You Must Not Cum

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I pulled the chain tight that was hooked to the spiked collar around her neck, making her raise her head to get her attention.“Yes, master?” she asked, as her blonde hair fell around her neck, covering the collar.I loved how the eye liner ran down her face with tears shed from the tie straps tight around her nipples. They were loose enough to fill them with blood, but tight enough to keep them numb.“Tell me you love being my slave,” I said as I ran my hand through her tangled blonde hair.“I love being your slave. I love being owned by you.”“Do you like it when I do this?” I asked and pulled the nipple rings. Her nipples stretched and her areolas puffed.Water came to her eyes as she said, “I love that master.”I loved it when she said things like that.The tears ran down her cheeks, the black smudge trailing along with them. It made a beautiful sight.Slowly, I lessened the pull, returning her strapped nipples and puffy areolas to the normal bound state they were in. She sighed loudly as the pressure on them was released.“Stand up!” I exclaimed.She got to her feet. I stood and grabbed her arms, pulling them behind her. I slapped the leather strap around both wrists, snapped it shut, and pulled her over to the chain hanging from the ceiling.The lock snapped shut on the almanbahis şikayet clasp holding her wrists and her arms were stretched tight above her.“Spread your legs!” She heard me belt and she complied.I knelt and clasped her right ankle first into the shackle and then the left. I looked up and saw her shaved smooth pussy. The perfect seam wanting to be parted. It was going to be parted. I had a surprise for her.I walked behind her so she would not see the fucking machine rolled under her in between her legs. I had it specially designed to meet the specific distance it would take to meet her entry way.She heard it roll between her legs and looked down. Immediately, I heard the long sigh and saw her body shiver. She knew what was going to happen.It was outfitted with an eight inch rubber dong that was three inches in girth. It was more than enough for her tight pussy. But before I cut it on, one other thing had to be placed on her.When I walked back in front of her and she saw another chain with clips on each end, her facial expression widened. I could see the tension in it. She wondered where it was going to go.The chain was just the right length for the purpose it was going to serve. I stood in front of her and let her watch me pull the chain through my almanbahis canlı casino hand until the clipped end entered it. I took it in my fingers, held it in front of her face, and opened the clip so she could see it. Her eyes widened.“Be still. Don’t even flinch. I don’t want to feel your body move,” she heard me say.Taking the clip, I reached in between her legs, pinched her left side outer labia, and gently attached the clip. Just as I ordered, she did not flinch. Slowly, I ran the chain again through my hand until the other clipped end entered it. I looked up at her and she was watching intently.With my free hand, I took her left nipple ring and ran the chain through it until it met the right one, where I ran it through that one. I pulled the chain until it was taught.She knew what I was going to do with the other end. I looked at her, stared into her eyes, and again said, “Don’t let me feel you move. You are going to like this!”I repeated the process to the right side of her pussy. Now, her labial lips could be spread open. Which was my plan to gain access to her pink clit.I watched as the water once again poured from her eyes, the grayish line following. The clamps doing their jobs in bringing her to tears. There was just one more to be placed.I almanbahis casino reached for the piece of chain that slightly dangled between her firm breasts and placed another clamped chain to it. I did not pull it down though. I let it swing against her skin until it came to a stop just above her navel. Once it stopped, I touched her face, wiping a finger through the gray line there and listened to her breathe.As she breathed, I said, “When I pull, stay still. Not even a sigh or a moan. I don’t want to feel a shiver; I don’t want to hear a sound. Not even a whimper as your sensual lips are pulled outward.”She complied as I pulled the chain slowly. She could feel and hear the clinks moving through her nipple rings. Slowly, her two clamped labia were raised upwards, revealing her hot pink clit, to which the other clamp would be clasped.She still did not flinch or make a sound as her clit was pinched. She obeyed orders nicely. Now her clit matched her nipples.With her labia drawn back, her vaginal opening was very visible and very pink. It was also very wet. It was so inviting.“Mmm, very nice. Your pink spot is ready. Are you?”“Yes master. I’m ready.”“You see what I brought you? It will fit perfectly inside you. It has been calibrated to sink all the way inside your hot pink opening. I can speed it up or I can slow it down. I can even stop it inside you. Whatever I choose to do, you must not cum.” I said as I circled her body all strapped.“Yes master.”I was not convinced. I held her face in my hand and squeezed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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