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“Brian! Look I need help, okay?!” an annoying female voice rang through the air.God, Brian thought to himself. She was really starting to piss him off.Brian Johnson was twenty-four years old. He’d finally graduated college with a degree in computer science. It had taken him a little bit longer than he’d thought he’d need, but he’d eventually done it. He had been so happy because his dad Mike had offered to let him stay the summer with him and his new wife Sandra in celebration. Mike had told Brian, “Yeah, we’ll have a lot of fun together, Bri. We’ll do guy stuff. Let’s go fishing and play golf, and we’ll go to some games. And you can take a breather from all those years at school. It’s time. I’ve missed you, son.”But finding himself at his dad’s place a couple of weeks later, Brian had thought to himself the whole thing had turned out pretty lame. Mike was now always away on business. Brian had hoped he’d take time off from work to spend time with him, but Mike seemed to have thrown himself more into this work than ever before. And what made it worse was that Sandra was a total bitch. It was just that she always seemed to be bitching at Brian. And he never could do things fast enough for her. She was about thirty-two, much younger than his dad, and Brian had to admit she was definitely hot. She had a to-die-for, perfect body. Slim waist, long tan legs, shapely nice hips, and perfect tits. They weren’t too big but they weren’t small, and they were really firm-looking and kind of jutted out just perfectly. She was a redhead too, with gorgeous, big green eyes and a sexy, pouty mouth.But basically, Sandra sucked as a stepmom. She was always whining and complaining to Brian. And she seemed to use him as a slave. He felt like she didn’t really give a fuck about him, that she just needed a robot to do her errands for her.It was Saturday. Brian was sitting on the couch comfortably in his socks and shorts and worn, cozy t-shirt trying to watch the basketball game in peace. almanbahis But Sandra kept interrupting and yelling at him loudly.”Brian, I don’t know what’s wrong with the sink! Something must be stuck in it! Ugh, your dad will be home later tonight. I want this fixed before he gets home. Will you please stop lazing out in front of the TV and please come and help me?!”Brian rolled his eyes in exasperation. Fucking bitch, he thought to himself. He almost wished he’d just stayed back at the dorm with the other guys for the rest of the summer until he’d figured out his next step and where he was going to move to. He hadn’t even really given much thought to the companies he wanted to apply to work for. It’s like school had taken so much out of him. He was mentally exhausted. It wasn’t necessarily hard, it was in actuality the endless monotony of it year after year, the same old same old, meaningless bullshit classes year after year… But at least he’d somehow managed through and with a pretty good GPA.He’d done well for himself. Brian sighed to himself and got to his feet. Just go help the fucking cunt, he thought to himself. Get her to shut the fuck up finally. He glided in his socks into the kitchen.Sandra was bending over the sink. She was in a pair of tight black running shorts and a little baby-blue tight tank top. She was wearing these sexy little black flip flops that had little rhinestones all over them. She had pretty, perfect sexy feet and toes, and Brian always noticed she had hot soles. She always kept her toenails painted a pretty and sexy shade of hot pink.”I just don’t know what is in this thing,” she was saying loudly. Even though she was fucking hot, her voice annoyed Brian. It always seemed so high-pitched and whining. He just wanted a fucking peaceful afternoon maybe once since he’d gotten there. He just wanted to veg out in front of the TV and watch the game and not really have to think about his future for a few minutes. He was sick of worrying almanbahis yeni giriş about how he’d make all that studying pay off, and he felt like so much was expected of him from having graduated from a good college.Brian exhaled in irritation and walked slowly towards Sandra. Just get it over with, he thought, then maybe I can go back to the fucking game. God, Sandra’s ass looked good, though. Brian suddenly felt the urge to just rip her shorts down and fuck her hard in the ass. Since he’d gotten to his dad’s house, he hadn’t realized how uncomfortable he would eventually end up feeling there. It seemed deathly quiet at night, and the guest room was right by their bedroom. He wanted to stroke his dick and shoot his load like normal but it just felt weird and awkward in his dad’s house. He hadn’t cum since he’d been there, and it felt like his balls were getting uncomfortably full.Brian couldn’t stop staring at his stepmom’s shapely, firm, juicy ass. He had the urge to just take Sandra by the head and bend her over hard over the sink and spank her ass hard and plunge his cock deep within her asshole and fuck her until she screamed for mercy and he busted deep and hard within her.But he pushed his thoughts away.”Okay, fine, if you move over, I’ll look down the sink and stick my hand in there, okay, Sandra?”She suddenly turned to face him. The look on her face halted him. For the first time since he’d met her, she seemed… Nice. Her pretty, youthful face grew softer. Kinder. More understanding and gentle.”Brian,” she began to speak in a much softer tone than usual. “I, I wanted to apologize to you. You haven’t gotten the best impression of me, have you?” Her eyes began to mist over with tears, surprising him. “You know, I really love your dad,” she continued softly. “So much. I guess I was worried about you coming home. I’d wanted everything to be really nice and special for the both of you.”Brian didn’t know what to say. He was floored. He felt almanbahis giriş a sudden urge to comfort her, but he didn’t know what to do. Sandra kept speaking, her voice choked and thick with emotion. “You know, Mike’s always away on business. Sometimes I worry if he has another woman on the side. He’s barely here anymore. I’m always lonely. I mean, I have my job at the office, and I have my friends, but… I miss him. I’m just… Really lonely. Like, all the time, now.”Brian felt like he could understand. He’d had friends, but he had always seemed to be more of the loner in life. And school had meant everything to him. He’d foregone a lot of friendships and fun events in college for nights that involved nothing but hitting the books, too worried about making good grades and doing well to enjoy himself.”It’s okay, Sandra, I understand,” he offered gently. “I know what you’re talking about. I was lonely a lot of nights in college too. I just would hit the books while the other guys would go out and party.”Suddenly Sandra’s face softened into a beautiful, radiant smile. God, she was fucking hot. “You know Brian, I was so happy to meet you. I think you’re so very handsome. I can’t believe how gorgeous you are. I told Mike I wasn’t surprised that you’re his son, you’re both lady-killers.” She laughed softly at her own stupid joke.Brian couldn’t help getting hard at her kindness and compliments. God, he wanted to fuck her. Just grab her by her hair and start pounding the shit out of her. He swallowed thickly. “Well, I think you’re really pretty, too, Sandra. I appreciate your kindness. I want to help you, okay. I’ll help you, I promise. I’ve just been wound up since college ended. Just stressed out for so long. I guess… I’ve been pretty irritable lately. I think I just need a few days of relaxation and I’ll chill out and feel much better.”Sandra’s pretty face took on a sudden look of concern. “I really like you, Brian. I don’t like the idea of you feeling bad or stressed out. I, I know I’m just your stepmom. But… I want to be like a real mom to you. I know your real mom left when you were pretty young. And I know I’ll never be a substitute for her, but… I’d like to try to make you like me.”

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