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Subject: Wrestling Roommate Chapter 7 If you find material of this nature offensive then you should not read any further. All characters in this story are over the age of 21. If you are under 18 years old in the US or under 16 in the UK you are not legally allowed to read this story. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, or to any events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights in this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed (except by the websites to which it has been posted) without the consent of the author. Nifty does not exist without donations. If you enjoy these stories, please donate fty/donate.html CONTACT/FEEDBACK: Thank you for all your feedback. I love hearing from you guys. Feel free to email me at mreeves5819 AT ail My other stories on Nifty: The Away Meet The Alumni Association Shower Buddy ===== Chapter 7 ====== It happened at least once a week, sometimes more. Greg and Connor would come by, usually in tank tops and workout shorts. They never wore underwear. Jackson would was always shirtless. The most he wore were shorts, half the time he would be in his jock, or a pair of loose fitting boxers when he was in the room. It was only a matter of minutes after they locked the door that their cocks would be stretching the fabric of their shorts. We all took turns pleasing each other. One particular Sunday night, we got a bit loud. Most of the dorm was empty, as it was a holiday weekend and most students wouldn’t return until Monday afternoon. Greg was on the futon, ass stuffed with Connor’s cock. I was behind Connor, letting him adjust to my cock in his ass. Jackson was working my hole over when there was a knock at the door. No one was expecting anyone else, or knew who it could be. The knock sounded again. I pulled myself from Connor as he did the same from Greg. Jackson put on some boxers. The three of us sat on the futon, throwing a blanket over our naked bottom halves. gaziantep travesti Jackson opened the door slightly. It opened to my side of the room, so whoever was at the door couldn’t see the futon. Jackson made no attempt to cover his hard dick, which stuck out from his boxers. “You gentlemen throwing a party in here?” the floor’s resident advisor said. “No sir,” Jackson said. “Just relaxing and enjoying the long weekend.” He peeked his head in and saw the three of us on the futon, shirtless. I tried to remember what his name was, it had been a few months since orientation. I think his name was Ben. He was a graduate student, slightly older, around 35. He had rough stubble over his square jaw and black hair that was slicked back, but not overly so, more natural. He looked back at Jackson, who stood just beyond the door. The RA’s eyes glanced down quickly, then came back to Jackso’s face. “Passed by a few times guys, it was getting pretty loud. Keep it down okay?” Ben said. Jackson closed the door behind him. “We’re going to have to be quieter,” Greg said. “You mean Connor’s gotta be quieter,” Jackson said. Jackson shut off the lights and turned on the TV to help mask the sounds. Then he dropped his boxers and picked up the lube from his desk. Before we had thrown off the blanket, Greg was already stroking both me and Connor. “Looks like someone couldn’t wait,” Jackson said, gripping his cock with both hands. Connor got up and turned over, Greg assuming the position behind him and sliding in. I moved in after and plugged Greg’s hole with my cock. Jackson lined himself up and slid in. It was getting easier for me to take his meat. Even if Greg and Connor didn’t come over, we’d usually get together and bust at least one other time together. Jackson was extremely horny after practice. I guess rolling around with a bunch of wrestlers for a few hours will do that to you, even if he jerked off quickly before he left gaziantep masaj salonları for workout on most days. Jackson maneuvered his cock to just the right spot and my cock became hard as steel inside of Greg. I flexed my ass, hugging Jackson’s cock, trying to keep it in place. He grunted and grabbed me in a bear hug. His hard nipples against my back. I took hold of Greg’s hips and slammed myself into him, letting Jackson slip from my ass. Connor moaned as the momentum pushed Greg deeper into him. Sweat dripped from my forehead onto Greg’s back, then down his muscles to his ass, where it mixed with the spit, lube and precum that pushed itself out with each thrust. Another knock came from the door, this time louder. We stopped and the pounding sounded again. Jackson quickly walked over to the door and opened it part way, his naked muscular form standing on the other side. Light spilled in from the hallway and glistened off his skin. “You boys are getting loud,” Ben said from the other side. I could see a sliver of him through the slit between the door frame and door. “Sorry, we’ll keep it down,” Jackson said. “This is the second time I’ve been here tonight. Are you throwing a party in here?” he said and opened the door. Jackson backed up into the room as Ben entered. Jackson’s cock was still rigid and was a few inches from Ben. Jackson didn’t let his gaze falter as he watched the RA take in the scene. It had happened so quickly that the three of us hadn’t had the chance to move. Or cover up. Connor, Greg and I stood frozen, like deer caught in the headlights. “It is a party,” Ben said. “You know that you can’t have more than two visitors in your room.” “We’re just hanging out,” Jackson said. “And there are just two visitors here.” “Looks like more than hanging out,” Ben said as he adjusted his crotch. “And I count three.” Normally my cock would have shrunk in circumstances like this, being gaziantep escort bayan caught naked. For some odd reason, it was just getting harder. I was turned on by having Ben walk in on us, mid-fuck. Ben adjusted himself again and I could make out the outline of a massive tool under his khaki shorts. “I-” Jackson began, but Ben held up a hand to silence him. “Close the door,” he ordered, as he took off his shirt and began to unbuckle his belt. “Looks like I’m going to have to teach you young men a lesson.” Ben pulled off his shorts and hooked his thumbs on the waistband of his boxer briefs, they barely contained his massive piece. He pulled his underwear out and down, letting his cock flop against his leg as he shed the last piece of clothing. It continued to harden until it stood straight out, a thick purple head at its top and veins running down the side. Ben had a light dusting of hair all over his body, that became thicker at his navel trailing down to his thick bush. He trimmed around his balls, which made his cock look that much bigger. Precum dripped from his slit. “It’s rude to have a party and not invite the floor’s RA,” Ben said, walking over to the futon. Jackson stood by the door still, mouth agape. Ben sat down and nodded for Jackson to come over. Jackson obliged and knelt between Ben’s knees. Ben propped up his cock and pushed it forward, nodding again. Jackson leaned in and began to suck it. “You boys don’t have to stop on my account,” he said, looking over at Connor, Greg and me. Greg smiled and pushed into Connor, the motion withdrawing my cock from Greg’s ass. I pushed forward too and Ben smiled. It didn’t take long before I couldn’t hold back. I pumped my load into Greg who, a few thrusts later, emptied his into Connor. Ben, seeing this, took hold of Jackson’s head and held him down against his cock. Ben’s body spasmed as he unloaded in Jackson’s mouth. We all collapsed onto the floor. “Glad I came back to check on you boys,” Ben said, sitting up and grabbing a towel. “We’ll have to do this again.” Ben slipped on his shorts and pulled back on his shirt. He went to the door, unlocked it and left, closing the door behind him. Our time in the dorms just got a whole heck of a lot more interesting. ===== Chapter 7 ====== Email me at mreeves5819 AT ail if you liked the story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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