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Papers flew everywhere as Sonia Marie entered the classroom tripping over her shoelace and sprawling to the floor.  Belly laughs erupted from my students.  I walked over to Sonia and helped her pick up her papers. “You guys get to work or I’ll put you all in detention!” I demanded my students then asked Sonia, “Are you ok, dear?” She nodded nervously then went to her seat. I watched Sonia as she did her math problems.  The girl was a high school misfit.  She was always very isolated and closed in.  She never wore make-up–just lip balm to keep her lips nice and moist.  Her silky, lustrous hair was the colour of red wine.  She always wore it in a bun so I could not tell its length.  I longed to have a chance to run my fingers through it.  Also, Sonia never wore a skirt or dress.  Most of the time, she wore oversized T-shirts and baggy pants.  Sometimes, she’d wear a hoooded sweatshirt and sweat pants or nylon jogging suits.  She never wore tight clothes.  All of her clothes fit loosely, not showing any curves on her body.  The only things visible were her breasts and butt.  Now her butt wasn’t huge, but it was enough got the kids to call her Bertha Butt or just plain Bertha. Besides her red wine hair, Sonia’s tan complexion and amazing eyes captured me.  Her eyelids were almost shaped like that of a snake’s.  Her sharp aquamarine eyes twinkled like little stars letting me know there was some happiness deep down inside desperate to come out.  Plus, her skin looked so tender.  So many times, I resisted the urge to touch it.  It was a shame Sonia didn’t show her legs.  I knew there was true beauty hidden beneath those baggy pants. I could tell Sonia only wore sports bras.  She didn’t wear regular bras like the rest of the girls in school did.  Those who ran track or cross country wore sports bras when they were practicing or at the meets.  They didn’t wear those bras 24/7 like Sonia. For two years I have had a major crush on Sonia.  At times I would beat myself up about it saying it was wrong because I was a teacher and everyone knows how it goes when teacher and student cross over their boundaries.  Who winds up getting in trouble?  The teacher of course.  I knew not to overstep being that Sonia was still young.  There was no way in hell I was being labeled as a pedophile!  But soon, Sonia was going to be coming up on eighteen years old and graduating.  It is Friday, April 6th now.  Sonia’s birthday is a week from today.  Yes, Friday the 13th.  I am not into that superstitious nonsense.  Besides, it is going to be a day of good luck for both of us because I had plans for her.  First, a nice dinner.  Being that Sonia had told me once that she had never been to Legal Seafoods, I thought of taking her there.  Then it’s back to my house with a few surprise gifts for her.  A few skirts, dresses, and some blouses would do.  Some nice bras would definitely be a treat–Victoria’s Secret bras (hey I can afford it although I get most of my bras from Wal-Mart).  Oh, let’s not forget a nice pair of shoes.  Some heels would be excellent.  Stilettos would be even better.  They are very sexy for girls Sonia’s age.  Too bad I can no longer wear stilettos because they violate the teacher dress code and my weight would break them.  I am a fairly large woman–well I shouldn’t say large–just big-boned. Oh how rude of me!  I completely forgot to introduce myself.  My name is Annette Weber (I let my students call me by my first name).  I am 34 years old and have been a mathematics teacher for eight years.  As mentioned before, I am a big-boned woman.  If you must know my bra size, it is a D.  I am not married and do not have any children.  I own a house with about two and a half acres of land.  How was I able to afford that?  I come from what people would call “old money”, but I most certainly don’t show it off by wearing expensive clothes and buying fancy cars.  I dress like the average woman and drive the average car (I own a used 2002 Honda Accord).  I don’t get new cars every year like some of these filthy rich and a few halfway broke folks do. Why did I become a teacher if I have all this money?  Because I love children and I want to make a difference in someone’s life.  It’s funny how I say that yet I don’t have any of my own.  I do want children someday but I need the right woman to share that experience with.  Yes, I am lesbian.  Have I had girlfriends in the past?  Not since I was 25 but before then, I had a very loving relationship with a woman when I was eighteen.  The story of us will come at a later kaçak iddaa time. I sat there watching Sonia doing the finishing touches on her math problems.  She was done before everyone else, walked up to my desk, and handed her work to me. I looked up at her and smiled.  “All done, sweetie?” She remained expressionless.  “Yeah.” “Are you alright?” I asked.  “You don’t look so well.” “I’m fine,” Sonia sighed.  “Just a little tired from studying all night.  I think I’ll rest for a little bit until the bell rings.” Withouth another word, she went to her desk and took a short twenty minute nap.  She did that every day.  I didn’t mind any of my students sleeping in class as long as their work was done.  Sonia was the main one who slept though.  Sometimes she would come to class looking like she was ready to pass out.  What could someone as beautiful as her possibly be going through? Finally, the bell rang for the students to go to their next classes.  I knew Sonia had P.E. (or gym as I’d like to call it) and I heard through the grapevine that she and her classmates were going to be doing body measurments, so this was the perfect time for me to just casually walk into the gym, chat with the teacher for a minute, then get her mesaurements so I could figure out what size clothes she wore. Twenty minutes after the late bell rang, I headed to the gym.  Peeking into the weight room, I saw Sonia standing with her arms up while her gym teacher was on her knees measuring her hips.  I wished that were me, only I wouldn’t be exactly measuring her.  Anyway, Sonia’s teacher wrote down the size of her hips on a chart, then Sonia went off by herself to do her bench presses.  Since she was a misfit, she didn’t have a partner to spot her and she was in danger of dropping that barbell on her neck or chest if she lost her grip or her arms became too tired to lift. Sonia’s gym teacher saw me.  “Hey, Annette.  What’s going on?” “Oh nothing.” I answered.  “Have any plans for the weekend?” “Yeah, I’m going to devote my whole weekend to relaxation.  I’m going to do some Yoga and hang out at the spa with some friends for a bit.  What about you?” “Just doing some shopping.  How is Sonia doing in here?” “She’s doing great.  Actually, she works the hardest out of any of the girls here.  I wonder how she does the bench presses by herself without asking for a spotter.  She doesn’t seem to have any fear of dropping the bar on herself.  None of the other girls will even acknowledge the fact that she exists, but Sonia doesn’t complain.  She just remains quiet.  I need to go and spot her now.  She seems to be struggling a bit.  I’ll talk to you later.” The gym teacher left me standing by the chart.  I took a good look at it and read through Sonia’s body measurements at least ten times.  When I was sure I had them fully absorbed in my head, I took one last look at Sonia, went to my classroom, wrote down all of her measurements, and read them over.  Her waist was a size seven and she needed medium blouses and dresses.  I already knew her shoe size because she once left her gym sneakers in my classroom.  She was a size eight so I needed to buy her a size 7 1/2 in heels. Oh, I had almost forgotten–I didn’t know where Sonia lived and knew absolutely nothing about her parents.  Then it dawned on me that I had her telephone number.  I’d call her on her birthday. That Friday went by quickly.  By early morning Saturday, I was shopping at the mall.  I went to Victoria’s Secret first for the bras.  I bought 3 satin ones which were royal blue, white, and red. After that, I went to Macy’s and bought the skirts, dresses, and shoes.  I made sure the skirts weren’t too short–just above knee length so they wouldn’t violate the school dress code.  The dresses weren’t fancy but casual.  The first one was a green sundress with a huge sunflower in the middle.  The second one was pink and had little white butterflies all over.  As for the skirts, one was navy blue with ruffles on it; the other was black and asymmetrical.  The right side would show more of Sonia’s leg than the left.  Last, I bought two open-toe stilettos.  One was black with glitter on it; the other was a creamy white. I went to JCPenney for the blouses.  The first one was light blue and had ruffles on the sleeves.  The second, third, and fourth ones were V-necks, only the second one was the same red wine colour as Sonia’s hair and was covered in glitter while the third was white with rhinestones on it.  The fourth was white with thin orange and black stripes going diagonally. kaçak bahis “Perfect,” I said smiling.  “Prepare for a new Sonia.” April 13th came after a long week of teaching and preparations for the birthday girl.  Now all I needed to do was go home and call Sonia to find out where she lived. At about 8:30 p.m., I was on my way home passing through a bad part of town.  There was barely any sunlight left.  When I stopped at the red light, I turned my head to the left to see Sonia standing on a street corner with a group of older guys around the age of college juniors/seniors.  They were handing her a stack of bills while she gave them a huge brown paper bag.  One guy rummaged through the bag and took out a clear bag full of a fine white powder (heroine, I thought) and another bag of marijuana.  Not believing what I was seeing, I gasped in horror!  WHAT?! I thought.  This can’t be.  Sonia?  Dealing drugs?  She seemed so innocent!  But none of that threw off my attraction to her. Sonia shook hands with the guys and they left. Frantic, I knew I had to call her parents.  I knew they didn’t know their daughter was doing this.  Did they even know she was out?  Quickly, I took out my cell phone and dialed her home phone…or at least I thought it was her home phone, but I was mistaken because I saw Sonia put a hand in her pocket and take out a cell phone.  Then I heard her voice!  Ah, so the number she gave me at the beginning of school was her cell!  Very clever girl she was! “Hello?” Sonia said with a slight shiver in her voice. I hesitated for a second the said, “Sonia?” “Uhh…yeah this is Sonia.  Who is this?” “This is Annette…your math teacher.” “Hi.  What’s up?  Did you want something?  Did you want to speak to my parents?  If so, they’re not here now.  I’ll leave them a message if you want.” “No…I just wanted to say Happy Birthday.” “Oh, I forgot it was my birthday.  Thanks.” “No problem.  Ummm…Sonia, I have something to tell you–well ask you rather.” “Yes?  What is it?” “What are you doing out at almost 9:00 at night?” “What the…  How do you know that I’m out?” “Because I am looking right at you.  Look across the street and you’ll see my car by the traffic light.” I watched Sonia take the phone away from her ear and faintly heard her say, “SHIT!”   Seconds later, I rolled down my tinted car window to see her standing there with a blank look on her face. “Would you mind telling me what the hell you’re doing stalking me?” she asked. Her attitude made my sex drive surge, but I pretended to dislike it.  “Number one, watch your language.  Number two, I was not stalking you.  Number three, I would advise you to get in my car before you end up in a car with the boys in blue.” Sonia sat in the front passenger’s seat staring out of the window.  As I entered the highway, I said to her, “As I said before, Sonia, I was not stalking you.  I was on my way home when I saw you standing on the street corner when I was sitting at the red light.  I didn’t know you sold drugs.  Why do you do that?  Do you use the drugs?” “It’s how I get money.  I make at least $2,000 a week after the drug lord takes his percentages.  And no, I don’t use the drugs.  I am just the seller.” “And where do you keep all this illegal money?” “I give most of it away and keep a few hundred dollars to myself.” “Who do you give it to?” “Poor people on the street.  Bums in the train stations.  Where are you taking me?” “Where is your home?” “I don’t have one.  Not a REAL home anyway.” That shocked me beyond belief.  How could such a beautiful young woman not have a home?  She made so much money, yet she didn’t have a place to live!  Now knowing this, I definitely needed to take her into my home and make her mine before her beautiful body ended up in a casket.  I wanted to hear her moans of pleasure, not my moans of pain because I lost someone I could have had in my arms. “Where are you taking me?” Sonia asked again. “Since it is your birthday, I thought we’d celebrate together.  I remember you telling me you’ve never been to Legal Seafoods, so that’s where we’ll go first.  Then we will go to my house.  I have a few surprises for you there.” When we arrived at the restaurant, Sonia’s eyes filled with tears. “What’s the matter, dear?”  I asked her. “All this time,” she sobbed, tears steadily trickling down her face, “I thought no one in this world cared about me.  You know I was so close to killing myself one night?  I couldn’t do it because I was so afraid.” Placing my hands on her cheeks, I made her eyes meet mine and wiped her illegal bahis tears away with my thumbs.  “Sweetheart, there will always be someone out there who cares about you.  I care about you.  Now dry those tears honey and smile.  It’s your birthday.”  I leaned over and softly kissed Sonia on the cheek. For our appetizer, we ordered thirty shrimp.  As we ate waiting for the main course, I said to Sonia, “It is really amazing how you make so much money, yet you don’t have a home.  How do you take care of yourself?” The young woman sighed and explained, “I do live in a building but it is full of prostitutes.  Well, you can call it a whore house.  The guy I sell drugs for lets me stay there, but he doesn’t care whether I live or die.  All he cares about is getting his cut for the day.  That’s what I meant about not having a real home.  My parents abandoned me when I was fourteen because they were running short of money and were too stupid to give up some of the possessions they had to afford to take care of me.  I met the guy that I stay with in the back of a night club.  He asked me if I wanted to make some money and I couldn’t refuse his offer.  Seeing that I was homeless, he let me stay with him.  But we don’t act like we’re family.  We’re just like people in an office bulding.” I became tense.  “My goodness, Sonia!  Hey, I don’t mean to trail off the subject and I feel kind of awkward asking you this, but what about your love life?  What is that like?” “It never existed.  I never had a boyfriend although I do have crazy guys coming after me, but they are so messed up from shooting up all they want to do is have a one night stand knowing they probably can’t even get it up if you know what I mean.  Some of them are real cute though.” “What about girls?  Have you ever found yourself attracted to any girls?” “You’re going to have to excuse me for sayng this, Annette, but the majority of the girls I’ve been around, including the ones at school, are nothing but stuck-up bitches.  Sure they are pretty, but their attitudes make them ugly.” “So I take it you’re a virgin, huh?” “Pretty much, yeah.” “You don’t…uhhh…masturbate either?” “Why would I have time to think about that when I have things to do 24/7?  Of course, I do my homework, but right after that I get to selling the drugs.  I am usually up until about two in the morning.  That’s why you find me sleeping in class every day when I’m done with my work.” I confirmed this young lady needed some affection.  Wow, Sonia was truly amazing!  How could someone go four years without being told that they’re loved?  How on earth did Sonia go on without being touched or kissed?  How did she survive?!  If any of the other girls in school went through that, they probably would have committed suicide.  I am glad Sonia didn’t go through with it.  Something must have told her to hold out for me. After stuffing ourselves with wonderful seafood, we went to my house.  When Sonia stepped inside, she took off her sneakers. “We’re going upstairs to my bedroom, ok?”  I said.  “But first, come here and turn around.” Blindfolding the now 18-year-old, I lead her upstairs and left her standing at the doorway of my bedroom. “Wait here, sweetheart,” I told her. Taking a few matches, I lit up some candles and incense around my room.  Then I took Sonia’s wrapped presents and put them off my bed.  When I removed the blindfold from her eyes, Sonia gasped at what she saw. “Are those for me?” she asked pointing at the presents. With a smile on my face, I answered, “Yes, they are.  Go ahead and open them, hun.” Sonia’s eyes were once again teary. Gently pushing her, I said, “It’s ok sweetie.  When you open the presents, will you try on the clothes for me?  I want to see how you look in them.” Right in front of me, Sonia undressed taking off the huge T-shirt and baggy jeans revealing beauty no one ever saw.  Her firm and toned muscles made her body look slightly bulky, but it was sexy.  Studying her a little more, I noticed small spots on the back of her right shoulder forming the constellation of Orion.  I knew the Lord must have spent a little more time creating such a beautiful young woman of strength, not just outside, but more inside. Sonia put on the Vicki’s Secret bra, the asymmetrical skirt, the red wine coloured glittery blouse, and sat down to put on the black stilettos.  Then she looked at me. Smiling, I said sweetly, “Stand up, dear.  I want to see all of you.” Slowly, Sonia rose from the bed and I stepped back to see her full figure.  None of the other students at school would recognize her!  At this point, I understood why she hid those legs and curves.  Being alone in the world, Sonia hid herself both physically and emotionally. Sonia turned to look in the mirror.

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