1970’s Toilet Experience – Part 5

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1970’s Toilet Experience – Part 5So, there I was in the back office of Mr Parker’s Newsagents shop. it was just before 8 pm on a Friday night and Janice, Mr Parker’s female slave and I where about half way through the client list. I was dressed in black leather chaps and waistcoat over a leather chest harness with a peaked cap on my head and cowboy boots on my feet. Both of us had been well used so far this evening. Janice’s last client had been a bit abusive and had been thrown out. Mr Parker was giving us a bit of time out with a large glass of Brandy each to help calm us all down. “I want you both to know that if anything happens that I don’t approve, of or has not been paid for in advance. Those clients will be banned from further sessions with you and will be severely dealt with by my associates”.”Right back in the front of the shop the pair of you. Your next customer is due”. Janice went through to the front of the shop just in time to answer the door. “Bitch or boy?” she asked the middle aged couple standing in the shop. “Well my dear” the women said “We originally booked just you the bitch for tonight’s session, however, having seen the new boy all dressed in his leather gear we would like to speak with Mr Parker and see if he is willing to let us extend our booking for tonight”. Janice took the woman through to the back office. The man starred at me. “So you must be Alan then, we have heard a great deal about you from various friends and acquaintances”. “Yes Sir” I replied. “So Alan tell me what you like people to do to you.” “Well Sir, I like sucking men’s cocks and I like them to fuck me. I also like leather clothes and being tied up”. “Do you like to be whipped and have your nipples clamped?” “Yes Sir, I have been whipped and I have had nipple clamps on before.” “Ah good, I like a boy who knows how to please his master and mistress”.”Excuse me Sir, but I have only ever had sex with one female and that is Janice under the direction of Mr Parker.” “Well now, isn’t that nice, but Alan I am sure Mr Parker has instructed you to refer to Janice as a bitch whore cum slut and told you her sole purpose in life is to give pleasure to her superiors. Like you, only being female she is at the bottom of the ladder so to speak.” Just then the women and Janice appeared. “Well it’s all fixed, we will be using both of you for a 2 hour session. Mr Parker has arranged that we will have the sole use of you both for the rest of the evening.” “Shall we go through then?” Janice lead the way to the back room dungeon. The couple followed with me at the rear.Like most of the earlier customers, Mr and Mrs Robertson, as Janice addressed them, had on fetish clothing under their street clothes and rain coats. Mr Robertson wore a leather harness with what looked like motorcycle boots. He produced a leather executioners hood from the briefcase he was carrying and put it on together with a studded collar and studded leather gauntlets. “Right Alan lets get started while my wife gets sorted out.” He took me over to the low bench and secured my hands and feet with the leather straps. He then stood in front of me motioning for me to suck his cock. While he fucked my mouth he also began to whip me with a leather flogger. I could see Janice was now naked except for her thigh boots, corset and stockings. She was on her knees in front of Mrs Robertson who was wearing a huge strap on dildo. bahis siteleri So big was it that Janice had trouble getting the head into her mouth. Mrs Robertson wore black spike heeled platform knee boots that must have been 8 inches high. After a few minutes of us both getting our mouths fucked Mr Robertson went behind me and pushed his now hard cock into my bum hole. It was well lubed with his cum and slid in easily. Mrs Robertson pulled out of Janice’s mouth and turned to put it in mine. It was huge and I struggled more than Janice to take it. “Lick my hole bitch” Mr Robertson shouted at Janice and she went behind him knelt down and started to rim him. I was unable to move or speak and they both just continued to spit roast me. Mr Robertson was again flogging my back and arse cheeks as he ploughed his cock into me. Just then they both pulled out and changed ends. Mr Robertson’s cock was back down my throat and Mrs Robertson was getting Janice to work more lube up me. “Good now wait until I am in him a few inches then proceed to lick my pussy bitch” she said. It felt like someone was pushing a tree trunk up me and it hurt like hell. Eventually she must have got it all the way in (12 inches at least) and I felt her fucking me in and out. I got a spurt of cum in my mouth and felt the dildo being pulled out. “Get yer fucking tongue in there bitch” and I felt presumably Janice’s tongue licking my hole. There was a muffled sound coming from Janice as she licked me while Mrs Robertson fucked her with her monster dildo.I heard Janice scream as she came and her licking stopped. I was untied from the low table and told to get on the floor behind Janice and fuck her. “No you fucking stupid bitch boy. IN HER ARSE!” So I slipped my cock into a women’s arse for the first time ever. Janice was tight but I received encouragement from Mrs Robertson who now had the whip and was using it on me quite hard. “That’s it bitch boy fuck that slave meat’s hole, shove your cock up her, shoot your load in her!” Mr Robertson stood over Janice with one leg either side and shoved his cock in my mouth again as I was using Janice. Mrs Robertson took position on her knees in front of Janice and pushed her dildo into her mouth. Mr Robertson came again and his cum flowed out of my mouth and all over Janice’s back. Then I came and shot my load up Janice’s arse hole. Maybe Janice came too as we all collapsed in a heap on the floor. “Fuck that was fucking great!’exclaimed Mr Robertson. Just then the door opened and Mr Parker entered. “Your refreshments are ready, Alan, Janice kindly serve your guests.” Janice pulled me by the arm back to the office where there was a trolley containing a bottle of Champagne and a large plate smoked salmon sandwiches. I carried the bottle and glasses and Janice took the plate of sandwiches through to where the Robertson’s were. I handed each of them a champagne flute and then filled each in turn. Janice knelt before them and offered the plate in a very submissive manner. “I see the boy needs more training in how to behave in front of his betters” Mrs Robertson said. “Yes dear I believe you are correct, would you like to do the honours?” “Get over to the cross bitch boy” she said and I positioned myself in front of it. “That’s it facing forwards” and she fastened my hands and feet to the wooden cross. “When you serve your betters you should always be kneeling. Since canlı bahis siteleri it is your first time I will let you off lightly with only 10 lashes to your cock and balls.” She said it with a delight in her voice which scarred me. “You will count each stroke and you will say thank you mistress after each one, do you understand bitch boy?” “Yes mistress” I replied. “Right here we go” Mrs Robertson took a short leather paddle from the table. Whack! “Argghhh!” I cried. “No bitch boy, one, thank you mistress is what you say. Shall we start again?” Whack! “One, thank you mistress”, Whack “Two, thank you mistress” The pain was intense and Mrs Robertson obviously liked inflicting real pain on her subs. Mr Robertson was seated on the sofa eating his sandwiches while this was going on. Each sandwich he carefully rubbed on Janice’s pussy, who was standing in front of him legs apart and her hands on her head. Whack! “Nine, thank you mistress”. Mr Robertson then took a sandwich and pushed it up Janice’s pussy. “Here you are slave have something to eat!” and he shoved it into her mouth. Whack! “Ten, thank you mistress” I cried out the last lash and tears were running down my cheeks. “Hungry bitch boy?” she asked and went over to the plate picked up a sandwich and wiped herself with it before pushing into my mouth. The Robertson’s then downed the last of the Champagne and to my horror proceeded to piss into the empty glasses. Mrs Robertson’s glass was given to Janice who to my disgust downed it in one. “Good slut!” Mrs Robertson said. ” Your turn Alan” Mr Robertson said as he came over to where I was still tied to the cross “Open wide” I just couldn’t do it. “I said open fucking wide!” He held my nose so I had to open my mouth and poured it in. “Swallow!” I did and most of it went down my chin and chest although some did go down my throat. “Good bitch boy” Mr Robertson said. “Right time for some more fun. “Get over here Janice, I want you to apply these to Alan” Mrs Robertson handed Janice a pair of nipple clamps and a ball parachute. Janice came over to me and looked at me with some sympathy. She first applied one clamp to my left nipple and then the other to my right. Then she cupped my balls and fastened on the leather parachute securing it with the press studs. The nipple clamps bit hard and it was very painful at first until I slowly got used to it and then they went a little numb. The parachute had chains attached and Mrs Robertson handed Janice a large weight which was hooked to the chains and pulled my balls down hard. “I think he will need gagging.” Mr Robertson said “We don’t want him screaming and putting us off our stride.” Mrs Robertson handed Janice a ring gag harness which she secured over my head and adjusted the straps so that the ring held my mouth open. Next she was handed a rubber penis gag which was pushed through the ring into my mouth and secured at the back.Janice was called back over to the table and positioned so she was bent over it. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back with metal police type handcuffs and her legs secured to the table legs. A large rubber ball gag was placed in her mouth and the strap secured in place. Mr Robertson positioned himself behind her and began fucking her hard and mercilessly. Mrs Robertson watched and shouted encouragement “Fuck that fucking whore!” Mr Robertson grabbed and slapped her arse cheeks canlı bahis as he pile-drove his cock into her. After about five minutes he came “What a fucking shag this bitch whore is, worth every penny!” “Mrs Robertson took his place and did the same again with her huge dildo. Janice was shaking and trying to scream but the gag prevented her. Once they had both had their way with her it was my turn. Janice was released from the table and took my place on the cross. I took her place secured to the table still wearing the nipple clamps and ball stretcher. First it was Mr Robertson fucking my arse. It felt odd as every thrust made my balls swing and stretch. The fucking was purely for his pleasure no thought was given to me. I was just a piece of fuck meat to them both. Once again he came up me and shot his load. His cock was immediately replaced by Mrs Robertson’s dildo. My bum was sore and it wasn’t giving me much pleasure. I looked sideways at Janice secured on the cross and she looked hot and my cock began to grow. I don’t know if it was the friction of the fucking rubbing my cock on the table or just pure filthy lust, but I came in an earth shattering orgasm. The fucking stopped and I was released from the table. I was told to stand in front of the Robertson’ s who were now seated on the sofa. My balls were released from the parachute stretcher and then Mrs Robertson pulled on the chain connecting the nipple clamps pulling then off my nipples. The pain shot through me as the blood returned and I nearly fainted. She then took hold of my balls and sucked my cock, this time it only took a couple of minutes before I came again but it was just a dribble of cum that leaked from my cock. Mr Robertson released Janice from the cross and gave her cunt a fingering and her tits a squeeze. “You two are well worth it” Sessions over piss off and let us get sorted out. Janice and I reported back to the office. Mr Parker was seated at his desk with a gay porn movie playing on the screen. “Okay you two that’s it for tonight. Go and get cleaned up and get changed back into your own clothes, meet me back here in 15 minutes.”The Robertson’s had a brief word with Mr Parker on their way out. ” You have a great couple of little fuck whores David. We would like to book them both for our Halloween party. Our place as usual with the usual crowd?’ “Sure thing Gordon. I can give you a discount seeing as you two are my best paying customers.” “Great we will send you all the details later. Goodnight David” “Goodnight Gordon, Alice”. Janice and I had a quick body wash in the shop toilets. Janice was back dressed in a denim skirt and denim jacket with a pair of brown platform knee boots. She looked “normal” yet the outfit still had me excited. I had changed back into my black polo shirt that Mr Parker had remarked showed off my hard nipples so well. “Well we did very well this evening so here is your share.” Mr Parker handed each of us a brown envelope. Janice put hers into her bag without looking. I opened up mine to see it was stuffed with 10 pound notes. “You both made 120 pounds tonight, well done the pair of you.” “Will this be a regular thing from now on Mr Parker?” I asked. “If you wish Alan, and if your Mum approves your extra hours on a regular basis.” With that he smirked. “Right I will lock up. Janice please run Alan home” Janice dropped me outside my house and my Mum came out to greet us. ” Hello, you must be Janice? I’m Alan’s mum, Would you like to come in?” Janice made her excuses saying it was late and she had to get home. “Maybe next time?” she said as she drove off. It was a month to go until Halloween.

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