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Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 86 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 86 By JJ [ ail ] REMEMBER TO KEEP THIS SITE FREE WE ALL NEED TO DO OUR PART. PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN!!! Chapter 86 Halloween was two weeks ago and we are less than two weeks from Thanksgiving. DJ’s high school football team only has one game left till the Thanksgiving match up and still only one loss under their belt. Work is slowly gearing up for the end of the year and quarter. They keep telling us that next year will be busy. Zachary and the guys will work Thanksgiving weekend it has already been scheduled. Haha I will be off so they can all work. Our vacations for next month have already been approved by Jim. It is only three weeks away and to tell you the truth I am excited. I didn’t like lying but we decided that the story was Zachary was going to see his Dad in Canada and I was going hunting with friends. It would work out fine. Sebastian has worked out with us a few times but only on the days it seems he doesn’t get laid, I have even seen him jacking off in the shower. The guy is hung you can’t take that away from him but all in all he is a hell of a nice guy. I hope he stays with the shop for a long time. I hope we can do something for his sons next year. Maria and Mario are happy that Dan is coming home for Thanksgiving. He knows he will not be home for Christmas same as us he has end of the year demands at work. Dan wants them to come up there for New Year’s Eve. At least they haven’t said ‘No’ yet. Andrea is having just me and Sr.’s mom. Zachary will be next door at his grandparents. Andrea was going to have Anthony and his family but Becky’s parents are flying up from Florida to spend almost a week seeing they won’t be here for Christmas. Anthony and I have extended invitations to Charlie but he has declined saying he will be spending part of it with his new ‘friend’ and he thinks it is too early to spring all our families on him. I laughed but had to agree but Charlie realizes he is more than welcome. The women have been busy planning their menus for Turkey day plus working on Christmas. Also giving us guys what we need to do. This year with everyone being here won’t be bad and also the fact that Andrea has better work schedule than last year. Now Stephen has acclimated to school for the most part. He has a schedule now and doesn’t mind it. We have to laugh he is in good mood as long as he spends time with Maria and us. DJ and him are as close as ever and I have noticed he is getting close to Eric. Eric seems to have taken the big brother role seriously on the bus and school. Stuart is at that age where he is cocky and can be a total ass but that comes with the age he is. Andrea wants Mario and Maria to spend Christmas Eve with us. Andrea has plenty of seating room in her finished basement. Maria said they would only if her sister Roseanna decides to stay home and cook for her family. Stephen has dinner with us on Mondays and Wednesdays. Of course he usually sleeps over Friday and Saturday nights but goes home Sunday afternoon. That means on Tuesday and Thursdays when we get home from work after our chores are done Zachary is sitting on my lap as I have my coffee or water before supper. Geez I did miss that with the boys being here so often we had gotten away from it. Since Stephen has started school we have sex quite often even on weekends when he is here there is time. We are both in our boxers, long sleeve tees and of course white socks every once in a while he grinds his ass into my crotch causing me chub up. He is starting his Christmas list I reminded him that he already gave Mario that electric wine press last month to do the grapes. Zachary says ‘I know I told him it was his Christmas present but it really wasn’t I just wanted to buy it for him.’ I kissed the back of his neck and say ‘I figured that.’ I went on ‘I’m really at a loss as to what to get the boys this year at least Chris’s girls enjoy their gift cards they are at that age where they are into clothes.’ Zachary says ‘Tell them to make a list there is nothing wrong with that. Stephen is five do you think this is the year Santa goes out the window?’ I answered ‘It depends on his school friends we may get another year or so. I think all of you were in first or second grade when it was questioned.’ (Chapter 83) Zachary says ‘Geez I thought it was the end of the world. I cried a few nights before I asked my grandparents and you. I didn’t want it to be true. Come to think of it I think it was Scott who brought it up and Gene and Louis told him he was a jerk.’ I say ‘I never knew that but I remember you calling and asking me if you can come over to ask me something important. You came right over and we had eggnog and were sitting right at this island and you got on your knees and leaned over and said ‘Jared is there really a Santa Claus?’ Zachary goes ‘I remember and you asked me what is Santa Claus’s other name? I answered Saint Nicholas then you went and got an encyclopedia and made me get on your lap and you read to me all about him. I was in heaven I was on your lap and I could smell you and your arms were on each side of me while you held the book. I laughed ‘Encyclopedias the Wikipedia of that time.’ Zachary rubbed my arm and whispered ‘I got upstairs all set up. Do you want to go up and fuck?’ I just nodded and kissed him. After making sure the door was locked we went upstairs. It always gets me hard when I hold him in my arms, I find the quiet moans and sighs of his when we kiss very sexy and a big turn on. When I touch Zachary in certain places whether with my hands or mouth make him shake and shudder. We take our time doing this and try to make it last as long possible. It isn’t that often that we have nothing to do. After both getting off Zachary gets a warm washcloth and cleans us up. Zachary says ‘We can do it again in the shower.’ I laugh and say ‘Sure.’ We go back down have supper and get our lunches and gym stuff ready for tomorrow. I tell him to check with Maria if and when she needs help with anything and I do the same with Andrea. I am surprised when Maria told Zachary ankara escort she only will need help getting things in and out of the oven on the big day with his grandfather at the club. Maria says ‘With Andrea and Stephen here this year between the two of them everything is taken care of.’ Andrea on the other hand just asked me to make my sweet potato casserole and peas and onions and help her dress the one bird that is going in the oven the other that Sr. is frying is all set. Again he is on my lap drinking some eggnog and eating a sugar cookie. I ask ‘Does it bother you we are not eating dinner together?’ He laughs ‘I guess if I was a girl it would bother me, but it is not like we won’t be together before and after for dessert. Now Christmas Eve I will be with you if my Aunt Roseanna decides to come for dinner and I know that won’t bother my Noni.’ I ask ‘There were like 35 people there last year what has changed?’ Zachary answers ‘The usual the kids and grandkids are getting older and it is easier to be in their own houses on Christmas Eve. That is why my Noni thinks that Aunt Roseanna will want to do her own thing her grandkids are another year older they know Santa Claus.’ I say ‘That makes sense. What do you want for Christmas?’ Zachary squeezes my arm and answers ‘New York is enough.’ I say ‘That isn’t a present.’ He turns and looks at me and says ‘It is unless you let me pay for half. I’m not letting this one go.’ I rub his stomach and say ‘Okay you win now what do you want?’ He laughs and answers ‘Surprise me and what do you want?’ I answer ‘Surprise me too there is nothing I can think of off- hand.’ It is Friday November 11, 2022 it is Veteran’s Day and DJ’s second to last football game. We get home and Zachary starts in on the laundry and I start supper. Maria texted that Stephen was napping and she was going to wake him up soon also she had soup for us. We took a shower together and both got off, Zachary says ‘Shower sex is great it knocks off two things at once.’ We were getting dressed when the house phone rang and it was Stephen saying ‘Papa have someone meet me outside I’m ready and there is soup.’ Zachary says ‘I will go this way I can see my Noni for a minute.’ As I am making tuna and egg salad sandwiches I hear them coming onto the back deck. They come in and Stephen cheeks are rosy from the nap and the cold. He has his backpack with him and I ask ‘Have you been home from school yet?’ He looks at me like I’m crazy. He goes ‘Papa I don’t go to school wearing sweats Mom and Noni won’t allow it. I went home and changed then went over Noni’s took a nap and farted in Zachary’s bed then came here.’ I say ‘Well why the backpack you have more than enough clothes here?’ Again I get the look he says ‘Papa I got movies to watch this weekend.’ I say ‘Okay.’ Zachary comes in with more laundry and says ‘You farted in my bed?’ Stephen giggles and says ‘Yeah but Noni says it is more my bed than yours I use it more.’ We sat and had barley soup and the sandwiches and after Stephen and I hit the bathroom we left for the game. With the time change it is already dark and chilly. The two boys look cute in their hats and corduroy jackets. Andrea texted me they were in the stands and she had hot chocolate for whoever wanted it. Stephen wanted some and the three of us walked over to the bleachers. On the way back we met up with Sebastian and his two oldest sons. They were big like him but must favor their mom other than their size and eyes they don’t resemble Sebastian. They must have a thing for S’s their names were Samuel and Sidney. They were there to watch the youngest who was a junior named Silas. He is starting varsity tonight he only played JV. Sebastian says ‘What are doing here?’ I explain ‘My grandson plays’ and pointed DJ out on the field and this is my youngest Stephen and of course you know Zachary.’ Stephen shook all their hands. I ask ‘Are these the two sons who want to work in the shop?’ Sebastian answers ‘Just Sidney and my oldest Sebastian Jr. who is working tonight at Schick. Samuel is going to school to become a teacher.’ I say ‘Excellent have them put in an application before the end of the year if they haven’t already.’ They were going into the stands and we were going to the end zone to stand with the guys from the club. As we were walking to the end zone I whispered to Zachary ‘Do you think those boys inherited their father’s schwanzstucker?’ Zachary choked ‘I have turned you into a pervy old man. You can check them out if they get hired and work out with us.’ I laughed ‘It would be funny if they did.’ By the time the game was over it was cold and we were asked to wait for DJ. Andrea and Sr. had to bring the other two and their friends’ home. I didn’t mind the cold it doesn’t bother me and it doesn’t seem to bother Stephen and Zachary neither. Sebastian and his boys were also waiting and there was now a girl who I assumed was a daughter she also resembled the boys. There was quite a crowd waiting they only had one loss for the season. Zachary went to get his Explorer to warm it up and move it closer. Stephen went with him but they were back by the time DJ came out. The majority of the boys came out together. Zachary nudged me when he spotted Sebastian’s son like his brothers he was tall and well-built just like their Dad the only difference he was a spitting image of Sebastian. The crowd cheered each of the players as they came out of the field house. Stephen ran up to DJ as he approached us. Stephen hugged him actually is legs and DJ picked him up with one arm. I took his equipment and we hugged. As we were walking out Sebastian and his family were besides us and I introduced him to DJ and Sebastian followed by introducing me to Silas. The two teenagers just grinned at one another as to say ‘parents.’ On the way home DJ asked ‘How do you know Silas’s dad?’ I answered ‘He works for me at the shop he has been here about six months.’ DJ asks ‘Is he a nice guy?’ I answer ‘Great worker and person I wish there were more of him in the shop.’ Zachary adds ‘He seems tough but he is really a decent guy. Why are you asking?’ DJ says ‘Silas and I get along escort ankara great but even though he is a year older than me his Dad keeps a tight rein on him and I have a little more freedom than him.’ I laugh ‘That has to be from being from the old country what about his sister?’ DJ laughs ‘I want to ask her out and Silas says ‘Good luck you have to pass my Dad’s inspection.’ Stephen pipes up ‘I bet he wouldn’t be happy if there were any love bites.’ We all laughed at that. I asked DJ ‘Are you hungry? Do you want come over to eat or have me order you something?’ DJ took a bottle of Gatorade out of his bag and was drinking it and answered ‘I’m beat I just want to go to bed.’ DJ told us how they were playing home on Thanksgiving the other team’s field wasn’t finished. The game was going to be at 10am. Stephen asked ‘How come you called your friend ‘Horse’?’ DJ asked ‘Which friend?’ Stephen says ‘The one who we were just talking about that Papa knows.’ DJ says ‘You mean Silas?’ Stephen says ‘Yeah.’ DJ says ‘A few of us on the team call him that, it isn’t mean it is kind of a compliment.’ Stephen says ‘Why is he like a horse?’ DJ laughs ‘You can kind of say that.’ I butt in and say ‘Stephen he is big and strong like a horse but that is something between him and DJ and a few friends.’ Stephen says ‘Okay got it you are not bullying him.’ DJ says ‘Definitely not.’ Then I just say ‘We have our own Sponge Bob.’ DJ says ‘You think!’ Zachary just squeezes Stephen who doesn’t say a word. I say to Zachary ‘I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’ Zachary snorted ‘I guess not.’ DJ picks up on it and says ‘I would say more like trunk than a branch’ and laughs. We drop DJ off and get home. Stephen heads right up to the shower with Zachary following then me. I ask Stephen while he is showering ‘What movies did he bring?’ Stephen says ‘Some of my favorite Christmas ones that you guys bought me.’ ‘Well you and Zachary decide what you want to watch I won’t mind.’ I answered. As he was getting dressed in his room Zachary asked ‘Where are you sleeping tonight?’ Stephen says ‘Tonight Papa I need to talk to him alone and depending if he snores a lot maybe in here tomorrow.’ Zachary says ‘You know he is going to snore.’ Stephen says ‘Yeah I know.’ They both laugh and I say ‘I don’t snore.’ They laugh even harder. Stephen and I go downstairs and surprisingly he isn’t hungry. We get settled on the couch and I ask ‘Is there anything special you want for breakfast?’ Stephen answers ‘I want pancakes, bacon and eggs either tomorrow or Sunday and oatmeal and English muffins with honey the other day.’ I say ‘Those are good choices I will see which morning will the coldest and we will have the oatmeal that day.’ Zachary comes down and I head up to shower. I come down and they are watching ‘The Honeymooners’ Christmas episode and I announce ‘I’m going to bed everything is locked up just make sure you guys turn everything off.’ I head back up with my water and I am no sooner in bed and I hear them coming up. Stephen goes in to pee and Zachary sneaks in to kiss me goodnight. We hear the toilet flush and the sink and Zachary meets him the hall and tells him goodnight. I hear Stephen whack Zachary on the butt and then run into my room jumping on the bed. Zachary says ‘I will see you in the morning.’ Stephen says ‘Love ya.’ Zachary answers ‘Love you too.’ I look at Stephen and he says ‘He is like my older brother I do love him just Noni and Mario.’ I say ‘You should they love you.’ So I then say ‘What did you want to talk to me about?’ Stephen whispers ‘I need help on what to buy my brothers and Zachary for Christmas I have the money but don’t know what to get.’ I tell him ‘Let me think we still have time but I am thinking maybe gift cards for your brothers. Eric may want to buy clothes seeing he is growing up or camera stuff that him and Stuart can use. DJ will always need stuff for sports especially if he decides to play baseball along with football. That reminds me if the other two continue running they will always need running shoes. Now Zachary will appreciate anything you give him. What ideas have you come up with?’ Stephen says For DJ I wanted to get him one of those sweaters like oyu have with the letter on it. But I don’t know if he will wear it.’ I tell him ‘We will have to ask Zachary maybe he knows if they still wear them.’ Then he asks ‘Papa on the Honeymooners how come there was a bowl under the refrigerator?’ I laugh In the olden days it cost a lot to own a refrigerator so they had what they called iceboxes where they had huge pieces of ice that were put inside to keep the food cool and as the ice melted the water would go into the bowl. The mouse trap was to catch mice in those days mice were a problem in those big old apartment buildings.’ Stephen says ‘Oh but there are mice around here to I heard Mario yelling he caught two mice in his shed that were eating his seed. I saw them they were little things they didn’t look mean.’ I laugh ‘They are field mice that is what we have around here from the woods we have good secure houses where they can’t come in. But they like the sheds to spend the winter.’ That is why I only keep tools in my shed.’ Stephen says ‘Oh.’ I tell him goodnight and he turns over and falls asleep. I got up and went down and got on the treadmill and ran for a good miles. I came up and put coffee on and made pancake batter. It was going to be colder tomorrow with a chance of snow showers in the morning. I broiled off a pound of turkey bacon and then went up to shower. When I came out Stephen was lying there with his eyes open he says ‘Papa the smell of the coffee and bacon woke him up.’ I say ‘You don’t have to get up it is Saturday. He just smiled and closed his eyes again. I then decided on waffles they will keep better in the oven. I made the waffles and put them in the oven to keep warm with the bacon. I was sitting there with my coffee when I heard the toilet flush and heard tiny footsteps going into Zachary’s room then coming downstairs. Stephen came over and hugged me and climbed on a stool I got him a glass of orange juice. Stephen says ‘Papa ankara escort bayan what are we going to do today?’ I ask ‘What do you want to do?’ Stephen shrugs ‘Other then go for a walk I don’t know what I want to do it is not like there is a garden or swimming.’ I ask ‘How is school?’ Stephen says ‘Okay we are going to have a play about the first Thanksgiving.’ I ask ‘Are you in?’ He says ‘We all are, we are going to sing songs and some of us our going to dress up.’ He rolled his eyes. He says ‘We made turkeys using our hands I made two one for my Mom and one for Noni. Do you want one I can make one here for you?’ I answer ‘Only if oyu want I can see the others whenever I go there. I’m sure they will be hung someplace.’ So he repeats ‘What can we do today?’ I say ‘Well after we walk we can go down the cellar and check my Christmas lights we will be putting them up in another week or so.’ He says ‘Okay.’ I ask ‘Are you hungry?’ He answers ‘Yes Papa but I want to see if Zachary wants to eat with us.’ With that he takes off and runs upstairs. I can hear a commotion and then a thud for a second I thought Stephen hurt. Stephen says ‘I’m sorry are you hurt?’ Zachary says ‘I don’t think so just surprised.’ Stephen laughs ‘I can see your hairy butt.’ Then I hear a loud fart and Stephen yell ‘Ewwww! Do you want to eat with us? It is ready.’ I hear Zachary mumble something and Stephen trots down the stairs a little disheveled. I got the plates and flatware out and Stephen set the island. He is avoiding my eyes and I just say ‘Well?’ He grins and says ‘Zachary is going to eat with us.’ I say ‘And?’ Stephen laughs ‘Papa he fell out of bed and pulled me with him. I jumped on the bed and then he jumped and fell me going with him. But we didn’t get hurt.’ Zachary comes down and the two of them are sharing grinning glances. Stephen says ‘I’m sorry.’ Zachary says ‘For what it was my fault I fell out of bed it wasn’t like you pushed me.’ They both laughed. I told Zachary about Stephen’s play and he asked ‘Are you a turkey or a pilgrim?’ Stephen shrugged ‘We don’t know we will find out Monday.’ The rest of the day flew by and the two of them watched the dvds he had brought over. After supper I made my shopping lists and I heard Stephen say ‘This is my favorite dvd.’ I ask do you want to get your shower out of the way?’ He ran upstairs and I got it ready. While in the shower I had to help with his hair he got soap in his eyes. Stephen asks ‘Papa will you watch this dvd with me?’ I answer ‘As soon as I finish my list and by the time Zachary finishes his shower I should be done.’ As it turns out his favorite dvd are my parent’s home movies. For some reason he is fascinated with watching them. In bed that night he says ‘Papa I like watching you as a little boy and Uncle Anthony.’ I ask him if he wants to come shopping with us to BJ’s and he says if I’m awake. The next morning I start the oatmeal before Anthony picks me up and will finish it off when I get home. The stores are getting crowded with the holidays approaching. After we do Shoprite we go home to unload and have time to kill before BJ’s opens up. I put my groceries away and finish off the oatmeal. I check Stephen and he is still sleeping and I don’t wake him. When we get from BJ’s both Zachary and Stephen are up getting the English muffins ready for the broiler. I say ‘Stephen tell Anthony know what your favorite dvd is. Anthony smiled and says ‘It is one of mine too. I enjoy looking at my big brother and my parents.’ Stephen says ‘Me too.’ Thanksgiving week finally arrives and I take a half day on the Tuesday to go see Stephen’s play. Andrea has to work and it is Maria and I. The play was good and Stephen was surprised to see us in the room. I brought him and Maria home and he went there to have lunch and nap. I was off on the Wednesday to help with the meal and the kids had a half of day. Andrea and I prepped everything for the next day that we could the only thing left was the turkeys. I would put that in before we left for DJ’s game. I took Stephen with me to get Zachary he wanted to sleep over but wanted to the bonfire with DJ. By the time we got home Dan had arrived at his parents. Zachary and Stephen went over to see him and then Stephen was going to his home. That meant Zachary and I would have time to take a long shower. Next morning Stephen wanted to come to the game with Zachary and I. Once I got the turkey in we left. We were losing for most of the game then finally in the fourth quarter we caught a break and ended up winning. We were number two in our division. Sr. and Andrea left to get things ready at home they took Stuart with them but Eric stayed with us. We saw Sebastian waiting for Silas and we wished each other a good holiday. Zachary went to Maria’s for 1pm after we shared another long shower and I had to be at Andrea’s for 2pm. We sat to eat for 2:30 and everything came out good. Sr.’s Mom said ‘She had never had a better turkey dinner.’ It was a perfect day. Of course we went around the table of what we were grateful for and mostly everyone said they were glad we were in Connecticut together. Stephen wasn’t happy when he was told we weren’t going over to Maria’s until way later. All in all it was a good day. Sr. already told the boys that were getting up at 9:30 tomorrow to decorate the outside. There was some grumbling but as I pointed out the sooner you start the sooner you will finish. Sr. also pointed out there was less to do than in the past they didn’t have the bushes like they did or a low house to hang icicle lights. It was basically the house and garage. The Berrio’s had left their old lights and window candles when they moved and Sr. and Andrea were going to use them. Once Sr.’s Mom left I told Stephen it was time to go see Mario and Maria. He just about kissed his Mom and we were gone. Dan looked very good and you can see they were happy their son was home. We talked about our meals what decorating was going to be done and of course when we were going hunting. Of course Stephen and pie and cookies and wanted to know if everyone was making soup with the leftover turkey more specifically barley soup. JJ I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I want to thank everyone for their encouragement to keep this story going. Thanks again. Feel free to write [ ail ] EVERYONE PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO DONATE TO NIFTY!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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