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Young Stud TrainingI stopped by last night again to check on things at the ranch. Wednesday night I was only there for a minute and Randy was busy feeding the cattle so I just waved to him. He looked so much like a boy I wasn’t sure if he was worth looking at. Last night when I got there, he was in the bunkhouse just resting in his shorts and no shirt. I was right. Even though he’s 19, he does look like a boy. I knocked before entering and he stood to greet me. I took off my coat once I got inside because he had the heater going. The look he gave me showed that he appreciated the view. I didn’t have on my tight shorts, but had put on my blue jeans and was feeling rather relaxed. I could see his eyes watching me as I crossed the room. I asked him how things were going and he said that he hadn’t had any problems. He seems to know what he’s doing on a ranch. We just sat around and talked for about 45 minutes. I’d get up and walk toward a window and let him get a good view of my ass. Once when I turned around I caught him rubbing at his crotch and could see the bulge growing in his pants. I think that young man has thoughts that would make most women blush! Thursday night I stopped in again to check and see if everything was o.k. or if Randy needed anything. When I asked him if he needed anything, that k** just blushed so red. I looked down and his pants were bulging so big I couldn’t help myself. I asked him, “honey, do you stuff your pants with a pair of folded socks, or is that all you?” That poor boy, was so embarrassed and flustered, he turned around and went into the kitchen. I walked in behind him and told him I was sorry, but it just surprised me, that I’d never seen anyone with a bulge like that. His head was hanging down and I forced his chin up. I leaned towards him and brushed his mouth with my thumb. He just stood there looking at me, and he kept glancing down at my cleavage. Oh, I said, you’re as interested in these as I am in your cock, huh? His grin spread and he nodded. Well, maybe we can satisfy each other’s curiosity about this, I said. He got this panicked look on his face and said he was afraid that he’d be fired if he touched me. I wasn’t sure quite what to say. I didn’t really want him spreading it around town that I had preyed on boys. I asked him to just sit on the sofa with me and we’d just talk for awhile. We went back in the main room and I sat down next to him, not too close, but he had a great view of my big tits! I had on the red T-shirt that has the sweetheart neckline. It dips down really low and shows a lot of cleavage. I hadn’t put on a bra, so my nipples were really showing and starting to get hard, looking at that big bulge in his shorts. He had on a pair of cut-offs since he’d just showered. I asked him if he’d enjoyed staying here while you were gone and he smiled and yes, he’d really liked having the run of the place and taking the truck out to check on the cattle. I leaned back and stretched allowing my tits to push forward. He licked his lips as his eyes wandered down and saw my nipples hardening. I smiled and said, have you ever seen two twins this big? He said, “no,” and I swear that bulge in his pants got even bigger. I smiled and said, well I’ve bet you’ve seen them in magazines and he said “Sure, but most of those are just blown up – not real.””Well, these are real,” I said “and they sure are sensitive. Would you mind helping me out?””How’s that?” he asked. I told him that since my boyfriend had been gone I’ve really missed the attention they were used to and hadn’t had a mouth suck on them for a week now. I raised my shirt, very slowly, and his eyes never moved off of the shirt, slowing coming higher and higher. Just as the bottom of my shirt started showing these precious globes, he gasped and I could see him clutch at his canlı bahis crotch. “Oh, god!” he exclaimed. “Here, sweetie, could you just suck on one of these for a minute?” I asked. He reached over with both hands and lifted the right one. “It’s heavy,” he said surprised.”Yes, sugar, please, just run your tongue around my nipples. See they’re getting hard just waiting for you.” He leaned forward, running his tongue around it and immediately started sucking on it. “Oh, wow, you’re so good at that,” I said. He started moaning, “oh, oh, OH, god!” and I felt him sucking harder and he started jerking and then just collapsed! He had cum in his pants! He laid his head down on my legs, breathing hard and looked up at me. “I’m sorry I…” I just smiled and said, “That’s o.k.. You just got the first one out of the way. Now we can concentrate on you making me cum and you’ll last even longer!” That boy was so shy, but I knew my patience was worth it! I finished peeling off my shirt and he moved back next to me and started caressing my breasts. He leaned down and started sucking on them, first one and then the other. He’s a natural and I told him so. Then I asked him if I could see his beautiful cock.. I could see that it was starting to grow again. “I want to see it before it gets so big,” I said. He said, “Is it too big?””Oh no,” I said, “it’s never too big. It’s just the way you have to learn to use it to satisfy your partner.””Will you teach me,” he asked. “Oh yes, I’d love that!” And so we began… Randy was so excited about me being willing to teach him about loving a woman, he could hardly stand it. Once he had his first orgasm I figured it might be easier for him to be able to stay hard a little longer. I had him pull off his shorts so I could see that huge cock of his. As soon as he started pulling down his shorts, it started getting hard again. I was just sitting there looking at it and it just kept getting bigger and harder. I stood up and looked at him expectantly. Asking him if he was ready, he nodded, licking his lips. “Well”, I said, “it’s your duty to undress me.” Slowly he stood up and came forward. He slipped my shorts down, leaving my bright pink lacy thong panties on. He reached for the lace and wasn’t really sure where to touch me. “No, first you need to run your hands over me before you remove them.” He looked up and grinned, “All over you?””Yes, baby, all over me.” His hands were large, and he placed them on my hips, slowly moving up, looking at me for approval. “Yes, sweetie, now on up to my breasts again.” His hands surrounded them and he squeezed them, then leaned forward to suck on first one and then the other. “Oh, don’t stop,” I said as he started to move up to my neck. He moved back down to my nipples and pulled them into his mouth. I pulled him down on the sofa so we were more comfortable. I could see that his cock was getting harder each time he pulled my nipple into his mouth and then let it slip out again. I pressed his head hard into my breast and almost smothered him. He looked up while sucking on my nipple and asked if that was good.”Oh, yeah, baby. That’s really good!” I sighed as he lifted one breast and kissed on down to my belly button. His hands were running all over my body, making me tingle with anticipation. Slowly he reached down to my panty line and started pushing it down. “Can I taste you?” he asked timidly. I nodded, and he started pulling my thongs off my hips. I scooted down on the sofa to allow him better access. As they slipped further down, he saw my clean-shaven pussy. He lowered his head, and I could feel him draw in a breath to smell my musky scent. He finished pulling my panties down, slowly down my legs and over my feet and flung them across the room. I could tell he was getting a little more bold. His hands spread my knees bahis siteleri apart and he lowered his head further between them. His hands moved down and brushed the lips of my pussy. “You’re so soft,” he whispered. “And wet,” I said. “Touch me, baby, touch me.” He pulled the lips apart and put his finger on me very timidly, experimenting. It felt like tiny waves of pleasure were coursing through me. The thought of someone new and someone who was new to this experience was one hell of a turn-on. He ran his fingers all around the tip, around my clit and I moaned. He looked at me, and smiled.. “Feel good?” he asked. I just moaned a little louder as I felt him move to entrance of my love tunnel. I was so wet and juicy, I could hear him slipping his finger into me. He lowered his head and tasted me. His tongue gently touching the top and moving down, licking tasting. I could feel my temperature rising and the mounting pleasure building up in my pussy. I raised my hands to my breasts and started pinching my nipples. I groaned as his mouth continued to move over my clit, licking and sucking on me, his fingers in my pussy, pushing in and pulling out. Without warning my orgasm racked my body. My juice rushed out and filled his hand. He licked it and kept on sucking as I just kept cumming. I had to pull his hands away for a minute; the feeling was so intense. He looked up at me and flushed. “Did I do that for you? Wow, you taste good! I didn’t know it tasted like that.” I just smiled and tried to catch my breath. Then I reached down and pulled him back up on the sofa. I pushed him back and looked down at his big huge cock. It looked like it was about to explode! Fully engorged, it almost looked like it hurt and I offered to kiss it and make it better. I lowered my head and touched the tip, which was leaking pre-cum. I licked it up and circled the head with my tongue. I wasn’t really sure how much of that cock I could get into my mouth. Just putting the head in, I had my mouth wide open! Slowly I licked all around it, down to his balls. He groaned and moaned as I licked and sucked on them, pulling them into my mouth. I could feel him start to jerk and pulled my mouth back.”No! Not yet, you have to stay hard for me for 5 more minutes at least!” I grabbed his cock at the base and squeezed. He looked surprised as I sidetracked his mind enough to hold him off. As I held him there for a minute, I licked the head again, looking up at him, smiling. He relaxed and leaned back to enjoy more pleasures. Slowly I released the pressure and started pulling him into my mouth again. “Think of something else, I want to enjoy this!” I sucked on his cock, pulling it into my mouth, feeling it fill me and hit the back of my throat. I pushed my head further down on him and started swallowing his cock. My mouth was so stretched I didn’t think I could do it. He was so thick I almost started gagging, but kept pushing it in, sucking on him. I could feel his cock start to swell even more and knew he was close to loosing it! My nipples were hard as rocks and I could feel my pussy getting even wetter. I moved my mouth up and down his big hard dick and felt him start to cum. I could taste it, even in the back of my mouth. Just a little more, and my lips touched the base of that huge cock! I did it, I got it all in and right then he came, his cum spurting down my throat, filling my mouth and leaking out the edges. I quickly pulled back and sucked on the tip until I got every drop! His head was back and he looked like he was going to pass out. He just kept cumming and cumming and I just kept right on swallowing as my pussy clenched and tightened and I came just as he was finishing. Then I realized I’d been humping his leg, rubbing my pussy up and down. We both just lay there for a minute, resting, my head bahis şirketleri in his lap. Slowly he pulled me up and kissed me. He pulled back for a minute, tasting his own cum on my mouth, then kissing me deeply, running his tongue in my mouth for more. I got up and went to the kitchen area for something to drink. He still lay spent on the sofa, looking like he was about to fall asleep. “You’re not done yet, darlin'” I yelled at him. “You still have to fill up this pussy of mine and stretch it as far as you can!” Really, I was teasing him. I didn’t think I could handle much more, but I wanted him to have that pleasure also. I’m so greedy! I went back in the room with two glasses of coke. I handed him one and he sat up to take it from me. I looked down at his flaccid dick and even soft it was big. I smiled and flicked it with my hand. He laughed and said he didn’t think he was up to much more excitement. I said, “Well, we’ll just have to see won’t we. Don’t you want to have some more fun with these big tits of mine?” He set his drink down and reached up with both hands to grab them. I sat down next to him again and he bent over to kiss the nipples and lick. He sat back up and asked me if he could ask me some questions. I said sure, I’d be glad to tell him anything he wanted to know. He asked me so many questions! We sat back and talked, him asking me things he could never ask any other woman. We sipped our drinks and laughed about me stopping him from cumming. He wanted to know how to stay hard longer and what pleases a woman the most. Where the most sensitive spots were, and what felt good. That was fun, and before long I started pointing to different places and telling him what to do. He was a fast learner and enjoyed it so much; he was hard again before I even realized it! This time I was going to get him to fuck me and hard! Gentle sex is fun, but hard fucking, well, you know! It’s really a kick! I asked him if wanted to try the famous 69 position.His smile would have lit up a room! He went a got a blanket off his bunk and spread it on the floor. I had him lay down. I stood over him, letting him look up at me, seeing my pussy and my big tits hanging over him. His cock was growing so I turned around and lowered myself down on his face. I told him to taste inside and lick up to the clit, suck on it and then put his tongue back in my pussy. And then I told him if he really wanted to please me he could put a finger in my pussy while he sucked on my clit! I leaned forward and started licking and sucking on his hard cock. I started moving back and forth; I could feel his chin rubbing my clit while he had his tongue in me. Oh God, it felt just so good! He moved my pussy up and started sucking on my clit. Sucking on his cock and him sucking on my clit. The pleasure was building. I kept sucking him, deep into my mouth, licking down the side, licking the cum off the tip. I couldn’t stand it any more, I had to have this big cock in my pussy. I raised my legs and turned around. I positioned myself over his big huge cock and pushed down on him. Oh, it wasn’t going to fit. I sat up and pushed harder down on him and he groaned, “oh, god, that’s so tight! and hot!” Halfway in, and I was stretched to my limit . Slowly I moved up and down on him, gradually it kept going in a little further. I started moving faster, I could feel him bucking beneath me, raising his ass up to pump into me faster, harder. All of a sudden, I felt my ass touch him and I knew I’d gotten him all in. I was so full, so stretched, I couldn’t move. I sat there for a second and felt him moving beneath me. Fucking me upward, I leaned forward and started bouncing up and down, my big tits swinging in his face. He grabbed one of my tits and started sucking on it. I gained more rhythm and rocked back and forth, harder, deeper, and then we both exploded, yelling, screaming, cumming…. The boy is no longer a virgin! He’s a grown man and now knows the pleasures he can give and receive! And I think he’ll be back for more – soon, I hope….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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