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Subject: “Young Lovers,” Chapter 47 Chapter 47 It wasn’t that late when I got back from my time on the beach with Kip, but Johnny and Joon were already asleep, tangled in the sheets in the dark bedroom. Probably all fucked out, I smiled to myself. Without turning on the lamp I got undressed as quietly as I could and slipped into bed in my usual spot next to Joon. I didn’t feel at all sleepy and for quite awhile I tossed and turned. Earlier I had been content to be with Kip in a loving embrace as he’d enjoyed the afterglow of his orgasm after screwing me. For some reason I hadn’t particularly needed to do anything more sexually with Kip, although I’m sure he would have sucked me or let me fuck him if I’d asked. I guess that would have broken the spell of our sweet moments together, somehow. But now, back in the apartment things were different. My horniness had returned with a vengeance. Alas, it looked as if one of the sexiest days ever on the island would end with me unfulfilled. I turned over again facing the wall and fluffed my pillow. I could jack off, I thought, if I’m real quiet. That’s not fun through — I’m a noisy cummer and I didn’t really feel like stifling my orgasmic joy like some 15-year-old trying to jack off silently so his parents won’t hear. I sighed and turned over again, now facing Joon. The moonlight coming in the window faintly illuminated his neck and upper back as he slept. I found myself admiring the slenderness of his neck which, in spite of all of his efforts in the gym, still looked like a little boy’s neck. The muscles of his upper back were becoming beautifully defined, though. One thing about no body fat, I reflected. Every muscle shows. I listened carefully, and sure enough, Joon was breathing the soft, slow breaths of deep sleep. I reached out and carefully drew my fingertips down his neck and upper spine. He didn’t stir. Oh, the hell with making sure I don’t wake him, I decided. I wanted to feel his warmth against my body, his flesh against my flesh. I put my arm around his chest and pulled myself toward him, until we were nestled back to front. He still didn’t show any signs of life. My cock was stone hard as it dug into the muscles of his butt. I lay there silently, absorbing the warmth of his body, feeling its smallness, its fragility. Suddenly I was hit with a wave of desire, almost as palpable as a wave that hits you in the face in the ocean. I wanted him. My boy. I spat several times in my hand. Was this going to work? At that point I guess I didn’t care. I lubed my cock as best I could, then pulled upward on his muscular little butt cheek. As I held his butt open I dug around for his asshole with my raging hard dickhead. He still didn’t move. Finally it seemed like I found it, though I wasn’t sure. I slipped one hand over his hip then and flattered it in his groin so I’d have some leverage. His cock was lodged in the crook of my thumb, my fingertips along the side of his scrotum. I propped one foot on the mattress for additional purchase, and then, hoping I had the right spot, I began pushing. At first, nothing. Then, all at once, his body yielded, and I began forcing my cock into him. Suddenly he jerked awake. “Take it, baby,” I whispered in his ear, as I continued to push. Would he fight me? Joon gasped, and then lay still. This was unlike him, I thought. To be passive. I forced my way in deeper — and suddenly, without warning, Joon’s body exploded into life, as he attempted to spring up and get away. I was ready, and secured him with my upper arm tightly hugging him to me. He thrashed around, trying to kick backwards at me, trying to lean forward to bite my wrist, struggling, silently struggling . . . until finally, after at least a minute of frantic wriggling, cursing under his breath all the while, he gave up. I waited, still holding him tightly. He lay still, panting, sweating. It was silent in the bed except for our heavy breathing. Incredibly, our tussle hadn’t awakened Johnny. Slowly, carefully, I drew my palm down his chest, pinching his nipples hard, raking his abs with my fingernails, sliding into his groin, and then sliding over to his — hard cock! I smiled to myself. I didn’t know whether he’d fought me reflexively or to get himself hard, but whatever it was, that slim, hot cock I had come to know so well fit sure perfectly in my fist. I pressed my cock a tiny bit deeper into him. “Ah yeah,” I sighed. Then, “I need you, baby.” “You can’t just fuck me while I’m sleeping!” he spat indignantly. “It’s rape.” I stopped. “You’re right.” I paused. “You had no choice. But now you do. Say the word and I’ll pull out. But,” I added, “observe yourself. If you really don’t want me to fuck you, to come inside you, to claim you as my boy, fine. Say so and I’ll take it out. But don’t just say it to make a point. To prove you can’t be pushed around. Rebelliousness is so adolescent.” I waited while he considered this. Finally his voice came, softly. “Go ahead,” he said wearily. “Nope,” I replied, pulling out of him completely. He turned over and faced me. I could make out his frowning features in the dim light. “Shit. I thought you wanted it. Now that you woke me up you don’t?” “I don’t need sex with my boy when you don’t need it too. And I don’t want to fuck a martyr.” He was silent. Then he shoved up against me, his cock hot and hard against my hip. “Feel it,” he murmured. “I know,” I replied. “Just like on that island all those weeks ago. Your pride says no, but your body knows what you need.” Joon stared at me, and then did something he had never done before. He leaned forward, unprompted, and gave me a tender kiss. We lay together on the pillow then, gazing into each other’s eyes. “Fuck me. I do need it,” he muttered. I reached out and grasped his blazing hot cock. “You gotta admit,” I chuckled, rubbing my thumb over his cockhead, “`rebelliousness is so adolescent’ was a nice touch.” Joon responded with a derisive snicker, then got to his knees, straddled me, and slowly and carefully sat down on my cock. ***************************** Everyone seemed to be working in slow motion the next morning, and it was taking forever to get my food. I’d arrived right when the cafeteria opened. There were to be two morning flights out to Manila now that the week’s excitement was over and I figured there would be a big crowd of guests wanting to eat early. But the cafeteria was as empty as I’d ever seen it. Maybe all the guests were milking every last moment of pleasure from their boys. “Man, hurry up!” Parker muttered. I’d coincided with the red-haired boy heading to breakfast and he stood ahead of me now in the very short line, eying the sleepy-looking server fumbling with his tongs. “Kind of empty this morning,” I commented, looking around. “I guess everyone’s getting in some last-minute fun. What about you — did you and your guest get in a morning pick-me-up?” Parker grinned. “We didn’t, you know, do anything, if that’s what you mean. He told me he wanted to sleep in. He said I wore him out last night. But really it was him!” “So you guys had a good time?” “He started in on me right after dinner and we were going for, I don’t know, ’til really late!” “I don’t blame the guy. Once he got as taste of that hot cock of yours . . .” Parker looked a little embarrassed. “I think it was more, like, my ass. We had intercourse for hours!” “Parker, remember, you’re not in school and I’m not your teacher. It’s OK to say `we fucked!'” ‘Oh yeah, sorry,” he mumbled, as he scanned his meal card into the machine at the head of the tray line. “If you were fucking for hours it sounds like your guest must have had better self-control than you had yesterday!” “Oh man, I know! I thought I’d do way better in the competition, but it was just so hot, with all those guys so into my, you know, so into fellatio with me.” “So into sucking me.” “Um, yeah. Sorry. I don’t know why I, you know, why–” “Don’t start, now!” I frowned, wagging a finger. Parker grinned his baffled little grin. “Did I ever tell you you’re cute as hell, Parker?” I turned to the handsome Filipino server. “Just eggs, no sausage, please.” “Um, I don’t think you ever told me that before. Maybe. I don’t always remember stuff people say to me, like compliments. It gets kind of embarrassing sometimes too, because you never know when people are gonna think what they say to you is important, and then if you forget what they say you feel like they think you don’t care about what they think of you, and for me it’s totally the opposite of that because really I–” It wasn’t easy to kiss him holding a tray of eggs and coffee with a side of fresh fruit but I managed. ********************************* Parker and I began eating breakfast alone, but soon we were joined, to my surprise, by Evan. I had never known him to eat at a table with boys before, and I was particularly surprised he would want to sit at the same table as Parker, considering how their relationship had begun. “Morning!” I cried. “Looks like everybody’s still in bed, huh?” “Saturday after Olympics week always has this weird vibe to it,” Evan commented, setting down his tray. “Low energy all day. I guess it’s the letdown after a week of adrenaline.” “More like testosterone,” I chortled. I turned to Parker, wanting him to feel included. “So how about you, Parker? How’s your testosterone this morning?” The boy stared at me, a look of sudden, desperate embarrassment on his face, as he was obviously nonplussed as to what I meant or what to say back. “I, uh, well, I’m kinda aroused right now, I mean — is that what you meant? Or, maybe that’s not — are you just asking–” “Man, he’s just making conversation, konya escort ” Evan interrupted, shaking his head a bit, and then studying Parker with a look that was bemused and not totally unkind. There was an intensely awkward moment of silence. Then Evan turned to me. “Hey, I wanted to tell you that Marco and I talked last night and he’s totally cool with you helping me with some screening.” “Great! What about Martin?” “Marco says Martin won’t care. I actually think Marco really likes the idea of getting you involved because of his long-term plan for you.” Evan gave his sardonic little smile. “What do you mean?” I asked, suspecting I knew full well what he meant. “He thinks you’re a good fit for Young Lovers. He wants you to quit your gig at the journal and work here full time. He told me he mentioned it to you already.” “I seem to remember something like that, but to tell you the truth I sort of thought he was kidding. You know that semi-sarcastic way he has.” Evan shook his head. “He’s not kidding.” “Well, then I guess I feel complimented.” I turned to Parker. “It would be nice to stay here awhile longer and watch this stud here really blossom.” I caressed his wild, flaming locks with a big smile. I turned to Evan. “Parker’s guest is still in bed, totally worn out from all Parker put him through last night.” “Well, I didn’t really–” “PARKER! SHUT UP! Just let me say something nice about you, all right??” “Sorry, sorry, I–” I clapped my hand over his mouth and held it there as he stared at me, his blue eyes wide. I held his gaze with a small smile. Then I slowly took my hand away, leaned forward, and gave the boy a gentle kiss. “Mmm, tastes like bacon!” I laughed. “How touching,” came a familiar voice over my shoulder. “You gonna suck him off right here next?” Joon set his tray down next to Evan. Johnny plopped down next to him. “Good morning, Sunshine,” I said mildly. I turned to Evan. “He’s not always this warm in the mornings. You’ve caught him on a good day.” I looked at Joon, my voice suddenly cold. “To answer your question, I just might. Or I might have you get on your knees and beg him nicely to please let you suck him off while we all watch.” The two of us glared at each other a moment, and I kept staring until Joon dropped his eyes and began eating. I turned to Johnny. “And how are you this morning, sweetie? Did you and Joon have a nice time last night?” Johnny swung his legs under him as he sometimes did when he felt self-conscious. He gave a tiny nod and said nothing. As self-confident and even boisterous as Johnny usually was about sex with everyone else, when it came to what he and Joon had it was a different story. A whole other side of Johnny showed then: shy, emotional, a bit insecure and needy. I reminded myself again that Joon was Johnny’s security blanket in a world that had at times been shockingly cruel to him. As we ate the room began slowly filling with boys, guests, and staff members. One guest who caught my eye was Garth, the guy who was spending his time with little Nelson. He and I exchanged waves, and once he and Nelson had their food I motioned them to join us. “Enough room here?” he asked as he approached. “Plenty of room!” I exclaimed, scooting closer to Parker so Garth and Nelson could squeeze in, making seven at a table for six. “Quite a week!” Garth commented, settling in and sipping his coffee. “Your first Olympics?” Evan inquired. `Yeah. I didn’t get involved in much of the wagering, though.” “Looks like you didn’t have to,” I commented, eying Nelson. “I did participate in the grand finale.” “Who’d you wind up with?” asked Evan. “Ah! An amazing boy named Jonathan. Vietnamese-American kid, but built like a brick shithouse. And what a cock on him! I would have thought . . . ” he paused and glanced at Joon. “Well, you know, I wouldn’t expect a big cock, but was he hung! And when he cums, he cums for days.” “You figured he oughta have a little dick because he’s Asian,” Joon commented, with his usual knack for speaking the blunt truth, no matter whom it made uncomfortable. “He’s had some work done.” Everyone looked at him.. “Uh, let’s not discuss boys’, um, private business, Joon,” I admonished. Though no one on staff had expressly said it, I had gathered more than once that Young Lovers’ augmentation of boys was not normally mentioned to guests, although I suppose some of them suspected it. Garth gave me a look that said, “I WILL hear more about this!” “But as fun as it was to spend a night with him, I missed this little guy right here!” Garth exclaimed, giving Nelson a hug. “And you know what? He shows up this morning at my cabin bright and early, with Jonathan and me still sacked out, just to let me know he’s still my number one!” He gave Nelson another cuddle, and squeezed his bulging little bicep. “He’s the hottest!” The boy just looked at him and then gave an awkward little smirk. “Gonna get some OJ,” Garth added brightly, getting up. “Anybody need some?” “Yeah, get me some,” Evan said. “Me too, OK?” added Parker. “Let me give you a hand,” I said, getting up with Garth. “Wouldn’t want any of these boys to strain a muscle jumping up to help their elders.” At the juice table Garth took advantage of our distance from the others to repeat an invitation. “Hey, if you’re still up for having a drink together, I’m here for two more nights.” “Yeah, that sounds good,” I replied. Joon appeared at my elbow, apparently having decided he wanted some juice too. “Change your mind?” I asked him. “Helping my elders. It’s an Asian thing.” I chuckled. “Yeah. You’re so respectful of your elders, all right.” I turned to Garth and, remembering that James would be coming over that night, suggested, “How about tomorrow? When’s cocktail hour?” “Show up at my cabin around 5. It’s number 2, just about the only one with a veranda. And there’s a big clump of some kind of flowering bushes in front. The ones with the spikes of pinkish-white flowers–” “Ginger,” Joon said offhandedly, showing off, as he poured a glass of mango juice without looking up. Garth stared at him. “The human Google,” I explained. “He knows everything. Just ask him.” Joon shot me an unreadable look and said nothing. **************************** I followed Evan through Marco’s now-empty office and into another smaller room. “So this is talent central?” I asked, looking around at the bare walls. “This is it! Have a seat here facing the screen. All my laptops are networked and we can pull up whatever feed we want onto the larger screen here. Let’s see what I was looking at last here . . .” Evan dropped into a battered looking chair and tapped on his keyboard a moment. The big screen in front of us popped to life, and video immediately began to run. It was a boy’s ass. He was hunching it repeatedly back and forth, rubbing his long-fingered hands over his butt cheeks and moaning dramatically. Evan fast-forwarded a few seconds, and now a hand was languorously stroking a bulbous, five inch erection, then playing with large balls in a rather hairy scrotum. A couple more fast-forwards and suddenly a face appeared. The boy appeared to be sixteen or seventeen, with rather short hair colored a strange orangey-yellow. He had rather nice eyes, aggressive, hawkish features, and some faint facial hair. He was addressing the camera with a pronounced, affected archness which he apparently thought made him seem gayer. Evan stopped the video after a half-minute more. “I’m thinking maybe what we’ll do is, I’ll show you a few kids and make some comments to show you what we look for and how we evaluate. The you’ll do a few, and we’ll talk about what you’re seeing. Let’s start with this guy here. Ass nice snd small — some pimples but that’s cosmetic, easily fixable. His cock’s OK, nothing special. He’s fairly hairy, but again, just cosmetic. I like his hands — unusually elegantly shaped. Fingernails need work. Overall body proportions are hard to tell from the limited sample we’ve got here. I wouldn’t rule him either out or in based on his body. Face, however, is a no. Looks too old, features too strong and masculine. Cheeks are fleshy, and that likely wouldn’t change if he lost some weight. Eyes unattractively small. Nope. Next guy.” Evan tapped for a few seconds and the scene that popped up was a boy’s bedroom with a little kid sitting on the unmade bed. He had longish blond hair and a rather plain, unremarkable face. The picture jumped and jiggled as he fumbled with his phone. Finally he got it situated. “Um hi, um, I’m Lucas, I’m thirteen, and I wanna be a Young Lover. I’m, uh, gay, as you can probably tell, I don’t know, maybe you can’t . . . ” he sort of giggled self-consciously. “Anyways, I really like, um, guys, and I’ll do just about anything, I watch a lot of porn, and I know all the stuff guys do when they have sex. I’ll, um . . .” He fumbled with the phone again, positioning it so it showed his body instead of his face. “I can show you how I look . . . ” he began removing his clothes. “I’m not that hot, well, my friend says I’m hot, kinda, but she’s my friend, y’know, so she, like, has to say that, but I think I’m OK.” He had a typical, undefined, early-teen body, more child-like than adolescent, which he revealed down to his bright red boxer briefs. “I’ll show you everything,” he announced with another giggle, tugging uncertainly at the waistband of his briefs. “I never, um, showed anybody my, you know, cock, but I guess it’s OK. You prob’ly see stuff like this all the time . . . ” He bent and shoved down his briefs, and revealed a stubby two-inch cock with just a tiny fringe of dark blond hair beginning to grow above it. “It, konyaaltı escort um, gets bigger when it gets hard.” He giggled and tugged self-consciously on his organ as if to make it larger. “Maybe I should get it hard for you. I never showed it to anybody before . . .” Evan stopped the video. “Here’s what I see. Kid says he’ll do anything but actually has zero experience, just lives on the internet. Nothing about his body is interesting. Face might have potential if we were desperate, but there are a million kids out there with small regular features. Something’s got to stand out — eyes, smile, bone structure. He’s got none of those things. Also, body proportions are wrong, waist is too short, thighs tend to a little too much thickness. He’s a no. I knew it in about four seconds — I just showed you more to give you a more complete picture.” “Plus, he’s got that fake `I’m so gay’ affectation in his speech. No man wants that shit,” I opined. “Well, hardly any, you’re right about that. Basically most of our guests want what the typical pederast wants: a boy who’s not real masculine but not feminine either, not gay or straight, but boyish. Adolescent enough to be sexual, but still childlike in some ways. Some want more innocence, some less, but there’s got to be some of each. Innocence and horniness. That’s the mix.” “Sweet and sexy. Like Jack,” I murmured. “If we could just clone Jack it would save me a lot of time, that’s for sure. He’s just about the perfect boylover’s boy. And you’ve had him, you lucky bastard!” “Don’t tell me you’ve never spent a night with him!” “Actually, he’s not really my type. I like `em a little more on the older, butcher side . . .” “. . . but you wouldn’t kick him out of bed!” I grinned. Evan smiled sardonically. “Here’s the next one . . .” A half hour or so later Evan seemed to decide he had shown me enough. “Now it’s your turn,” he said. “Let’s run through a few more and see how you do.” “All right, what do I see here?” I mused, as Evan brought up the first kid for me to evaluate. “Another one with photos, no video,” I noted. “Looks Latino. I like the njce smile, that thick straight hair has possibilities, though it would need a different cut, obviously. Eyes a bit close together, but possibly not a deal breaker. Heavy brows, maybe too heavy, that’s Butch’s department. Looks like some pretty nice equipment, pretty thick cock, can’t really see his balls. I don’t like his legs, though — thick without definition. Waist isn’t narrow enough, and if you worked that chest out it looks like it would probably get thick but not defined.” I looked at Evan for his response. “Yeah, typical Mexican bad-body. When they’ve got Spanish blood that can really help, but so many of them just don’t seem to be able to get definition. Too much subcutaneous fat.” “So we’re agreed he’s a `no’?” “Definitely. How about this one?” “Looks like he knows how to start off with a bang!” I chuckled, as the video opened with a closeup of a reddened, swollen cockhead. The camera slowly panned back to reveal a bulging cum tube, a large swollen vein, then inch after inch of erect shaft, until finally two large balls were revealed, resting on the edge of a bed. The sack in which they rested seemed completely hairless, as were the slim thighs that gradually made their appearance as the camera continued to pull back. A hand appeared next, firmly grasping the cock and beginning to stroke it slowly. The camera panned upwards as the owner of the erection sat up. Grinning into the camera was an older teen with short-cropped blond hair, a narrow face and sky blue eyes. “Hello!” he said, his grin widening. “I am Soren! I want to come to Young Lovers!” The boy kept stroking his cock as he spoke. “I’m from Sweden, as you maybe can tell. I am not so experienced with men, but I can learn well, I think. I have sex sometimes with both boys and girls, so you can say I am versatile. I hope you like me. I enjoy having sex very much, and am happy to be having sex with any man there at Young Lovers. I also like to travel and see the world.” With that the boy give a wave and signed off with another bright smile. I looked at Evan. “He seems pretty old, but otherwise I’d say yes. Pleasant face, likable personality, has that nice high chest. Nice cock. I don’t think the hair is right for him, but that’s minor.” “I’d guess he’s 17, and yeah, that’s a little old to be just starting out with us. I’ll make a followup contact to find out his age and year in school. You should put a guy like this in the `maybe’ folder for me to look at.” “That’s what I was thinking.” I was also thinking that if young Soren did wind up as a young lover I wouldn’t mind spending a night or two with him. Evan and I spent another hour together looking at a wide variety of videos and photo sets. There had been blacks and whites, Latinos and Asians and mixed-race kids. There had been a couple who were obviously too old and one who looked so young there was no way he could have cum. There were no downright ugly boys but a few pretty plain ones as well as several pretty hot ones. There were several obviously gay ones, quite a few who appeared to be straight, and a surprisingly large number who, like the Swedish kid, announced that they were versatile. By the time we had finished I felt pretty confident in my ability to sort through anything a boy sent in and screen it to Evan’s satisfaction. Evan seemed to agree. “Well, I think you’re ready. We’ve got another eight or ten to do here, but I’ve got time to finish them now, so don’t worry about `em. If you want to show up after breakfast tomorrow there’ll be a batch that will have come in that you can do for me. I’ve gotta be at Sunday check since Marco won’t be here.” I rose. “Sounds good. I think I’m gonna enjoy this — thanks for the opportunity!” What I didn’t know then was what other opportunities Young Lovers would be opening up for me before long. ****************************** Saturday being the most crowded day in the gym, by far, I had put off my workout for most of the day. Not that it was at all unpleasant to spend time in a weight room with dozens of gorgeous, sweaty, half-naked boys. The problem was, it was typically so crowded on Saturdays it would often take me two hours to get a one-hour workout in. After dinner things usually settled down quite a bit, and so that had become my usual workout time. This particular Saturday, as I headed back to apartment, the tropical dusk was already beginning to settle over the island. I had pushed myself pretty hard, and my body felt tired, but in a good way. The evening breeze cooled my sweaty body a bit, but I still couldn’t wait to jump in a nice cool shower. A few minutes later, my refreshing shower done, I was drying my hair and I heard the front door open and an unfamiliar voice talking with Johnny and, eventually, Joon. It took me a second to realize it had to be James, and that he had come over as planned to do some sketching. I decided I’d be a little provocative and see what happened. I gave my cock a few tugs so it began to get semi-hard. Then I walked out of the bathroom, pretending to still be drying my hair. “Oh, hey!” I cried with the grin, acting surprised that James was there. The look on the black boy’s face was priceless. It was mainly shock, with a measure of discomfort and a splash of curiosity, as his big-eyed gaze settled on my cock for a second or two more than absolutely necessary. “I heard you were coming over! Glad to see you! I’m Mike, in case you don’t remember me. I ran into you drawing that time–” “Yeah, I remember.” He was not smiling. The direct approach, or something else? Remembering how easily spooked he had been I decided to play it cool. “Well, I’m gonna go out for a walk, so you and Johnny can chill here, or do some art, or whatever. Joon, you hanging with them?” I had a feeling Joon would not be letting Johnny out of his sight if his little lover was going to get naked while James drew him. “I’m cool,” he replied, wedging himself sideways in the big chair and burying himself in his book, rejecting my implied invitation, as I expected he would. Going out for a walk in the tropics after a shower is usually not the smartest idea, but fortunately the weather was uncharacteristically mild and breezy that evening. Ambling slowly, so as to not work up much of a sweat, I wound my way in and out between every guest cabin, boy dorm, admin building, maintenance shed, common room and staff apartment at the resort. I realized as I was walking that everything seemed pretty familiar to me now. There were no surprises. I knew this place, big as it was. I walked by the pool where I had seduced Keoki. The maintenance hangar where Mike Landry had given me the key to beating Joon at the Game. The bench by the weight room where Zach had performed his strip tease. The lab where Lawrence had amazed us all with that unreal orgasm. My old cabin by the hibiscus hedge. In a strange way it was starting to feel like home. And judging by my informal seminar with Evan that afternoon I could make it my home for awhile if I decided to. I felt wanted here, I realized. Maybe that wasn’t a feeling I’d felt a lot before. As I approached my apartment at last I wondered how the art project was progressing. If I knew Johnny he wasn’t going to be posing demurely with a flaccid cock for very long. I hoped there hadn’t been any friction between Joon and James — I didn’t want one of my boy’s jealous sulks or intimidating rages to drive the black kid away before I got a chance to know him. I paused as I entered and gazed at a most interesting tableau. Sitting naked on the couch were both Joon konyaaltı eve gelen escort and Johnny. Joon sat posed with one leg drawn up and out to the side a bit and the other on the floor. His black cock was partly swollen and just visible, because sitting between his legs and resting back against one shoulder was Johnny. His cock and balls spilled to the seat of the couch. Joon’s arm lay with a casual protectiveness over Johnny’s shoulder. Both boys’ gazes were unfocused, as if they were looking off into the distance. Sitting in the chair opposite them, sketchbook in his lap, was James. His face was a study in concentration, his eyes flicking constantly from his drawing to his subjects and back again. All three ignored me as I walked in. I quietly drew the other chair a little closer and sat down to observe. Minutes went by in silence. Occasionally Johnny would fidget a bit, while Joon sat as still as a statue. I observed James carefully. He was dressed much as he had been the first time I saw him, in a T-shirt and jean shorts cut off above the knee. I was puzzled by this. Every boy on the island was required to dress at all times in the sexy clothes Mr. Brown tailored for them, yet every time I’d seen James he was dressed like any ordinary teen back in the states. Well, maybe not that badly, but certainly not in a way to show off much of his body. The shirt was loose and sloppy, and if there was something to see at his crotch his shorts weren’t tight enough to show anything. James’ face, though he wore a focused expression, was placid and relaxed. His hand moved quickly and confidently over his drawing. Every once in awhile he would use his thumb to carefully smudge some small section of the drawing, and then he would wipe his thumb on a rag that stuck a little ways out of a pocket in his shorts. I had the urge to check out his work but didn’t want to break the mood by getting up and peering over the boy’s shoulder. “Taking long,” Johnny finally blurted, shifting his position. “No, stay there!” James exclaimed, giving Johnny an exasperated little smile. Johnny repositioned himself, but James wasn’t satisfied. “No, that’s the wrong angle. Put your left leg in more. And scoot a little forward. No, that’s–” James put his pad aside and got up to reposition Johnny. “Here, like this,” he pushed on the boy’s knee and tugged him forward. Johnny tried to cooperate. James stood back and surveyed the tableau. “No, it’s . . . your cock is in the wrong spot. Put it so it’s perpendicular to your leg.” Johnny looked at him blankly. Seeing he didn’t understand James bent, curled his long black fingers gently over Johnny’s organ, and repositioned it. Johnny smiled wordlessly up at James, who seemed satisfied and smiled back. But knowing Johnny’s hair-trigger sexual responsiveness I could have told James that wasn’t a good idea. In another few seconds, as James settled back into his chair and grabbed his drawing, a new problem arose — literally. Johnny’s cock was now filling and erecting. James stared with amused exasperation, and Johnny looked a bit embarrassed. “Sorry,” Johnny said with a sheepish grin. “It’s cool,” James said with a little giggle. “I’ve still gotta work on Joon’s face some more. I’ll just do that til you calm down.” But Johnny didn’t calm down. James busied himself another ten minutes or so and Johnny’s cock remained proudly erect. Finally James stopped drawing and he and Joon looked at Johnny quietly. A question hung in the air. Then Joon answered the question. With one arm he pulled Johnny fully back against him so the younger boy lay cuddled against his torso, and with the other he wrapped his hand around Johnny’s cock and began to jack him off. Johnny closed his eyes immediately and snuggled deeper into Joon’s hold. James looked over at me and we exchanged amused shrugs. James then flipped over the page in his sketchbook and began a new drawing. All the time Joon was jacking Johnny off James’ hand flew over the page. I couldn’t resist the urge and I got up to peer over James’ shoulder. The boy looked up at me and smiled. I looked at the new drawing that was emerging. “Wow,” I whispered. In just a few minutes James had sketched the rough outline of the two boys, and even with such a small amount of time devoted to it the faces were instantly recognizable. The more detailed part of the drawing was Joon’s sinewy hand gripping Johnny’s soaring cock. You could almost sense the rapid motion of Joon’s fist, the swelling of Johnny’s meat, the tension climbing as orgasm approached. I placed my hand on the boy’s shoulder. “You’re fantastic!” He looked up at me and smiled a smile of genuine appreciation, and I glamored him for a moment. For a second I felt him responding — and then, abruptly, as if he were remembering something, his smile disappeared, to be replaced by unease. I immediately dropped my hand. I gave him a wide smile meant to be encouraging and retuned to my seat. The boy gave me another troubled glance. We were interrupted by a sudden cry. Johnny’s hips snapped upward from Joon’s lap and he twisted in ecstasy as his orgasm swept over him. “YAAAH!! YAAAHHH!! AHHHH!!!” Eyes squeezed shut, lips drawn back in an ecstatic snarl, Johnny writhed in pleasure as Joon mauled his big cock. His belly arched, the veins standing out, surging with blood. His quads tensed, and one hand clutched Joon’s thigh spasmodically. “YAAAH!!!! YAAHH!!! UNG!! UNG!!” Johnny gave one last thrust of his hips against Joon’s fist and then collapsed and began sobbing. “What’s wrong?” James asked, a look of distress on his face. “It’s OK. It’s what he does,” Joon commented emotionlessly, holding Johnny to him tightly. “Oh.” Johnny’s emotional storm quickly passed and then as usual he looked up and gave everyone present a relaxed and beatific smile. James was silent for a moment, watching Johnny. I imagined to myself he was wondering where the cum was. Eventually he asked, “You guys wanna take a look?” The two boys got to their feet and approached James as he held up the first drawing. “It’s not totally finished, but you get the idea, hopefully,” James said. From the angle James was holding up the drawing I couldn’t see it, so I watched the boys’ faces. Joon’s was an unreadable mask but Johnny’s little eyebrows shot up and a look of wonder came over his cute face. He stared first at James, then the drawing, then James again. James’ face showed satisfaction at Johnny’s obvious astonishment, though I could see he was not at all surprised. He was apparently used to people being impressed, even amazed, by his talent. “What do you think, Johnny?” I asked. “It look real! Leonardo an artist!” Joon eyed me then, and I raised my eyebrows, asking for his response. He gave a little nod and looked at James. “Exceptional.” James and he locked eyes for a minute. There was mutual respect in that gaze. Over the next week or two James became a regular visitor at the apartment. Often he would sketch but sometimes he would just hang out. In no time it became obvious he was very intelligent. On more than one occasion he and Joon talked far into the night about philosophy and religion, art and literature, and I knew Joon would not waste his time on someone whose intelligence he didn’t respect. Which was most people. Sometimes Johnny would join in for awhile, but usually he wound up dozing off, often with his head in Joon’s lap. Soon after that night James had put the finishing touches on the initial drawing he’d done of the two boys, and it was immediately prominently displayed hanging above the couch for any visitors to see as soon as they entered the apartment. Before long things became easier between me and James. Eventually we would chat comfortably, as he gradually seemed to warm up to me. Finally, after more than a week of increasing familiarity with each other I decided it was time to bring up the elephant in the room. Joon had just gotten into the shower and Johnny was off playing cards at Cu Tran’s. James was idly sketching in his usual chair. “Hey man, can I ask you something?” James continued to draw another few seconds, then looked at me. “Uh-huh.” “You can be totally honest with me, James. I hope you can tell that by now. I just really wanna know. Sometimes, when we would talk — not now, but earlier, when we were first getting to know each other — you’d be smiling and chatting and then all of a sudden this look would come over your face, like a cloud over the sun, and it seemed like you were feeling uncomfortable with me. Like a thought just hit you. And you’d kind of withdraw. That one time you even got up and left. I just wonder what that was about.” The boy blinked and paused — it seemed as if he were deciding whether or not to tell me what it was. Finally he said,” Sometimes I just get uncomfortable when somebody focuses on me too much. It’s like–” he stared off into space, collecting his thoughts. “It’s like I want you to focus on my work but not on me, you know?” He held eye contact with me unnaturally long. It was that thing people do when they really want you to believe them. Which told me he was actually probably lying. I had no choice but to accept his explanation — maybe whatever the real truth was, he was just too uncomfortable telling me. His little lie would have to do. “Well, your work is certainly worth focusing on, James,” I said. “But I think you’re a pretty damned interesting guy. So I’m sorry, but — sometimes I’m just gonna have to focus on you a little bit too!” I grinned at him. “Is that OK?” The boy smiled back, not entirely comfortably, and shrugged. “I guess.” I shrugged and changed the subject, and eventually he relaxed again as we began talking about his art class and a big mural project he and another boy had begun to work on. I would not bring the subject up again. But I eventually did find out the answer to my question. And my answer came on the most shocking and disturbing evening of my entire time on the island.

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