowing this alone throws me over the edge again. You pump my pussy faster as the orgasm ripples through me until you can’t take it anymore. You palm your wet cock and cum shoots out and lands on my chest and stomach. I love the feeling of your hot cum hitting my body. I take a little bit with my finger and lick it off with my tongue because I want to taste you again.

After your orgasm subsides, you head to the bathroom to turn on the shower because you know that somehow I need to get nice and clean, after getting so wet and dirty. Grabbing my hand and a washcloth you help me up and help me get into the shower. You join me and we carry on with the fun….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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